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as had one more hand down was Oh law VA

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s number one I would have done Russell law Ah

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Hi Yarnall sola.

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Hayyan all sola

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Hey y'all Furla

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Hayyan fanola

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A law all work boat all walk boat

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Noah Isla long

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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Nabi Avada, who Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa salim Allahu Mata Sleeman kathira. I'm about to evade Allah. All Praise due to Allah and His praise and blessings and peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, his family, his companions and his followers until the day of judgment. I bear witness that Allah is the only one worthy of worship and Muhammad Allah Allah Allah wa sallam has lost on fire final messenger. My dear brothers and sisters, we are grateful and thankful to our Lord Allah subhana wa Tada for ordaining for us and legislating for us these opportunities to multiply our rewards and to

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wash away our sins and to give us always a portunity for a new beginning, a stronger beginning. In the meantime, Allahu Allah, you know how he can one of my Watsonville Alima Hello Hi, right? Yeah, you have Latina man who cootie Valley Kuma sia mukana Gudivada leadin publikum La La Quinta de Khun oho you believe Allah have prescribed upon you the fasting as heavy prescribed upon nations before you so you might attain Taqwa?

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Well, and also more Hi yo la comin Kuntum Tala moon and fasting is much better for you. If you would know. Allah subhana wa Tada told us that one of the reason that he have ordained that this great act of worship which is fasting during this great month, which is the month of Ramadan, so we can attain Taqwa. And Taqwa is a word that is so loaded with so many meanings. There's no just one word can be translated. We can translate Taqwa to was a God conscious or Allah has conscious. That's one of it but also a Taqwa is to be always conscious from your sense and conscious to do

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What is right if I would say conscious that will be mainly the focus conscious and to area, conscious not to do anything that it might

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consider a disobedience of something that is anger, ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. And to be always conscious of the thing that will make him loves you more reward you more. And that's basically what's the taqwa is all about. It is a natural thing that we prepare ourselves for anything majors in our life. You know, I would assume that when you are about to start a new job or move to a new place, or to you know, get married, whatever major thing in your life, anything you're going to do even a trip that you're going to take, you have a little bit of planning for it, a preparation for it. And the same thing with Ramadan. And yes, we do this and hamdulillah every year one month, but

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every year we see there is opportunity for us to do better to explore new things in our behavior and our relationship with Allah subhanaw taala to make it better, as Allah subhana wa Tada have put certain rules and regulations for us to follow before do an act of worship like for example, Salah. He said have a vote before the salah comes we go to the masjid, we dress well for the Salah and so on, especially for Juma even taking a shower and so forth. Same thing for Ramadan. Also Ramadan is the month that people should prepare to for it before the month arrive and to plan for it before it arrives. That's why nobody saw salam for instance, and I mentioned that in previous hotbar about the

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virtue of the month of chabang and I will highly recommend you to review it if I did if you didn't listen to it. When NWSL Salim said that Akasha Haroon Telfer Nasaan people don't pay much attention to this month, the month of Shabbat it's a month total for Villamar al Amin, well hippo and your family you and assign this is a month where the deeds will be presented before Allah so I would like to be fasting during that time. So the prophets are seldom used to prepare for Ramadan by fasting and the same thing with the companion they used to read Quran a lot before Ramadan start to prepare for them themselves for the month of Ramadan. And here's a few tips that I will share with you might

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help you to prepare well for this month. Number one, a Nia to Sayaka and near to side Asaji Sophia Clutha have the good right intention to do the right things that are my intention has an amazing impact and how it will enable you to do so many things that Ramadan or any any kind of good deeds that you want to do. Yeah, let me allow for you to become Hira. You come Hira? Allah Subhana Allah says in the Quran, if Allah finds goodness in your hearts, He will give you better than what has been taken from you yet another or who will give you better every word.

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So it's all the bins within when an individual Salam said that Allah Subhan Allah He doesn't look at our body he looks at our heart in the LOL am little in a Saudi kumara semi come when I can younger era polu become Allah will look at your heart as this Ramadan begin as we prepare for Ramadan. Are you really truly

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loves the month of Ramadan? Is it really inside your heart that love a yearning for Ramadan and wants Ramadan? Or are you saying oh my god, I'm gonna fast again.

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Oh, my whole schedule would be messed up my whole sleeping schedule be now difficult.

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Oh my god, I was gonna go again. See, there's a difference. That's that thing inside your heart. Allah is the only one who knows it.

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And if you have something like that, it's now the time to correct that into thinking to focus on that. Yes, I know that it's difficult. There's a challenge. We're not dismissing that. But if that's what you think about before Ramadan, it's such you know, a bad intention to start with. Somebody recently was telling me you know, this week there's only one week left before Ramadan start I'll make sure to eat and every favorite restaurant that I have

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any from Allah and we're gonna starve to death you know? And as if you're gonna go anywhere, is that how you really your intention about Ramadan, you seeing it on my mind is a prevention from going to you know, eating at restaurants. That's That's how Ramadan is framed in your in your head. Something you should think about and look at and making sure that you have the right intention for Ramadan, that this is an opportunity for me to come closer to Allah

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opportunity for me to get rid of bad habits opportunity for me to, you know, to come more often to domestic. My little daughter who's seven years old. She said I love Ramadan. So my Moscow why you're like Ramadan. She said, because we all come together, the whole family come together in Ramadan, and they eat together. So many I don't see my brother and sisters, you know, everybody has a different schedule and stuff like that. So I was like set to myself That's a good intention that someone looking at Ramadan in a positive way.

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And so much should inspire us. And so think about what can you do in Oman? What the thing that you plan to do Ramadan, or Miyamoto min beta him Hydra in Allah He was sued he threw me you DirectQuery mode *a de vaca Joe Allah, those who have the intention to make Hedra but they die before Allah Subhana Allah says their reward has already been secured with Allah.

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So who knows who will die before Ramadan start days or hours? Who knows when Ramadan comes we'll be traveling will be sick, will not be able to fast. But if you have the intention now, to do all these good deeds, Allah reward you even if something happened to prevent you from having it. And that's one of the great benefits of having the right intention before Ramadan. The second benefit of my opinion, it tells you a lot to hold yourself accountable. Many times I said to myself, for example, this Ramadan, I'm planning to let's say may cut my Quran twice. You know not once I'm planning to do every 15 days or every 10 days, Hotmail Quran. So I hold myself said well, if you just promise Allah

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subhanaw taala that you made that intention, don't be hypocrites. You must keep your intention. And that helped me to push myself to fulfill that commitment that I made before Ramadan. But if I never thought about it, if I never had the intention of it, I will not have that motivation. I will not have that accountability to myself. So that's also one of the benefits of having the right intention before Ramadan have the intention to make hotma Quran to read the Quran and if you can read it to listen to it, listen to the Arabic follow the English or whatever language you speak. You know have the intention that you will not miss any girl Salah and Ramadan you will pray all your obligation

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prayers on time have the intention that you are making the message as much as they can. I'm making the intention to pray away fully because in the Vishal salaam said to ever pray the taraweeh and Ramadan Allah will forgive all his sins have the intention that this year I will give more donation than last year

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I've the intention that I will walk more to the masjid I will make sure and rest Ramadan I will reach out to my family I will forgive those who have wronged me you know I will make sure that Ramadan I'm not going to break my fast with any one of the things that reduce my ADGER

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like listening or watching what is haram.

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So all these things that will help you tremendously into benefit from the month of Ramadan. Another point that it's also important

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you have the intention but also have the planning and the determination you have to be determined just not thoughts. And I'm determined to do that. I am planning to do that. And the plan one of the things that I'll advise you to take in consideration Ramadan is month but it's one of the fastest I don't know how that works but it's it just goes like this

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the first day on all of a sudden 20 goes gone

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and go so fast maybe in the beginning one or two days but after that palette goes very fast forgets I couldn't even comprehend the fun is about starting next week. And I feel like we just had a Milan

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so it goes full fast. So that means okay, you have to be from now start working and thinking you may delay but time or not.

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When am I gonna start is going to go and go fast. Have this planning because let me tell you brothers and sisters. It's not the days of from Oban that really counts the number of days of Ramadan that counts. What counts is the deeds that you do during these days. That's what counts. That's what you should focus on. So have a SMART goal. Be specific, something major will something attainable something that is record

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Whatever you going to do, and Smar t will be something that it is time you know every day I will do this after every cell I'll do this after Federer do have a time attached to whatever plan that you have. And if even you want to make your goals smarter, you add excitement, something that you excitement about it.

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Anyway, so one of the things also that I would say, don't forget what Allah has said, I have put money in Allah and woman who are

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the most beloved deeds to Allah, the most consistent even during the month of Ramadan. Even if it's not much but you're consistent on it.

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May Allah Subhana Allah to Allah make us among those who witnessed the month of Ramadan and maximize our benefit from it. According Massimo Mostofa Allah Allah Converse sofiero

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hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Milena via the robot what are the best thing to do to prepare yourself for Rome for Ramadan is to repent to Allah subhanaw taala from your sins or to Allah He Jamia yeah you had Latina Manu to Allah He to button Nasu ha. Oh you believe me a sincere Toba a perfect Oba.

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Allah say to them say Toba na souhaitons Ohana behind Bouchercon repentance that it will make you advise and

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remind yourself and advise yourself and make you think about your sins. I'll call the Rahim Allah on October to Naso Hydra. Roboto Usha in order for the Toba to be excellent Tober it might contain four things a still photo will listen that you make a stir far with your tongue will color then that you Abend the Haram stop doing the Haram what model total Killa od I've been genuine, that you have the intention not to ever go back to this again. It's not like somebody will that's true story before Ramadan. He said Allah Ramadan Shia, I said why is it because Give me a break from my sense.

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It took me a second to think about break, and you've learned to go back to the sense of Ramadan

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as not how the television series Tober is.

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So we're Taroko that you have the intention never to go back to it. When Will God say you'll learn and to avoid the bad company the thing that will lead you to do the Haram you're qualified as a Toba to Naso an akuna dem bobina in a fella as Luca and no young Bo la that Tobin also it means you imagine and you see your sin in front of you.

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And you know, I don't have a problem with this kind of expression. But even I have like reservations about this kind of statement. Because sometimes when you keep your sins in front, I don't think you should keep your sins in front of you in a way that it is will always in front of you to block you from seeing anything else. I think what should be always in front of you is the Mercy of Allah subhanaw taala that should be the thing above anything, but he means by the sin in front of you and don't forget about it. You know, don't think the Hamas it's now it is in your record, and that will motivate you to have a positive attitude towards it. Why it's important to do Toba before Ramadan.

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And then katoen came to an Hasan Basri Karla Yaga site, which is the Huri wa stainability Emily Zhu Anna lackey, Mila, OPPO Malay, Murcia with Alec Karakaya that Katsunobu Maha.

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He said I prepare myself I go to sleep I will make sure I do everything.

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I'm planning to make night prayers, but I don't wake up.

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What do you think is the reason? He said I think the reason is the sins that you're doing during the daytime. That What prevented you from enjoying the emulation. That's why removing this hindrance. It's so important to enjoy Ramadan. The cleansing that happened before Ramadan comes purifying your heart emptying your heart from all the bad you know negative emotions and hatred and jealousy and envy and all these things and doubt it make it available to receive all the blessings of Allah subhanho wa Taala That's why Allah says what to eat Allah He Jimmy I'm a you help me known law Allah come to flee Hoon. One of the reason to attain success is to have Toba why? Because the town the

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sense are Prevention's prevent you from attaining success. So when you repent you remove these 100

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Once you remove these partitions between you and success

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another point learn about the rules of CME listen to a lecture online trusted source. Just this Saturday I'm teaching a course about there's a full course me and others about Ramadan and preparing for Ramadan. You can log online and listen to it, you know or you can listen to the recording and there's plenty of of programs online and if you ever need help with that, we'll be happy to provide you with this. With it, you know, learn about the rules from Oman grown grown about the rules of Siyam be aware of the rules of the cat as it comes. Another thing you can do another tip is a lot of dirt. Make a lot of dirt these days. Kind of set up your own Allahumma Boliviana Ramadan yo Allah

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let us reach Ramadan witness Ramadan you're here because you cannot moon and he's among the top insert Allahumma Selimiye Illa Ramadan was Selim Ramadan Ali what a solemn Humi Numata Bella yeah Allah keep me safe until Ramadan comes and make my Ramadan Ramadan safe Yeah, I mean not interrupted by any sins or bad things. Make it safe for me completely the reward complete and take it from me.

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Take it from me and take this ADGER and accept it from me.

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Yes, I'm an addict and Alice pantalla to make this Ramadan the best Ramadan ever for you is important. Make sure that you pray to Allah Subhana Allah that Allah help you during this month of Ramadan to control your tongue helped me during this month of Ramadan to increase your Salah help you against your stinginess help you against smoking, that you'll be able to quit help you to control your anger help you to finish the you put all the plan that you want, but you have to follow that with a lot of dua that Allah subhanaw taala enable you to get what you want.

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And final quick two tips Asahikawa terasa anheier Make sure that you have people to help you age you support you. It could be family members, which is a great thing. And also it could be friends mustards. You know, somebody who you know how maybe more knowledge inspire you somebody to help you to go farther. And Hamdulillah you guys have a lot of resources in this semester. You know, you can reach out and say hey, I need help with this, I need help with that. And inshallah Tada, we will always be there to help our community.

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So make sure that you work with your family in a plan that we want to plan 123 Juniper Mabon, you know, so you guys grow together, and inshallah to Allah in the masjid, we will have a lot of activity during the month of Ramadan, to enable and help you to benefit to maximize your benefit from the month of Ramadan. Also, one of the things if you ever during the month of Ramadan

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and I'm volunteering to do that. I'm just saying, I've been friend, if you ever felt in Ramadan, that your Eman is going down and you're not excited. Go to someone to give you an advice.

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So if you ever want that, I'll be happy to do it. Anytime you have my phone number, you know you can just call anonymous message.

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A stone let it eat you from inside, go to someone some because sometimes that push that reminder, open your heart and open your mind. Sometimes you need to put you know,

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maybe a sense a small reminder for yourself.

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You know, keep it up. And I look at it every time I look at my phone or my open my wallet something to remind some maybe stick stick something on the fridge to always remind me of keep keep the you know, keep your Haoran whatever methods you can come up with, to keep to remind you to inspire you to keep you going. It's important. Finally

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we need to learn about the importance of and decode there is an art to the cruelest patata because they could have lost Mangala the mentioning of Allah is something that inspired you and helping to give you so much strength in your relationship with Allah subhanaw taala. And we're not going to come into that because tonight we actually have Rahim who will focus on this and the Friday Night Lights. It says how can you maximize your benefit from the Quran to to maximize your benefit from from Avan insha Allah to Allah.

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One of the best way to purify yourself before the month of Ramadan also is to increase your setup for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala because it's one of the best form of purifications May Allah subhanaw taala accept from all of us, may Allah reward all of you. Now let's find out to make this the best Ramadan ever for us and for the Muslim ummah. And for the whole world, we ask Allah subhanaw taala to bring life to our souls and hearts to forgive our sins and to help us and to aid us and to bless

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us and to make us among those who He is pleased with alumna Hina SNAM. Meeting a man without an official Marathi Muslimeen Allah homea yaka. Yo Mr. localu TAO to our FF o Alina, Tina Fuson at ACWA has a woman's and totally yo mo la, la vida Atlanta Savannah in COULDNA manabadi mean Ilford Valentina, Valentina. Valentina. A hair our water Allah Masilela hola then our Bernardino Alina, Heather gelato, Accra, la Muslim butanna Allah Khomeini. Look, I'm in public. Look, I'm in public, and I'm looking for the liquid letter. Originally, I had a mental picture, I learned something. Subhanak in akuna minal by the mean? Allah who only had an Muslimeen fer Amalia Elena Fiorano a bit

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unnatural Ravana la mulata nuffic Little coma body mean on a Ginebra hermetic MNL total Kategorien wa Salam o Selena livina Muhammad Muhammad is Satya Hungama