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First question we have any practical advice about how I can explain to my children why we do not celebrate Christmas when we drive around we find all of the lights and all of the, you know, celebrations there in my young child, any practical advice on

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no fee him?

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So this is a psychological question more than a 51. The parent is saying, How do I explain to my I'm assuming very young children that we are not celebrating and the other culture is celebrating. So I think that this is a very a question that is very sensitive to the age of the child. And if you ask those who are more age appropriate This is not a full question but I'll give you some generic advice. If they're very young, I think one of the best ways is suited to a class because this is a beautiful to the point sooner we explain limited one a muted one America local foreigner had we explained that every oma every nation has its rituals has its festivals. We are Muslims, we have our

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two reads, if they're a little bit older, we can present to them evidences from the Quran and from the Sunnah about this issue of them is that when the Prophet system came to Medina, and he found they were celebrating two festivals, he said, that every nation has this festival Allah has given you two festivals better than this one they don't have and they will filter. And of course of the reasons why we do not celebrate other religious festivals is because our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, mentorship baja befo min for whom in whom whoever imitates a group of people will be considered to be amongst them, and imitation that is forbidden. As I have mentioned before, and I

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will mention in the future as well in a detailed lecture, the forbidden imitation is to imitate the rituals of another civilization and society. This is what is forbidden to do something that is unique to Buddhism, to Hinduism, to Christianity to Judaism, something that is a sign of Buddhism, Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, we cannot take that and then make it our sign because that is unique to that faith tradition. So Christmas is clearly something that is a fundamental ritual and a fundamental festival that is associated with a faith tradition. It is not our faith tradition. And of course, by the way, we can even tell our teenagers a little bit more than this, we can tell them

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that even early Christians did not celebrate this holiday. In fact, this holiday was invented in the year 320 or so. Sr 350. c, it was first introduced by Pope Julius the first not even something the disciples did. In fact, many Christian researchers believe that Jesus was born in the spring season, not even in the winter season anyway. So this whole even if he was he was born in the winter doesn't mean but the point is this festival of December 25. In fact, this festival does not originate in Christianity. This festival is pre Christian, and it goes back to a holiday that was found in pagan Rome, that is called Saturnalia. And this holiday was to mark the winter solstice, which is

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basically this season right now. And this season, of course, this is when the time changes, as you know, this is when the short days become the shortest and then they start becoming more and more. And because of this civilizations across the globe. Welcome that this is now essentially the beginning of you know the new season coming in. So we have the Celts, we have the ancient Nordics, we have multi and the ancient pagans of Rome, multiple civilizations celebrated December 25. Not early Christians, they didn't do this. However, when the Roman Emperor converted to Christianity, they adopted certain pagan festivals because as you all know, Roman the Roman civilization used to

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be pagan, up until around 300 or so when the Emperor Constantine made Christianity a state religion and he himself converted to Christianity. Before this point in time, Christians were persecuted in the same timeframe. December 25, which used to be a pagan festival,

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miraculously became a Christian festival. It was simply adopted, and it was then made into a Christian festival. And so you know, the point is, it's really an Of course, as we said, even the ancient Nordic gods and by the way, a lot of the symbolism and the rituals and the icon and iconic graphs is actually coming from other pagan civilizations. So for example, Santa Claus, they say, he is actually Odin of the ancient Nordic gods. He is the God Odin, and is being you know, basically iterated until they become Santa Claus and other things, the wreath and the symbol of the

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The fir tree all of this comes from certain pagan symbols. None of it is coming from Jesus and the disciples of Jesus. And even if it did, by the way, come from the disciples of Jesus, we say that's their religion. We have our own faith tradition. The bottom line, we as Muslims, we have very clear about this. Our Shetty does not allow us to actively participate and celebrate other religious festivals, any festival that is a symbol and an icon of another civilization of another faith tradition, excuse me, in which other gods are worshiped. We are not allowed to participate. And we are not allowed to import those icons. No Muslim should have a fruit tree in their house. No Muslim

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should have special lights and decorations around this timeframe. Because Nicola Coleman read every nation has its aid liquidity and jack Lemmon comes here at San Juan mahadji. Allah saying every one of you has their own way and their own

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methodology. And it's not just us, by the way, even most of the Orthodox rabbis, most of the conservative rabbis, they prohibit their followers of the Jewish tradition from celebrating the symbols of Christmas, because again, this is something that is not cultural, it is religious, this these prohibitions, of course, they are separate when they become cultural, then we can talk a different issue and I have given other lectures and maybe won't one day, we'll talk about them. Fourth of July, for example, and other things, which is no religion, you cannot apply these Hadeeth over there, because there's no religion, and there's no a bother being done. And in my humble

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opinion, those types of celebrations don't come under this hadith at all. What comes under these traditions that are forbidding is when you take a festival that is a holy day, and you then adopt it and you then follow it. This is not something that is allowed. They have their read, we have our read, and how you tell your children this best. It is psychology, I can give you generic advice. I also have four children and that all age levels I've tried my best but at the end of the day, how you teach to a child is more psychological related than 50. I can give you generic advice, but we cannot adopt these festivals as our own.

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Yeah, man.

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