When YOU will no longer be YOU!

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For example someone's name is, is my, okay?

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when they die and say they died in that room for example, just an example.

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People will not say, Where is a smile?

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Bring him here.

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They will say where is the body? Bring it here. Did you watch the body brother? Did you insure out the body? Did you bury the body? Your name is irrelevant. It's over. It's gone. Why? Because the name is no longer connected to the body. The body was temporary. It's gone. It's known as the body. Did you bury the body brother? No one ever says Did you bury smile? No one ever says bring a smile here. No, they say the body. That is very interesting because Where is his smile? That's the question. Well, he is gone to Allah subhanho wa Taala he is now in another life and that life is far better than this one. It is eternal. And it is where he will be getting the good for whatever he has

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done. And by the will of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Allah will forgive his shortcomings where he has gone wrong.

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So it's very important for us to know that as Muslims, we should be looking forward to this eternal life via preparation for it.