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The Quran is supposed to be which is the Quran is meant to be, for us a source of guidance. It's meant to be for us a way of life or something that highlights for us how to live our lives. And this particular supposed to be which is sorry. And this particular

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this particular study is aimed at that we're not going to talk about re citation, or Tajweed rules, or this or that we're going to focus solely on what is the message of the Quran, what is Allah saying in his book, that is rather the sisters are intent in this certain the study. And the idea is that when we do the study over and over and elongated period, you get a very nice understanding of how the Quran speaks. And that really is what Ramadan should be for us, we should be able to take that away from from

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take that away at the end of Ramadan, that we now have some sort of an understanding of what Allah is saying to us through His words in his book. Without further ado, let us

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let us get started. We'll start today with

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surah the first juice the first juice is starts with Surah Al Fatiha and so to Fatiha is the first surah of the Quran. It is the Not only is it the first word of the plan, I'm going to share some of my notes with you. So when I share my screen, you will see my notes inshallah, and I'm going to keep switching between my notes and my, my, my, you know, view here and shall Okay, and if you have any questions, by the way, you can leave them in the QA part of this of this of this app here. Okay. Can everybody see my screen? Yes.

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Okay, so

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awesome. Thank you very much. Now here we are certified. It's the first full sewer revealed of the Quran. It was revealed to the possum in Makkah, it was not the first revelation, the first revelation was it chromosphere Rob because he Harlock the verses from Surah Allah surah number 96. But this was the first entire store that was revealed to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, it has many names and these names of Surah Fatiha actually convey the characteristics of Surah Fatiha It is called omole keytab It is called omole keytab. The mother of the book, this is an Arabic expression. Which means it it's the crux of the matter. It's the crux of the matter the most

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important concepts of the book are insulting Fatiha as we will see. In fact there is a scholar who wrote a tafsir and in is the fear is the fear,

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you know, is comprised of about 20 volumes. he dedicates one these are the ayat that we read again and again in our prayers okay. And that is one reason for calling them the often repeated verses, it is called in the in the Hadith literature it is described as, as the prayer or some cosanta salata benei webinar, in this vein, Allah is part of the scribes and Imam, their prayer is considered to be invalid, you must read it. So it is such an important piece of the puzzle that the surah is called the prayer itself. The surah itself is called the prayer because it is so close to beautiful supplication a beautiful dog. What is it? What is it what it consists of the contents of this surah?

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Especially most of this is I have number two, Maliki omit Dean, Sovereign of the Day of Recompense Yeah, can I go do what Yeah, can I Stein you alone, it is you who we worship? It is referring to the religion of Islam, meaning that Dora is actually asking us, or the door excuse me is when we are making this door. We're asking Allah, Allah to guide us to Islam, but that would be very, that's that's one part of it. In fact, the linguistics of the syrup of this particular idea, he then Serato Mr. Frame is constructed as such that it is asking us Allah show us the path and guide it to us. If we are not on it, meaning if a person is not Muslim, or they're far away from Islam, this dua is for

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them to come to Islam or come back to Islam. Okay, but if a person

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In Islam, already a Muslim and they are, you know devoted to their religion. This dua is all Allah keep me on the religion of Islam, keep me on the straight path and keep me on the straight path until I get to the end of the path. The end of the path here is when a person passes away, and they face face their Lord, and then that is where they hope to attain salvation. If they lived the straight path or the left on the straight path. By worshipping Allah by redeem being devoted to Allah, then that is a person who will attain salvation in paradise. That's what this guy is asking for easiness to lotto Mr. King, Guide us to the straight path, guidance, the rules of truth if we're

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not on it, keep us on the religion of the truth until the very end. And that's why we make this glass so often. And even actually, within the religion of the truth. There are differences and there are strands, and there are understandings that are sometimes flawed and sometimes are outright incorrect. This is Oh Allah, keep me away from all that is flawed keep me away from all that is incorrect. keep me away from all that could divert and misguide. guide me to be on this path to you till the end. It is the most comprehensive door like even Tamia says Sheffield Islam even taymiyah says this is the most comprehensive Dora the best door a person can make. So think about that. Insha

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Allah when you read Al Fatiha next time, what is it that you're praying for? you're praying for salvation, and deliverance, guidance, first to Islam. And if you're on Islam, until the end, keep us there a lot and keep us away. keep us away from trouble from misguidance from deviance that is the DA and this is highlighted by by highlighting that this is a path that people before us have walked so we follow their footsteps. And that's why we follow the Sunnah of the prophet SAW solemn. And that's why the Quran as we'll see is filled with the stories of prophets, because they are role models for us. We follow in their footsteps, and this da is setting it up this door is actually

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setting up the rest of the Quran, the people whose footsteps are supposed to follow and not the path of those who have laid in Mount Lubyanka him, there's actually no you're in the in the translation I'm gonna take this out because I will in the Arabic excuse me, because that would be actually imprecise. And not those who have evoked anger Amal lube is someone who receives anger, the recipient of anger, the recipient of anger here is because this is a person who has done something wrong, knowingly. And maybe they

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had the opportunity to correct course, but chose not to correct course, that is a person who evokes anger. Think about this from like a from an adult, you know, supervising a child, right? If a child makes a mistake, and they're oblivious, you're not happy, but you can give them an excuse that this child is oblivious. But if the child is knowingly,

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knowingly, disobeying, being disrespectful, or, or stepping bounds that evokes the emotion of anger, that is what this first part is laid in the Moldavia lay him those who evoke or who have earned anger. And the anger of Allah here is included, the anger of the angels here is included. And the anger of the righteous hair is included as the CEO mentions, okay, and this is in reference to, you know, groups of people that have received revelation

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and chose to

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alter the revelation they received to suit their purposes, okay? Don't make us like that. Oh, Allah Don't let us become those who use the religion for our, for our gains for our purposes, for our ends. Don't let us be like that. And don't let us be like those while adaline who are a straight A ball is actually they say in old Arabic dollar to label is like a stray camel camel whose owner has lost this camel from his flock. And it's just like, you know, running around wildly, not having any direction, not going in a particular direction. This is someone who either didn't care enough, didn't care enough to find out the purpose of life, or they were too distracted by the material

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pleasures of the world, like, Hey, you know, this life is just enjoyment, and it's freestyling. What's this devotion? And what's this prayer? And what's this purpose? It's none of that. Or it's someone who followed a particular religion without necessarily considering the merits of that religion.

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Okay, that is a person who is just going in a particular direction. As you will see the sort of a sort of attack is setting up. It's like a table of contents. The people who should follow the profits, their stories are mentioned that adversaries quite often are the ultimate Lubyanka him those who have earned the anger of Allah, the angels and the righteous because they disobeyed, they crossed lines knowingly, and also dollying people who were a mix of couldn't care less. And a mix of this is our way and we will not really consider anything else. It's a really beautiful way of setting up the rest of the narrative of the Horan circle fatty has a lot a lot of depth. And if we

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were to spend, you know, many more hours on it, we could actually spend a lot more hours one of the teachers that I look up to and listen to Seamus also has a series on Surah Fatiha, that is 30 hours. And he's very thorough in that series. He's very, very thorough. So if you want to do an exhaustive study of sort of him, trust me, you could spend 30 hours doing so we have 30 hours to cover the whole Quran. So we will inshallah proceed with some of these basic points of benefit in sha Allah for you to think about and for you to take away. All right, now we move on to the next surah of the Quran. The next year the Quran is Surah Al Baqarah Surah Al Baqarah and Serato dakara is the longest

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surah of the Quran. It is the longest surah of the Quran, in terms of the IR that it has. It has the longest I have the Quran in it. I have number 282 which we'll come to in a couple of days. And that I actually speaks about the concept of giving loans. Interesting. Okay. It has the greatest idea of the Quran. Alright, let's see if the audience is with me. What is the greatest idea of the Quran? Oh people?

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What is the greatest idea of the Quran?

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Any thoughts?

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I had to Kirsty sister Julia says and that is correct. ayatul kursi indeed is the greatest I have the Quran. And this surah has this greatest idea. It is a treasure or excuse me, it has a treasure from the treasures of Allah subhanaw taala suited up. And this is the last two verses of circle Baccarat it's a true treasure from the treasures treasures of Allah subhanaw taala. It is the first sewer revealed in Medina when the prophets are Salam left Mecca and went to Medina. Upon arrival, the first revelation he received was from Surah Al Baqarah. And that's a man you know, it says something important to think about and consider because, excuse me, so little about Cora is a surah

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that will talk about the practice of Islam as we will see how do you practice and live Islam day to day, it talks about the mindset of the believer, it talks about the people of the past and the mistakes they made and the lessons we learn, but it also very, very much focuses on what do you how do you practice the faith and and that becomes very pertinent once the Prophet had moved from Mecca to Medina. The number of is in it are 286 and the name of the surah means that cow or the calf and it is in reference to the story that's mentioned is 67 which we will get to later on today. inshallah hudaydah Okay, let us also mentioned a few virtues of the surah or in fact I'll mention

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one major virtue of the surah which is the brawl some says if crowned Baccarat okay for in the Muslim said, read circle Dr. Rafa in aha Baraka because reading it, and keeping it you know, I'm practicing it is a source of blessing, water kuwahara and leaving it is a source of regret. A person will regret that later on, in life or later on in the next life, they will regret that their connection with tobacco was weak. While I stopped they are a lot older and the magician's cannot stand it meaning this is something that if a person is trying to be rich, others, the power of pseudo tobacco is so deep and so profound, that the those evildoers cannot withstand the power of

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these words.

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There is a Sahabi by the name of Allah by the name of libido. libido was a great point in pre Islamic Arabia in Libya used to write poetry, you know, of different different types. And then he accepted Islam. And after he became Muslim, he kind of just, you know, like retired from public

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Now he outlived the prophets of Salaam he lived until the time of not really long line who, and once as Omar was the halifa, the kale if he or Mara met lobbied in the street, and he said he lobbied Why don't you, you know, recite some poetry to us. And lobby started reciting so to dakara. Mr. rossano stopped him and said, I didn't ask you to recite Quran, I know.

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I asked for some of your poetry. And Levine said, I have not after sutra, Baccarat, I have not found anything that can match it. What he's saying is, I'm speechless after the surah I have nothing to say, my poetry not even worth considering. I'm just going to say what is in abakada. And that's all I'm going to be concerned about. So that is how powerful the surah is. And truly, if you are able to process the deepness of it, you will be also be blown away from it. I'm going to give you some glimpses and what we will do is we will try to tie together our study through big ideas, okay, big ideas are

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ideas that cover the large our cover a large part of the surah. That's why I'm calling them a big idea. You can think of it as something that, you know, that's the main contents of the surah. They all revolve around this main big idea. And this is something that is not like the Quran doesn't say big idea. Number one is this, this is my own reading and my own understanding based on the understanding of the mufa serien, the scholars or tafsir and others. And I've taken extensively from the work of Dr. Ahmed Rahim Allah, the great professor from Pakistan. And Dr. Father, a samurai, who is a linguist, contemporary linguist, I believe from Iraq based out of the Emirates and his work

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focuses on these themes of the Quran, the big picture narrative of the Quran and he's done a fantastic job with it. So, those are my two primary sources along with like the major sources of the CIA and I you know, some of it is also my own thoughts, some, some some some consideration about the connection between Al Fatiha and unbox era. The end of Al Fatiha particularly has the message in DNS at all but it was the theme.

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It is saying Oh Allah, we need guidance. Show us the straight path. Show us the truth. Oh Allah. Yes, that's what Surah Baqarah excuse me so little Fatiha ends with. And then Surah Baqarah begins with saying this is the book, there is no doubt about it. There's no doubt in it hold a little more clean. It is a guide for those who are mindful of God. So as you can see right away, total Bukhara is positioning the Quran as their response to the Dora made by the believer, the maid the daughter of the one yearning for guidance, looking for a purpose in life looking for meaning and peace and serenity. The answer to the DA is in the Quran. And that is a beautiful and deep connection that

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this surah makes. Now, what else

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role models, so rather Latina and untie him, the surah ends, circle Fatiha ends with mentioning role models, the righteous those who Allah has blessed they are role models. So Soto Baqarah begins not by describing the prophets, not by describing the messengers, but by describing the righteous by describing the righteous, who then live in those who are mindful of God Who are these righteous, they are the ones who they believe in the unseen number one, they're steadfast in their prayer that you know, you don't have to label your pre mana Salah mummy marzec now mean if you're Kuhn and they spend other what We have provided for them. They're the ones who believe in the revelation that was

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sent to you or prophets also them and what was said before you they understand that revelation is not just like an isolated thing. It has been going on since the beginning of time, and they believe in all of it. And then they are the ones who Allah who then are behind. They are the ones who are rightly following the guidance of their Lord and they shall be successful. So you see, it started sort of the fatter ends with who we're asking for role models. We're asking Allah to help us be like those who he has set for us as role models, so we can follow their path, we can follow their footsteps on the straight path to paradise. And here, the surah begins by talking about these ideals

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that are

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Anybody can adopt anybody can, you know? Take them and espouse them and they become the role model, they become the one that people would make dua to follow. Isn't that an amazing

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you know, an amazing parallel and amazing connection between the to how nicely that is set up. The big idea of the surah is submission to Allah subhanho wa Taala. without compromise you submit to Allah devote to Allah without compromising. That doesn't mean that we make we don't make mistakes because that will make us angels. But it means that we are going to be our attitude is we are submitting to our last cons. The first part of it is an introduction, we can say the from number one to number 29 is an introduction to the surah and to the idea of who people are okay.

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In fact, you can say the very first five items total Baccarat describe the best case scenario of humanity, if you want to be the best of humanity. This is what it represents those who are people who are mucked up clean, mindful of God established, believing in the unseen establishing the prayer, giving out of what helping others, through their their their money, believing in the revelation and knowing that this is a you know, revealed by God and this is the way to salvation. It describes the best case scenario people, it then describes the worst case scenario, the worst case scenario, which is an IRA number six in the livina cafaro sobre la him under Tom, I'm lumped under

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home law, you may known those who are bent on denying the truth and makes no difference to them, whether you warn them or not, they will not believe this is somebody who has made up their mind. This is the worst case scenario of kufr this is somebody

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who has

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completely in their minds ruled out the possibility that they would ever accept Islam. Okay, for one reason or the other, but that is not even a possibility. That's a foregone conclusion for them that brothers and sisters is what this is referring to and these two either referring to the worst case scenario of disbelief, the worst case scenario and it is interesting that Allah mentions the best case and then you know, two parts or two flavors of the worst case one who has completely hell bent on disbelieving okay. And they are a last part that says, this is you know, they chose this law you know, they chose not to believe so, Allah has also sealed up the faculties that will allow them to

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believe this is that, but then also like the flavor number two of that worst case scenario is a person like this, a person who was described in the first two is here, I number six and seven, somebody who is going to be a disbeliever in and at heart they are disbeliever they made up their mind to be a disbeliever yet maybe I can do this here, alright. Yet they pretend to be a believer. They pretend to be a believer. Some there are some who say we believe in God and the last day, yet they are not believers. Why would they do this because they want to seek to deceive God and the believers, but they only deceive themselves, though they do not realize it via Cordoba, modeled on

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facade homologue model but in their hearts is a disease, which God has increased, they will have a painful punishment because they have been lying along either on a limb on the market can we agree moon These are people who have lived a a who who are living a double life and they are living a lie. They are called in Islamic terminology Mona, if you call a monastic is a hypocrite pretending to be one, but is being the opposite. This is not talking about at the time of the prophets Allah looked him in the eye and lied to him in the face by saying we are believers. We follow you. We are Muslims when in their hearts, privately they were complete disbelievers. Their Islam was purely a means of

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convenience, a means of concealing their identity a means of staying out of trouble. That is what is describing. So the client sets the stage by first talking about the best case scenario. Remember the sort of idea ended by talking about role models all show us the role models are supposed to follow so we can follow in their footsteps and be like them. It tells us the role models the believer should aspire to and then it paints

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shows us the opposite end of the spectrum. The other end is this, this is what you need to stay away from, this is what you cannot become. And then it proceeds to talk to the rest of the people I have number 21 I and number 20 ones proceeds and speaks to humanity about these groups of people. A lot of that comes and speaks to the people in the middle. When, you know, invitation to them, it's something for them to read and be drawn to their Lord to through it. Or people worship your Lord. Yeah, are you a natural armadura, Bakula de holla kakum. Well created you and those before you sued so that you may become righteous Lana contact akun again, this idea of righteousness, your benefit

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so that you may become a better righteous person, your Lord is the one lakes and ponds and that's places that you live, the water cycle enables our life. To last Mark was highlighting these things, I made this earth a place for you to not just survive, but thrive. The system has been set up for you for data, geography and data. So don't now don't knowing the set up rivals with a loss pantalla because that would be the ultimate injustice. You're giving the right of Allah and only a lot to somebody who does not who is not supposed to have it. Surah number here is the reason why you should believe in God Almighty. Here's the real reason why you should accept Islam. Okay, and here is the

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challenge. If you are in doubt that about the revelation that we have sent down to our servant, if you think this is not the word of God to be sold ultimately, then produce a single chapter like it while there Osho had come call upon your helpers. Besides God, if you are truthful, the Quran has the challenge of falsifiability built into it in not just one place in a number we will try our best to make do with that game. This is in Naha known as Zelda decra. We're in the hula half alone. Indeed it is We Who sent down the Quran and indeed, we will be its guardian. Okay, Surah 415, iron number nine, the second test of falsifiability if you think this Quran has been corrupted, or if

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you're going to show this Quran has been corrupted over the course of history, then you have falsified it. Okay, number one, if you can produce a surah like this Quran that matches its eloquence that matches his majestic nature, the matches the wisdom and the power of His message that matches the miraculousness of all of this combined the fact that it was given to an unlettered Prophet, who did not have an editorial process where he could read and write and edit his work. If you could do all that, you pull that off, then you have shown to be the word of a human being not the word of God. You see, the Quran has this built in. It's challenging people, people, what's

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stopping you from accepting your Lord, what's stopping you. And that's what this challenge is for. If you can't do it, then you should know that this is the word of God. It is the word of God, if you can do it, understand is the word of God. And if at this point, you reject it, now you are preparing yourself for eternal damnation after you've arrived at the at any logical endpoint, where now you are left with no choice but to accept the divinity of the Quran, and the finality of the prophets of Allah. And then you turn away. Now you have put yourself in line for eternal damnation. And that's what I 24 references, I have number

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28. As you can see, I'm going to jump between the ayat of Quran here because we cannot obviously go through the surah III, it says How can you disbelieve in God? How can you disbelieve in God working on water for if you were dead, and he gave you life, you will not even in existence and the love watch you into existence. How can you disbelieve in the one who did that for you that he will let you die again, then he will bring you back to life again, just like he brought you into the world the first time he will resurrect you again. If that was improbable, but happened, this thing that you think is improbable will also take place and that is when you are going to stand in front of

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him. So behind Allah, this is the idea the introduction to the Quran. Very powerful introduction to circle back

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Sara is directly asking the people what's stopping you? What's stopping you? Okay? Now, after this Allah sponsor mentions the story of Adam, before we mentioned the story of Adam, he mentioned that he created everything on the earth for you, meaning that we were meant to be earthly beings, Adam in Islam was meant to be on the earth. He was not meant to live in paradise forever. He was meant to come to Earth. So it's not like we don't come with the concept of the original sin. Okay? You know, we're not born with any Original Sin. You know, either Mr. Graham made a mistake, he made repentance and Allah forgave him. Okay? That is the story of a human being. That's what a human means supposed

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to be. They will make mistakes a human being will make mistakes. And they are to ask for Allah's forgiveness. And if they do that, Allah will forgive them. And that is what a great human being is.

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We're not carrying the sins or the burdens of our forefathers or our predecessors, that will be unfair, that will be extremely unfair. So either Melissa lamb is told from the get go already, she's been told from the get go before we even talk about Adam Melissa lamb that we are meant to be. We are meant to be on the earth, creating everything on the earth for you. And that is something that we should be mindful of this is a blessing of Allah that we're on the earth. It's the blessing of Allah that we get to enjoy the luxuries and the boundaries of the earth. But we're not to exploit we are not exploited and corrupt. Okay, either. Melissa lamb was an unprecedented creation of Allah,

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tala, but the connection of the story of Adam is well known. The story of Adam is he was created in, in the, in the heaven, right, he was created in heaven by Las pantalla, not from Earth, he was made in heaven. And then he was sent down to the earth as a consequence of his choice. Why he was told, oh, Adam, live with your wife in Paradise and eat freely from it wherever you may, may wish, yet do not approach this tree, lest you become wrongdoers. But other Melissa lamb was tricked by the devil. The the devil who refused to bow down to Adam, the devil, who was supposed to be shamed on was actually one of the greatest worshipers of alone one of the most devoted worshipers of Allah to the

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point where he had occupied a seat next to the angels. That's how high he had risen in the ranks. his downfall is contrasted with Adam and Islam, he did not. He was arrogant about what stuck out he was arrogant, he thought himself to be better than other, he thought to himself, that Allah made the mistake of choosing Adam over him, and that caused him to be expelled, and that made him the cursed devil. And he made it his mission from that point to misguide humanity to misguide Adam and all of Adam's progeny. And then at this point at the malice alarm as he is in paradise shaytaan incites them, you know, encourages them, whispers to them some false nothings.

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And that was their mistake, listening to the devil, and being convinced in their mind that he is right. Contrary to what the command of God was, the command of God is, while Ahava had a short run, do not approach this tree. in their mind, they were able to be tricked by the devil. And they were convinced in their mind that this is it's something there's something good here, let me go and get it. And that became the cause of the downfall. This is the story of human beings. This is the story of human beings. We are tricked by what we think is good for us, when the Sharia says is bad for us. When the Quran and Sunnah says bad for us, we justify it as something that's okay.

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And that is the beginning of the downfall. Okay, for other men is a Lamb that was the downfall. But of course, Adam and Sam is not eternally damned. He is not like the devil. And this is the key point. He is not like that. He's not like shavon who made the mistake. And so no, I'm not going to apologize for it and he doubled down on it. And he said, I will remain this way forever. Okay. I'm gonna sell him immediately. But of course, at the moment, he can imagine for tabali immediately he recognized the mistake. Immediately he asked for repentance, and immediately Allah accepted his repentance. Adam received some words of prayer from his Lord, and He accepted his repentance. He is

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the Forgiving and Merciful. This brothers and sisters is a very important point for us.

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For us, sins and mistakes does not mean that you are not a good Muslim. to sin is to be human to Earth is to be is to earn the right to be to make an error is to be human. And ultimately Salam is demonstrating that what makes us a good Muslim is we accept our mistakes and we ask Allah for forgiveness. And we are certain that Allah has forgiven us. This is the key part. Fatah Allah, He is done, the moment you ask to repent for forgiveness, the repentance is complete, the sins are forgiven, while hamdulillah such a beautiful, such a powerful, you know, such a liberating mindset. You don't harp on your mistakes forever. You don't let your mistakes paralyze you. You don't let a

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person's you know your own flaws, make you convince you that you are flawed and a bad person. No, you make the mistake, you ask for forgiveness, and you try to be better. That is what makes a good Muslim. The problem said at a woman then became a lead on Bella who the one who asked for forgiveness is like the one who never sinned.

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It's completely erase the sin. When we asked for forgiveness, submission without compromise the theme that we had the main idea that we had spoken about submission to Allah without compromise, this is what it means. It means we accept our mistakes. That's what submission to Allah without compromise means. It does not mean that we don't make mistakes that actually to the contrary means we will be able to accept our mistakes and

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and become and try to change ourselves. Okay. Now after speaking about Adam, where it all began. The next group of individuals or the next group of people that are last Panesar speaks about is the children of Israel, the Israelites, the predecessors of the Jewish community today, yeah, Bani Israel, all children of Israel. Remember the favors I have bestowed upon you. I'm number 40. Member the favors I have bestowed upon you and fulfill the covenant that you have made with me.

00:37:19--> 00:37:24

I shall fulfill the covenant I made with you and fear me alone

00:37:25--> 00:37:33

and believe, are Amina Lima, ns and, excuse me and Zell to massage, Halima calm.

00:37:34--> 00:38:26

And believe in the message I have sent down which fulfills that predictions about the last prophet in their scripture, which you already possess, and do not be the first the foremost to deny its truth. Do not sell my revelations for a paltry price, and fear me alone. Do not mix truth with falsehood, or hide the truth, when you know it, to the contrary, attend to your prayers, establish the prayers and give the cut and bow down with those who bow down. This is a very powerful introduction, a very powerful segue to benissa What is the reason for the segue? The reason is a long walk them. Last month I spoke about Adam, the the first human, the father of humanity. And he

00:38:26--> 00:39:15

demonstrated he showed how, as human beings, we are going to be flawed, we are going to make mistakes. That's part and parcel of being a human being. But what makes us good humans is is that we accept our mistakes. What makes us bad is we say our mistakes are not mistakes. It's not a big deal, or it's not wrong in the first place. Or let's change the rules so that my mistake is no longer a mistake. That is where the problem lies. And that is unfortunately what Bernie is. He used to do quite frequently. That was there. That that was how they were that they would make a mistake again and again, be corrected, and yet they won't accept that they had actually done something wrong. This

00:39:15--> 00:39:29

is the history of the Israelites. Okay, the Israelites are if you want to see this, this is important. They're actually the children of jacobellis Allah who was known as Israel.

00:39:30--> 00:39:59

And Yaqoob, of course, is the grandson of Ibrahim alayhis salam, and the Israelites are the descendants of yopu from all of his 12 sons, including Yusuf Alayhi. Salat okay. Allah favors to any site Allah mentions before anything. He mentions his favors to Bani Israel, he mentions to them that old guru near Amati remember the favors I had bestowed upon you. Remember the favors I have bestowed

00:40:00--> 00:40:19

Kuan Yew What are these favors, Oh Allah, these favors are remember when we delivered you from Pharaoh's people is not j now criminality for our own for our own had enslaved them and humiliated them how because he has subjected them to the most humiliating punishment without Buna abna comb.

00:40:20--> 00:40:51

Whereas the human is a comb, slaying your sons and spearing your daughters. This is that our own telling them I can do whatever I want with your kids and you can do anything. I will take away your your sons, and I will control your population I will humiliate you in this week I'll keep you weak and you can do anything about it. That was the pharaoh that's how evil he was. And that's the situation but he is he was in for generations.

00:40:52--> 00:41:19

And that was definitely a great trial. But then Allah, Allah miraculously saved them. For Rocco Nabi komaba, when we divided the sea for you, of angina, calm saved you and drown the pharaohs people were undone tanza rune and you saw him drown, there is like a soothing relief you would get by seeing your oppressor, find his find his demise or meet his end, yes, that is what you experienced.

00:41:20--> 00:42:13

But here is the here is the unfortunate pattern of bunny style. And this is what shows their lack of devotion or lack of commitment to Allah fully. In other words, either millesime is showing us okay, this is how you are committing to Allah, you are devoted to Allah without compromise submission without compromise. Bunny is stylish, showing what it means to be compromised, gay, they will get blessings, and then the blessings will make them feel entitled. And then the entitlement will lead to a room full of blessings. And this would continue again and again. The Blessing was they were saved from Fidel when they watched him die. Your oppressor who was slaughtering you, humiliating you

00:42:13--> 00:42:38

controlling you. You saw his end, you saw him meet his end and you won. What an incredible blessing yet, then town entitlement was in the absence of Musashi Salam he went away to get revelation, get the Torah from Allah subhanaw taala you took to worshiping the calf. In his absence, one don't want to Volume One and at this point you became the wrongdoers.

00:42:40--> 00:42:50

And that led to the removal of the blessing. The removal of the blessing was I number 54 when Moosa returned, and said oh people

00:42:51--> 00:43:26

you have need wrong yourselves by worshipping the calf, turn in repentance to your Creator, and slay the culprits among you. felco tulou infosoc de alikoum highroller calm in the body comm that is the best course or that course is best for you in the sight of your maker, and he relented towards you. He's the forgiving one, the Merciful money surah el as you will notice things were difficult for them. And this is one of the things that Quran highlights. The Quran highlights that life. For Bani Israel, the law of the Torah was hard.

00:43:28--> 00:44:20

But the law of the Quran is easy. It is filled with nuance, it's filled with details and depth that can be adapted to any situation to any time to complex problems and simple problems. But at the core of it compared to the total, the current instructions are easier. They're meant to be in relief. And this is one thing that's one example of in the dobot the repentance of Bani Israel. He was not to say a stop for Allah. If a person today is guilty of schilke a Muslim did something that is polytheistic they did something like worshiped a idol. Okay, that will take them out of the fold of Islam. But what is the way they come back to stem they say a cellphone Allah eyeshadow, La ilaha

00:44:20--> 00:44:54

illAllah Muhammadan rasul Allah, they say, Allah, I'm sorry, it's wrong of me to do that. And they renew their testimony of faith. And off they go, the words and then tensions are enough for bernisa he'll look at how tough it was. It was actually that we had to execute those who did this. Now, here. Of course, there's also some new ones, the new ones is that Ben is evil. We're not doing this in the absence of a prophet. But Muslim does something like this today, they're doing it in the absence of a prophet around them, you know, and then that's, you know, in a way

00:44:55--> 00:44:59

not we don't condone it But okay, you know, you're by yourself. You're sir

00:45:00--> 00:45:47

surrounded by people here bernisa you you are around a prophet How do analysts Ramos with you? Most of Islam just saved you? And yet you did this. That's what makes it even more egregious and and the Quran mentions that the blessings Okay, the blessings was well Valentina like when am I 57 because the clouds to provide shade for you. Well Angela Lee Kuhlman was Salwa and provided you and send down for you manner and quails, pulumi Morocco, momento, EBIT maharatna come eat the good things that we have provided for you. But indeed the raw did not wrong as well. mavala Muna Allah can can one foster home, you have the moon the wrong themselves, their bad attitude, this is a key problem

00:45:47--> 00:46:05

sisters, the bad attitude of a person does not hurt Allah, it hurts themselves, first and foremost. And that's what our last panel is highlighting their bad attitude towards the blessings that they received. They got the blessings of man our Salah food dropping from the sky

00:46:06--> 00:46:17

prepared meals dropping, dropping from the sky for them. They instead of being grateful to this, we're actually ungrateful and what did they say? They said, Hey, Musa,

00:46:20--> 00:47:11

leanness Villa Allah, amin, Wahid, 61, Moses, we cannot bear to eat the same kind of food every single day. Okay, instead of being grateful, they became entitled, we can take the same type of food, we want this, you know, we want this type of stuff that we like to eat, that we're used to eating, for the owner of burger Yakuza, Nami, matambi, member curry ha, cause I pray to your Lord to bring forth for us some of the Earth's produce, its herbs and cucumbers, its garlic, lentils and onions. The idea here isn't a hit on garlic, garlic, or lentils or cucumbers or onions. The idea is, you can even change your eating habits. You can even change that for the sake of Allah. How can you

00:47:11--> 00:47:23

change anything bigger than that? How can your mindset be changed? How can you be liberated from the slavery you experience for all these years to now being a free person? How can any of that happen?

00:47:24--> 00:48:13

And you can even change your basic eating preferences. And that's the the entitlement that they were feeling. Also, this is a beautiful, this is a beautiful Quranic expression, I want you to pick this up, if you can find the rule. And Rebecca, you make the choice for us. So you pray to your Lord. I mean, is Allah not going to answer you or listen to you if you make dry yourself? Right? This is a very, this this statement shows their attitude, their attitude was wrong. The idea was this religion. You know, let's, let's let Moses do all the work, we're just gonna be here with him. Okay, take whatever we can get, and oppose whatever we find, you know, objectionable, that is the attitude

00:48:13--> 00:48:24

of someone who is not worshiping Allah without compromise. They're worshipping Allah with compromise. They're not, you know, devoted fully to Allah, the removal of blessing.

00:48:26--> 00:49:08

I number 61 mentioned that, that will slowly but surely, Mozilla to Well, my scanner, while my scan, excuse me, basement and destitution was stamped upon them, and they incurred the wrath of God. That is what ended up happening, the blessed removal of blessing, a tale that repeated itself when he said, evil is shown here. And everywhere in the Quran, not so that we can point at them and say, Look how terrible they were. Bonnie's study has shown or the example is, is given to us. So we can look at this is a mirror we're looking at ourselves here, but instead, we're looking at ourselves, how do we act? How do we

00:49:10--> 00:49:47

react to blessings? That last part that gives us does that make us more entitled? And then we complain about things that we shouldn't be actually grateful for? Does that make us forget our blessings? That's the question. And what kind of attitude do we had look at Do we have look at bunny side and they're like, Oh, hey Moosa do this for us a moose I do that for us. This is not the attitude of the believer. that religion is not just something that you use for your own personal gains, and and to advance your your interests. The religion is you submit to Allah without compromise. That's what the religion is about.

00:49:49--> 00:49:59

The next incident is a story of the calf we have a we're just maybe you will take this one last incident and we'll stop with that, which is ID number 67. Which is what this

00:50:00--> 00:50:26

hula is named after very aptly will pick up the rest of the story inshallah. Next, Next, tomorrow's final. Because, you know, the first juice is always longer, you know, there's actually a lot more content in the first juice because we're not that there's more words in it, but it's just heavy in the beginning, and then we'll catch up to it towards the end inshallah, don't you worry. But the story of the cow is very interesting. I am number 67. Right?

00:50:28--> 00:50:29

I number 67.

00:50:31--> 00:50:31


00:50:33--> 00:50:34

Allah Subhana Allah highlights

00:50:36--> 00:50:38

the people who

00:50:40--> 00:51:29

there was a murder in benissa, he, and people came to Masada Salaam, asking him, how will you solve the case of murder? Moses says people God commands commands you to sacrifice a key for a cow ibaka. Okay. They said, Are you making a mockery of us? He answered, God forbid that I should be so ignorant is 67 they said, Ask your Lord to make it clear to us what so what sort of he for she should be? It's very obvious. First, it was sacrifice a cow. Hmm. They're like, well, what type of cow at the first instance, any cow would have counted. But now after you've asked a follow up question, now is going to be restricted. It's a subset of from all the cows to a cow that is neither

00:51:29--> 00:51:53

too old nor too young. in between. All right, now the age is restricted. They're like, well, we're not sure what color it is. I number 69. Milo No, ha ha. What's the color here? Now it's a color and have a cotton sofra over there alone. Hmm. It is a bright yellow cow. pleasing to the eye.

00:51:54--> 00:51:57

Even more restricted. Now again.

00:51:58--> 00:52:10

Ask your Lord to make clear to us exactly what type of cow or heifer it should be. For all of them look the same to us. Like really? The yellow cows look like the black cows to you? Right.

00:52:11--> 00:52:14

Bala in Ahuja, kulu in the harbach rotten

00:52:16--> 00:53:04

la de Lune to zero our lotta still have, your Lord says it should be a heifer, which has not been yoked to plow the land, nor water, the fields are here for free from any blemish. Now, this is a cow that has not been used for labor. And it's a cow that is bright yellow. And it's not too old. It's not too young. They started with any cow. When the command initially came, any cow could have sufficed. By the time they finished only one cow met all the conditions forever, who How am I gonna do if I don't, they sacrificed it, though they would rather not have done it. What's the point of this story, it goes back to the concept of submission without compromise bunnies. were submitting

00:53:04--> 00:53:49

out of convenience, money sorry, over submitting, not because they were super devoted to the cause super convinced of it, they were just doing it because they had no other choice. Almost not compelled or force. But this was, you know the best that they could do the best option that they had. And it showed in the way they approached, they kept procrastinating they kept delaying it unnecessarily. And when someone keeps delaying something unnecessarily, it's because they don't really want to do it in the first place. And that isn't submission without compromise that is compromising submission, that is compromising devotion. And that's what Bernie is that he was doing.

00:53:49--> 00:54:33

Now this is not just meant to be a critique of Bernie style. It is a critique of them because they were with the great one of the greatest prophets of Allah with Moosa you are, you know, privileged to be with one of the greatest prophets of all times, thus you are going to have have a more scrutiny than others. But it's not about money, say it's about us, looking at it, like as a mirror us being looking at this and looking at it and reflecting upon ourselves. You know, how serious is our devotion, our commitment to Allah, like, if we're delaying matters of faith, we're procrastinating. We're putting things off that we should be doing in a timely fashion. Does that

00:54:33--> 00:54:46

show a lack of commitment? Does it does that show a lack of devotion? And maybe the answer is yes. Maybe the answer is you don't understand the gravity of the matter. You see, and either way,

00:54:48--> 00:54:59

the the nature of the way the person approaches the attitude is what gives away how they feel about it. Because if it was important, the attitude

00:55:00--> 00:55:34

would be of urgency. You see and that is what the story of Bani Israel is highlighting and that inshallah we will stop we will pick it up and after that inshallah data from the covenant of ministry, and tomorrow we're going to cover the story of Ibrahim Ali Salaam. We'll take her time the first few days, we won't actually be covering an exact Folgers. But we will insha Allah get to the end, we'll catch up towards the end together. There's a lot more info coming out. There's a few questions I fought if you're trying to be better after accepting the mistakes, but you're still struggling to be better.

00:55:36--> 00:55:39

In the case, this is a beautiful question. This is a very beautiful question.

00:55:41--> 00:56:29

The man the person who makes the mistake says I'm sorry to Allah truly wants to change and then comes back and does the thing again. That person as long as they again say stop for Allah say they're sorry, and try their best to be better the next time. That is a person who is called lamb yourself. This is a person who is not insisting on the sin. They're trying to get better. And this person even if this cycle repeats 100 times, they will be forgiven 100 times. In fact, there's a possibility that their sins will be turned into good deeds for them because they kept on fighting they kept on fighting the the desire of sin, and they kept on fighting the urge to label themselves

00:56:29--> 00:56:55

as beyond hope for that they will have extra forgiveness and extra mercy in sha Allah Allahu Allah is always fighting with us for the sake of Allah Almighty. That is correct. Does that qualify everybody for coming out and Jada? I'll see you again. Tomorrow, same time, same place in sha Allah Subhana Allah more we have Liga Michelle de la ilaha illa Anta istockphoto kotoba Lake Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh