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Salam alaykum. warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim al hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah who Allah Allah, he was happy.

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We praise Allah subhanho wa Taala we send blessings and salutations upon Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, his household, his companions, we ask Allah to bless them, to bless every one of us to bless our offspring to come right up to the end of time. May the almighty grant every one of us, goodness, my brothers and sisters.

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This afternoon, I commenced with a prayer. And I think I need to repeat that prayer, being in this beautiful city of Sydney.

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And the prayer is, may the almighty grant those who are busy extinguishing the fires that are not too far off from where we are, May He grant them the ability to turn off those fires as soon as possible? I mean,

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and may the almighty protect us from the adverse effects of such fires, and may He protect us from all harm and all evil, and all those who are struggling in any way across the globe? May the almighty be there for them, and alleviate their suffering, their difficulty and their hardship. And every one of us, within our own lives,

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going through whatever peculiar issues we are going through, may the almighty be there for you and grant you ease and inshallah grant you the best outcome in a way that you will be extremely reassured and happy. I mean, my brothers and sisters, we heard verses being read earlier by our reciter Sheikh, Mohammed jabril. And in those verses,

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the Almighty made mention of the mother of Jesus May peace be upon him, Maria May peace be upon her.

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And we mean, those verses, we heard that when she was expecting this blessing child.

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She didn't, she did not know how to face community or society. She didn't know how to face her own folks, you know why the matter at hand was too big. To explain.

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Something I draw from this all the time,

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is what Allah told her to do. As a result of that.

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In my life, I have sometimes issues that I don't know how to resolve. Sometimes I feel perhaps especially during this age of technological advancement, where

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the whole world gets to know something with a tweet, or with a little message on one of those platforms that you have of social media. And at times, it's a lie, it's a fabrication, it's a rumor about you about anyone else about myself. And it becomes such that you shake your head and you don't even know what are you supposed to do?

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No matter

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how much you may have. Or you may try to answer people perhaps may not understand they may not believe

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that's okay.

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They may not understand they may not believe which one are we using Habibi, Mashallah?

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Mashallah, I think it's the effect of this one. This one here? Well, I can then take this out in Sharla. And I can move this away to my shop.

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I can do that for you.

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Okay, shall I feel like I'm going to be auctioning something just

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symbolic of our brother here Mashallah. I only had one and suddenly I have to I wish that could happen for other things as well.

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No, no, no, no, no guys.

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Not where your mind swings.

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So my brothers and sisters,

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Maria Maria salatu salam was instructed to remain silent because you know what, only the almighty could solve that for her nobody else. I learned from that that silence is golden at times golden. Sometimes the matter you are facing is too big. Leave it for the almighty to manage for you to deal for you to deal with for you. You know what, at times, Time will heal the wound Time will tell what is right and wrong. You may not be able to resolve a crisis by your doing. You need divine intervention. You need the almighty to come in. People may accuse you they may say things about you. Don't worry, the Almighty is there. Part of the Divine legacy that we have learning from this

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Female mentioned in the Quran, Allah subhanho wa Taala told her, don't worry, we will take care of you. You just keep quiet. If anyone comes to you just point towards the child say, I'm not speaking today, it's not me, the Almighty is going to clear my name. Many of us, in fact, almost all of us in this day and age, people will say adverse things about us. It's normal. It's okay. They mean, the test is for both of us. The one who is speaking, is being tested and failing the test. And the one who is spoken about is being tested, and can convert that into an act of worship. If they were to engage in something known as sub sub meaning bad patients don't become despondent. They are people

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with greater struggles than you and I, we've just seen the brothers and sisters across the globe, with the suffering many of us have reached deep into our pockets to assist. Others have perhaps said a prayer. Because remember, it doesn't mean that if you couldn't assist financially that you have not assisted, you can assist even through a prayer. You can assist even by condition tising others by raising awareness, sapan Allah, may Allah grant us an understanding. So the Almighty will always take care of you. When Allah tells us something at times because of our weakness, we tend to feel You know what, I don't know if this is going to work.

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Imagine if I were to tell you, my brother bear patients we say sovereign sovereign so people come up and say, How long am I going to pay someone for? Where is the law? What's happening, man? Come on. The Almighty is not listening to me. You know what? That's your human nature taking over, relax, relax a little bit more. If I were to tell you, there is gold under the ground here.

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I've tested it with my machine. What would you do? Those who are minus from amongst us I believe the one who was doing the auctioning is also a jeweler. Am I right? He said he sold some of the jewelry to some of the sisters. I was listening rather, I was listening.

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If I were to tell you here it is. And you started digging and you died. And you went down 100 meters still no go 200 meters still no gold 300 meters still no gold, a kilometer, still no gold, what will you do? You will give up at a certain point. But I promise you there is gold in here. 1.2 kilometers, you missed it by only 200 meters.

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You gave up 200 meters away from your 1.2 kilometers. You worked so hard, you were almost there. And you gave up this happens to us in our lives. A lot of the times when we say keep going Allah knows we say but Allah knows but to win, just one day before you gave up or after you gave up so panela depending May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us don't give up my brothers and sisters life in its nature is such that right up to the end, you will go through things you don't want to go through. That's the meaning of the term test. When Allah says I'm going to test you let me quickly take you back to the classroom. When the teacher says I'm going to test you who writes the questions. You are

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the teacher,

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the teacher, that is proof that you're being tested, right?

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So when Allah says I'm going to test you, who's going to decide what the test is going to be you or Allah, Allah, what is he gonna test you with? One day, you won't be feeling too well, one day, you won't be able to go to school, one day, you might have planned a massive holiday somewhere, and everything is so good. And you know what, you get to the airport, and there's a strike and nothing is flying. Even the birds fly to Panama. And you're just looking at and saying, Oh my gosh, that's so many 1000 gone down the drain. Trust me, if you know your maker, you will know that he has just saved you from something that you don't know, because I want to take you back to this divine legacy.

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Have we read sort of recap, you know, what is sort of the cap on a Friday? We read it all the time, right? Well, we should be Sharla I tell you, there is a story in there about a man known as

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right, you know, it's supposed to be human appealed colors, right? So here goes. I will say that he meets Musa alayhis salam because Musa alayhis salam responded to a question he was asked once Who is the most knowledgeable who knows the most and naturally him being a prophet of Allah knowing he's a prophet of Allah subhanho wa Taala. He says, You know what, when I'm a prophet of Allah, obviously, you know what Allah would have given me the most of knowledge and lessons, hang on. We give whomsoever we wish, whatever we wish. So there will be a man who knows pockets of knowledge more than you. He was keen. Imagine if you're top top in your sport.

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And someone says is someone who's better than you in the sport?

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What would happen? I want to meet them. I want to see them. You know, look at the boxes.

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There was a fight, was it not last night, early this morning last night, right? And you know what? You cannot be fixed. If there is no second to fight you. So acknowledge the second, you cannot be a winner if the loser is not there, so acknowledge the loser, La Ilaha Illa. Have you ever thought of that? When they say Manchester City Manchester United you they had a game. And you know, this was the champ you're only the champ because the others were prepared to play against you. That's all they were prepared to lose. That's why so kind of love, you win. Because there is someone else known as a person who fought you or a team who was you know, against you, and they didn't make it there.

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musala is Allah, on the other hand, wanted to know, who's this guy. So I gave him a sign to say, you know what, you're going to have to go

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to a certain place in a certain way, and at a certain time, you will find this person.

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So so panela amazingly, he found him and cutting the story short, right? He told him, I want to be with you. So he says you cannot because if you're going to join me, there will be things you don't understand. And so he says, No, it's not like I won't understand I'm not going to question you. I'm just here to see to observe to take lesson and note. He says, No, you won't bear patients against what I do. So Musa alayhis salam says, You have my word, he says, Okay, come. So as they went along, look what happened. Three things happened. I want to only mention one of them.

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They jumped onto a boat, and they were going downstream. And you know what, suddenly, this man decided to make a hole in the boat to cause a defect in that boat. And musala is Allah looks at him, you know, these young men are doing you a favor, by actually giving you a ride to the other side. And here you are supposed to be so knowledgeable, supposed to be a person who knows so much, and you're literally doing them a disservice by boring a hole into their boat and causing the water to come in. So he questioned the man to say, What are you doing? He says, I told you, you won't bear patients. I don't do you're not gonna bear patients, some annaleigh. Right. So, later on, I told you

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I'm gonna mention one out of the three right later on. When this man explained to musala is and I've listened it enough, thrice. You asked me and thrice you said, it's okay. I'm sorry. I'm not gonna do it again. You know, twice is enough. You see, when your loved one comes and does something.

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say they break a plate. First time they break a plate, you say? Oh, no problem. No problem. Are you okay? Did you get hurt? Right? Are you okay? Are you hurt? You're not hurt. Oh, well, then don't worry about the plate. That's fine. We're gonna get another one. That's okay. So long as you're not hurt. It's fine. And the next day, boom, play broken. Do you know why? Maybe it was a mistake. Maybe you've never shown them such love ever before. And they liked it so much. They were drawing your attention simply by breaking a plate. It happens with some kids, I promise you. So the next day the plate broken is Oh, I hope you're not

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changing. The tone is changing. Right? You gave me a little bit more care for my child. You know, it's not so easy. The plates are not so cheap. You know? We just bought one yesterday, right? And the third time they break it. Hey, you're breaking too many plates. Right? You're breaking two minutes. I hope you're not hurt. Yes. But you don't go around breaking plates. Do you know how expensive they are? But Mum, two days ago, they were quite cheap, right? Mashallah. See, people can forgive you once or twice the third time, they may be a little bit more stern. And it's normal. It's something we learn from this divine legacy of ours. You know what musala is? He was excused the

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first time. The second time he was asked again, hey, listen, you told me something the third time Subhanallah it's nothing major. It's nothing so bad. But it was natural to question. So the man says, Listen, the best thing is for us to pathways. Let me explain to you I made a hole because downstream there was a person there was like a king, a leader who was claiming and usurping all the boats that were faultless, without defect. He looked at them if it's a perfect boat, he would claim it so because I knew that I actually made a little hole here. So when that man saw this boat or would see it, he would leave it so I actually did them a favor.

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mentioned this is the knowledge that Allah gave someone, why am I raising it? I'm raising it to tell you.

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When the Almighty says to us I know something you don't know you need to understand. The knowledge of Allah is vast. When we speak of the knowledge of Allah Ya Allah Muhammad Khanna, wama aku aku Isla Ghana

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I know many of you speak the Arabic language, you know what I just said? But I love to translate it into the English language because in the Arabic language there is something called an MA V, which means the past tense Yeah. Lama Khanna.

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Allah knows what was in the past, yet. kuno is Mubarak Mubarak includes two things the present and the future. That's what a lot of people don't understand. So what that would mean when we say well, not yet coup, it means that which will be

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Yeah, and Americana, Amaya kuno. Right. That which will be

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Did you hear what I just said? warmer lemon? Yeah, can either Can I Can you fire that?

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Which will not be?

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It will not be it's not going to happen. If it were to happen, how it would have happened. Allah knows. you desperately want something in life. And Allah says, I'm not going to give it to you. Because short term, it seems like it's the right thing. But long term, I know it's very bad for you. So I'm going to save you from it by not giving it to you. And that's why I always say when we get to paradise, if we want to know the wisdom and the knowledge of Allah, we can ask Allah Oh Allah on earth, if I got that job that I didn't actually get, what would have happened? He can show you the entire video, Mashallah, in a few minutes, he'll show you. If you had the job, you would have had

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that you'd have had this. If you bought that fast car, you'd have made an accident on that road broke your limbs did this, what we did available for you, you couldn't buy the car, you lost the job that you love a lot. How many of us I know have a brother and I'm giving you this example. Because it's so true. And it was so empowering. He was fired unceremoniously without a purpose from his job. Four months later, he built a business in how many months?

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Four months for like four months. That was bigger than his previous bosses business. So panela he came to tell me, you know what, it's just been four months, guess what, I'm far bigger than my previous the company I used to work for. I said, Look, didn't Allah bless you by getting you fired? He says, Yes, he did. But initially, you were so stressed and depressed. He said, I quickly just collected everything and I decided you know what, if Allah did this for me, there is goodness in it. Let me stand up and do what I can. I did what I could. And here we are. The problem with us is we don't do what we can we become depressed. We sit down, go into a shell and start crying some

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annaleigh. You know, divorces are happening nowadays. Maybe 60% of those who get married are actually divorcing so much so that when people get married a year later, you got to ask, are they still together? It's happening, right? It's like wow, that's why they have an anniversary. You know why? To celebrate the fact that they have not yet divorced

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that's what the anniversary is.

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50th anniversary meeting Mashallah. We are named Chelsea.

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handler, it's good. It's a nice thing. But I'm telling you the way divorces are happening. It's like drinking water. So halala people don't know why they're getting married. They really the young generation don't understand. I met a brother yesterday. He says, You know what? I'm involved in how I need to get married. Please talk to my father to make it halaal. I said my brother there's something known as sub man is something known as abstention men. Come on, you know, there was a young girl 13 years old, she says, I need to make this halaal. I said,

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What? What advice can I give you right now. So you have to wait. You have to be patient come on. And I told the brother one brother, you need to fast he says I've been fasting all my life.

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So they don't know why they need to get married. No idea.

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So Subhana Allah, Allah knows when he blocks something, when he stopped something that will lie he there is something in it. That is better for you. If one door has closed another, so many doors will open later on, perhaps not the very next one. Sometimes in our lives. You know what happens? I'm not too sure about this community. But I think it might be a problem here too. Because we all have five fingers. If I were to say, I know something about you guys. And you say what is it you've got five fingers? It's true, but there's no big deal, right? Because we all have five fingers. The same applies if something bad happens to you once and a little while later. Another thing and a little

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while later, a third thing and a little while later, a fourth thing and five and six. What are you going to say? Please, please help me What did it mean to say?

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Someone did something here right?

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I think there is a bit of black magic. I think there is a gym so Pamela what's the gym? The gym is is really

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you want to know more about gym

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so Pamela

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We were talking to the little children. And once I was telling them you see that the water that you're drinking, you know, you have to say the name of Allah before you drink it. You know why? Because there are three genes in the water

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to hydrogen and one oxygen,

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Allah grant us forgiveness, Allah grant us forgiveness. I don't think you saw that one coming, right?

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So the agenda right in front of us right now, but don't blame the jinn Subhana Allah for your failure, and not only your failure for the gift of Allah in the form of what you may perceive as failure, it's not failure. It's just the last plan coming to pass, the time you will succeed is when you get up immediately and keep trying get up immediately and keep trying. I read a news piece yesterday, of a game i think i if I'm not mistaken, it was underwater hockey. I've never heard of that before. Besides yesterday, you can check it in the news. And they were saying there is a lady or a sister from Singapore, who won. After so many years, she actually became a world champ. And she

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kept trying and trying and two, four years on end, some analog, those who are champions here, you know, the first time you went you probably didn't make it the second time you didn't make it, even the boxes you were knocked out, knocked on it. You know what it stops when you give up a lot does not give up. It stops when you give up. Allah does not give up. Remember that. So whatever you're going through, don't give up. That's the secret. Do not give up. Allah knows the future. He knows what did not happen. If it were to happen, how it would have happened. That's in the knowledge of Allah. So Allah knows why he stopped you why he blocked you. When you get up and try again, there is

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Baraka in it. If you are divorced, try again. You're divorced again, try again. I know a person, okay, I'm not going to say brother or sister because it happens to both. I know a person who married after being divorced five times.

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And they say it was worth it. I said, Why?

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Because it's only through all of that. That I am now married to the love of my life. I have no regrets. I've forgotten everything that's happened in the past. And I'm like, gosh, there are people who just divorced once and they are so depressed. They cannot even emerge in the public. Did you hear? They feel so bad? What's embarrassing? What is embarrassing, your business suffered, don't be embarrassed. You were taken for something, don't be embarrassed. It was it was from Allah. If you're a true believer, you get up you know, we're not arrogant. We're not proud people. You know, when you're too proud and too haughty, too arrogant, you're flying very, very high. The day you drop from

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there, you break your bones. But if you're a humble person, greeting people trying your best you will suffer the ill of people. It's quite normal. Sometimes, you know, in society, you have people who will not be happy if your happiness. What do you do keep going, it's okay, minimize your link. Sometimes with people who are toxic, you minimize your link, because you want to keep yourself balanced. Speak to those who empower you, they make you feel worthwhile. They keep encouraging you don't worry, you failed. Let's go back. I know of a doctor who became a doctor and the top doctor but he says when I was in high school, I failed my own levels thrice. I had to repeat three times.

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Some of us cannot make it to the Faculty of Medicine. So what happens? We try again? And then we still didn't make it we try again. Have you ever asked your doctor ever, ever? Sorry, before you operate on me, I want to know did you pass your own levels one goal? Or did you have to repeat? Trust me? You know the answer you might walk out of the doctor's some kind of law. It's got nothing to do with it. How many of our children people say oh, this child is not too intelligent. And later on in life, they succeed more than those who are first in class. In fact, I can tell you something very interesting, the wealthiest from amongst us. I'm not going to embarrass them, but I'm going to

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say they're not necessarily the most highly educated some of them don't even really have much school education. Am I right?

00:24:21--> 00:24:38

Mashallah, you see, it goes to show that this is from Allah sustenances from the almighty I laugh at the father who says to handle it will allow me Okay, let me not say that. Let me not say that, that might touch a nerve, but who connects success

00:24:39--> 00:24:59

to education, the two are very loosely connected, not very strongly connected, because the most successful in terms of dunya in terms of worldly life are not necessarily those who are highly educated. When I was young, the doctors used to be wealthy now, it's just a guy who does some wheeling and dealing down the road was the wealthiest man

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Right, may Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us goodness, for as long as you're using that wealth in the right direction, you are still successful, whether it is more or less. So my brothers, my sisters, the gist of what I am saying this evening is the problems we have the difficulties we have, within your capacity, you try to resolve them, beyond your capacity, leave it to Allah, He will sort it out, he will soak it up. It's not in my capacity. I can't do much about it. Don't be a person who goes into a shell who withdraws. No, we're all going through issues difficulties. Remember the prayer I started with? I said, may every one of us who's going through whatever difficulty we are

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going through in our own unique lives. May Allah help us you know why, if I were to ask you to put up your hands, if you don't have any problem, difficulty, hardship, or negativity in your life, none of our hands would ever be up, because that's the plan of Allah, He tests us and He will continue testing us. And he tells us, if I've tested you, and you want to know whether I love you or not, I'm going to give you a bigger test. When the test is bigger. The certificate is far bigger, far greater, even more agile. meribah militina. One wonders why I can tell you simple. Let's go back to the school I spoke about when you pass your grade seven. How difficult was the exam? Nothing. It was

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quite easy. They asked two simple questions. You got a grade seven certificate you moved.

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Get to all levels, if not a bit more difficult. Why? Because the certificate is a bit bigger. It shows you did a bit more work. go to university Whoa, do your masters do your PhD then what? Oh, I'm sweating all night and studying. It's a massive exam. It's a big burden. It's a worry. But when you come out of it your certificate is such that Wow, you've got something great the same way with Allah He throws at you simple things. You know, you just got a cough. I mean, what's that? You're just going to get a great one certificate. We will have cops come on, you know, especially right now here in Sydney. Rather Tatiana was asking me, I think you're getting the flu. I said don't worry, it will

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fly away as soon as I fly out because it's just the flu Mashallah, you know what, perhaps it's the weather perhaps it's something it's okay. It's mine. And you can say Allah is testing me. Allah says to me, I have a cough. I was testing. How can you say that? It's a basic thing. It's one plus one equals two. That's a cough. That's a flu. But when you have something major when you diagnosed with something massive, has it not happened to others? Yes, it has. You need to bear some of you need to try the medication you need to find out more about medicinal cannabis and you need to carry on so hon Allah.

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I see the guys will know what I just said.

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But it's factual. You need to find out more you need to try your best. And you know what, if Allah kills you, that is a blessing. He will grant you a reward for having gone out and try having born the patience and He will give you a great reward but if Allah decided to take you away

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what's the big deal? What's the big deal? Did others not go away? Why are you so frightened? Can I ask you a question? Please put up your hands if you want to go to Paradise put up your hands high very high.

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Mashallah, may Allah gather us in Jannah Ameen Allah gather us in Paradise, I mean, right. Who wants to die right now? Put up your hands.

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Oh, you see, okay. Mashallah. Besides the handful of people, you know what, if you want to go to Paradise, unfortunately, you have to die. Right? So, men wants the paradise but doesn't want the journey to the paradise. It's like what I said to Brother Bashar, I'd love to come to Australia, but without the journey, you know, I just want to close my eyes and be there so had Allah, Allah grant us goodness, let's man we want something but we don't want to toil for it. So Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us you know what, I'll take you whenever I think you're ready.

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But try your best to be ready at all times. Because you don't know this is the meaning of Allah.

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Make sure that you are in a condition at all times that you would be okay if you went in that condition, you will be okay. That's why we say start your day with Salah because if you die on that day, you would have already started the day with Salah start your day with a short recitation of the Quran, even if it means one verse because when you die, the angels would have written this man started this day with prayer and with one verse of the Quran and the Quran of St. Lucia and then went to work. Isn't that a blessed day? Is that not a good day? Was it hard to do that? You know, and Allah knows, I tried. What did I do? Early morning I got up and said that hamdulillah that's

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written it's a powerful word and handling that is so powerful. Allah loves those words, you're praising Allah, I started my day by praising Allah as soon as my eyes open, do you really think

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If I die on that day, Allah is gonna cost me on hacking Hellfire when he is a camera off. He's the most, the Most Merciful, the most generous, the most forgiving the most beneficence, the most compassionate La ilaha illAllah How can I lose hope in the mercy of this great maker of mine who loves me so much has taken me away. So Panama?

00:30:22--> 00:30:39

May Allah grant us all a good death. May Allah grant us all paradise, and may He fulfill the purpose that we are on Earth, maybe help us fulfill it in a good way. One of the purposes is to reach out to others kind of love of your own in the market.

00:30:41--> 00:31:18

A lot continues to help his slave for as long as that slave is busy helping another. Hence, we have Helping Hands Mashallah we're reaching out to the orphans, to those who have less than us in whatever way we can. May Allah subhanho wa Taala take care of our affairs. May we be from among those who know how to handle and manage adversity and negativity? May we never become despondent because of the few challenges that we're facing on earth. And may we definitely be from among those who look for others who have similar problems and help them so that we can realize how small our matters are and problems

00:31:20--> 00:31:24

are solvable. We'll send them all about Mohammed salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.