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Explanation of the summarised version of Imam Ibn Qayyim AlJawziyyah’s famous book- Provisions for the Hereafter. This is the Introduction that took place before episode one.

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So we're talking about you know, the most famous teacher of a group Iam Rahim Allah, and the one who he cites as his

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teacher, the one who he spent the longest time with well then on kashia and everybody else. Imam Ibn taymiyyah Rahmatullah Eman Ibn taymiyyah Rahmatullahi Rahim Allah, he spent 16 to 17 years

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of his life with Imam Ibn taymiyyah, Rama to La Jolla. And that's why in his writings you can clearly see, you know, the emotions that He has for his teacher the respect that He has for his teacher, and in many of his works, the works of Allah Allah. He goes on to mention many of the views of Ibn taymiyyah Rahmatullah Halley that, you know, you know, a lot of the time you can find out what view Ibn taymiyyah had at a specific point of his life by looking at the works of him his student, Matala, Harley, and you know, some of the scholars say it was enough for us to understand how amazing Imam Abu hanifa was by looking at his student, Mohammed bin Hassan a shaman. And it's

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enough for us to understand how amazing even taymiyah was by looking at his students by him. Rahmatullah hear it right. So, so sublime, Allah, you know, some people really the respect that they had for scholars grew by them looking at the students of the scholars, right and asked a lot to make me wealthy to your brothers and sisters and to make your work the students that perhaps, you know, you can increase by either in the hereafter inshallah by becoming more amazing, yourselves

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being delighted and then I stayed with, with with with with us with a light laugh but with a serious heart in my request to you all. So, you know, people or have even TV or grew when they started reading the books of Abraham Rahmatullah. He is a supernova. Look at this, this this person, this person who's an email in his own right, he's an email in his own right. So, you know, and in his book, his books are filled with the teachings of his chef.

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Even Tamia Matala he Isley so he spent 16 to 17 years with Tamia Rahim Allah and it's very clear that ebru la la adopted the methodology of his teacher

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did even Tamia or Hema hula.

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Now, it will pay him as we said he was an amount in and of himself which means what which means he had his own students, right. And as I said earlier, you know, we look at the students to understand how great the teacher was. So let's look at the students have to understand how amazing he was so from his own students was his own son Abdullah. Right. And then the famous scholar of the field

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mm even cateel Rahmatullah here and the great amount of the field notice the theory but Qatif and the author of the famous history book known as albida. kneehigh, which is an amazing book of history, right from Adam and he Salah

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will pay him you know, puts ever sorry, Kathy Rahmatullah here and he just writes this amazing book, the A to Zed, you know, the beginning until the end. That's what he titled it and be Dahlia when we hire the beginning and the end, and right now, that was Sam, I've just seen they are translating certain portions of this book. So if you go to darussalam, and you see some of the translations it will tell you such and such from albida when you hire right,

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so these are some of the translations from the multiple volume volumes, written by Imam Ibn Kathir Rahmatullahi Ali Eman even Kathy Rahmatullah Holly was from the students of every time as well as the amendment half with Abrahamic even arguable al Baghdadi and the famous humbly scholar have a larger and amazing scholar and in and of himself as well, right and he was the author of the famous book known as apostle habila. Right. So this person, have with him and

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he was an amazing scholar. He never of himself considered an email. He didn't have himself he was a student of April came to LA he alley so brothers and sisters, you know, he had multiple students who I'm just sharing with you a few. I'm just sharing with you a few.

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There was another scholar, later on known as Muhammad Ali Ashoka. He is a famous scholar famous for his abilities advocate Hadith and he praises him by

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saying, you know, that he saw when he read the books of him how

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he would restrict himself to the most authentic of evidences, and how, you know, you couldn't help but admire the way he would act upon the knowledge that he had, and how he would not depend on the on, you know, on opinions. Rather, he was ready to overcome opinions, when he found evidence that was, you know, that that was contradictory to the views of other people which would shows, you know, how he himself even though he was an Imam, in and of himself, by the blessings of Allah subhanho wa Taala, even cattier, his famous student and the famous student, the famous author of The CW cattier, as I explained, he says, that he was attached to occupying himself with knowledge day and night, he

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would pray and recite the Quran,

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much meaning a lot, and was of excellent character, and he would show great affection and friendship, and he will not be jealous or envious. So, we learn from this brothers and sisters, that you know, we learn from this DD formula for gaining knowledge. And that even

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goes on to further say that I do not know, in this time of ours, right? anyone in the world who worships greater than him, meaning America, he Rahmatullahi it. And he says he used to have a particular manner with respect to the prayer, he would lengthen it a great deal, he would extend its bowing and prostrating and many of his

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the imagery because it goes on to say, to say that many of the students of the Imam would essentially the Imam at times, but he would never return and leave alone this action meaning they would, you know, gather here gather at his place gather nearby where he was, obviously to learn from him many of his students, but email me, Bill Pay Rahmatullah here and he would continue praying his Salah would continue seeking his knowledge would not, you know, just leave it because of the fact that people had come. So, we learn from this, how he as a person was very, you know, controlled in terms of how he managed his time, how he managed his priorities, how he decided what his priorities

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were, and how he was, you know, we would say, you know, principled and excellent in terms of how he executed his timetable, and executed, the, the, you know, the tasks that he set for himself for that day, and all these things collectively made him an amazing scholar,

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and happy to see up another famous scholar that came later on he true, he also went on and praised

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Motorola highly,

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and, you know, actually said that

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it will pay him had a hand in tafsir. He had a hand in Hadith, he had a hand in school and the principles of religion, and he had a hand in fifth and in the subsidiary matters with regards to this religion, and he also had a hand in the Arabic language so many scholars, brothers and sisters came after the Great email to you know,

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to the knowledge that Allah subhanho wa Taala blessed this email with this email from Tula here and he will pay him Rahim Allah, he has many books, brothers and sisters, honestly, in my view, I would, it wouldn't be far off saying he has countless books, yes, we can count them, but there's so many, it would deserve the title countless, and Zermatt is just one of them. And as I said, he wrote this book during a journey. So imagine what he was doing when he was sat at home.

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Imagine that brothers and sisters, imagine what the man was doing when he was in the comfort of the city that he came from and and lived in when he was surrounded by his students. Right? eventually what he did then so the Imam himolla, wrote many books from the books that he authored was the Shiva ideal, Mr. Darrow said,

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Have you

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ever been at

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a loss to let her fat burn up a lot burn, and many others, but there is your second modality Sally Keane is an amazing book, right? It's a book really, that's dedicated towards purification of the knifes This is an amazing book, one law he

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I pray one day, Allah gives us life

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to study this book as well, right? It's an amazing, amazing book, magnetic to sell the kid and you know what brothers and sisters, the reality of the book is that it is an explanation of one area in the Quran. And that is a kind of a Buddha he can sustain. So this book also is more than one volume long, right? So depending on the publication, it's more than one volume long. And the entire book is an explanation of just one area. He can do what he can study. So this is another book that the man wrote Rahmatullah here at a modality

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acetic in for those who read Arabic, please get it. For those who are interested at knowledge International University, we've actually translated a large portion of the summarized version of Medallia to Sally keep a very high level translation, a very high level translation that we teach as part of the bachelor's degree with knowledge International University. However, the good news is, you can actually study the course itself without joining the degree program. So you know, you could contact Kayuu, the semester started. So perhaps, you can wait for the next semester, which will be after the summer around September. So put it in your notes that you know, when that semester opens,

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you join in and you register for that particular class, and you study it, inshallah you get a certificate for it. So it runs over four months. And the teacher of the subject is our share, check. Sad, but NASA chiffre happy the whole lot. So we got him to record the lessons for this particular subject. And then we've translated the book, when you lay in Hampton, I have been blessed to run the live sessions, I will share the law. He was happy for me to take the lessons and now it's just become part and parcel. All of the classes that I have so you know, the excitement you hear you hear from me, speaking about this book is in place because I've been teaching it now for the last two to

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three years. When I haven't done it's an absolutely amazing book and hamdulillah madej acetic acid. He's also got other books known as keytab al cupbearer. hokum Tarik, Tarik Tarik Asana, please forgive me for that slip in the tongue. And he also has

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a book called kalama, babe.

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And he has a book dedicated to explaining the names of Allah subhanho, wa Taala, and a chef,

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and personnel. And he has an amazing book that has a great presence in Sudan, or jurisprudence methodology known as allowable mockery. And I mean, so it's a famous book and no serious student of knowledge has a library without this particular book. So this is a little bit about the Imam Rahmatullah him. As I said, brothers and sisters, you know, if we were just to do a whole lesson about the life of him, we need a few weeks together, this is the reality. But I just want to give you a bit of insight into the author. So you know, you could have

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emotional investment as well, with regards to the book that you're reading, because you understand how unique it is. And you understand how amazing the author was. May Allah subhanho wa Taala. Get us with him? In Jenna, me. Yeah. Now brothers and sisters, in terms of the class plan, the session is supposed to end

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now, so that we take a quick break, and then go into q&a. But given that today's an introductory lesson, please allow me to just continue a little bit, because there's a few things that I want to

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complete with you on in this introductory, or in this introduction rather, before our Saturday classes begin, firstly, brothers and sisters, the methodology of the classes. So, as has been announced, we will meet every Saturday at 9am MCI time, right? Obviously, with the exception of today, today, we meeting because it's an introduction. So I wanted to just keep it separate.

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But otherwise, we will be meeting every Saturday at 9am Mecca time now.

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If I have to travel, then we will bring this class

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into the week. So for example, it would happen on a day like this at about 9pm. So please take note of that, but it will be you know, travels Rh Allah insha Allah

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I think I have one scheduled for around the 20th of March. So in that particular week, brother Hisham will be in touch and sister that Cara will be in touch inshallah with the timings for the class during that week in advance, obviously, so you can manage your timetable as well. Otherwise, by default, the class will happen every Saturday at 9am. Now, you will get links in your email before the class, please save the group email address as a contact in your email, so that the emails don't go into spam.

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Okay. And if you see that you have received an email, check your spam first and if it's not there, then right to sister or brother, hey Sham, Allah subhanho wa Taala reward them and preserve them both in his obedience. I mean, the next point brothers and sisters is that these classes will run as per the timetable of lessons in the masajid here in Saudi Arabia. So as you know, in Saudi Arabia, Mashallah the masajid run classes and

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And these classes run from

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semester to the semester break, and then the following semester to the semester break. So these classes will run as follows just to share with you a bit more detail,

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that inshallah we will continue our classes for this particular period or period one, until around the 20th of May, right, so our last session will be around the 20th of May, because that's when the university start exams here. And that's when our teachers stop teaching in the massages. So we will use the similar model, and the lessons will stop till the beginning of the next semester, which will be in September, which will be in September. So we'll have a long summer break, okay, in that summer break, obviously, you need to revise your lessons, put the lessons into practice in a greater way. And inshallah, what we will do is we'll have one of classes, special classes, for this particular

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group, like a class forum avant, like a class for Laila to ponder, insha Allah, and just general classes be at the lab, but in terms of the series of lectures, it will stop around the 20th of May, and then we will resume in September, and in September, we'll resume till hedge, and then we'll stop for the hedge break, and then from hedge to January, and then we'll have a media break, and then it will continue in February to me, again, as the period that we are in now, so I'm just giving you all the rundown, but inshallah, in terms of the specifics and email will be sent through when the time is right, and you will all be kept informed inshallah inshallah, now,

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the text that we will be using, I believe you've all downloaded it, you must download it

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and have delivered, the Hisham has said the link, please download it. And please try and read before you come to the class, don't come to the class, without reading any part of the book, even if it's, you know, portions that we will not take in that lesson. If you've read already, what we will what we will take in this in in the lesson, then, you know, continue reading, right, you you never go wrong reading the book. And once you finish it, you can start again.

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You know, some of some of you may ask that, how much will we do per session, a lot was best a lot was best, you know, it just, I don't want to focus on quantity, quantity, I want to focus on quality. So it might be that, you know, one lesson will last us several weeks, it could it could happen this way, brothers and sisters, so I want to focus on quality, not quantity, but although even in terms of quality is not going to be something unbearable, where we just go on and on about something, I'm going to be realistic, you know, we only have one life to live and inshallah light will be an honor to finish the entire book. So I do have, you know, my my eye on the on the aim of

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actually finishing the book says I'm going to be too detailed, but nonetheless, it's not going to be too brief. Yes, we using a brief summary as the primer. But as I promised, I will be explaining, so please download the book, and please do your best to read.

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The other thing brothers and sisters that I want to share with you, is the importance of looking after the etiquettes of seeking knowledge. You know, make sure you have sincerity.

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And that you're doing it for a lot every step of the way. Every step of the way from the time you signed up, don't do it for fun, don't do it because you know there was a hype around it, do it for the sake of Allah and also you know from the etickets is you feeling special

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because of the special nature of this journey. Right. So you special brothers and sisters, right? Yeah, you know, you know that for the student of knowledge

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is Allah making the angels lower their wings for the student of knowledge, right, which means you especially if angels are lowering the wings for you, right it means you special also, as the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, that Metallica polyphony ultimate fulfillment sal Allahu Allahu Allah agenda, that whoever treads a path for the sake of Allah seeking Islamic knowledge. Allah subhanho wa Taala will make your journey to gender easier, which means you special again. So I want you all to feel special as an etiquette Now, I'm not saying become arrogant, but I'm saying be humble. Meaning feel special in a way that makes you humble that sometime Allah Allah subhanho wa

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Taala has picked you and chosen you. Also brothers and sisters, be patient, be patient, be patient with me, be patient with my team, be patient with each other. You know, make sure you have patients in high dosages. And we spoken a lot about patients when he left his hand during the course of today's program, so please, please please be patient and be patient in terms of how you study in terms of your revision. And in terms of making it to the class. I don't want you to say well, you know, the chef has promised to

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Record the lesson. So you know what I'm going to listen to the recorded session. In our next lesson, I'm going to open it with a Hadith, which is going to teach you why you should attend the live session and not rely on the recording. I'm going to teach you a Hadith, which tells us how special how special

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you know,

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people who attend the lesson live. Okay, so

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please, you know, join me for the next lesson and be patient in attending. And don't just say, Well, you know, now it's going to be recorded. So inshallah I'll procrastinate. Remember, chevonne starts with a slowly, but it starts with a Surely, right, so your aim should be to attend the lesson live. Don't wait for the recording, the recording is there as a compliment from the outset, you should attend from the etiquettes brothers and sisters is, you know, I want you to learn to teach, right? So I don't want you to attend these lessons just to lead. I want you to attend these lessons with the intention of teaching these lessons to others. This is important, because if you do so brothers

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and sisters, then it will make you a more robust lead. And you'll ask more questions, and you focus better Why? Because, you know, that's the title of this lesson that I'm learning now I need to teach it to other people. So I better lead it well. Right, if you just come as a general letter, then it's going to sort of, you know, reduce the efficiency that you will have in terms of the class that you're taking. And you should apply this etiquette to all your classes, where you attend the class to learn with the intention of teaching what you learned to others. So look after these etiquettes My dear brothers and sisters also I would love for you to Yes, exactly teach the lesson to others.

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So help me grow my agenda by teaching other people that which Allah has blessed me to teach you. Also brothers and sisters, may Allah bless you all, from the etiquettes is not to play with the classroom.

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Okay, so don't play with the whiteboard. Don't play with any of the features. May Allah bless you. Well, I'm just adding that in because I saw the screen wobble a little bit. We Allah bless you. I mean, you're blind, I mean, so just take care of these etiquettes Joseph Kabila who hire and there are many, many more etiquettes when seeking knowledge and inshallah, we will touch upon those etiquettes as we traverse together, learning from the book of the great email, also brothers and sisters from the etiquettes is please burn in and do not burn out. Right? Burn in but don't burn out. As I said earlier, don't try and take things in bucket loads and put them into practice in

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bucket loads, bucket loads, you know, set yourself a robust plan, which slowly but surely gets you going with things. And that is why I've made this lesson only once a week, and not more than once had it been more than once. I'm sure you would have all said Yes, let's do it. But then, you know, you would have burned out so please remember bad in don't burn out my happiness would be for you to truly become better people. I don't want you just to be knowledgeable people, I want you to be truly better people because of the knowledge that you have. Let me Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us the understanding some miscellaneous points, my dear brothers and sisters, please try and have with you

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some healthy sugars. Right now some of us might be laughing. But this is a great technique when learning, right because when you learn you

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use your prefrontal cortex which is at the front of your brain. And the prefrontal cortex uses a lot of calories to function properly. Right. So if you can consume healthy sugars every 20 minutes, like you know dark chocolate, like for example,

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some dates, right don't eat so much that you know you put on weight, okay, but that's why I didn't say normal chocolate I said dark chocolate doesn't taste so good but it has some healthy sugars there. Then what happens is it keeps your your mind fresh, the body doesn't feel that it's running out of calories. So it keeps on pumping, you know, releasing energies for your prefrontal cortex for your brain to work and it helps you focus Don't forget that this is you know a two hour session even though we are having breaks your your the efficiency of your brain to focus is going to fluctuate. So assist yourself in ensuring that you know you have some healthy sugars insha Allah which you

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consume every 20 minutes I would say you know at every 20 minute interval or 15 minute or every time you feel you becoming mentally tired, just eat a little bit and you'll see inshallah it will cause you to focus some more.

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Here I think I've shared with you some of you know the most important points that I wanted to share.

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inshallah, there are a few other things but as I promised, I will I will pass them on to you as we traverse through our journey with the book by email

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malarkey and a last but not least, my dear brothers and sisters, he who does not think that people cannot thank Allah subhanho wa Taala. So I want to be good at thanking Allah, I want you to be good in thanking Allah and to do that we need to be good with the lesser things, because if we fail with the lesser things, then we will fail with the greater things. If we fail with the lesser thanks, which is thanking the people, we will fail with the greater thing so we must thank the people. And I would like to extend the heartfelt gratitude to

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the team of brothers and sisters behind this event brother jarhead from the UK, brother to heat from the UK but the boys from the UK brother Idris from Melbourne, Australia, brother Hisham from Dubai, brother Abdul Mateen from Dubai, sister shyster from Durban, South Africa, Sister shannara from the UK. Sister Kira from Colombo, Sri Lanka, who specialized in Malaysia for some study, and is still joining this program. May Allah bless and she's the one who's been emailing you all so even though she's been traveling and busy with some school, she's been keeping up to date with everything Mashallah herself and brother Aisha. Mashallah sister Ayesha, also from Colombo, Sri Lanka, sister

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Madea from the UK sister

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suffer from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and sister Farzana from Melbourne, Australia. So I'd like to thank our brothers and sisters, for all the great work also. Also, I would like to extend a heartfelt gratitude to

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our wonderful, wonderful team of SISTERS IN DUBAI at del L for affording us the virtual classroom for us to run our lessons and in particular, our sister Rubina, may Allah bless her, may Allah protect her and her family and milma except from her

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she's been

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you know very forthcoming Mashallah about a kaline working with our team in deciding on the times for this particular class and setting the links and, and so on and so forth, which is a particular class so sister will be the vertical Alfie Kohn and also please saved my thanks and do our to everyone at Daniel M. Barcalounger. Last but not least my dear brothers and sisters, I thank each and every one of you here by brothers and sisters who inspire me, my brothers and sisters who I love for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala each and every one of you in attendance, and each and every one of you who will attend barakallahu li come from the bottom of my heart Milner bless you all.

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Look after you all. I thank you for choosing me to be a teacher lending me your attentive ear. And also thank you for making me a guest in your home. Because I imagine the majority of you all are listening to these sessions that will listen to these sessions from the comfort of your home so I in essence will be a guest in your home. So desirable. Now head on for allowing me to be a guest in your home and ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to make me a worthy guest, but a troublesome guest but a guest that is of benefit

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to Allah. This is all I have brothers and sisters for this introduction in sha Allah when we meet again on Saturday at 9am Mecca time inshallah we will begin the introduction which the introduction by the great Imam ebru Josie, Allahu Allah, as summarized by another great Imam, Muhammad,

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Abdul Wahab or betula he on a vertical vehicle has

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everything correct studies from Allah subhanho wa Taala he's perfect. And any mistakes I found myself in shape and and I seek Allah subhanahu wa trns forgiveness brothers and sisters, I love you all for the sake of Allah. And just before I close, we have opened a couple of forums, one specific for the females, one specific for the males, for those who are transcribing today's lessons,

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you know, and you can put it up in those forums, and just for you all to grow your relationships with one another in terms of, you know, being a student in this program. And also for the sake of you all sharing benefits with one another and clarifying any, any issues that you might have Baraka lovick for those who have questions, yes. Okay. All right. Abdul Malik. May Allah bless you. I'm sticking it in the chat box now. Over at gmail

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Bismillah [email protected] Alright, so there's there but you know, please forgive me brothers and sisters, I might not be able to, you know, just reply you all

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given the amount of emails that come in, but I will try by my dear, best now, as I said, we have a forum for the males forum for the females. So everyone will be in their respective

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And you know that way everybody is comfortable to learn in a comfortable setting as for the main forum group where everybody is and that is only for the purpose of us sending out to you important correspondence, and that is why everyone needs to get in that particular group, but there'll be no correspondence between students in that particular group in terms of correspondence and hamdulillah. You have your own individual forum groups in the lakita Allah hisako Hara May Allah subhanho wa Taala accept from us, and show us our time together on our scales of good deeds on the day of mean, or Sonoma who are Sonoma or Baraka and the BLM Hammad or Allah He was a big marine Subhan Allah He

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will become the satanic of lahoma we'll be having deca militia to Allah, Allah Allah and Mr. Furukawa to Alexey you all, everybody Saturday, inshallah Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh