We Are From The Same Person

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The speaker discusses a situation where a man named Adam was supposed to be a prophet but was later found to be a woman named Halle. The speaker suggests that they are all related and that they should be impressed by someone named Jesus. They also mention that they are a woman named Halle who was supposed to be a prophet but was later found to be a woman named Halle.

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Do you know you and I came from the same person? Do you know that? Who was he? His name was? No. May peace be upon him. I heard some of you say, Adam, yeah, Adam is right. But no Halle salon and they came from Adam. So Adam and then No, and we are all the family of Noah. If you didn't know that you know it today.

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And I mentioned the other day that

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it wouldn't be wrong for you to say you're from the family of a prophet. You can say I'm from the family of a prophet, who was the Prophet alayhi Salah

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wa ala reata, whom all burpy in when Allah speaks about the destruction that happened at the time, he says, We made his family the ones who remained so his progeny was the only one that actually continued thereafter.

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May Allah subhanho wa Taala Have mercy on us but closer to that a lot of us 15 Fathers up we probably meet at one person but you don't know I don't know.

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You realize that we related by the way smile my brother.

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Next time you see me say that's my uncle.

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But my brothers, my sisters, it's factual we are connected we should be feeling that importance. The person sitting next to you right now guess what, if you have a connection with Allah, you will realize that the same Allah I'm trying to impress mate, this guy here sitting next to me, or this person sitting on the other side, the same Allah mean that person so if I want to impress Allah, I got to just be good to what Allah has made, right? Allah made these other people here. You don't like this guy. You don't like that guy. But why? Because Allah made them even if they're wrong, you got to try and correct them with a beautiful mannerism in a nice way, but you got to develop some

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form of contact with them. You go on to the street, who are those people on the street? Are they not creatures of the same Allah that you're trying to impress? So you saying Subhan Allah and hamdulillah Stanford Allah La ilaha illa Allah while walking on the street, you praising Allah praising Allah, but someone that Allah made that walk past you, you spat in their direction? What was the point? What was the point? Did you achieve Taqwa? Did you understand the relationship with Allah, you're going to start fasting. You know why? When you fast and you're a little bit hungry, many, many things happen. Many, many things happen. You start thinking of food, and then you realize

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I'm not allowed to eat. And then you start thinking of those who don't have food at all. And then you have a bit of compassion. And then you're taught in another verse, be charitable. The reward is increased in Ramadan, be charitable, so you pick up you put your hands in your pocket and you start taking out a pound or two pounds or $1 or two, whatever it may be, who do you give it to?

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Someone who doesn't have what you have? Allah tells you, you're a human we made you well, Allahu Mala Bauma Kumala bow.

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Feel this call. Allah has given some virtue over others in sustenance as well.