Zakir Naik – Shekhar Argues: “If a Man can Beat his Wife Lightly, why can a Woman not Beat her husband lightly?”

Zakir Naik
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say Korea. I'm so grateful to the IRF that we get this opportunity to ask you some questions. And for the first time I've seen you and I'm glad that I can ask you a simple question. I am businessmen. And one of my other My only hobby is studying religions. So one of them obviously being the Quran. So my question is fairly simple. Like, I really liked what you spoke about Ayesha? That was a very wonderful thing that you said. So my question is fairly simple and make it very small. But I really hope that I have the opportunity to cross question you after you answer me.

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On your answer.

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Thank you.

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So we see in Muslim, book number four, number 2127, wherein it says a part of it that is, he struck me I shot on the chest, which caused me pain.

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Further down, if you look at miska, Allah masabi, Volume Two, Page Number 690, repeated again in Muslim book number nine, number 3506. A part of it I'll just get to the point where an Omar is trying to say to the prophet or right rather trying to make him laugh. He says, messenger of God, I wish you had seen the daughter of Korea, where she asked me for extra money, and I got up and slapped her on the neck. God's Messenger laughed and said, they are around me, as you see, asking for extra money. Abu Bakar then got up, went to Ayesha and slapped her on the neck. And Omar did the same to have sir, now we see something of a pattern coming in. Then, if we just jumped to Quran

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Chapter Four, verse 34, and those wives you fear, maybe rebellious admonish, banish them to the couches and beat them. Now, as I understand from your talk, and that there is equal punishment for both men and women. I'm not contending whether they should be beaten or not. My point is, what is the right of the woman if the man is wrong? Because he gets to beat her up?

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That's a good question. And I give you the right to cross question me after the answer. It has gone to

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the brother quoted hadith of a Muslim man which govern masabi.

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Do you know the relationship between half sign as well I've not really got to the point that much. I'm still studying. Do you know the relationship of Ayesha and Abubakar mela will visit them both her father if I'm not mistaken? That's right.

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I'm asking your question.

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Are you married?

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Yes, yes. Do you have a daughter?

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Two of them? Two of them fine. I get to go to heaven. Sorry. I get to go to heaven. No. If you bring them up correctly, I remember with love and compassion then you will go to heaven.

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But just kidding just but that is only righteous deed without demand you can't enter Jannah so for you to go to heaven besides the bringing your two daughters correctly you have to follow the laws of the Quran and the Hadith and be a believer I understand we will discuss after answer Do you understand after I'm saying shall I'm asking a simple question. Suppose the doctor if you also jump from a 10 storey building What will you do? I'll stopper

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issues and I mean, what do you do when you get the point very good. Israel to jail I know that I'm to go out to fly like Superman.

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That you are preventing me from being your Superman. What do you do? Well, I'll I'll stop obviously, will you suffer or not? If required to jump? What do you do?

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Well, I can ask the other way around. Why?

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I'm asking. If you're able to jump from the 10 story, I will hit her if required. not normally you'll arrive at john Superman but

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the Monica of the book

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on the fly.

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Father is cruel to be kind. Yes. Now.

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Our beloved prophet masala Salam said,

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anyone who does not love Allah and His Messenger more than his own life, he is not a Muslim.

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who does not love Allah and His Messenger more than his own life, he's not a Muslim. So there are many occasions what happened, that sometimes they were disrespectful to the husband, not a normal husband, Prophet, Mama Saracen. There are many occasions on one occasion. There are many of

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them and Carmela played with him when they came to know that one of the wives has caused pain to the Prophet. They were the father no of the Prophet, but they love the Prophet, not only more than the daughter, they love the Prophet more than their own life.

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There are many occasions which occasion you're referring to, I don't know, their vocation and they came to know that my daughter has caused pain to the Prophet of Allah, how does she does it? They being father, they have the right to slap,

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not you and me. For us. They are the water momineen they are the mother of the believers, but yet they were human beings, even the wives of the Prophet, though, and they were vies of the Prophet, they are the best examples yet they were human beings. And they did make mistakes, like the IRS cited by the curry. So in this chapter, first I do they want equal rights.

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There was in chapter 33, read the Bible of the Prophet as a prophet, why don't you give us the luxury of this world, the objective, why are we undergoing such a life of poverty? So Allah sends the revelation, if you want this world, I will guarantee to you but you will not get

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the verse of the Quran says, I will free you. That means if you want, I will let you go free. There was not that he reversed and you can get the luxury of this world but you won't get heaven in the hereafter. And the wives of the Prophet repented and they asked for forgiveness and Allah forgive them. So you're also it's in context. And going against the profit is more bad than jumping from top.

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jumping from top to bottom will kill ourselves. That's it.

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But going again, the profit is more bad.

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Did you get the answer, sir, but my question still stands. I understood your point. I haven't got married man. So can you ask the question? No problem. My My question is pretty simple. I haven't completed Mansa yet brother. Alright. Because I know your question was in two parts. Then you go to the verse of the Quran surah chapter four verse 34. Yeah, and said about why beating on to complete that before you answer. Others he says I can answer half. I only answered one part of a question regarding Hadith. The second part is of Surah Nisa chapter four verse number 34. Exactly after the verse that was decided by the curry afterwards, which says, a woman Allah Nisa that the men are the

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particulars woman. The worst is that if the disobedient

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if the distribution then don't talk to her

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after that, don't add the bed, then that'd be cool. It is done ah Miss bita lightly, the Arabic word is beat lightly Dharma Abbas mela VPS with him said when you meet your wife, you should not be done the face. Point number one point number two when you be device, there should be no Mark left on a body.

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And he gave an example beating with a miswak miswak his toothbrush.

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In modern way I will say beating with a handkerchief.

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handkerchief, right if you beat your wife with a handkerchief.

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It is symbolic. It is not advice bashing. By bashing around Islam. By bashing means one shot on the face hit so hard so that the mark remains she'll remember you for the next one week or two weeks. In Islam. Wife bashing is prohibited. It is Obama's veto lightly that means first to tell her she's wrong. You had monisha don't share the bed with her ultimatum last morning. beater lightly. Now what I said for any crime committed the punishment is same.

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punishment is same. Beating lightly is not a punishment as a warning.

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Can you do the opposite?

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Can the daughter hit the father? What if your daughter's that you really like it? Now by equality? That megabite Manson.

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You talk about equality. If your daughter sassy. Will you like it? No, no. There may be occasions when you get lunatic when you become very old. And if you want to jump then she's happy.

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Though you said no. I'm agreeing. I understand. I'm helping you. You understand, but you understand me? I know I'm helping you. Okay, if you grew up and you become a lunatic, you become senile. You want to jump from the 10 story or Donald's Obamacare or don't do whether she may have to slap you she's doing in good faith accepted. And now here where her husband is giving a warning to the wife if the wife does the same, what will the retaliation be? imagined suppose a big there's a massive person bodybuilder comes and x measure with you. If an all smart man come maybe you hit him, a measure person hungry for sugar comes and tells you something will eat him.

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Well, he didn't know. Email off guard but unfortunately I don't know why. Similarly, things Allah says in the previous verse, man has been given more strength than the woman. So a physical warning, a symbolic warning a man can give to a woman a woman can give to a man

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or woman gun. There are other things.

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There are other things you can do. Such as, such as for example, if she has to cook food in the house,

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It is the duty of the husband to get

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market. She can refuse to cook. If you don't get market I will not cook chicken object

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very well.

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She can object saying I will not cook. It's an objection

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on our part A for example, he's not offering Salah offerings as important she can object

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nicely with love

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and affection, my dear husband, please offer Salah then she may get a little bit angry also no problem. Getting angry with husband is not allowed. Unless it for the sake of a learner full

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but not physical. She can't get physical. If she gets physical, they'll retaliation it will never work.

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Imagine your wife slapping you in a lever, fine you method undo. So, what do you realize this is a symbolic beating what the Western media has done. they portray hazards by bashing

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these also. So because of that Islam is the best way of life. It shows you how to lead life with your wives also hope now answer the question, if you have any counter question and most welcome brother, yes, actually two points on that. Primarily the first thing that is said is a data bar, which means basically tapping. And as I understand from the hands word dictionary,

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the it comes from the word Israel. And now if you look at it, the Arabic word is used in two ways. One to strike up a poem The word Idris, which from which the word Dawa is taken out.

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The first is to strike up a poem and the second which is used well times in the Quran.

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As well action of strikers strike off, strike up or second,

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strike up a poem, The metaphorically, second part is the physical action of striking, it's used again in Surah 812, wherein it about an angel strike off their heads strike off the very tips of their fingers, the same word is used. So how can the same word be interpreted there as lightly? But here as very question the second part? Very good question. Very good question. The second part is that if we come back to say he bucatini volume seven number 715. Again, the respectable I truly mean that respectable woman Ayesha, a great scholar, I read about her narrated, I just said that a lady came wearing a green whale, and complain to her that is Ayesha, and showed her a green spot on a

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skin caused by beating it was the habit at that time for women to support each other means when they get beaten up, so we support each other. So when Allah messenger came, I just said, I have not seen any woman suffering as much as a believing woman. Look, her skin is greener than her clothes.

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That was my second part for a second but around so first and first parents a second, no problem.

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She's complaining to the Prophet that somebody has done injustice to her. It doesn't end saying the Prophet agreed with it.

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If someone as an injustice, read ahead in some other ad, the prophet member injustice to it doesn't say that someone beater and the Prophet agreed with it. Correct. She says reporting that maybe there is injustice done to a woman that said the moment she's complaining means she's disagreeing with it. She didn't profit I had a very good thing I saw that the woman was beaten up. The moment she's complaining means the wife has an HR Mallaby be disapproved of it. So the lesson we get from this is no one should beat the woman such a way that she becomes green. But sir, see the exact statements he makes is that I have not seen any woman that's Ayesha. Her service, not my interpretation. I have

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not seen any woman suffering as much as the believing woman. So we see at the time of Muhammad, that women were really in very, very bad shape, even though you know, the thing I have not seen a person, a believing person that has not been suffering. What was the suffering from his master tortured him and said don't say there's one God and I will leave you hasn't been our main lobby with him on that desk. Tony is agreed to die, he will say I will not denounce Allah. I will keep on saying lai lai La MaMa Rasul Allah, there is no God but Allah and Prophet Muhammad is the messenger. He's taking the pain. That means if I say hazard Below is a believer who is being tortured that does not mean that

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what act that being done or hazard below may Allah be with him is right. It is wrong, but he

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The believer who's taking the pain in this context we have to see the context and go to the Shara

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yeah for the for the body and what was the woman was she What was she who tortured wasn't the master wash yesterday woman you have to go to the Shara i'm not i'm not this I'm telling you want the answer can be you have to go to the Shara and find out. Why was she who hitter who beat Linda has been do what has been a believer. There are 10,000 reasons. But excuse me in miska.

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volume to the shaker. Yes. What I would like you to do there are so many people waiting at all the mics, precisely concise, they would like you to put a question in a few words. And then close because you got such a big sheaf of papers. There are many people I see waiting with small slips. So we cannot allow this whole thing to go on. This is not a debate session. It's a question session. I want you to put your question in the next four sentences, let Dr. Zakir answer so that all the many glady standing there here also get a chance. We have exactly one Art 12 minutes left, we have occupied 20 minutes already, brother, initially you asked to question answered. You said I want a

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counter what counter you gave in the counter, you're asking one more question. I don't mind answering your 100 questions. But in this rule one question at a time go beyond the queue, no problem. You asked two questions. If the answer you send out a counter question with the counter question you ask him one more question. So you know, I'm very kind I don't mind. I would love after finishing and come in the cabin. And inshallah I will answer all your questions. I want to ask you, after answer a question, what will you do? Will you believe in the religion? I believe? Yes or no? If to answer the question, well, it's not just this one point, there are many, many more, I'll

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answer inshallah all 10 2050 100 How many? Well, we can sit on that? How many approximately? Well, there are many more. Many 1020 100,000 10,000 How many do you have now in your mind? Well, I do have how many? 10 2030? How many? Probably quite a few, maybe quite a few that might five or 10? Approximately, I know maybe 100 questions 100 questions you have whether after the session is over, we sit together. Okay. Write down all the 100 questions. inshallah. inshallah.

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I will try and answer everyone. Okay, I request you will spend the full night together.

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I don't mind because you're a seeker of Truth.

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And I'm also seeker of Truth. And my job is to try and clarify the truth. Not that I'm a scholar. I will try and answer all your 100 questions, but I doubt whether you're able to write 100 questions without coming to a main counter question whether that will be basically counter counter question of yours is that the robber has got two meanings. One is type of the head. You asked me then how do you come to know which is correct? Correct. Exactly. In the counter question. Don't ask one more question. That means breaking the rule. Sir. I'm just repeating what you said no refuting.

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The you asked a counter question. Counter question was of daraga has got meaning of striking. That is the counter question. In that counter question you asked one more question. You can't ask one more question in that under question. You can have one counter question. But there was a fresh question that you asked. Now, coming to your question of data usage striking I agree with you. How do you come to know one time it is likely beating one time it is

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striking of the head? You know the verse in the Quran is there

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in Surah. Miriam,

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Chapter 19.

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Verse 47,

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Mary mela bebida she says, When archangel gabriel says that you shall have a son. So she says, How shall I my son when no manage touched me?

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How shall I have a son when no man has touched me? Right? If you go to the lava, your hands were missionary,

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or lanes, I believe read missionaries, all this weird internet. It's not difficult. You go on the internet and type 100 questions against Islam. 100,000 very easy. Not that personal and research. If you had done this, and you'd have come to know who was whose father and who was his husband and mother everything, but you want the internet to get this very easy. Now, the Arabic word Messiah has got two minutes physical touch, it means sexual touch. So when Mary mela VPS with a she says How shall I have a son when no man has touched me? It is understood it is not physical touch, it is sexual touch. Correct? Yes. Similarly, there are several verse in the Quran. Now when there are two

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three meanings, even both can be carried or one can be correct. To have more details you go to the heartbeat. heartbeat is a commentary of the verse of the Quran.

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Maybe if the same word has to meaning in that was it means meaning number one in the second was in meaning

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200 is a commentary to when we go to the hadith of this renessa chapter four verse 34 talking about da da da da The Prophet said do not beat on the face.

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Do not leave a mark beat like a toothbrush. I gave the answer but he was so much concentrating on the notes you have the default Mansa if you have heard my answer that if there are two three meanings, all meaningful not be right.

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Maybe one is right, maybe two, right? Maybe all three are right there, you have to go back to the Prophet. The Quran says up to Allah Rasul Allah obey the messenger. So when there are two three meanings, you have to go to the Hadith and find out what did the Prophet mean by that word, so they when they strike from them, it means strikes have you heard me strike lightly. So therefore, if you know the supplement is the commentary of the Quran, it's the Hadith. Without the authentic content, you cannot understand Islam. So a prophet said it means beat lightly like beating with a toothbrush, don't beat on the face, don't leave a mark on the body. So these are the guidance given by Rahul

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therefore it is obligatory that besides the Quran we have to follow the authentic howdy hold now answer the question and inshallah I'll wait for you

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after 10 o'clock in the speaker's lounge inshallah. Yeah, but the shaker thank you and I have two daughters. You said you have two daughters and you want sorry, and one son, the son does not have anything that's another degree Jana you become the fire son. And if he prays for you, inshallah, he will be a pathogen Now, what I want, I want to see to it that besides good deeds, you in a faith

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faith is one of the important idea to go to Jana, and since you have an urge to go to Jana, to paradise, inshallah pray to Allah subhanaw taala me make me the area, the pathway to take region inshallah

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