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The speakers discuss the importance of sharing values and information to avoid confusion and chaos, and the use of handmade crafts at Christmas markets and the potential for buying and selling products from non- Islam individuals. They also discuss the importance of men and women understanding their priorities properly in society, the acceptance of gay men in Islam, and the importance of finding a home for a teenager to stay in a house. The speakers also mention upcoming events and events such as Islamic scholarship programs and the BST program.

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Sit on Wiley comm everyone and welcome back to our q&a with Chef Ned week, hosted by SLM Institute. This q&a is every Thursday 6pm BST for half an hour in sha Allah thank you everyone or the one person that's watching at the moment, and inshallah I hope more people will be joining. We're live on Facebook, we're live on YouTube, sometimes we're live on Twitter.

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Yeah, handle. I'm glad we're back. I hope everyone had a good night and I'll par and you had a good weekend. And sha Allah. For anyone who is new here.

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You can This is a 30 Minute q&a With Chaka Khan nadwi. Anyone who has any questions you're, you can depending on where you're watching from, just send it in the comments in sha Allah, please don't keep your questions too long. Try and keep it in one comment in sha Allah and I will be able to see it and we'll try and go in order.

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Actually, chef, I wanted to start with a question we had at the end of our session last week, because I think it was asked just as I was ending, so I wasn't able to get to it. But nevertheless, it's a it's an interesting question. So we'll start from this in sha Allah, I don't have it to put on the screen, but I will read it out. Or Salman Khan is asking in certain Hajj Allah says that that's where it not for Allah checking the people by means of others. monasteries, synagogues and churches would have been destroyed were in Allah's name is much mentioned. How do we reconcile this first with Islam strict stance against yoke, since clearly in places like monasteries and churches,

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shock occurs abundantly.

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Some of whom,

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you know, if you read the Quran, you can see very clearly, that Allah subhanaw taala has created the human beings with the full choice they have so as to be believers or unbelievers. The Quran says for militia of a human woman SHA Ophelia, for those who want to believe, you know, they can believe and those who want to be unbelievers, they can be unbelievers, then Allah has a day of judgment, where he will judge and reward the people who obey Him, and punish the people who disobey Him. So that will happen the day of judgment, but in this world, he has given the people full freedom to obey him or not obey Him. So when people you know, obey him or not obey Him, they had their own place of

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worship. Believers have, you know, Masjid, mosques, Jews have their synagogues and Christians have churches, Hindus have got the temples. So these are the places that the worship of the people, you know, they will remain there and the people who those who want to worship their, their worship that Islam never commands.

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Its followers to demolish any house of unbelief on faith in the different faiths. That why when Abu Casa de la Toronto became Khalifa and he sent his army armies to Iraq and Syria, to one of the advice that he gave to them that don't touch the you know, the church or that the place of worship and those who are there, like you know, priests and monks, don't touch them, leave them in the peace, you know, we don't need to touch them, except unless defied Similarly if the church and synagogue and place of worship they become center of fighting and a war, then they will definitely otherwise the people who are in the peace you know, their the way in Islam is different.

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So Allah subhanaw taala never wants believers to destroy something like that unless there is some reason that you know, this can happen but generally Yeah, this is our advice from the Quran that we don't kill people because the only believers we don't destroy a house because people worship their you know, other Darla, no, we let the people choose whatever they like it is their choice. Judgment will happen the day of judgment inshallah.

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Okay, Inshallah, let's go to a question from Ginza. And she's asking a cinematic Bucha can we sell our handmade crafts at Christmas markets? And maybe to make this question more general?

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Could any kind of religious market that happens Christmas markets? Okay, I don't know of any other markets that would be

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would you would Muslims be allowed to kind of purchase a stall and sell food crafts, whoever else is selling? I can see that there are people who ask, you know, some of these questions, which to me really are very, very simple. I don't know maybe the people's mind not very clear to one thing. Keep in mind

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Mind that you know,

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the human beings, they have shared values, share nudes, share the news, you know, and there are something which makes them different from each other that the religious thing to when it comes to worship of Allah Alibaba, that we're, they're different. But when it comes to the world limiters, buying, selling, building the houses, you know driving the cars and all these matters, they're human matters, everybody shares. So in this one, certainly believers will have interaction with unbelievers, to believers are allowed to buy for among believers and believers are allowed to buy from believers, you can sell them, you know, if they have their festivals, and you sell them

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something good sweets, Halloween, or something handmade or anything you sell to them, and you get the price you're not cheating them. You're not doing anything dishonest, that's fine, save if you have festivals or eid and unbelievers come and they have their shops and they sell something Muslims can buy. Similarly in Ramadan, if there are shops which sell dates and you know, things that Muslim need and are owned by non Muslims you can buy from them. Similarly Christmas time, you know, Christians the news, in a food whatever they needed the president and gifts and if they're lawful in Islam, and Muslims sell them. There's no harm in that regard, either the you know, human thing and

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something shared with believers can sell to unbelievers and believers can sell to believers and believers can buy from unbelievers or unbelievers can buy from believers, there's no harm in that all three are human thing.

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Okay, Inshallah, let's move to a question we have from YouTube.

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On what is a rolling for women who become the leaders in society or their communities? Can she not prioritize her household for her post?

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In order not only for the women actually, for men and women, both, they have to know their priorities, too, sometime could be, you know, there is a man, you know, and he is asked to do this committee, but he's got his own practice home. They think he can't do the board, to he leave the leadership leadership. And he prefers, you know, the news of the house. Sometimes, somebody's teacher, like, I'm a teacher, and

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he's a Falcon Heavy. So if that was me, I was just making a full screen for you. Everything's fine, fine. For you. Sometime in rock, I'm a teacher. And maybe people are asking you to play a role in leadership. But I think what I'm doing is more important to I know, my priority, the Somali women, you know, sometimes we men, you know, they have enough time. It's sometime you know, they don't have children or they have don't have young children, or maybe they have young children, but they they have, you know, someone to look after them. In those times. It's up to them to decide, meaning it's not only for women, men and women both need to understand their priorities properly, or follow that

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either, you know, we'd have far the YG sunnah Mustafa in Alibaba. Similarly, in society matters and estate matters, we have got further wajib sooner, and people have to follow those priorities properly, it doesn't really make a difference of you know, from gender to gender. Exactly. priorities are for everybody's, you know, very similar.

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Okay, 100. That makes sense. Jeff, just before we go to the next question, are you okay with it being full screen or would you prefer it the other way? Well, I have I think if something went wrong, then that was me. I just, I just went into your computer. Okay. And let's take a question from Enron.

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I said, I wanna come. Why are Muslims not allowed?

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Why were Muslims. Why Muslims are not allowed to enter Mecca and Medina was Ibrahim Ali Salam given special permission to destroy the place of worship.

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Your question will be why non Muslims are not allowed not only more times. Yeah, that makes sense.

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Yeah, you know, No, nobody's given any permission to destroy any place of worship. Ibrahim Ali Salam did not destroy, you know, temples, you know, every time because he just did once you know, and it does a different matter because that was part of his a call to Allah. Cause he has been inviting people calling them

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but they did not listen to him. So it's a better honor if he realized that if he does something striking maybe that can make their mind that he did. You know, certainly unless permission was there but after that you never find him going and finding the place of worship or that people are breaking them. You never did love your teacher did only once. So what you do only once a door to make something

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General you know in his life you always had been very sort person actually even when the and just came on the set to Rahima salon that we are going to describe

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the people of Luth Ali salaam to Abraham inquiry are good with him or Quran machete Brahim was very much arguing that no defending the people you know they should have more time and this and that. But Allah city Rahim Abraham leave that because we have decided to destroy the whole town. The right Muslim has been always very merciful really, that one no matter is something different. It is part of his Java, Nakata, mocha Rama, why non believers are not allowed. It is something because Ibrahima is not built a city,

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new city new house, just for the sake of Allah subhanaw, taala, PowerShell lesson, whatever, that is not built for any worldly matter. So that's actually real. Sumatra wanted to keep it safe to anybody wants to know the truth, Legion, they can come there, though you can see in the pasture. It has been occupied by unbelievers. But after the problem was Allah Allah is Allah because his religion has to continue out to the left Yama to East Center, the region must remain safe. Because if Macau goes there, most of us don't have any center that it doesn't die center. Allah want to protect it until the death karma, and that Another virtue of Islam, where all the religions, every religion, they

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have lost their center place. With this, they lost their place. In the end Indians, Hindus, they lost. Jews lost many, many times again, again, Christians lost Jerusalem many, many times. Now again, their loved every buddy had lost, you know, their sense of center of their religion, except Muslims in Kedah know this, that is sign that this religion has to last until the Deaf piano. So the place where to grown up, it should remain safe. You know, no other influence should be there that vibra Hema Islam murdered, sanctuary haram. And the Prophet Musa lawless one emphasized that, so in that part of the harem, nobody who's an unbeliever, they are allowed to come there, because if you

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don't agree with this religion, there's no need for you to come there anyway.

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Okay, sure, exactly. I actually have a question that's not been asked, but it's coming from me. And I think maybe many people would benefit from kind of hearing this because it's a problem that's getting worse. And it'd be good for us to kind of understand what Islam stances on this. But in terms of the LGBTQ community, so gay people, by trans lesbians, there's a growing kind of community within them who they embrace these labels, or they embrace their sexuality or whatever they decide they want to be.

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But they still hold on to their faith. They don't necessarily say Islam allows it, but they hold on to their faith because faith is something important to them. So we have there are communities within this within the gay community or lesbian or trans communities that do call themselves Muslim and they hold on to it and they don't say Islam allows it. But how should our reaction as Muslims be because one there's, I feel like there's there's two kinds of reactions. One is that we say no, you can't be part of our communities because you're sinning and it's not allowed in Islam doesn't allow this. But on the other hand, if they're not saying that Islam is allowing it, should we not accept

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them as sinning muslims so that they can slowly maybe one day be part of our community and acknowledge what they're doing is wrong?

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Oh, we are living in a time really when we are more free Muslims should be already like that. reconditioned Dawa, calling people to Allah to worship Allah Tala. We don't make communities, of followers of any ideology or any thought, either enemies or an opponent, we really want everybody to be guided and celebrated, that agree or should it be to the people worse than that there are people in Islamic and from Islamic point of view, there are people who worship idols, the people who do *, but the delivery doesn't deliver, you know, in our neighborhood, and we deal with them, our duty towards them to call them to Allah subhanaw taala. But at the same time, you know, we respect

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them and they respect us. So similarly could be there could be a community who make something unlawful, Islamic reach something unlawful, as a lawful they have their own argument that can have many people they have no interest and riba usually in non Muslims that they do this thing and they have bank and they have their accounts there. They take the money is still we deal with the mystery we live with them, and rebar in Islam. According to some of the Hadith, naturally stronger. I do worse than Xena. I can remember her this Torani

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In that

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rebuy the lack of dunes, Xena, with one once on a mother, to people who do river they are part of a community they live with us we deal with them, you know. So similarly, you know there are other things with Islam consider the other sin, they will remain in the society, our duty towards them is not really to say you're right or you know, something like that, rather than, you know, be nice to them, you know, include them because as long as they don't do ship, and they don't do go for a steal, they are hoping that Allah will forgive them the Day of Judgment. Because the Quran said in the law of Pharaoh, I issued a copy. I learned enough forgive you, when people do shirk, but

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anything else other than that, he can forgive. So we should be in a dua corps to part of Allah subhanaw taala in making everything clear to the people, rather than passing on sativa with the people, especially in a time relevant, there's so much confusion. Even sometimes when you see people like a data, they're not necessarily you know, they have decided to be you know, something do wrong. It could be you know, somehow they are convinced. So is that what we're really our shortcomings that we did not teach things properly. But anyway, best thing in this matter is, instead of criticizing the people, be nice to them and be inclusive and teach them if they listen, they're doing something

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wrong, or at least make them to do something good to teach them how to pray. Fasting is a cat and height. So if they do many, many good deeds, in the Day of Judgment, good deeds, and bad deeds, both are good. And whatever people have more that way our dogs going to judge so that the best thing really always call people to things which are the best person to increase their reward in the fullness of Motala.

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Okay, and Jeff, so just one one more follow up question. Would we make a distinction between this between those that kind of, they don't say that Islam allows this and they acknowledge that and those that say actually me being gay or me being I didn't know X Y, Zed sexuality is some allows this with the different species that the former we can embrace them into our communities and we can allow them to be part but give dower to them. But a second group would we would have to be quite strict no.

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Really, you know, you've got your restrictiveness cannot make a difference. In Islam, it's very clear that Shrek is so bad Carozza Taqaddas have somewhat of autonomy in the sky that you know, it's so horrible that the skies are going to be split and dark and all those things is still in it but Christians is still we have good relation to Christians we you know, we live with them. We live in the country and we allow them in our country and the Prophet allowed them so it just really shook it's such a worse thing. It nothing worse than the shock if Mushrikeen who do such a horrible thing that a parameter is considered in there are still there. So I think the best thing either don't go

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in details otherwise, you know, nothing, you can't do anything because there's no way you can improve it. The best thing is be nice kind to the people call them to the part of esalaam you know as best as possible.

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Okay, that makes sense.

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Okay, let's go on to a question from SR 30. Huh. And she is asking about verse 28. In surah further, and the verses Wamena Nursey would be well Nim mo telephone Allah and hookah lick in NEMA Yaksha Allah I mean, I baddie Hello lemon in Aloha disease and awful.

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Allah says that those who fear Allah or those who have knowledge, but before there are a few verses that elaborate about the creations how to perceive this how can we perceive this connection with a better understanding, especially about the turmoil Emma here

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in all of them is the people who know really, what it means knowing means, that people have to understand that some people think you know, to the press first scientist, but scientists are another one who know people have to understand what knowing news

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that two different

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a term we use, Ireland my knowledge and Ireland, this product is used in two different meanings. In the worldly meanings, it means somebody who knows any creation people know who you know us to know me and people who know the

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plants and people who know about animals. There are experts in their field. There are so called Coloma but in the Quran Quranic term of value is different. You know in the salam, you know, people know that all people know Hadith there are them, but in the Quran does not tell him, you know, Quran just, you know, fetco Hadith of the sea, or you know, the era sciences, or you know, you know, a salami or you know, you know, you

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Whatever your history you know people call them Ireland but Quran does not call them Aden in Quranic term, Alim are the people

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who connect the creation with the Creator. So if a Maha does not do that he's not an island. You know, people know the creation, but they don't know the Creator. They are not only if you know the science, but you don't know really what the signs mean, if you know the leaves, but you don't know where they lead to. You're not allowed to, I think, really the who knows? Where the leads lead to, you know, what are the signs for if you understand this thing that we're on him, so already understand in just being an expert of the Hadith, expert of the fifth, or expert of any worldly sign, say the mathematics or natural sciences, that does not make volume in the Quran, it could be

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it in the worldly matters, people get degree, and their core is colors, but not in the Quran. In the Quran, Allah are the people who connect who know creation and the creator, both both. So everybody knows the creation, even other believers, but different between believers and believers, the believers, connect create creations with the Creator, unambiguous don't do this thing. Similarly, in everybody, God's favor from Allah. Everybody believes in this field, they love the favors. But the difference is the believers connect the favors with the one who made the favor the connector now with the moon, unbelievers don't connect with them. So always be an affiliate, you know, what am I

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in this round and not in the Quran does not mean the people who know the,

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you know,

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worldly matters, or fire solidarity, and orlimar the people who connect them to the Creator, if you will, do not connect them to the Creator. And they are not all a master could be somebody who had the theme. But he's not an island. Somebody could be fulfilled. But he's not an island unless people connect with the creation with their Creator with the Creator. They are not all Amma is a clear?

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Yes, that's clear just talking to her and sure.

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Okay, let's take a question from Cydia or man who's asking, who decides where a couple lives? Is it the husband or the wife

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impossible to provide to you has to look really at all the facility, what is a career for them, but he is not allowed to take his wife, you know, unnecessarily from the tower where she listens, she's familiar, where her latest or her parents are, unless she has consent, but within the same locality, if you find a husband find somewhere cheap, or more convenient place is better. Sometimes, you know, both of you have to consult each other about the children because they know maybe, you know the wife wants a place

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where the children can go for the school, there's good schooling system or there's masjid or something like that. So, you know, look her her advice is not necessarily she wants to just be next to her parent, maybe she wants to buy a house in a place where it's which is nearer to the machine or near to the school, which is better for the for the children and sometimes even if she asked the house next to her parent sometime could be reasonable sometime could be thinking that if she goes for work or something new, so, there are her parents who look after them meaning really in this matter, there should not be a competition or rivalry between the husband or wife era there should be

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cooperation in supporting each other to I should support her husband that you know we should find a house which is you know good for you know, for for your salary or whatever. And husband should find a house a house where he thinks it is good for her wife and her relatives out there and all the news or data she can be in a field better that plus that should be convenience or both of them. And each one of them should make sacrifice for the sake of others do it with we do cooperation, the island then our families can remain last. But if we compete each other, then it really it will break down everything. Though always in Korea they split after our supporting each other.

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Okay, and Charlaine let's take a question from

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Brother Moinuddin.

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This question is split up in a few different messages in Charlotte. He's asking if someone's teenage child has run away from home and has no interest in returning home or Islam. How should we comfort and support the parents and siblings if they are having trouble in coping with an accepting this reality as Muslims? How should we deal with growing the growing crisis and the crisis of children leaving Islam?

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Ya know that Is something worrying really and it is. You know, we only become worried when the Met

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It becomes in a very serious eternity the more and more serious. So there are two things to look really one is you know how to behave in this condition and how to comfort each other. And the Quran Allah had mentioned the Stories of the Prophets in this matter, so people should follow them know Ali Salam is such a great messenger it was an apostle but his son is not a believer even if the wife is not a believer is still a accept them and lifted make them to live in the same house. Same Luther is his wife and not a believer. Oh, you can see Jacoba salaam his sons are the one who will use have always wanted to crucify Sam and Jacobi knows really they're they're the one who did all these

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things, but still he did not ask him to leave the house he remained nice with them until the end of the story. So whenever something like that happened you know a child runs away from the home or you know maybe he leaves his alarm we are loss of hotel a portrait all of us from the COFRA ship if it happens then you have to think you know your anger will not you know solve the problem it still be nice with the sun also fine you know we are we wanted to have good relations with you behind love and all those more likely he will come back because teenagers the life is you know that that age is very difficult difficult age to be nice, you know, dot fickle loser and still allow them to in the

00:26:25--> 00:26:33

house even if they left Islam, because whenever they are with you, more likely they can come back and garden or just teenagers.

00:26:35--> 00:26:37

I remember a story that

00:26:38--> 00:26:50

a woman asked me in Manchester, that her son was very good in prayer and all those things. Then he went to one of the colleges and after that he left the prayer until he became a prophet Musa had left Islam.

00:26:52--> 00:27:30

So I said to her, Okay, I understand really didn't know your son must be realizing that, you know, Islam is so difficult and he sees other children, you know, they they're free to next time you're just not close to home, tell him you know my son, you don't need to leave Islam. If you want to go out and you don't want to pray, still you can be Muslim. Because the last Hadith of the Prophet said, Those who say Allah, Allah had Allah they will interpret paradise. So you don't need to leave Islam, if you want to do enjoy your freedom. You can be free person and he still Muslim. So she explained to him to he came by a coma and you know, he the Muslim, but he said he's Muslim, but he

00:27:30--> 00:27:49

didn't have prayer. And then his brother phoned me that now my brother is going for O'Mara. Do you see when he became he realized that family accepts him, he becomes soft, and until he even Ferrara. So I think enough people should not be sort of, you know, make everybody to live with you.

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To this one thing. Second thing really is, this should be alarming for us, the white people leave, it means we don't teach Islam properly. We are teaching Islam like a culture, Islam and not in the manual, something kind of mind deep, then nobody leaves it to our education system around it in the material in the mother's side of the house, we should treat Islam in such a way that it can deep in our mind, you know, people understand it. And when you understand something, they're never going to leave, the teaching system should be changing.

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Just talking to her and chef, I think we will end it there and Shawn luck because it's exactly 630. Again, exactly kosher for your time, and always giving us your time every week candelilla and Sharla. We'll see you next week. And to everyone else, thank you again for constantly coming with new questions, questions that maybe haven't been asked before, but many others will be benefiting from. Inshallah, I hope everyone that was watching did benefit from it. And again, like always, anyone who is new here, Chicago. This q&a is hosted by SLM Institute in Chicago is the principal and co founder of SLM Institute. So if you're maybe not that familiar with this stuff that we do, head

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And I think I'll leave it there in sha Allah. If you just want to keep attending our q&a, you're more than welcome to so join us next week Thursday 6pm BST.

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Please come with your questions. And inshallah hopefully you and I and everyone watching will be benefiting in sha Allah and inshallah we'll see you next week as they come everyone