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What does it cost you to be respectful?

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Mufti Menk

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Speak with respect kind words, what does it cost you? You go home and your own parents. You speak to them as though they're not even fit to be spoken to such derogatory words. Why? What did it cost you to disagree with them? If they need a disagreement, but with utmost respect, your parents are not angels. They're humans just like you and I, your you are duty bound to respect them to be kind to them, not necessarily to obey the wrong instructions they might give you. But if your parent has said something wrong, or they have asked you to do something outside what Allah has ordained, you can respectfully disagree. Look what Allah says in the Quran.

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Why Agia Java kala to shriek beam.

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fella. Houma Warsaw Hebron Houma, Fede dunya, maumoon.

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If they are trying to make you do something in the disobedience of Allah, such as association of partnership with Allah, then you don't obey their instruction. But immediately Allah says, but live with them with goodness with kindness. You still got to live with your parents, even though they may belong to another faith. You've got to be kind, you've got to be respectful. You tell your father I disagree with you look at Ibrahim alayhis salam. It's a beautiful example.