Mufti Menk – What do you want to be when you grow up?

Mufti Menk
AI: Summary © The importance of belief and faith in Islam is emphasized in various aspects of life, including pursuing interests and learning to become a true belter. Going deeper into belief and practicing breathing are also emphasized. It is also emphasized to be mindful of one's emotions and avoid lazy ways. The importance of hard work and being lazy in achieving success is also emphasized. Viewers are encouraged to make small videos and avoid negative comments on social media. The speaker gives a video about learning a key field and gives a gift to staff members.
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Salam Alaikum

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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim Al hamdu lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah Allah Allah.

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I'm so happy to be here today. Do you know why?

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Because it's winter and the sun is out. And it's a little bit warmer than what it was inside. And it's all smiling faces in front of me. Mashallah, right? Are you happy to see me?

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Mashallah, mashallah, I have one question for you today. And I want you to raise your hands when I asked you the question, okay. When I asked you the question, don't yell the answer. You raise your hands, and I'll pick someone Okay? To answer. What do you want to be when you grow up? Oh, wow, everyone knows. Okay, stand up. Stand up

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and tell us what you want to be

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a lawyer Mashallah. Okay, sit down. What do you want to be?

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halfen mashallah, and what else with a half in just a half a Molana. And what else?

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With that, more and more

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okay, you start off with that and then you go further and further what do you want to be

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a doctor mashallah, and this side what do you want to be? heart specialist? What do you want to be

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a teacher who wants to be a fireman? Put up your hand. Switch your fires. You want to be a fireman? Mashallah, Mashallah. Mashallah, who wants to be a vet? A vet

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what does the vet do?

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Wow, mashallah you guys know you guys know Mashallah. Who wants to be a school teacher

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Masha Allah so many so many Mashallah.

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Okay, and you guys, what do you guys want to be?

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You want to be what a mechanic? I see he likes his cars man. Mashallah, Mashallah. Okay, put your hands down.

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I want to tell you something. Look at how everyone has a different answer. Some of you have similar answers, but not everyone has exactly the same answer. Do you know why? Because Allah made you different. Imagine if everyone was a plumber? If every one was a teacher, what would happen to the doctors? Where would we go? Imagine if everyone was was a mechanic? And you needed something for example, bread, and they were no bakers, everyone was mechanics. What would you do? So Allah's gift to us? Is he made us different, some want to be something and some others do not want to be that they want to be something else. In everything. We are different. If you stand up, for example, you

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don't have to stand up. I'm saying, for example, if you stood up, you would find the person next to you is different from you. They might have different lunch in their luncheons, right? They would probably like different things. They might look a little bit different. Their hair might be different, their noses, for example, their families, the way they were brought up will be very different. That is Allah's gift to us. Because if everyone was exactly the same, we would not be able to live on Earth. Imagine everyone exactly the same. What would happen to us? Right? When you sick, what would you do? What would you do?

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What would you do? If there were no doctors? What would you do?

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Talk to your mommy isn't it? She knows what to do. Right? Mashallah. So that's a gift of Allah. So it's so good to want to be so many different things and it's normal to change your mind. Today. You say I want to be a school teacher tomorrow. You say no, I want to be a doctor. The next day you say I don't really know what I want to be that's normal. It's okay. It's okay not to know what you want to be. You understand what I mean? Who doesn't know what they want to be put up your hands?

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Mashallah, that's okay. So when you grow older, you see your results you might want to change put your hands down. You might want to change your mind. It's okay. Right? But there's one thing that all of us have to be this one thing that all of us have to be from now and as we grow older, and as we become whatever we are going to become is one thing you cannot lose what is it?

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Your Iman someone said your iman, that's the best answer must come shake man.

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shake my hand Masha Allah

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What's your name? Son mashallah, someone said Islam, Eman and son. Do you know the relationship between the three?

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You know the relationship between the three? Mashallah, mashallah Islam has five pillars, that you do five pillars that you do you say the shahada and then you you pray five times a day and then what else?

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You fast and then what else?

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You give Zakah and then what else? You go for Hajj that's five pillars. And Iman Eman when we say amen to bIllahi min, Mala Ji, what could you be? What was truly Eman is belief it's in the heart right? Six Pillars, you know the six pillars. I believe in Allah. What else do you believe in? Mala Iike, the angels, the books, the prophets, the last day and good and bad faith being from Allah. Right? And when we say resurrection, it's included in the last day. So the Six Pillars of human and sun. Sun is when you worshipping Allah, when you making salah, then you must imagine yourself standing in front of Allah. You must imagine yourself standing in front of Allah and doing your

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Salah. That's a high level, it's a level of your son one day you learn more about it Inshallah, okay? But it is true that no matter what you want to become, you want to be whatever you guys have said, right? Someone might want to be an astronaut wants to be an astronaut.

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When you go up when you go up into space, one thing you mustn't forget is that you are a believer. You believe in Allah. You believe in Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam being the Messenger of Allah.

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You must be a truthful person truthful means you don't lie. Right? Who tells lies Put up your hands.

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Once in a while you tell a lie Put up your hands.

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Okay, so put your hands down. So we need to do a bit better isn't it? We know once in a while we might have told a lie but we're going to improve that next time when I come. I'm going to ask you who told the live from the last time I came and there'll be no hands up in Sharla say inshallah.

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So even if it's just a pity light, we don't lie. We believe in Allah we believe in the last day, right? Another thing you you need to read your Salah how many times a day,

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five times a day. Now how many how many of you are struggling with it a little bit? Maybe you make three you make four. Put up your hands.

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How many of you all five Put up your hands. Hey, Mashallah. MashAllah put your hands down. So we all want to get to that we all want to get to that all five. And you know what?

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Can I ask you a good question?

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Who was late for school this morning?

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Who was late for school this morning?

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Mashallah, we can do better. You see, let me explain. If you were late, you ask yourself, Why was I late? If you late because of traffic? Are you late because of someone else? Are you late? Because maybe we can excuse you. But if you late because you're lazy, then you need to do better. Because if you're lazy and you want to become an astronaut or whatever you guys were saying teachers and whatever else, you're not going to be able to get that because you be lazy. With laziness you can't achieve can you achieve

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so who's lazy? who's lazy? Oh, how can you say I'm lazy? Even if you're lazy put your hands down and say inshallah I won't be lazy. Okay, put your hands down. So you need to fight laziness. Get up first thing in the morning early, get up when

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early get up early in the morning and you start off you wash yourself mashallah you make will do if you have to have a shower, depending on on how you shower and what time you shower. And then you start off with your Salah you need to do as you might have breakfast to get ready. And you come to school, right?

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Am I right?

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So I don't want you to be lazy you can't be lazy if you're if you're lazy you won't be able to achieve look all your teachers who are here, myself included all of the business people everyone got to where they got to because of hard work because of what

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so if you don't work hard, will you get anywhere? Thank you. You said it yourself. So if you want to get anywhere even if you want to be a Hatfield, he said I want to be a Hatfield next time I come in Sharla you will be there have you started No, not yet.

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Not yet. Inshallah you stuck. Allah will make it easy for you. I mean, if you want to be a half if you have to work very hard, you have to work very hard. If you don't work very hard. No, you can't achieve and when you when you want to become something you have to keep going, keep going shaytan might come to you and say no, give up. It's too hard. You know what you can't finish it's gonna

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be three years, four years, no problem. We are not going to fight with anyone. We are only going to make sure that we do what we have to without being lazy. If you work hard you achieve if you lazy you don't achieve. If you're not if you don't want to work hard, you're not going to be able to achieve you understand. Okay? So we promise that we're going to work hard.

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Inshallah. So next time I come here by the will of Allah, you guys will will give me some feedback as to how it was. Okay. Does anyone want to ask me any questions?

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Anyone wants to ask me any questions?

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Yes, stand up. Stand up. Stand up.

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What's the question?

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Your mother always watches me. Oh, wow. Mashallah. Mashallah, that's good. You must tell her that I said Salam Okay.

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Mashallah, Mashallah. So when I grow older, when I have something to say, I have something so good to say. Are you listening? That was a very nice thing. What she said, Okay, right.

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When I grew older, I want to watch you guys. Am I right?

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Who has a phone? Put up your hands?

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Nearly everyone put your hands down? Do you use your phone for good things or bad things? I don't believe you. I don't believe you. I don't believe you.

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I don't believe you. Do you use your phone for good things? Or bad things?

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Okay, wait, who makes little videos? Anyone make little videos to send on WhatsApp or to send on here or there? If you make small little videos now and again, put up your hands. Okay, I want to teach you something today. Listen, listen, I want to teach you something, you must make good videos, only you must make what.

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And when you watch anything on your phone, you must only watch good things. Because when you make bad videos, then you get to sin for it. And the sin goes on and on and on and on until the day you die because 1000s and millions of people might watch it and it's not going to be good for you. And it messes up your mind and you don't achieve what you want to and you can't become what you want to because a lot of what you see on your phone is actually not genuine, it's actually fake. A lot of what you see is fake. A lot of what you see is what

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you have to know how to tell what's right and what's not. But if you make content, you must make sure that it's very good and beneficial. Don't just go and sit and start swearing and you know making people laugh, saying wrong things and so on. That's not right. If you want to do if you want to do something on your phone, make sure it's a good thing. And if you want to watch things you must make sure that you are only watching Good things inshallah. Yes. So if you say someone was watching me inshallah I hope it's a good thing. I hope it's a good thing. I try to teach good things right? How many of you have seen me on

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on what I

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Okay, okay. Mashallah, okay. All right, put your hands down. Okay. So inshallah in a few years time I want to see you guys on YouTube doing good things Inshallah, right? You're gonna teach people good things right. Inshallah, inshallah May Allah make it easy. Alright, so that was nice. It was good of you to have said that. Anyone has a question here? Yes.

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I studied just like you and then I finished my

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I actually did what he was saying. I did heaps when I was literally in primary school. By the time I got to high school I was already halfway. I started learning a lot of key tabs and books while I was going to school so we didn't have a school like yours, where you can study some Islamic subjects perhaps and secular subjects. We studied and in the afternoons we used to do madrasa and I completed there. Then I went to Medina and I completed in Madina Munawwara I went to India, and I did some studies there and then I came back and started working Yeah, Mashallah. I used to teach children just like you for a few years and then I gave up and I started doing something else

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mashallah, good question. Yes? What do you want to ask?

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Can you get my signature

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yes you can you can I'll give it to you.

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Mashallah, okay

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it's only for the first person who asked that's it.

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But I'll teach him how to do it and he can do it for everyone.

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Okay, anyone else wants to ask something?

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I can't hear you.

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Oh, Mashallah. You must tell him I said Salam Okay, Masha,

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mashallah this idea anyone?

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Great sevens anyone before I close?

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say loudly

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How many years did I study altogether from the beginning from grade one then

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about about 11 years yeah

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Stand Up and Scream

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okay that's the gonna be the last question inshallah you come

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my home country Zimbabwe

00:15:54 --> 00:15:56

Yeah, I come from Zimbabwe mashallah

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mashallah, Mashallah. Mashallah. And

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I started when I was nine and I finished when I was 11.

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Can't hear you say it again?

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Yeah, you can well, not not lazy, but you can rest so so that's a good question. It's going to be the last question put your hands down. The question was do you get lazy sometimes in the weekend? Is that right? So the answer is it's not laziness, but you can rest and relax. So you can like laze around doesn't mean you're lazy, but you're taking a bit of a break because we as human beings, sometimes you need a bit of a break. That's why you have a week a week and you have weekdays and then you have a weekend so that you can take a bit of a break. So for you to maybe get up a little bit later like you can get up for Fudger you do your salon, you might want to relax after that for a

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while. You might want to you know sleep a bit. If you're really tired, it's not a bad thing. It's not a bad thing because you so long as you're doing what you have to but normally normally it's good to have a routine because as a human being when you have a routine everyday doing the same thing. It helps you It helps you to succeed in life inshallah. Right guys, it was nice to talk to you. I'm going to leave you and inshallah I have a small gift for the staff members here. I have a book called The Best of Mufti mink. I brought with me 30 copies, and I'm going to give one for every member of staff Inshallah, just as a gift from me to remember this beautiful day inshallah. And with

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that, I end saying salam alaikum

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