The Day Shaytan Will Give A Khutbah!

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When everything is done and dusted on the Day of Judgment, shutdown will stand up and he will give a hoot to

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Allah says when a matter is done and dusted shaitaan will stand up and say Allah promised you

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and Allah promise was the truth. Why to come for a

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while my kerneli Alaikum in saponin he said I also promised you I promise you everything

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I promise you don't go don't do this don't go for a Salah you're gonna die or poverty. Don't give sadaqa you got all these aspirations

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stopped beef with this person. Don't be nice to your in laws, their in laws that just try to

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take undue advantage of you. Don't be nice to your wife. And I Chantal, justified everything for you and I

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and to the degree, we just have it for ourselves. He says, Allah promise you and I promise you the difference. He says he says he's given the hotbar on the Day of Judgment, the difference between my promise and the Promise of Allah was that for love to come, I lied, Iran made on my promise. My promise was just a blank.

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And he says, Then he says, Look, shaitaan says, but but

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I had no authority upon you.

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I had no authority upon you. All I did is call you

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don't do good.

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waste your life, drink, abused drugs, womanizer, but I had no authority. All I did is I enticed you I called you. He says, Then you replied, I called you you cried, fill out to Lou Mooney where Lou and full circle. Don't blame me today. Just because you've been suckered. Don't blame me. Blame yourself.

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Blame yourself. Allah promise you Allah. Allah promise you risk. I promise you *. I promise you poverty. Don't do this. Don't do that. Don't pay your Salah. Don't go for hygiene already. Don't give you a sucker. Don't give your sadaqa I promise you all that. And Allah promise you, but you listen to my promise more than you listen to a Promise of Allah. Fill out the loony Lumo and forsaken. Don't play me today. Blame yourself shaitaan will today be burry?

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He will exonerate himself

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from every single individual