The True Qualities Of A Believer 05

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The speaker discusses the importance of being humble and worshipful in one's life. They also mention the use of the term "arre" in Islam to mean everything from everything to everything. The speaker emphasizes the need for everyone to be aware of the almighty Lord and not be afraid of what others think of them.

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The third quality

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while Connie Tina Worldcon eternal and connote, is to

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is a developed a humbly devout person you can say.

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It means to be always aware of Allah to Allah.

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That means obedience and worship in the most humble way.

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In other words, you are always humble. You are always aware of Allah tala. When you eat, when you drink, when you stand, when you sit, when you sleep, when you awaken when you work, when you play, when you do anything, you know that Allah Allah is there. Thus, you are fully aware that you do not do anything that Allah Allah does not like, thus you are a con it you are seen. And this isn't a narration of the great famous hadith of Omar Abu hottub radi Allahu anhu. When you real asked Mohammed Salah lo had a he was telling them, what is it saying?

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And what did he reply with? He said this and is to worship I looked around is there you see that you did not see him? He says you.

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You mentioned the person that worship Allah to Allah in this man.

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No brothers and sisters, can you imagine? When you pray that you worship I love to Allah knowing for certainty that Allah is looking at you now. How would you act?

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Would you be able to commit fornication? When you need for certainty that Allah is watching you? You believe I was watching you. You are aware of this. You are a Carnot a machine? Which would you commit fornication with a given theft? Would you slander would you back bite? You will not because you'll be too scared. Now in the almighty lord is looking at what you were taught

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and just how we should be every Muslim male or female. We should be all aware of this, which is if you're all a con, which is to be a devout worshiper. aware of the Almighty Lord at all times.