Is Bowing To Your Sensei In Martial Arts Allowed?

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Shaykh Waleed Basyouni

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This is regard to martial arts and martial arts.

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The players greet each other and they greet their Sensei, or their master, by bowing to their master.

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Is this allowed? Is this permissible for a Muslim to bow to their sensei or their master or their

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follow friends or players

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in regard to bowing down or bending your back, as a form of greeting to your master in the martial art or your partner,

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we have to establish rule first, that bowing, like the way it's done in Salah, or so Jude is forbidden in Islam to be given to any other than our last panel. And even some of the aroma will consider this an act of worship. But that's the bowing that is meant as a form of submission as a meant of act of worship, to submit yourself and to honor the person that you bound for exactly like a suit. And this is something that Mr. himolla almost agree upon.

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Also, any form of bowing that shows humiliation and submission, some minima also said that this is not allowed. But also on the same time you see Salam Rahim Allah said, are in in Hina.

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Bella had double could you make all the way to the record is not allowed is like the suit you're not allowed to make to do to anybody. Same thing, like a little quick, you cannot do to somebody can lacking lambda marinakis on had to record anything less than that, which is just bending your back as a form of respect or greeting. It is permissible. And that's also take us back to another principle, it's important that greeting in general is permissible, unless there is a proof to say it is held up. So we know it's hard to make record that makes a Jude because it's a form of submission to a loss party. But there is no proof to say that bending like this is a form of harm or not

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allowed in Islam. And that's why if you're on a martial art, you're not allowed to bow completely to the master or to your partner, but you're allowed to bend your your your head or your shoulder as a form of greeting and respect to your

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teachers or your your master in this case. This is what I believe in regard to this issue. And the person also tried to educate and let the people know what are why we don't do that. And we do have respect for teachers with ultimate respect and the ultimate submission is going only to Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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And there is a federal from the committee for twins Arabia, legit. If that said that it is if it is by

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with the neck only without bending the back. It will be permissible if it is done for a form as a form of grieving. I hope this will help you in regard to your questions and clarify this issue. So the loss and amount and if you

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