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Mirza Yawar Baig
AI: Summary © The importance of showing the relationship between Allah Sub hang and his soldiers in conversations and language usage is emphasized. Emily's dream of finding a child is also discussed, including her journey to a point where she cannot see her drops and her desire to meet her liked partner. The importance of Islam's help and trust in the church's actions is emphasized, along with the recap of Islam's success and its importance in the church's actions.
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Bismillah Alhamdulillah

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wa Salatu was Salam O Allah Masha freedom ba ba mousseline, Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam just live on Kaziranga Sierra Nevada.

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May Allah subhanaw taala enable us to do that which is pleasing to Him and save us from all that it is pleasing to Him.

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Now brothers and sisters, there was a man

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and what a man

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a man whose concern from his earliest childhood was not amusement or friends or earning, but Allah subhana wa Taala.

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A man who was bothered and concerned and perturbed, that people did not worship Allah subhanho wa Taala, the creator and instead, they worshiped what they had created in their minds and in the end with their hands.

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Allah subhanaw taala told us the stories of his mBiA mussalam so that we can reflect on them and use them as a template to measure ourselves and see how we and our lifestyles our choices, priorities, concerns and goals. map on to the ideal that Allah subhanho wa Taala set out for us.

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This man, boy really, at the time, had such a relationship with Allah subhanho data that he spoke to him and is robbed not only answered him, but told us the story.

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And lots of adults that I said, I will let him know shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim way the caller him or be ireenie kafer to heal Mota call

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to mean Kala Bara kill Leah to mine we call Hosea tamina

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la casona de la la la collegia ballymun Juan de su

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de la casa de la la la la la z is on highkey

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last Ramadan and Zoltan baccara told us about this beautiful incident where Allah subhanaw taala said and remember when Ibrahim Alayhi Salam said my Arab probe be our unique Eva to heal Mota. He said Oh Allah, oh my rub, show me how you give life to the dead.

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And see the reply. Allah Subhana.

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Allah said, he said, Allah said, Don't you believe?

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And Ibrahim Alayhi Salam said,

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Karl Carla Bala, well, I can bollock Eliot Reiner.

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He said, I believe, of course I believe. Why not? Bala?

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But we stronger in faith, to have more it's been out of the camp.

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So he said Allah subhanho wa Taala. Take four birds.

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Then tame them cause them to incline towards you.

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Then slaughter them and cut them into pieces. And then put a portion of that mixture on every hill and call them and they will come to you quickly in haste.

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And know that Allah subhana wa Tada. Why Allah, Allah Allah ha as his own hacking.

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Know that Allah subhanho data is all mighty and all wise.

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Remember sisters, ask Allah Subhana Allah to show you his signs, build a personal relationship with Allah subhanaw taala. Just

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remember that the kalama with which we enter into Islam is not a Statement of Information but a statement of a relationship.

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The first question in the grave mandrup book,

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which is our next destination, the grave? The first question that we will be asked there is about our relationship with Allah subhanaw taala

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let us build that relationship such that when the question is asked, the answer will automatically come.

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And who knows? If that relationship is strong enough, then someone else will answer that question on where it is asked.

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This beautiful ayah Surah Baqarah in which Allah subhanaw taala told us this incident in the life of Grammarly Salaam illustrates that relationship. Please reflect on the tour of the question. Don't be shy.

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Arnica to hear Mata ora O'Hara, show me how do you bring something back to life? Tell me, does it sound like this? Is the first time this kind of conversation happened? Or is it something that seems to follow a pattern,

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a pattern of conversation between two who know one another intimately, who love one another so much that nothing else exists for them when they are together.

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I'm consumed by language and syntax. And so I cannot say what's in my heart. It is not to say that the two are in any case, equal they're not. One is the creator. The other one is the creature. The two can never be equal. But the relationship is such that the creator desire to tell us about it. And to present it to us as a standard for us to aspire to.

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Then see the reply to that request. Is it really a reply? Or is it an indicator of such deep love that I have no words to describe it except to say, yeah, Robbie, I'm also gonna sleep. Yeah, more seriously?

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A lot of lies available to men?

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Don't you believe that? I can do it to whichever MLS Ross's car, Barra wakeeney yet well, achilleas minor.

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He did not say I yes, I believe he said Bella.

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In Arabic, the word Bella is nuts. It is the answer to a negative question, don't you believe? don't have money, but of course I have money. It's as him to say, oh, how can you even question that isn't obvious. Of course. Why not?

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It's a lot more than saying yes. And once again, please reflect on the tone of these two parts of the eye. This is a conversation between two who know each other very well. They are totally familiar and comfortable with each other. And they talk to each other all the time. And that is why our soldiers are upset if you Rahim, Allah Salam said this to be stronger in faith.

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We have an even greater right to say it.

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So ask Allah to show his science.

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I will not go into the rest of the I hear that is a topic of another Hoban Sharma. Just stay with the spirit of this conversation because this is the spirit of Hajj and that is the title of today's reminder. And the spirit of Hajj. The spirit of Hajj is the spirit of the one who loves meeting his beloved, that is a spirit of Islam of total submission, where there is no difference between what the slave wants and what his Rob wants. What do you want, I want whatever you want from me.

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I want whatever you want for me.

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Both. I want whatever you want from me, and I want whatever you want for me. That is the meaning of Reza belcarra not simply accepting the other the destiny of Allah but being pleased with it.

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Unless Ratan Tata told us about your primary salon orientation is called Allah hora boo cilium call us learn to call Aslam toliara.

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Me, Allah said, when is Rob said to him submit, he said I have submitted. He did not say I will submit this and I have submitted myself to that.

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Please notice, who is the witness of Ibrahim alayhis salam submission.

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Witness is Allah Himself.

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Now fast forward, this man is now in his 80s.

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And this man, and his young wife

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and their newborn baby are on a journey.

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Google says that the shortest route and he's talking about today's times between Paris and Makkah, is 930 miles.

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That is 14 197 or 1500 kilometers.

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That's like New York City to Minneapolis, or Tampa.

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They walked

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at that time. This was not a caravan route, which later became

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was that a road?

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Obviously, whatever. He said, I've had no map who showed him the way. I know it's easy to answer that. But let me ask you will you be comfortable

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To go somewhere comfortable to go somewhere that you are not familiar with and make dua and say Allah, please take me back home.

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Please show me the way.

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And then you drive along that route

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and take whichever turn comes into your heart.

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To do that,

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you need the connection.

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And you need the purity of the receiver which is your heart to read the signs correctly

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when they arrive at their destination, this family of three people

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when they arrive at their destination, which is a barren Valley in the middle of nowhere, no habitation, no people, no cultivation, no market, no food, nothing.

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Just imposing intimate dating mountains all around.

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There the man leaves his wife and child,

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a child that he was given after begging Allah for decades, his firstborn, his heir, at that time, his only potential successor.

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He leaves them and turns away and devotes

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his wife, she's human like him. She's terrified to be apparently abandoned in the wilderness, to the mercy of the elements or whatever the mountains conceal, or potential threats to the life of our baby. I don't think she was thinking of her life at all.

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She calls out to the magical garden, where are you going leaving us?

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He does not reply.

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He continues to walk because he is marching to another tune to the orders of the one who ordered him to bring them here in the first place. He is connected to Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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His wife, she's human like him. She asks, I am doing this on your Rob's order. He nods Jesus didn't go

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he says go.

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Our Rob will not allow us to perish.

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Cut the relationship with the dunya and connect to Allah.

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for Hajj, Rania salam, Ibrahim Alayhi Salam was gonna

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cut the relationship with Julia and connect to her last year and

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understand that as long as we are doing what Allah told us to do, he will not allow us to fail.

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He will not allow us to fail.

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Then when the man passes over the fall of the land and he reaches a place where they cannot see him his drops.

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His rod told us what he said to him.

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Robin Nia has come to mean Doria TV via the new lady these are in in at Cobo Hall.

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Or a Benelli okay Masada Allah Fie that Amina

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Javi la Marzocco Mina Samarra de la, boom, yes, Guru our

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I have made some of my offspring to dwell in an uncollectible Valley by your sacred house.

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At that time the house is not built, but that is the location of the house in order

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that they may establish a Sala So fill some hearts among the people with love towards them. And Oh Allah provide them with fruits so that they may give thanks

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who is it that inspires in the hearts of those he loves words that span the centuries to ring true in the hearts of those who love Him today.

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See the author of what he gradually said I asked him

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I'm not going into the details of this drama, that is the subject of another football inshallah. But let me suffice to ask you to reflect on what you would have asked in such a situation. If you and I had been in that situation, what would we have asked and what is the order of things that you would have asked him and then see what you were Emily's Salah must.

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May Allah grant us this connection.

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Meanwhile, our mother has are alayhis salam, she doesn't just sit and wait. She makes the best effort that she can make.

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This is the meaning of summer to make the best effort and trust in Allah subhanho wa Taala for the results. make the effort, your best effort, and then make dua and ask Allah for his help.

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hazard aleya salam did what she could to assess a situation and see what was around her. She climbed the nearest hills and looked around. She saw nothing. Then she descended and came to her son checked him out. He was at the bottom of the hill. Then she went towards another Hill. Marwa, as you work towards Marwa in the valley between the two hills, she must have said to herself, let me hurry the giant is alone back there. So she ran until she came to the bottom of the slope of marva. She planned this rope to the top of Mirage he looked around nothing she returned once again in the valley, on relatively level ground she ran.

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Then she checked on her baby and then she climbs up again and she did this several times. She made the best effort that she could make.

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When you do the best that you can do and make dua, Allah answers, Jamila devialet ceram came and Doug Zamzam for them, water that has been coming out of the earth for over 4000 years.

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the help of Allah subhanaw taala comes when we have completed our efforts, whatever may be the challenge in life, domestic career, politics, health organization, make the effort, the best effort you can make, and then make dua and trust in Allah. the help of Allah subhanaw taala will come.

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First, fast forward again, the little baby for home Zamzam was Doug

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is now as Rob said, old enough to walk with Him.

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Even Imani Salam returns to visit the wife and son that he had left behind three some years ago. Unless I heard that I once again is the best witness.

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And he described what happened

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call a boon a niara filmin Armenia's ba,

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ba, ba call for Alma tomorrow, Saturday doing insha Allah whom you know, saw beauty farlam Salama what Allah who will be in one they know who I

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am caatsa Dakota ruya in Casa de Cana Josie alma hasini. in

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Alberta movie in for the ina Who will be the winner all the water acuna la ville de sala

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de casa de Cana, Maharani Zulu Safa de los Ronaldo describe that incident.

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And when his son was old enough to walk with him, he said, Oh my son, I have seen in a dream that I am slaughtering you, in sacrifice to unlock. So look,

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what do you see?

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Look where? In your heart? What do you see? I'm telling you my dream.

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As you hear this, as you listen to me, as you understand what is likely to come upon you look in your heart, what do you see?

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Do you see resistance? Do you see rebellion?

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Do you see displeasure with the cover of Allah?

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Do you see questions? Do you see doubts? Do you see lack of faith? Or do you see complete and total submission to the will of Allah subhanho telogen.

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And like father like some

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think of the mother who brought up a child like this,

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where the child does not see the father

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from the time he is born.

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And the first time the child literally cognitively sees his father recognizes him the conversation they have is this

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yet see there see the response of the child he says oh my father do what you have been commanded. Insha Allah you shall find me patient you shall find me of the Siberians. Insha Allah because I don't know.

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I have never been slaughtered before. I don't know what it feels like grab a knife on my throat.

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But insha Allah, if Allah wills I will have some

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I will not complain I will not scream I will not

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deliver I then is violet Salam advised his father is a little kid this little baby boy. He said to his brother tie me up, Tie my hands and feet so that I don't struggle.

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And then he said put me down on my face. You don't see my face.

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As you are cutting my throat, you might not do it

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because of your love for me. So Allah subhanaw taala says then when they both submitted themselves to the will of Allah, and he had laid him prostrate on his forehead like this, not on the side of his forehead, like this perhaps for slaughtering

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did Allah allow it to happen? No. That was never the intention. Allah does not ask for human sacrifices.

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Allah said, and we call that to me, I write him. You have fulfilled the rule. Yeah, you fulfill the dream.

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Very Deus do We reward the mercy? No. This is how we reward those people who have a son who do excellence who struggle and strive in the path of Allah to do the best they can do. Very early there indeed was a manifest clear trial.

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And we ran some limb with a great Saturday sacrifice Jubilee Salah was said with a ram from gentlemen.

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And we left for him a goodly remembrance among generations to come in later times. Allah said, We decreed that this this Ibrahim Alayhi Salam is violence, Salah his whole sacrifice will be remembered for generations to come.

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There is the celebration which we call irata

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salam on peace be upon him Rahim. Salam O Allah Brahim, who's sending this Allah? Allah subhanho wa Taala. Jelena does indeed. Do we reward the masiero Allah said this is how we reward those who do sir.

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My brothers just as I'm sure you all recognize the symbols and all that I have managed to hedge is the reward. It is the remembrance of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Granted, Brian will examine his family, for their dedication to him telogen they loved him and he loved them and so he made their actions into the argon, the pillar,

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the monastic of the greatest of the acts of worship, which is prescribed for us only once in our lifetimes.

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Allah rantala decreed that these actions be performed by all those who love Him as actions of worship, the reward for which is forgiveness of all sins. The spirit of Hodges the spirit of obedience, of love of seeking the pleasure of Allah.

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The hajus do not care about comfort of clothing, or food or accommodation. They are there only to please Allah subhanho wa Taala to seek His forgiveness to ask for a new beginning to ask for another chance. Allah accepts their

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and on completing Hajj. The Hajji is free from sin, as he or she was on the day that they were born. That is the message for the rest of our lives. That is the spirit of Hajj to understand that only obedience leads to success.

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ask Allah Subhana Allah be pleased really whenever to be displeased. apo lucarelli has asked for lalibela COVID is ideal Muslim Muslim, will mostly be first of zero in the world.

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