Mufti Menk – Ramadan 2021 – Verses of Hope and Healing #9 – Dealing with OCD

Mufti Menk
AI: Summary © The speakers stress the importance of having a good deed to God for fear of religious glimmers and the desire to worship only God alone. They stress the need for praying and not letting one's actions cause doubt, especially for healing. The speakers also emphasize the importance of not denying one's actions to avoid negative consequences and not letting one's actions cause fear. Prayer and healing are also crucial for personal health and wealth.
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One owner Xin Amina Lupo, Nima who worship

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A Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. My brothers and sisters, we saw how the Prophet Ibrahim alayhi salatu was Salam called out to Allah for everything for his children for the city, the progeny the Hereafter, and he there was almost no dua that he missed out. And this is why Allah has mentioned a lot of the doers of Ibrahim alayhis salaam, Dr. Meaning the supplications of the Prophet Abraham May peace be upon him in the Quran. And from among them, we've been through some of them, but every time he he did a good deed, he always asked Allah to accept the good deed, an example of which is the building of the Kaaba, when he built the Kaaba. At the end, he says, robina Taka

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melamine in

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the semi Ollie, Oh Allah accepted from us, you are indeed the all hearing the all knowing we did this, we tried our best we fulfilled your instruction, we want you to accept it from us. Now. I learned from this that whenever I do a good deed I need to ask Allah to accept it from me because it may not be upon the highest level of concentration. If it's a prayer or an act of worship, like recitation of the Quran, it may not be done in the most complete way because I'm a human being. But we did it ultimately for the sake of Allah shape and may have come to try and contaminate a little bit here and there we fought shape on and now we're saying Oh Allah accepted from us You are indeed

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or hearing or knowing we tried our best. Brothers and sisters, you and I are human beings. That is good enough, that is good enough. Don't allow shaytan to make you doubt your deed. Once you've packed it away for the sake of Allah. Remember that the fight or the war, with shadeland is all about him, trying to make us doubt the mercy of Allah and doubt, the worthy acts of worship, we are fulfilling for Allah. So I want to worship Allah and worship Allah alone. When I worship Allah and worship Allah alone, shaytan will come to me and try to contaminate my mind, to make me think maybe you didn't do this for a lot, maybe you you you actually committed ship in this and in that, to be

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honest, beyond a certain point, it becomes a sickness and the disease, it's known as was was, was was a meaning the whispering of the devil and the doubts that the devil creates. You're taught to throw away those doubts, kick him out. I'd rather worship Allah with a mistake, than to entertain the whispering of shavon, even once, because Chopin wants me to divert. Allah says, Do your best, make dua that I accept it and I will accept it.

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Imagine if a person fulfills his prayer. And he's not sure whether he is upon ablution known as Hulu or not. What's the ruling? The processor lamb says, well, what's the last thing you remember doing? Do you remember washing up? Or do you remember breaking your whoodle or your ablution? If you remember washing up clearly as the last thing you did. That means you're clean, you can pray. And don't worry, we'll accept the prayer. Even if we knew that you actually broke your oval mazing look at how Allah and His mercy

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is, look at how Allah's mercy is, you broke your window, but you can't remember breaking it. So now when you get to the time of Salah, and you're asking yourself Do I have although do I not have although although is the ablution and you follow the instruction of the Prophet peace be upon him. He says what's the last thing you clearly remember doing?

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Well, the last thing I remember doing is I made will do can't remember breaking it after that. Allah knows you broke it. But anyway, Allah says okay, if that's the last thing you remember doing, you're clean. Go and pray, you prayed, and your Salah is done. Allah will accept that prayer from you by His mercy.

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And if you want maybe on the Day of Judgment, you might find out you know, that day You didn't have to, but your Salah was valid. And that's why if you make an era of that nature, and in fact the Hadith teaches you how to solve it. Allah didn't mind the fact that you prayed without will do because you did what you had to. This is a very, very detailed example especially for those who are struggling with a bit of OCD on that part. That Allah tells you, okay, you don't have a loo or you're unwell. You can't use water for some reason for some medical reason. You can just use dust and it will clean you. You and I dust is dirty.

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But religiously, it's clean. It's pure Subhan Allah. So Allah is telling you Don't worry, I'll accept the prayer even without the water because either you don't have water you can't get to the water or medically you can't use the water. Amazing. This is the hope that Allah gives us to say, oh man, try your best. I want to pray. I can't stand Allah says no problem. Sit and pray. Oh, but I can't sit either. Allah says no problem lie down and pray. Wow. I want to fast but I'm traveling. Allah says no problem, make it up another day. I can't even make it up another day because I'm not well Allah says no problem. You can just pay a fee Do you can give a certain amount because there is

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no hope of you making up the past due to your sickness and illness. Allah, look at the mercy of Allah. What more in terms of hope do we want? Allah has given you all the hope. And this is why I tell people who keep doubting their acts of worship. You know what you're falling into the trap of shaitaan He is the one who creates doubts. doubts are not from Allah. Allah says a Don't doubt things. Just do it to the best of your ability and move on. We will accept it. And it's not going to be perfect because nobody has ever fulfilled a perfect prayer from amongst us. The prophet SAW Selim Yes, indeed. But he's gone. Subhana Allah

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Subhan Allah. That's the process along obviously, he lives on when it comes to his example and his teachings and so on. But at the same time, the process that was perfection, we are not perfect at all. Not at all, none of us can say, I have 100% concentration in my prayer. And you know, I've done everything absolutely to the letter. And, and that's it, it's perfect. Allah says, at the end of the day, you will only enter Paradise through my mercy, not through your deeds. You will only enter Paradise through my mercy, not through your deeds, which means your deeds, you have to do them. But you must make sure that shade bang does not create doubt in your mind and hopelessness. You do it to

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the best of your ability and ask us to accept it through our mercy we will accept it as is for as long as it was done for us. And for as long as it was done for us alone, following the path of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon. You've got nothing to worry about. The minute you do deeds for someone besides Allah, you're asking for trouble, because that's called cheating. And the minute you do deeds of acts of worship, that were not taught by the prophets, Allah, then to you're asking for trouble, because you're supposed to be worshiping Allah the way he taught you through the messenger sallallahu alayhi wasallam. Here goes my brothers and sisters, what beautiful hope what beautiful

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healing I pray that Allah grant healing to all those struggling with some form of OCD with some form of, you know, disorder, whereby they entertain the Westwater and the whisperings and the doubts of shape and that he creates in the minds and hearts of people. Here is Allah telling you establish your prayer, and then ask Allah to accept it from you, he will, when you become very fussy about matters of cleanliness, such that nothing is ever cleaned. Remind yourself that Allah is your Lord, he expects you to try your best and he knows that there will be some uncleanliness perhaps there will be some things beyond your human ability. And everyone's capacity is of a different level. So

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it's not going to be exactly the same with everyone. You try your best and you move on. In fact, what I told you about prayer and will do the same would apply when it comes to a lot of other rulings in Islam. Allah is merciful. He's laid down instructions try your best for tabula mustapa. You know, you need to develop the taqwa to the best of your capacity, your ability, Allah knows, it's not going to be upon that level of the messenger or the level of his companions, etc. It's going to be on a much lower level, but Allah will accept it, he will, he loves you. Allah is just what you tried your best. That's what it is. So I pray that these few words of healing and the

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lessons we learned today can actually help a lot. I want to move on to the advice of Yaakov the Prophet Jacob May peace be upon him in capsulated, in verse number 133, of Surah Al Baqarah, where Allah subhanho wa Taala says, will you present at the time when death came to the Prophet Jacob, he called his children, and he actually told them who will you worship after me and they said, We will worship Allah, your Lord and the Lord of our forefathers Allah alone. This goes to teach us that in order to instill hope in our own selves, and that of our progeny, and so on, we must constantly remind them of Allah, learn and teach them in a way that they understand in a convincing way teach

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them about who is the one who made them whom they owe worship, to, who will you worship when I die? Have I fulfilled

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My duty unto you, your children are just an Amana entrusted to you a trust entrusted to you fulfill it in the best possible way. May Allah grant us the coolness of our eyes through our children. And may Allah grant us all paradise and the ability to worship Allah alone. I mean akula holy hava sallallahu wasallam albaraka Allah to be no hum one owners xeno Minato Nima who worship

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