Why does a disabled person have to pay a ransom (Kaffara) in spite of being exempted from fasting

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Next point, if you like regarding the situation of a disabled person, why is it a disabled person has to pay a ransom due to the fact they haven't fasted, unless isn't the Quran in surah baqarah chapter number two was 284. That if it is difficult for a person to fast, you can either fast appear and that is feeding of an indigent person or a poor person. The reason is that if a person is disabled, or if effect permanently and there are no signs that he will become healthy, where he can observe fast, so the question of him compensating

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or the question for him to keep the fast later on, doesn't arise at all. So that is the reason for him. There is a ransom that he has to pay something that is equivalent to feeding an indigent person or feed indigent person for every fast that he has missed.