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The speaker discusses Israeli leaders on violence and terrorism, including the use of deadly language to incite violence and the confusion surrounding Israeli relations. They also show clips of racist language used in politics and the potential consequences of it. The speaker discusses the controversy surrounding Israeli laws and the use of racist language in politics, as well as the use of scapegoats and the stance of Israeli authorities against Jewish nationalists. They argue that the use of these methods is a result of racism and oppression, and that the use of these methods is a result of confusion and confusion over the intentions of the people.

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Today I'm going to be doing a response to a duplicitous man, a man who twists and skews the facts in order to suit his own Zionist stick agenda.

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A man who's too cowardly and spineless to move forward and debate somebody on equal footing with him, and who just like his army, that he supports, the Zionist Israeli army only likes to pick on kids and college students. It's none other than the little man, the puny man,

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Ben Shapiro, let's take a look at what this man says and come back and respond to it. Even watching the media today, I'm sure you have seen that there is violence in Jerusalem. And the way the media covered this sort of stuff, as they always suggest that it's a cycle of violence, both sides are to blame. This is because the media are ignorant and stupid and have no expectations of humane and decent behavior by radicals in the Palestinian community. Now, the vast majority of Palestinians are not people, presumably who want to engage in violence and terrorism. But there are a lot of people in that community who do in fact want to engage in violence and terrorism. And those people tend to

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occupy the highest rungs of Palestinian governmental structures Come on runs at the Gaza Strip, it is an open terrorist group, Islamic Jihad and Fatah are the other groups that run Judea and Samaria, the so called West Bank, those groups are terrorist groups. They've been terrorist groups for a very long time. And the pretext for all of this is the eviction of some Palestinian families from Shigemura from homes in Sheikhupura. They're allowed to live elsewhere. They're just not allowed to live in these particular homes because they don't have legal deed to these homes. There's been a string of just how dare you come forward and say, and put this as a legal issue. East Jerusalem is

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not the property and is not recognized as Israel by the entire international community, including the UN, which gave your pathetic state is legitimacy in the first instance.

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How dare you come in and trivialize the plight? How dare you trivialize the plight of those evicted for no good reason at all, from a territory that doesn't even belong to state that you protect the State of Israel?

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decisions going all the way back to 1970 by Israeli courts, suggesting that people who have the original legal deeds to these homes have the Israeli courts don't have a jurisdiction in East Jerusalem, mentioning Israeli courts in the context of East Jerusalem means that you are complicit and you are acquiescent. Now even you are supportive of a colonial occupier, which is Israel. It's an occupier of East Jerusalem.

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It's It suits you well, to ignore international law and to ignore the UN. when it suits you.

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When it's the very un, that gave you the legitimacy that you think you have as a state, the so called State of Israel.

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How dare you try and trivialize the plight of those people ability to charge rent and people living in homes? Well haven't been paying the rent. And so now they're going to be taken out of the homes the same way that if you don't pay your rent in the United, you're going to be taken out of homes, you're going to be taken out of the homes? Who the hell do you think you ought to tell people you're going to be taken out of their homes? I want to show the people today, I want to show them a clip of what he's talking about. And this man, and I use this term loosely, because he is fidgeting and moving around in his he is wriggling like a worm on the hook.

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perpetuating a monstrous falsehood. He's intoxicated with false opinion,

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and bias.

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I want to show you what he's talking about. Because the question is 25 days before Hamas, even through a rocket before Hamas even

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decided to do anything offensively. It was the Israeli forces which went into masjidul AXA and delivered people out

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of that mentioned in the Most Holy time, with no provocation at all. The question is, what was Hamas doing to instigate this? Hamas didn't do anything to instigate this.

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I want to show you a video which I saw and you must watch the whole thing is from Vice News. A video that I saw, which will capture for you what indeed took place, it can potentially be very good

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interest of the people by here.

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It's nighttime prayers for Palestinian Muslims. And this year, Israeli forces showed up unannounced.

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Look, what do you do? Look what you're doing Where's how to trigger the protests Nashville triggered the anger today?

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Palestinians feel like they're being pushed out of East Jerusalem. The city they see is the capital of a future Palestinian state. They say Israel is upping its efforts to redraw the borders of the city. But Israel claims it belongs to them, despite the United Nations saying it's an occupation. Exactly. The United Nations says its occupation.

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Even the journalist she's under pushing under attack.

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Look at a look at

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true Yes.

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To taking the bloody kid teenager.

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Question what the question is at this point, whereas Hamas did nothing at this point, you can't put scapegoat everything on Hamas. This was 25 days before Hamas threw a rocket don't say Hamas and use that as your ultimate scapegoat for everything that's happened because we know that even before Hamas existed in 1997, the same stuff was happening. The scapegoats on Hamas, before Hamas existed, and it was the PLO, Yasser Arafat and those individuals, you are doing the same things, whoever will be any resistance against your state, your current state, you're gonna call terrorism, anything. And yes, we condemn what Hamas does, by killing civilians and so on. We don't agree with that

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strategies. But we don't accept you scapegoating them and trying to divert the narrative to Hamas. This is before anything, so no, no, come and say it's Hamas. These are people praying the woman is there you can watch the whole 20 minute segment Don't you dare come and say Hamas How dare you How dare you not condemn the Israeli army and the authorities for these kind of things? How dare you? And you want us to believe that this is because of Hamas and because of terrorism.

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As Ramadan continued policies in East Jerusalem face some grenades, arrests and water cannons some of the worst violence seen in years how long exactly have you lived in this house? For some time for some of you sitting around one of the

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bill codes had to come

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in we'll stop America will have in Russia will Lamine alanya Mini in

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the tune them in the morning? You heard it a bit or absolutely

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Aria King, right? Look at this. Look at this. Look at this racist. This guy. This area King by the way on the record, and he's gonna be you're gonna see it. You're gonna see this animal No matter how much anyone wants to be an apologist for him. Yeah. See what he says see exactly the words he uses. This is no, it's an open secret. He's very nonchalant about it. Let's see what he says. His last year says the right belongs to the Jewish people.

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When we are Jews in the stage in Australia, in England, in Jerusalem, we are facing to one place.

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haram al Sharif. Now mount Temple Mount. I mean, that's religion, of course, talking about a religion, when you're talking about people and the land where they live is irrelevant. Absolutely. So you can't really justify ownership over religion when there are so many different types of Arabs. Of course, no, but I'm just explaining that what we have what the way that we see Usually, it's different way than any other religion. As a Jew, you can live anywhere in the world. You can be the most Orthodox Jew. If you don't live in your wish align. You cannot

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keep the entire commitment of God.

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Do you want to be a chef?

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That is

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Jewish schools without Arabs. I want to see James I guess yeah, you want to see God. You are bloody Nazi brother. These guys are not

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See, there's no difference between him and then what to do what is the difference? Don't be the material difference between his his objective and the Nazis objective. This is the classic case of someone who's taking the methodology and the ideology of the of those who used to defeat them and beat them and humiliate them.

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What is the material difference between you and the Nazis? You want to see the whole area is basically admitting to ethnic cleansing. And your Deputy Mayor, this Mayor King Solomon's King, coming out and saying we want to see a Jewish area

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coming into the house,

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is how the

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most cowardly.

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They thought you wouldn't be cool.

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before the age of social media, the age of social media, look at this. Don't open the door.

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Look at that.

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Look at this.

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This is fantastic journalism. I have to say, brilliant journalism. Look at this, you're going into a house.

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This is because of Hamas. You liar. This is because of Hamas.

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Guys, honestly, you have to go and watch this 20 minute segment on vice. You have to watch it. It is a must watch. You will see the blatant the flagrant the open.

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arrogance, the racism, the oppression. These people are brimming with oppression. They are brimming with oppression. And then you have this little pathetic cheerleader mascot little boy, this academic Eunuch Ben Shapiro.

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Trying to act as an apologist for for this. You are an academic eunuch. And you make me sick? How dare you?

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How dare you justify this?

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You think you have a case? Anybody who looks at the events that are taking place? between the proverbial David and Goliath? And believe me, you are not David by any stretch of the imagination. And if David was here, he would be with us. Not with you.

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You are the Goliath.

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But you know what?

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I tell you something. You're waking up the sleeping giant of Islam.

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We are a sleeping giant.

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And the more you show us this stuff, the more we unite. And the more we put away our differences and our squabbling

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problems that we have. And the more we know what the priorities are.

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And the more the sleeping giant opens one eye because the moment we sit up when the Muslim community worldwide community sits up,

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or worse yet for you stands up.

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It's going to be all over was Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh