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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salam aleikum, which is a greeting of peace, peace piante Welcome to another episode of the deen show. Every so often, we get a super special guest. All of our guests are special. But then we got super special, my good friend who I have had an opportunity to work with several times and I get excited every time he's here in Chicago. He visits us here at the dean show studio. So when we come back, we're going to be talking about the profits. And we're going to be letting you learn about some of these messengers of God also. So when you come back, get ready for our good friend shake use of Esther's here on the deen show. We'll be right back.

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Is his messenger

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Jesus was his messenger.

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No, I did that. Maybe it's maybe it's just a break the ice.

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A Salaam Aleykum. Share?

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Cat, it's nice to be on the show. It's always a pleasure to have you here on the deen show. I think every time I come up to this, your studios go higher and higher. It seems like we're up really high this time. Alhamdulillah our praises to Allah has given us disability, to do this dour to be here trying to educate the people and to have such wonderful guests as yourself to be able to share the beautiful message of Islam. I couldn't help but hear when you started talking about super special, because it tickled me because the subject we're going to be talking about tonight has something in it.

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In Islam that you don't find in other religions, we're gonna get straight to the topic, but we want to know, a little bit because there's some non Muslims probably too knocking. They don't know who you are. Yes, you used to be a former preacher, your father was the doctor of divinity. And he really doctor divinity. He was a minister who was a minister. So you came over from Christianity to Islam show just take one minute and sum it up. What happened? Well, basically, I had met a Muslim, my father met a Muslim. And he said we would be doing business together. And I thought, well, this would be a great chance for me to work on my conversion skills, do some of my missionary work on

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him. And I had heard some things about Muslims from some of the evangelists that I knew. And some that were quite famous actually. And I had thought a lot of bad things about Islam and Muslims. And to me, it seemed rather easy that I should be able to

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propagate Christianity go to him and converting. But it didn't work out like that it was totally different. All of the misconceptions that I had about Islam, were clarified and cleared up, in my mind, at least because I could see the way this man was behaving things that he talked about me, especially when he talked about his country, Egypt, and it didn't fit the stories that I had been getting. So that was one thing. Another thing was to see the good habits of the gentlemen. And he said that the teachings of Islam are this. And so even though I spent three months with this man, traveling with him working alongside of him, I didn't really think about converting to Islam, I was

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just thinking about taking some of the nice qualities he had, and put them into practice as he had because, you know, Christianity teaches these things as well. But it was a strange story that happened, what I invite people to do is go to a website we have, so they can get the whole story over there because it takes about 45 minutes to tell it what's the Yeah, it's called use of St. Services calm and they can hear the whole story on how you expel Islam, like this. Why you SUF then my last name is E s. t e And the holster is there. Okay, great. Now we thought it'd be wonderful with our super special guests to talk about some of the super human beings who are living,

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who were propagating the way of life that was ordained from the Creator of the heavens and earth. And we got a lot of isms out there. We want to learn a little bit about these profits. We want to learn who they were what they taught, you say isn't jutaan but different.

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divisions within real exactly a different sex that come out. Absolutely. Yes. So we want to see that some of these profits that we're gonna first talk about the first man Adam, talk a little bit about him and tell us so we can get well acquainted with who he was, what he taught what his mission was. To start with a you're right that we do consider these people as special

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People, let's let's say that we consider all the prompts to be very special, then amongst some of those special people, we would have those who we would say are super special. And but I want to clarify that to say that in Arabic, we have something called a Nabil. This is a prophet. And the plural of this is onvia. So from all of the ambia, all of them are knobbies, I'm going to use an English s there. But then within this group of special people, you have super special hook called rhassoul. And now all of those that are rhassoul, are also knobbies. Because they're special, but they're super special. And if a lot except me to say it that way, the distinction would be first of

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all, anyone who is on the category of being a prophet in general, one of the special people, then that would mean that he is being divinely guided by Almighty God. He's a human just like you and I accept that he's special, in that he is here for a purpose to really communicate to the people and talk with them know, what will be the deciding difference between them in Arabic will be whether or not he has a text, which is memorized. And or

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written down? Yes, it will. If they have a text, it will be definitely memory. And some of those they had some that were also written down. Some were preserved and some weren't. Yeah. So that's the general thing. Now you want to go to Adam, Adam. Now this is very interesting for me, because when I visited so many countries, and many of them, not Muslim countries, and I would ask them in your teachings of your traditional history and so on, who do you have as a first man, if you have such a story? And all of them said, Yes, we do have a story of a first man. And all of them are saying his name is Adam. Yeah, yeah, that's in every language. Good. Common Grindr AD AD done.

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Adam and ad done, I found I'd done also mentioned, yeah, so I found this in, of course, the romantic languages, for instance, anything where the Latin root of French, Italian, Spanish, and so on, they're going to be Adam, as he is English. You find it in German, you find it in a lot of the European languages as well. Adam, Adam, Adam, it's very interesting to me, because if we did understand, that means we're acknowledging there's one common grandfather to everybody, at least, according to their folklore.

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The funny part is, though, we all acknowledge that everybody say, Adam is our grandfather, but who's your God, and then we get into all these different stories. And as far as that goes, it appears according to the anthropologists and those who study ancient history of human beings, they will tell us that now they've changed their mind, they used to say that, that people had all these different gods. And then at some point in time, they all came together and decided, you know, let's start working on one God, theory, and they usually associated with Judaism. But now their studies have indicated that even way back that it's appears, the older history, they did have the idea of one God

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and later this became multiple gods. This fits right along with the teaching of Islam. Now, how did it start with Adam? was Adam created then he was put in the garden? And then how did this whole thing happened with the sin that he committed? Can you start to tell us about the story, the story for the Jews is going to be the same story for the Christians because they picked it up from there, the Christians picked it up. The story for the Muslims is so identical that many people have tried to postulate that Mohammed Salah Salaam, copied the story that he heard it from Joseph, he was taught by some monks or something like that. It's not true. He did definitely was a prophet. And he

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definitely knew this by divine inspiration that came to him. from MIT at law, I bet the store still is the same because it's still the same truth true to his God brought all of the creation together first. Then after everything is said and done, as far as the creation is concerned, then Allah creates Adam, but according to Islam, we know that there was another creation before mankind and these are called the jinn. Some have said that this in and the Jewish teaching might have been the I think they call it F or M or M. How do you translate jinn in English? That is spirits? Can you say spirits? Some people say that they'll say sprites or spirits, or genies? It's taken from the word

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Jin, about the I think the proper thing to do is just to leave it in Arabic because they don't really have much on it anyway. Yeah. Okay. So to say Jin would

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is the plural of a genie, you know, that, or Jenny? Yeah.

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they existed prior to us. These were not angels. They had free will free choices that they had, and they did as they pleased. And one of them was worshipping God, one God,

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three times a day, at the time of this rising and sending in the sun, and then when the sun is directly overhead,

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the three times that we're now forbidden, yes to worship, those 10 minutes spreads there. And it is said that he was actually fighting against the disbelievers of his own kind. And they were really bad, there were some very evil ones. And God reinforced him with angels, who came along with him and helped him to fight and to put down all this rebellion and bad stuff that was going on. Then Allah raised him up to a very high status, and made him amongst the angels but not of the angels. In other words, he was going around with angels and actually worshiping God, and praying with these angels. But he wasn't one that explained something we're gonna come to now. Yeah, the creation of Adam, the

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creation of Adam, according to the Quran, in the teachings of Mohammed. So Islam, is not just that God took some Earth and blew life into it. It's much more detailed, we know that, that Adam was very big, he was a huge man, and that he was formed from the clay of the earth, and so without a hand, and then finally, God puts the head on him and blows life into him, the spirit of life was blown into and through his nose. And when at the moment it happened, he sneezed a two. And that was the first

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movement that he did was to sneeze. Then, after he sneezed, he said, Of Hamdulillah, which means the praises to Allah, as his first words, Praise be to God. And then the response came back to him, you're humble, como la. And this is

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the mercy also to you. Yes. And then he says back to that de comala was usually bellicon, and the guidance of Allah for you, and he makes your affairs easy for him. So this is the first dialogue of Adam, now Adam is not born, he's created. And this spirit that he has in him is blown into him by Almighty Allah. So this is an amazing creation. Now, just before that takes place, though, he's still standing that before he is breathing,

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all of creation has been ordered to bow down all the angels have been told bow down. Now this is for all the jinn and angels. And all of them bowed down, except for this one who had been elevated up with angels. And he refused. He said, I'm not going to bow down the recommended from the Creator, he refused to do it. Yeah. And he said, why he mentions why he said, I'm better than he is I'm made from a smokeless fire, the content, the makeup of a gin is to be made from a fire. Whereas angels are made to have light. Yeah, either case, we wouldn't see them. But this is a different substance. So the one he's saying I'm better than this guy. So I refuse to bow down. But the angels are better

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than him because they're absolutely pure, and they're bowing down. So why can't you get with the program, you know? Well, he says why it says, because I'm better than him. So this arrogance, called kibber in Arabic, is the reason why he is condemned is for this reason,

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even though he had done some good things been raised up to a very high level, but he refused to obey a law. And he said, I'm better than him. So his arrogance, anybody's arrogance will not fly. It won't work in front of a law, because the law is the only one who is the greatest of all. It's called kabara. That's the root and Allah is Akbar. We say Allahu Akbar. Allah is greatest in kibber. This is pride come from the same root means you put yourself up like see how great I am. And this doesn't work with a lot egomaniac. It's considered a form of making partners with a lot actually dangerous stuff. Shark. Yeah, unforgivable sin. We talked about that in a previous program, the

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unforgivable sin of shark. Well, this is the blasphemy and this is what he had done. This is what's so horrible. Because if a person will do that, he'll do anything. If you know there's a God and he obviously knew. I mean, he's right there with the angels. Hello. And he knows that that was a command. It wasn't that of any ignorance whatsoever. It was just real stubbornness. Say, you know, okay, God, tell me what to do and I won't do it. Huh?

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This is very scary. Yeah. May Allah save all of us from man. I mean, so now how did how does the story of the garden go where they're both in the garden? does this come next now? Yeah, well, a lot supanova tell us said in Quran that he said Lakota Halak no incentive fee a sunny Tarquin that barely I have created the mankind from the very greatest of molds, the best molds. So this is the statement that comes now, in this condition, he has to be in the best place. And he was he was in a place called addin. Or Eden, we call it Eden the Garden of Eden. Now, the next thing that happens a lot creates for him a mate from a bone in his side, which we call the rib bone. And then Allah gives

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life to it. It's very interesting that the woman is not considered to be below a man like under the foot didn't come from a football. Yeah, didn't come up from the head bone, but from his side, and then this way, she's equal to him in front of a law.

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That is a very nice concept as well, then what happens next is they're told to enjoy all the fruits of the paradise, to eat, to drink to enjoy. And there's so much in Paradise, I hope all of us get to go, be there and enjoy this firsthand. But for sure, this is what they were going through. They were enjoying this, this wonderful place. But they were commanded, enjoy everything here, except for the fruit of this one tree is that you shall not eat. This story is exactly the same here that you'll find in the Bible, don't eat from this tree. Yes. And the devil now comes to them. Each of them not to her. And then she goes to him. This is different from Christianity and Judaism. Because in our

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story we have that the devil went to her Yes. And she ate, then the devil goes to Adam and he ate so we're not putting any blame on her. We're not blaming her for what Adam did. This is not permitted in Islam, to blame others for what you do. And both of them had sinned by disobeying the commandment, it wasn't because they ate fruit, there was plenty other fruit there it was because they disobeyed they were told don't eat that fruit.

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So that's interesting. Now the devil was told to do something, and he didn't do it.

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Mankind was told not to do something, and he did it. But both of them had sin. Now, here's another difference. That Eve and the Prophet Adam both repented. Now all of them were put out of Paradise, not because of their sin, but because this is how a lot always blended anyway,

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this is a much healthier understanding, psychologically, we didn't get kicked out of Paradise, because we sent because a lot already knew we would do that. In fact, he created us to be normal to make mistakes, and then repent to him. So this whole idea of repentance is different in Islam than it might be in some religions that you might have heard of in the past. Because Islam is not saying that the sin is what makes you filthy in front of God, is the fact that you refuse to repent, because we have two examples. The devil who sinned and Adam who sinned, Adam and Eve are forgiven, because they asked to be forgiven. Yes. Who did they ask? They ask Allah, and along the way, they

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won't do that sin anymore. You know, I learned from my lesson, I shouldn't have done it, I made a mistake. And I'm sorry, I really am sorry. And whatever you want me to do to make up for it. So this is the concept we have in Islam. And so the devil though he says, No, I'm not still not going to ask for forgiveness. Because now if he does it, he has to go in front of Adam and put his head down. And he says, I'm never going to do that I will not prostrate in front of this guy. I'm better than

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no, the devil did ask for something. He said, let me live. As long as there are any offspring from Adam, Grant me that. He's asking God, he's brand directly to God. And he says, Grant me that I will live long enough to be there for every single son of Adam. And I will tempt them and I will come to them from every angle that I can. And you will see they are not worthy of what you said about them being so great. And I will trick them or convince them, you know,

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mislead them. Yes, all to hell. So he made a a request and a law a law granted ran into to him What do you know what the scholar said about that? Well, they say they said that the reason that he got what he wanted, even though he was the devil, is because he only asked the law

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So a lot of is like letting me have find one last request, he should have used his last request to ask forgiveness. What are you doing? Of course not. And this is showing again the mercy of a law and forgiveness of a law. Now you might think, well, that would be it a law would never give him another chance. Some of the other products we're going to be talking about, also ask questions about this subject I mentioned to you. Moses, for instance, asked Allah. Well, what about the devil? And now, could he repent in? And if he did? Would you accept it? So here, we find that, yes, but he would have to go to the grave of Adam. And he would have to prostrate for what he didn't do before. And

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the devil says, Look, if I wouldn't do it while he was alive, I'm sure not going to do it now. So he's still the same today as he was then he refuses to repent. This makes a lot of sense. Now, they made a mistake. They turn to the crater alone, a law he forgave them. Let's look at another belief that you used to believe being a Christian, that we have somewhat of a similar story. But there's some blame being focused here on the woman or the man, can you talk about this? We can, but we'll be living our current strategy. Okay. Like to finish that Jesus peace be upon him also. Ask a similar question to God, if, if the devil could possibly repent? And should that happen? Would you then

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allow him to come to paradise? If he repented? Would you forgive him and everything? And Allah says, Yeah, I would.

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But I already know he won't.

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So we don't want to be stubborn either. Don't be stubborn, don't be stubborn. So we don't have from the story that we're seeing the stigma of the original sin. Original Sin is something that's used to believe in, is it not? Yeah, the original sin is mentioned in the Bible, as coming to us from Adam and Eve. And this is passed on generation upon generation. And there's no way for us to escape it. You're born in this original sin of the forefathers. And in one case, law says, are the God of the Bible anyway, he's saying that

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he visits the iniquity of the descendants of those who hate him on to the 10th generation. We don't have that in Islam. What we have in Islam is that every single soul as soon as they're born, they're innocent, regardless of religion, or lack of it, from the parents. There's nothing about passing on Original Sin. Now, what lesson can we learn from our great, great, great grandfather, the first man, when we see all these different ways of life out there, calling and saying that they're the only way? Or they're they're the truth? Or maybe some even have, like a buffet will mix everything up? And we'll just do it our own way or do our own thing? I would say we come back to the first man, how

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did he do it? What way of life was he upon? Well, according to what we know, he believed, of course, in the God that created him and blew life into him. So that would be the first and foremost of all religion to believe in one God because he believed in one God, and that religion or way of life, because it wouldn't be a formal religion, like we understand today. It was a way of life. Now that's interesting, because that's the exact same term used in the Quran. When Allah says in Medina, in de la Hill, Islam, for sure, the only way of life

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is to do Islam. Islam is the surrender, the submission to Almighty God in peace. So he was surrendering to the one God, the Creator of all things. That's it. He was that was that was his religion. And his biggest thing was to repent. That was if you want to say, Well, what was his religion about? It was about learning a lesson about what you do. And after you've disobeyed God because we all disobey God, there's no such thing as even the greatest of all prophets of all times is still made mistakes. Yes. And we won't say that Jesus is without mistakes. We're gonna say we don't know what his mistakes are. We'll be talking about that later on in the series, but for now,

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just leave it at this that every human being makes mistakes because the rest of the verse I gave you the first part, Lucha Halak no insanity I santaquin. The barely Allah has created human beings in the best of molds. Fukuyama wrote that in our home as far as suffering, then he reduced himself down. This is in parentheses here. He was reduced to the lowest of low but we know it's by his own shortcomings. This is interesting now. So we see something natural, something pure that the first man worship, the One God alone. He turned to him and he forgave him. So how can somebody be upon what the first man was upon the first prophet? It's actually the natural inclination of a child to

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believe only in

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One God, so every child is still being born in the best way. This would be me, because you might find a child today who was born to form a child who is have a mental problem, anything like this. And if this is the case, then some people would say, Well, I don't see where you get off sand, everybody's born perfectly. We didn't say that we said their best shape the best mode, in what way in that they all have this inclination toward believing in one God and worshiping Him alone.

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No partners. We have some people that have been following the show. And we know today that some people need motivation. There's somebody out there, and we're hoping that that one person, and he wants to do the right thing he wants to do what his creator wants him to do on his terms. What would he have to do right now we have a couple minutes to enter into the way of life that all the prophets of God, lift and talk. Well, let's don't exclude the women, women and men. Yeah, let's let's don't exclude Absolutely not. I would like to remind myself of what I did, when I first came to this same conclusion, I realized that on my own, I could never solve and resolve all of the different issues

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of beliefs and religions and teachings. But I did know that I could do something about my own life. And that's a pretty simple thing is to clear out your mind and your heart of hatred,

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and preconceived notions of racism and nationalism. Because you cannot have anything inside of you. That's like that against people and still be successful with a lot you've got to get rid of. Yes. So once that's cleared away, then you've got a vacuum and you need to fill the vacuum. The vacuum is real easy to fill, you say, Allah guide me. Or if you don't believe that his name is Allah say, God guide me. But if you say Moses guide me or Jesus guide me or something like that, then you will already put a human form to it. And you're not going to get the same result. So no visit visual picture. Nothing that you can imagine is God. No. Okay, no, no. So call on Him alone. Ask him to

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guide you. As simple is something that makes sense. It's not confusing as the one who created you to go, I'm gonna ask you a question. Sure. Didn't you do this exact same thing yourself? At some point in your life? I did the exact same thing as I did. I actually humbled myself. And I would ask the Creator, I say, you know, what, what's this all about? I need some assistance here. And in different words, I basically asked for the guidance. That's what I did. I, the end of the story of me coming to Islam, is when my friend told me, you know, we were discussing real heavy one night and he said, Listen, this is not about you, and me and you and your father, you and your wife. It's about you and

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gods, why don't you go off and talk to him? I did. And in my heart really strong. I said, Oh, God, guide me. And here I am today. Thank you for being with us. today. We're gonna have to continue on and have you back, please take a second, we're gonna wrap up. We got one minute left, you have some websites that people can visit. If they want some more information, I would recommend to those who are Christian to find what we do believe about the Bible and Christianity, they can go to 911 Bible those are two different websites. Then to get started on the faith in general, we have another one called bridge to And you see a lot of videos that we've done

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bridge to faith. And then we have another one to help us understand who is God, it's called God. Thank you very much. Does Oklahoma the Creator of the heavens word Allah rewards you for being with us today, and helping everybody benefit from the knowledge that you have. And I'd like to thank you for being with us again, for another episode of the deen show. Do the right thing. Do what the first man did. He called upon the Creator of the heavens and earth alone and he asked for forgiveness. He forgave him. He asked for the guidance. He gave it to him and you do the right thing. Ask for the guidance. And come back here every week on the deen show. Until next time, we'll

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see you then. Peace

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