What this Israeli Man Says is beyond Shocking

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But innocent children deserve to die. Yes because they're in the future are terrorists and hateful towards each

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other I read a stop them living now before they grow and have a weapon. It's simpler.

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Oh, okay, so it's killing kids is like so if you if you have the choice, you would go into hospitals where kids are born and kill them.

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Everyone killed the last on Gaza needs to be slit. No wonder no one there

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it just has you thinking because we see children being decimated, baited. We blown the pieces. I mean hundreds of kids just being, you know destroyed. So the mindset we know that there is a clear verse in the Quran killing one innocent human being doesn't matter Judeo Christian anybody is as if you killed all of mankind. So what do you when you see something like this? You know, the mindset, you know, what is your reaction? This person is probably, you know, mentally, not well, or if he's mentally well, then he needs to be looked at. and Western countries need to know his name. And they need to block his entry into their countries. I'm pretty sure a lot of Israelis walk around freely

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in western lands because they get free passage. But if people who have these views are walking around freely, I don't I don't see why ISIS is bad, then. Why is ISIS bad? They even I don't know if they said these kinds of things. They are bad. Of course they are bad, we don't agree with them, we have disowned them. Alhamdulillah. By the grace of Allah, we have disowned all people who hold such extremist views. This is extremist extremism of the worst kind. How can you even think of killing children? It is unbelievable. How what kind of a human heart do you have? Are you even a human being?

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This is the question I ask, How can someone who has blood running through his veins and considers himself to be normal talk like that. Little brainwashing taking place within the state of Israel, where people are being made to think like this. They are becoming extremists. They are becoming dangerous. And these people have very, very dangerous weapons in their hands. Look at Look, look, look at what he said that all the children of Gaza, they need to be wiped out. Imagine he becomes the Prime Minister of Israel. Imagine if he becomes one of the influential people in Israel? And I'm pretty sure there are many people like that. Is this what we are?

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Is this what we are trying to promote? The word is this what is this? Why the State of Israel claimed that it is a democracy is where the State of Israel respects human rights? If you do, and why is this guy free? If it's free? Why is he still free? Who's talking openly about killing Palestinian children on screen? Because he feels the protection he needs? He knows that nothing's gonna happen. He knows he's in Israel. If he's in Israel, I don't know where he is. He knows he's not going to be arrested and reprimanded for this. So this is absolutely crazy.

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This is this is shocking how people can talk like this in this day and age. After all, the destruction we've had for the last 30 years. What have we learned from our human experience of the last 30 years where we had catastrophes of a grand scale, we had iraq war, we have Afghan war we had Vietnam, we have before that we had two World War where millions of people died, what have we learned, as humans, from those experiences, things seem to be getting worse, unfortunately, in some people's mind. This is this is shocking, shocking behavior. And this is brainwashing the worst kind. And whoever is responsible for this must be held accountable. whoever is responsible for this kind

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of this kind of training, or this kind of thought, is unbelievable. Shocking, if I'm looking for like for the ad, if a Muslim spoke like that, from pocket or let's say, from Palestine, or from Morocco, that would be on the news. Can you imagine that?

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Yes, I mean, I can't imagine that I can, if a crazy Nutter a Muslim somewhere sitting in a in a room somewhere the model plastered all over the news. It would be every it wouldn't be everywhere, it would it would become the representation of Islam for for a year.

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And this is this is this is the this is the problem we are facing today. In the world as a as a community, our voices not being heard. Because we don't have independent media. We need to have independent media so that our voices can be heard by the western masses, not only not only our own masses, but even the western masses living in the US in Canada, in European lands in Australia. People need to hear what the Muslim community has to say on these things. And that's only possible when we have independent media when we don't rely on the so called mainstream media that doesn't allow

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voices to be heard. No, that's why we need the media and influence. Here's trends are set. And even other nations can see other nations doing good speaking for justice. And maybe this can be a motivation for them to get on that bandwagon, instead of just remaining complicit by being silent. So it's very amazing to see the Irish people who are really leading. In this by example, I want to get your take on this bombing of hospitals or schools of

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plants. It is appalling. And if you want to know what the people of Palestine, you say that you're speaking on behalf of the people of Palestine, if you want to know what the people of Palestine want, asked the Palestinian farmers

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we've seen the most desperate and brutal violations of people's right to protest against injustice, against occupation against the taking of the very ground from under people, Israel is an apartheid state. And if it's been there, know that once you know that it changes you.

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Would you recommend that what was your take on that? You know, these are people obviously know what's going on. You know, Irish people are strong people. They're brave, you know, and these are people of integrity who are speaking