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In a nutshell in a nutshell people are confused why is there extra love and why do the scholars differ Can we eat this ebihara non sibi headset for me on

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any gala region in the region no thing he him

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there are a number of conditions to make an animal Hello some of them are unanimously agreed upon of those that are unanimously agreed upon number one that the animal itself be helpful. If you have a pig you can never make it Hillel the animal be halal. So cow chicken. This is hella number one. Number two, that the one who slaughter is must have the need to slaughter This is unanimous. If an animal is killed accidentally. It is never going to be valid. It must have the Nia to slaughter. This is unanimous. Number three, the religion of the one slaughtering the animal by unanimous consensus, the slaughtering the slaughter of an atheist or agnostic or Hindu or Buddhist is not

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allowed. It is the slaughter of who the Muslim and the believing Jew and Christian allocate out water amulet in order to get Abba Hello, welcome. And there is the foreseen who is a helicopter. But for now that is Jay let us just say that the believing Christian and Jew is a helicopter. This is by the text of the Quran. So Muslim Christian Jew, they must be if you're an agnostic and atheist, the Hindu that slaughter is not allowed. Even if they say in the name of God, it would not be allowed this is unanimous there is no data. So these are so far three unanimous for pretty much unanimous one or two very few scholars they went against this but this is pretty much all formats have to have

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this the fourth condition and that is the blood must be cut in the proper manner that it gushes out. When you slaughter the animal, the blood must gush out from the juggler from any vein in the neck. And this is based on the Hadith that a man came to the process and said O Messenger of a law. Sometimes we are in the desert and we don't have our knives. What can we eat? How can we slaughter the animal like a rabbit or something? And sometimes we don't have a knife. What can we do? The profitsystem said Hadith in Bukhari and Muslim called Luma and Hara dumb was Akira small La La for kulu. Anything that causes the blood to gush out, in other words, you cannot take an animal and

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smack, smack smack or with a builder that is made that that is how long you cannot take an animal and electrocuted to death. You cannot take an animal and trap it in a fox type of trapping until it starved to that it would be out all by unanimous consensus through the AMA is not allowed. The animal must be slaughtered by a Muslim Christian or Jew in a manner that causes the blood to gush out because we want the blood to exit the body as much as possible. Okay, so therefore, if in this case you have a rabbit, they would have taken a sharp rock, let's say right, and they would have then managed to slaughter it such that the blood is gushing out. And the and the Hadith is the name

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of allez Mencia. So all of this is unanimous, there is no est j, where is the end of the big controversy it is in the fifth and final condition, and that is mentioning the name of a law as you slaughter the animal. This is the controversy between the three of them a dime, the ham bellies, the mother keys and the henna fees. You can say the varieties as well but three of them are die. They are strict on the Bismillah and they say in order for the animal to be halal. You must mention the name of a law when you slaughter and the evidence is from the Quran and Sunnah. Allah says in the Quran for kurumi Madhu Kira, small La La eat over that which Allah His name has been mentioned. And

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Allah says in the Quran, while Kuru Muslim youth carisma la la do not eat over that which Allah His name has not been mentioned. And Allah says in the Quran, for kuruma I'm second la COVID, Kuru small La La regarding the animals that are the Falcons and the hunting animals eat what they have caught for you and mentioned the name of a law when you send them out. So there are so many that mentioned mentioning the name of Allah and the Hadees. I just quoted you right now, when the man says I don't have a knife, what did the process Some say? All that causes the blood to gush out or the second condition.

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And you mentioned the name of a law over it. Okay. And even Tamia has a treatise on this an entire treaties, on the necessity the would you have mentioned the name of Allah over the animal and he says the evidences for saying that the test smear the Bismillah is obligatory or more numerous than the obligation for reciting Fatiha in the Salah.

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And he mentioned

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The most explicit, he says, is the Hadeeth inside a body that a man said O Messenger of Allah, sometimes I send my hunting animal to catch the prey. By the time I get to the prey, I find other animals as well. And I don't know which one killed my animal. My hunting animal which one killed the prey? Excuse me, my hunting animal or the wild animals. Do you understand the scenario? Guys? You understand the scenario, right? I get to the deer. I get to the whatever rabbit I'm hunting. And I don't know there's a whole bunch of stuff. My animal is there, the trained animal and the untrained animals, the wild animals are there and I don't know which one killed it. Our Prophet system said

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this hadith in Bukhari and Muslim fella

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for in some Mita Allah Kelvin, welcome to semi lol Kelvin. He'd been telling me it says this is the most explicit Hadith. That doesn't mean his watch it, do not eat of that meats, because you said Bismillah over your animal. And you did not say Bismillah over the other animal. This Hadith is very explicit. Now. The shaft pretty much is the exception. And they say and they have their evidences, but in a nutshell they say all of these evidences merely indicate that it is sooner and not wajib jagat that's their position. Okay. The Shafi madhhab says that saying Bismillah is recommended it is not worship. Hence, if a Christian or Jew with Nia to slaughter slaughters the animal and causes the

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blood to gush out, even if they don't say Bismillah. The Shafi method says what?

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It's okay.

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And the Hanafi and hanbali and Maliki say it's not okay. Not good.

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So what do we do in the end? And by the way, there are other issues that are raised as well and and it complicates it, and of them in the land that we live in? How do we know if the slaughter is Christian or Jew or atheist? And that's another question mark. And another question that is raised is the issue of stunning. Now, to be very precise,

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stunning the animal

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itself is mcru.

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If the animal dies as a result of the stunning the animal is how long, but if the animal is alive, after the stunning and the slaughter occurs, then technically the animal is Helen. But and this is the big butts. What percentage of animals die between the stunning and the slaughter.

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Scientific surveys differ greatly. Some say two 3%. And I have read some they say 20 30%. If it's to 3%, we can ignore if it's 20 30%, we cannot ignore. So there are uncertainties that are added that even according to the sharper image hub should allow them to be very cautious, because we have all of these issues. On top of this. To make matters even worse, in the last five or six years, the modern abbatoirs the modern slaughterhouses have pioneered a new technique to cut the animal to minimize the blood spurting out. They don't care about the blood, they care about the dirt and the filth ended up. And what they have done is they cut horizontally and not vertically.

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And that minimizes the gushing of the blood. So this is yet another big question mark, in my humble opinion, and I respect all of them at the hip. The evidences for the destiny are very explicit. And as even taymiyah said, this hadith don't eat he made it how long don't eat, you said Bismillah over your animal. You did not say Bismillah over the other animal. This is a case of 5050 we don't know which dog or which Falcon kill the animal. How about the case of 100% You know, there was no Bismillah given right. So in my humble opinion, I am a humbly or a hanafy in this method or Maliki and so I am a strict person. But at the same time My dear brothers and sisters, the Shafi method is

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a legitimate method. So if you might meet a fellow Shafi he's not an evil Muslim, you know, you can pray behind them. Your namaz is valid Don't worry okay. You may visit him in his house in return his salon no problem. Okay. I mean, yeah, it's don't make Islam difficult. This is a legitimate method. We respect the method. And we respectfully disagree. Now, some other points before we conclude the issue of GMOs, a lot of people ask genetically modified whatnot. Generally speaking, our film councils have said that by enlarge, this does not make the meat out on the issue of mistreating the animal unethical treatment of animals. The animal is not fed properly or the animal is put in cages

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with the animal

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Doesn't have green pasture or whatnot, you know. So all of this the abusive animals and there are many videos that we have seen cruel farmers beating animals and throwing, you know, the chicken and whatnot just absolutely out um, and very, very, very bad practices. So there has been a movement to say this meters, how long and technically speaking, we say the farmers that mistreat and abuse the animals are sinful in the eyes of Allah and they will be punished if Allah does not forgive them. They have to repent for that. But the farmer mistreating the animal does not make the animal how long for us if it is slaughtered properly. Now, whether we choose to boycott on an ethical farm or

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not, that's a totally separate issue. And I'm not advocating either way, but I'm being technical. If a farmer is mean to the chickens, but he slaughters the chicken properly, that chicken is healthier for us. Now Should we buy from the farmer or not? That is an ethical issue fixes that animal is halal. Ethics might say, why should we support that farmer and let's support the better farmer. So let's not conflate the two. The technically the meat is halal, but where do you want to find it ethically sourced or whatnot? That is up to you and that the other issue comes you have to be practical. Those types of farms are triple the price of the regular ones. We cannot make something

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wajib upon the oma that is unreasonable for them but me personally as a personal human being in my own capacity, I try to find ethical and humane farms, but it's not how wrong to to go to those ones.

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The other issue that comes is kosher, halal or not. And I have written an academic paper which is published and you can find it online as well it is called is kosher. halal. biosecurity is an academic paper that was presented at an academic conference, and I concluded that kosher meat is halal. In fact, kosher meat is exactly the meat that Allah says in the Quran will tombola dinner altogether. But Hello Lacan, the term of the anti Kitab is helpful for you. I can include it in my paper, that is a reference to kosher not to McDonald's.

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Because and here's the point when the IV Kitab follow their Shetty, the meat is hella for us when they have abandoned their Shetty, and they don't care about what their own books say. And I proved in that paper that once upon a time, even Christians slaughtered properly. In medieval times, Christians mentioned the name of God, in medieval times Christian slaughtered properly, then they've went far away from their religion, and they left their own shediac. If Christians have abandoned their own charity, that meat is not halal for us. But if you find a Christian, who's your friend, he's a farmer. He's a hunter, and he says, I want to give you some meat, you say, and he's a

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believing Christian, you say, Can you say in the name of God? And he says it, the meat is Helen. Because why is the meter by Nikita, Helen and the meter, the Hindu is not valid. When the Christian says in the name of God, He means the God of Abraham.

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He means the God of Abraham, when the Jew says, In the Name of Yahweh, and the name of God, he doesn't say always take that back as a tetragrammaton. He said, the name of God or whatever he mentions Shema Israel, he mentioned the blessing. When the Jewish person says that, who is their God? What Allah who know what you know, who can why this isn't the Quran, your God, our God is the same. This isn't the Quran, the God of the Nikita, and the God of Islam is the same. So when the Jew says, blessings, oh, God before slaughter this animal that is that a smear right there. Now, when the Hindu says in the name of my gods,

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is that ours?

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No, it's not. That is why the meat Valley Kitab is halal. If they follow their Sharia

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and they mentioned the name of God, it becomes harder. But if they bang the animal to death, is it Allah?

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If they eat pork, is it halal? If they don't mention the name of Allah? Is it halal? No, that is my opinion. And that's the opinion of the three methods they have to follow. They're shady, then it is helpful. If they don't follow the shady, it is not highlighted. In any case to conclude, respect the sharpspring method if you don't follow if you follow the chapter metal no problem that's why By the way, why has this taken on a cultural connotation our our brothers our DC brothers, technically it should not be true because it's not out of brothers is the shaft of the atoms technically the molecules of the atoms and the embodies the atoms should not be following this photo. Unfortunately

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many of them do but technically they should not the humbly school and they are my teachers jacobin buzz and entertainment and saw that he goes on and all of these humble ulama they were ultra strict about this issue go read their fatawa they would not allow me to be eaten. That was not mentioned the name of Allah over it. They were very strict unfortunate

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Many of the people they claim to follow that group and they want to follow the photos of the shaeffer scholars they pick and choose because it's tastier that way.

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And I don't know why the North African brothers but in reality the Maliki method, generally speaking does not I know there's a dissenting view, but the mainstream of the humbly and Maliki does not allow for it. It's only the shaft fairy school. And you know what, whoever follows the shaft for a must have hamdulillah that's your madhhab no big deal. Don't make Islam difficult. In some areas, one method is strict another is lacks in other areas the strict method is lacks and the locksmith have extract so if you're following a method, no big deal is remain with your mother. If you ask me, then it seems looking at the evidences that mentioned in the name of Allah is a necessary

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requirement from the Koran and from the Sunnah. I forgot one Hadith sorry, one Have you ever done? A lot of people mentioned this Hadith, however, it's in my nosa forgot to mention

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that Hadith is why don't you mention the name of Allah than eat? You know that Hadith Have you heard it? You mentioned the name of Allah than eat. And this hadith is actually misunderstood. All you need to do is look at the context of the Hadith, the Hadith in Sahih, Hadith and authentic hadith. And the Sahaba said Yasuda law.

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There are a group of new Muslims Hadeeth, who didn't believe Islam, they just converted.

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And we do not know, or are they saying Bismillah or not?

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Notice this Hadeeth is in a very specific context, isn't it? What

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are they saying? Bismillah or not?

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Now, when the Muslim slaughter is what is the default? Does he say or not? He says, so if a Muslim slaughters, we don't need to have security cameras, if it's a pious Muslim,

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as a Muslim, we know coming to the masjid. We don't have to spy.

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So the Prophet says some said, Muslim cutting the animal. If you feel doubtful, in this case, you say Bismillah and you eat the Hadith is not about we know for a fact they don't have Bismillah

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that would be a separate thing. And that goes back to the Hadith of the two animals. If it's 5050 we said we take the animal to be huddled. So this hadith is misapplied. It's only applied when a Muslim is slaughtering and you're unsure.

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Do they know the rules of slaughter or not? Are they brand new Muslim or not? In this case, you say Bismillah and you leave defer to Allah subhanho wa Taala but when you know Emelia clean that they haven't said Bismillah and the slaughterhouses of this country do not say Bismillah unless they are halal or kosher. Unless they are halal or kosher. They are the ones that say Bismillah and that is not a problem to buy from there. He shall at another time I know there are many other questions about halaal stunning and whatnot we will come to them inshallah, in round two of the great meat debate in sha Allah tala and on the juicy note inshallah, we will continue

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in a feed dounia Salah

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