Your Life, Your Story #3

Abdulfattah Adeyemi


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You see, you get to understand how to handle stories of your life. When you know that if you don't happen to things, things will begin to happen to you.

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If you don't happen to things, things will happen to you.

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If you don't make things happen, things will start happening to you.

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If you don't have a life, people will give you life. If you don't have somewhere to go to create somewhere to go for you, if you don't have somewhere something to do people keep you occupied.

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If you don't know the old story, people collect the barrel from you and start writing whatever they like for you.

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If you don't have a life, people who removed your life and give you their own.

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If you don't know where they're going, people will give you the address of where they're going. You do have known destinations will be escorting people up and down.

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If you don't have a story, or if you don't know that you should take charge of your story. Some people just walk into your story and turn it around for you in the way you never plan. So

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you have to be very smart about this. So that people will no hijack the stories of your life and begin to keep you busy.

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They keep you distracted.

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I want to ask you, if you are married now,

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whose story is that?

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The person you are married to?

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Is that passive part of your story? or part of that person's story?

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Your marriage is whose story? Your story or that of your spouse?

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Who controls what story? Who decides what part of the story

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orally and fighting and keeping malice in marriages? whose story is that supposed to be?

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When you keep malice, whose story is that supposed to be? That thing it has gotten to an extent where everybody needs to find ways of taking charge of the students of their lives. Coralie is your story, not my own story.

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You want to cooperate. You are looking for someone to quarrel I am not the one. It is not part of my own story that I should quarrel today.

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And so you refuse to call it

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a hobby direction when I'm in paradise aspirants.

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I want to go to Paradise after this life. I don't know long story where you want to go to wipe out drag me into your own trip into hellfire.

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who stopped? Shouldn't you take charge of your story?

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instead of allowing people and you know people now do bring destruction, do bring disturbance do bring all sorts of things. You will be sitting in your office.

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Maybe you have not had so many sins written for you from morning till around that time.

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In the afternoon during break time. They also do not come in with their own stories. They come in the back bite together with you. They talk ill of somebody else behind their back. They live against somebody else. And you need the frame of drafting you into that. Is that supposed to be part of your story for that day? All of the things they want to commit to you And oh, by

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the way, take charge of your story. The story of your life should not be hijacked. The story of your life

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is good luck. Good luck.