The Deen Show – Shaykh Uthman ibn Farooq gets stabbed (Double Standards)

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AI: Summary © The segment discusses the use of knife defense in various situations, including those where the media is silent or there is a strong sense of community. The segment also discusses the use of cutting a Muslim clergy with a knife and the potential consequences of not following the appropriate techniques. The segment ends with a brief advertisement for a video about knife defense.
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Islamic whoa How you guys doing? So you heard the really sad unfortunate news Muslim Mufti of the man who ended up being confronted and I think it was coming from the dentist the guy followed him and he started like you know using some profanities

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I got you

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your Muslim dog you want to get what's up you know you think I'm scared of you

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and then next thing you know we find out is your picture and she got stabbed. So how did he get stabbed? We're going to be going over how he probably you know the direction of the knife how and some good you know the best is to avoid these situations you know fighting some with a knife but we got some mean Ali got some for you after this that you guys can go ahead and look at and hopefully if you're in a life threatening situation you can use this technique but you know Ali via this is Ali Kato calm for those who watched our program before it's like somebody

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professional, former professional, fighter, retired.

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Yeah, just imagine if you had some Jewish clergy, some Christian clergy, and they ended up being stiff if the role was reversed, and you have some crazy Muslim, go and stab some Christian clergy with a knife. Why? Why is the media silent doctors was the same way settling with what's going on in Syria and Sudan and all other countries. You know, I mean, I have no idea. The way they represent the Ukraine and stuff like this. Yeah, we said for that, you know, any war is bad. But you have to be equal to everyone, you know, for the Christian will be stabbed like this is probably going to be all over the news. Now, the scheffau An old man get stabbed, and I didn't even know that. I know

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this from you. Because there's no way. Yeah, it's crazy, right? Yeah. Yeah. So Yeah. You mentioned Ukraine, obviously, it's really sad anytime these events happen war, pressure and all these things, but it's, you know, the the double standard, the hypocrisy. Is it just mind blowing? Exactly. It's have to be equal both ways. You know? So I guess that's the question. Where is the media on this? You have a person of the Islamic faith, the Muslim one who is surrendered, submitted to one and only one God who's out there, you know, calling people to the way of Jesus to the pure monotheism. What does it do not like his tone, his message, what he's calling to, and now the guy gets all, you know,

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in his face and goes on the attack with a knife. And the media is silent. So the question is, if this was Christian clergy, if this was any other religious clergyman, and now a Muslim would have done some crazy which this would be unacceptable? Would the media be covering it? Leave us in the comments below? Would they and why did they cover it and know why they're right there? Why isn't there a manhunt for this guy? A manhunt?

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Have no idea. Nobody can find the guy right? I don't think so. Where's the man hot? This should be all over the the news. Alright, so that's the question. What do you guys think? Leave in the comments below. Why is there not a man hunt for the guy who stabbed a Muslim clergymen and Mufti? And let's get into this video that we did, showing

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how Mufti of man how he possibly got stabbed. And how he possibly could defend himself and he could possibly, yes, defend himself with this move that men allocated on about to get into hope you enjoy, somehow they go. So we're going to go over this knife defense, this looks like in other pictures you guys seen with musty, both man getting stabbed. It looks like something like this, doesn't it? So we're going to go ahead. And

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just a quick disclaimer, this is very important. When I teach any kind of weapons disarmament defense, it's really a bad idea to engage with someone who has a weapon who has a knife, the best thing is to avoid these situations at all costs to run off, but if you're trying to survive, and you're cornered, and now you got nowhere else to go, somebody's got a knife, then there's some things that we can do. Now, from here, now there's a few things I'm going to try to anticipate what the person is going to do. So either if they got a knife, they're going to be in this range here, right? If it's underhand, the person is going to be coming from here, somewhere like this, they're

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not going to be trying to stab you like this. If it's from here, then same thing. This is the kind of ranges that we're working with. Now, as many of you seen,

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the of mine bandage or whatever he had, he was pointing to, it seemed like he was he was stabbed from the bottom right. So it's good to assume it's safe to assume that he probably the person who attacked him had the knife coming from the downward angle. So let's go ahead and work a knife defense. If you're trapped, you're trying to survive against a bad idea to go up against someone's a knife.

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To get out but there's some things that we can do. So assuming that it's coming from the bottom, it's gonna be this grip.

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So we got Ollie Kato, cough, professional, retired professional fighter here with us, he's going to go ahead and go underhand

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Okay, so the details are as follows As you notice, from here he's coming underhand, I'm going to go ahead and block. Yes. And I don't want him to pull the knife back. So notice my other hand as he comes in, yes, comes over because I don't want if I'm just blocking here, he's going to come back again and strike with the knife. So I'm going to put both my hands in position, both one to block the knife trying to penetrate, okay, the other one is going to come over and I'm going to pull, pull him towards me and come around here.

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From here, this hand can grab the hair, you can grab here by his jacket, okay. One of my other hand is going to come up, coming up to go ahead and have him give up front the knife, and then hopefully we can get out of this bad situation. Any advice you want to give?

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Coming up against a weapon. Run fast. Run fast. All right, please be with us. Salaam Alaikum.

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