Mufti Menk – How does one respond to haters on Social Media?

Mufti Menk
AI: Summary © The speaker expresses their desire to use their expertise in social media to defend themselves and avoid attacks. They want to be a "rookie" for themselves, prioritizing their own growth and maintaining a sense of belonging. They also discuss their experience as a branch manager and as a planting seeds of trees, including peaches, green leaf, and peaches. The importance of consistent behavior and strategies for success is emphasized, along with the need to apologize for mistakes and to be mindful of one's actions. They also mention a person named Mr. Teeraj who claims to have a habit of being a good person.
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Let's Let's hear a shake I you know, this, this is a discussion I want to send to, you know, a tree. On the low we've traveled several time not once, not twice or twice and 100 lights been amazing. Now prior to our trips, and our living listen to you at all, but Subhanallah after our trip a lady look at your character, and I was trying to be a rookie, you know? are you different from the commerce? are you different from you know, where you stand on the stage or you pass the message? How does this man be here? What do you think? And I know 100 last one I UVU I've been amazed a lot. And the first second or third trip there's one thing of three things that I've been able to pick from you. The

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first one is this every blesser They are people that are you know sending terrible words of soul Dean and you know, creating a lot of you know, rah and about you on social media. Now, if it was me, yeah, and Chef, I wouldn't I wouldn't keep quiet. I want to. But May Allah make it easy? But you have that you know, comment? You don't reply them by you don't say anything? Maybe how do you do this? Firstly, I don't know of much. I don't actively go through it unless someone highlights it to me.

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That's number one. Number two is it's a very, very minute percentage, you know, out of 50 million, you might get a few 100 people, a few 1000 people. So what you know,

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that's there. Another thing is, when someone attacks you, you need to remember one thing you are busy serving a lot, right? A lot will defend you. The minute you do you actually go out to respond to them. You are doing it for yourself no longer for Allah. For me, that holds very little weight. I'd rather leave them it's okay if someone punches me two punches. I mean, big deal. People have punched mike tyson One, two, he punched them back 500 and knock them out. You know, in my case, I'm not into that game. But if someone punches one or two big deal, you know, luckily Amano Paseo de la Mola, Kumara Sulu, who will, you will do the work. Allah sees it, you know, according to that verse,

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the messenger czt, the believers, and obviously this is a verse that was revealed at the time of a sort of loss, and the lesson is all about you, for the sake of Allah, you do the job. I am I'm managing a branch of the branches of the same business. So they might not realize that, you know, I may not do it the way they do it, but my branch is also a branch. And I'm still serving the same franchise serving that, you know, I'm talking of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So, sometimes you have people you know, even people have knowledge at times, they will attack you, they will say something, excuse me, and I'll leave it because when I defend I am defending for, for myself, but when I keep

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on working, I don't want to stop working for the sake of Allah. Imagine if I'm spending like 12 to 14 hours a day,

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in the cause of Allah subhanho wa Taala as Dean, when I start worrying about what people have to say about me, and I know that I've been as genuine to Allah as possible, you know, those people are not in your equation. It was never between you and them. It's between you and Allah, so why bother?

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It's between you and Allah, just let them be that is their job, it's not your job. Their job is to attack you. Your job is not to attack it. My job is not even to respond. You know, if Allah wants to close you down, don't close down without an attack. There have been accusations against lawsuits against each other, the lohana, who cleared their names, it was Allah, they didn't clear it themselves.

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The same applies to so many others. So as much as I have the right to defend myself, but I feel I will become preoccupied by it. And I feel that it's not necessary. I feel the evening law. I mean, those who know me, Well, they've traveled with me or lived with me or done business with me. Now you know, in my life within the last 20 years, I think they would know better the type of person I am and sometimes those attacking you are worse than you are by far. They have no morals, they have no values, they are at times, but guilty of this more than what they're accusing you of. Sometimes they want fame, sometimes they are on the bandwagon. Sometimes you can clearly see their their agenda.

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Don't just leave it leave them with their agenda. You continue your agenda is to serve Allah. You know what, there are millions of people and billions of Muslims. If you are going to waste your time within your few years that you have on Earth, you'll regret it when you go into the pub because you would have had a few days and you wasted those responding to people brother do the work, what's going to help you in your coverage and in responding to the people will just continue to do work that you could I want to plan. Say for example that we are planting seeds of trees, seeds of trees, someone is saying I didn't

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To plant guava brother, I'm planting peaches. I love them and planting mangoes pomegranates. If you want to do the guava, you may do so, you know, don't tell me why you're not doing what you think I should be doing. I'm busy. The minute I stopped and I start arguing about whether or not to plant the guava or why didn't I do it? or Why did I plant the Mangle slightly this way or that way? Whatever the reason is, brother, I'm busy planting Leave me alone. And if you don't want to leave me alone, I am going to leave you alone. It reminds me of happyland Cubby, the imbecile Ilya kalita to the NEMA an amoeba sitting yet he literally half alarm. But I mean, what lesson do we learn from

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that? He says

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Abel tells Cain, and it's mentioned in the poem that if you are going to stretch your arm in order to cue me, I'm not going to stretch my arm in order to kill you. Because I fear Allah Lord of the words. If you want to stretch your arm, it shows that you are you don't have work, it shows that you're not busy. If you were busy, you wouldn't do what you would do. Now those who are genuine, sometimes they will correct you, they will call you out for something that really is genuinely a cause of concern. In that particular case, yes, you need to look into it and I have and you need to retract or you need to apologize or you need to perhaps change your stance on something or maybe

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change an opinion on something or correct yourself that happens but usually that is among a very strong circle of friends that we have. So that's in that's why you find me very calm. I mean I you know, they can say what they want Habibi, they are not in my equation. They are not in, they're not in my math, mathematics. My addition and subtraction, multiplication and division is between me and Allah. And you know, we are trying our best May Allah subhanho wa Taala. But I feel sorry for the young guys like yourselves, and those who are facing and you will face challenges you will face so much I feel sorry for the guys because not all of them have that strong willpower as me people say

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this guy's famous Perhaps he's this you know what? I've been on the scene for more than two for 20 years, minimum volume 20 years. And on social media for a minimum of 15 years i think i people say and I have one thing in me that I believe is a good habit. It is consistency. So every day do something every single day, make sure that you do something without a single day that you're going to give a break of one day, whether it is a Monday or a Sunday or a family day or a holiday or whatever other day. So that consistency that continuous you do this, it grows it grows. Craven Weaver. I get it from Cleveland Imani majima he went the best of deeds that which is done regularly

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even if it is a little two sentences, three sentences a day. And I have my strategies. Barack Obama, Michelle automatica luxury This is amazing. And I love it. He makes us better than you and we know we meet people. May Allah make you better than what others even think of you. May Allah make us such that he accepts us.

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