We are Not perfect!

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You know, we are human beings, we make mistakes. We faltered, we might commit sin, they may be a morality that we have engaged in whatever it may be. It may have been adultery, it may have been fornication. It may have been whatever else it might have been. Maybe our dress code may be the way we spoke something immoral may be what we were looking at maybe what we were listening to, you know, this is a van. We stay away from food and drink throughout the day, right? Do you know you're also supposed to be watching what goes into your ear in terms of sound? Subhan Allah Subhana Allah, what goes into my mouth in terms of food, what goes into my ears in terms of sound that can also destroy

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the reward of the fast? Technically your fast might be valid, but you did not achieve the correct reward because you spent whole day on Tick tock, for example, but it's Ramadan. What are you doing there? May Allah subhanho wa Taala protect us that doesn't make haram halal outside of Ramadan, but it makes us more conscious of the fact that we are in a blessed sacred month. The same applies to our eyes. Do you know we're not supposed to be looking at things that are displeasing to Allah during the fast May Allah strengthen us. So Allah says you might fall into immorality, you will always have a reminder here and they turn back to Allah as soon as you remember.