Ramadan 2019 – Reminders 17

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Miller hamdulillah salatu salam ala rasulillah Salallahu alaihe salam

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wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa Manuela. Yesterday we stopped at

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a special goal from the Koran, from Allah subhanho wa Taala. to specific people.

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You know, we always say that when a Lost Planet Allah addresses us in the Quran. It's one of three ways is that he would say yeah, Benny Adam.

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And that's eight times in the Koran. And this is very generic for everyone, believers and unbelievers, or children of Adam.

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And Allah. Allah also calls us by saying,

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Yeah, you had an S or mankind or people and that's 20 times in the Koran still the coldest for Muslims and non Muslims. But 89 times in the Quran, Allah subhana wa Taala

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calls a special people who live their homes and they came here to listen to the Koran and to learn something in their Deen and to boost their Eman. This is why Allah called him by that quality. He says, Yeah, I

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owe you who have believed.

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And I promised you one of them that the chef recited yesterday. And so number eight, and number 24

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Allah subhanho wa Taala says

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levena stagey

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while you're pursue either

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Lima he

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Subhan Allah Allah subhanaw taala say, all you who have believed,

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answered the call of Allah

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and answered the call of His Messenger.

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When he calls you because whatever Allah subhanaw taala calls you for will bring life

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into dadgum Lima you you come

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and live here, you will be amazed to the Allah subhanaw taala after that. He mentioned nothing of the body of this buddy except the heart, while mo and Allahu lubaina.

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So life is the life of the heart.

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So when Allah subhana wa Taala calls, yes, you will listen with the ears. And you will start reasoning with your mind. But then it will stain your heart as a firm belief. Every time you want to go and check back is destroyed. You're going to go on follow that.

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So whenever Allah subhanaw taala says in the Parana Latina Avenue, you need to listen carefully because allow it always command you to do something good or forbids you from doing something bad.

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One of the Sahaba

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one night he was sitting in his room,

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he said to himself, I will go tomorrow. And I'm going to ask the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam about two things.

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salehoo anumber one se

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and there was nobody with him in the room. Nobody could hear him except Allah subhanaw taala

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and the following morning, he went to the masjid and the method was full Mashallah like this.

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And he looked and the problem was far away in the front. And the message was crammed with people. So for him to make it to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he had to sway people right and left.

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And he said, I looked at the prophet SAW Selim,

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and the prophet SAW Selim smile. He said once his smile, as if it was like green light for me. I started swaying people right and left and a walk towards him. Can I pause you here?

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I didn't look at the watch.

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But can I pause you here?

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Because I think four minutes is enough for you every night right?

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So I just want to remind you that this message it doesn't run by the Ministry of our path, right? I'm not going to do a fundraiser because we're keeping this inshallah the 27th I know this is the light or everybody will give even their kids inshallah, I mean, you know,

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their credit cards, whatever they have, including their wives, I mean, their husbands will sacrifice everyone inshallah.

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But what I want to remind you tonight is

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again, the process Elam was the most generous

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and he was extra generous in Ramadan

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and today's the best day of the week right? And so right after the middle of Ramadan, so we want to make a difference today inshallah, on the brothers are going to look at the donation boxes, Bagatelle inshallah, I want you to make a law pleased with you. Because these people at the bank, they are not going to take that money for them. So I'm not going to say make them happy.

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Make Allah pleased with you in sha Allah, dig deep into your pocket, I'm not going to say each one. If I asked each one in this mosque today, at least not to live without giving $100

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that will make a difference. And voila, here on the Day of Judgment, you will regret that you did not put 200 or 300. The Prophet Sallam said that the people of Paradise will regret shake his sound down today. Maybe or not, he I didn't sleep well. And it was Juma and I'm preparing for the Holocaust tomorrow. But I'm still awake and I know what I'm saying. Yes, the people will regret

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they will regret that they had the chance to do something good. And they didn't do it. When they see that the difference between one rank engine and the other is 500 years. So do something today inshallah. How many of you promise inshallah to make a difference tonight? No one at hamdulillah

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that's perfect. Mashallah. I'm already down today and you make me down more Mashallah. It is don't see me like, loud and joking, right? Okay, I'll leave it between you and the last part. I'm not gonna push you, but when is the inshallah sorry 27 inshallah, we're going to close the doors

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and we'll do justice inshallah.

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Okay, I'm just gonna finish the story I'll let you go inshallah. So, while this minima but what they allow is a habit that I was talking about, he started swinging people right and left, until he came to the process LMA said, Prophet of Allah.

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He said, Yes, was.

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This audiobook is a promise, you're coming to ask me about two things. Shall I answer you? Or would you like to ask me?

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And he was like,

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He suggested a ceremonial bear. Well, if he says, You're coming to ask me about bear and a bear means righteousness and if means sell. He was like, there was nobody with me last night in the room.

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He said Albert, Hirschman. Hello.

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Well, isn't my hacker facade Erica? Ohashi Tania toliara hiddenness la hochma. Very few words, but very deep meaning. He says, I'll bear all what you are doing here. Now, salon Yamanaka is to the word. I keep hammering this every day.

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It will be manifested in the way you deal with people.

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Your good character is the outcome of this Dean Seong Taka, Salah nofap shadow monka everybody has a fruit.

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And then he said well isn't sin mahat ephesoft Rica. When you feel uneasy when you feel uncomfortable while you're doing something wa*a yatala lameness and you look around. Can anybody see me while I'm doing this? This is

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very simple. Psychologists, sociologists, psychologists, anthropologists, when they define sin, they write two pages, two, three pages. And they give you examples. The porcelain said it in less than a lion. That's a sin. And this is why this is the cliffhanger. An accountant came back home to his mother. And he said Mom, I'm an accountant. And I'm in charge of multi billion companies.

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There are some technical things. And they're very subtle. Nobody would notice them. Some tricks here and there. I can pull sense from these multibillion companies. And by the end of the year, I'll make millions and nobody will notice. What do you think, mom? Should I do that?

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Would you like to know the answer of his mom

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