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The speakers stress the need for people to be aware of actions of their peers and clarify the truth to avoid the "weird" message of "weird." They also discuss the importance of acceptance of Islam as a means of achieving political goals and the need for involvement on a political level. The speakers stress the need for unity and engagement on a long term solution, including involvement on a political level and the importance of knowing the history of the conflict. They emphasize the need for involvement on a political level and the importance of showing support to their brothers and sisters.

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Medina, Melina, me at the low fella Missoula woman you will follow her the Allahu eyeshadow Allah either hang Allahu la sharika lahu eyeshadow and then a Vietnam handmaiden to hula solo but I have hola hola. I'm gonna tell it I mean, the sheer Ana de la for sallahu wa salam O Bharata, Allahu Allah, Allah, he was like to be woman to be I will be sending it to Medina, I'm about the respect to the brothers and sisters. We supposed to have adults today. But the atrocity that is going on or the atrocities that are going on in Syria, in particular, and in general in other parts of the Muslim world, such as the atrocities that are going on in Iraq, and in Burma. Those atrocities compelled us

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to speak about them to see what we can do about them.

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I met a few brothers who have the rules today, and are asking them whether they are going to join the administration and some of them did say yes, and some of them say we are busy with the dots. And I said Subhanallah one of our problems, my dear brothers and sisters that we are in general as Muslims not to mashallah Alhamdulillah. Here we see so many faces, we are isolated of what is happening to our Ummah, I've been traveling in the last few, maybe weeks to different countries, and you meet different people, some people are concerned about what is happening to our Ummah, and many others are not really worried about what is happening. I met even people who people have knowledge,

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people who teach others, people who are engaged in data, and you will see that unfortunately, not all of them are worried about what is happening to our ummah.

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My dear brothers and sisters, the job of the people of URL, and the people of knowledge is to guide the OMA in all cases not to guide the OMA in matters related to their salah, and related to how to perform their wudu and how to divorce but related to all matters, including the most important matter in their life, which is their Akita and the AlQaeda is not as we understand it, a very limited narrow of understanding of al Qaeda know that it that is the sovereignty of Allah Dilwara This is the essence of al Qaeda and we and the people have knowledge that they should guide the Ummah, in matters related to the highness of Allah, Allah, Allah above everything and the

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sovereignty of Allah, Allah Allah. These are the matters that should be concerned number one for the people of knowledge, which is the matters of the heat, not the narrow understanding of the heat. And when we see Muslims being attacked by their enemies, by their enemies, and their main concern should not be the blood that is shed. No, the current main concern is that there is a blood of more hidden of people who c'est la ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasool Allah is being checked. This should be our concern or concern number one, yes, we do care in general for people who are being killed from those who do not testify that there is no God but Allah, Allah Allah, but our main concern is for the

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blood of those who c'est la ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasool Allah, why because they are announcing and establishing to hate.

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So the people of knowledge and the people of Dawa should not isolate themselves from what is happening to our Ummah and this is the essence of Tawheed My dear brothers and sisters, and Allah, Allah Allah says in the Quran or after the Lomita for the open Kitab a little bit you know now holiness to Munna Allah to know Allah has taken the covenant of the people the of knowledge to clarify the Kitab to the people in general. So there is a covenant that has been taken from the people of knowledge that they have to do their job, which is to clarify the truth to people in general in matters related to their deen and of course there are priorities and Allah Allah Allah

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also says in the Quran in Aladdin esta Luna de la he was a man him feminine Cadila Hola, como la where those who buy our purchase for the covenant

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To have Allah Allah, Allah Allah that He is has entrusted them with a cheap price means they exchange it for dunya Allah de la Allah will curse them and the people who will curse them. My dear brothers and sisters, this is the very first important lesson that we have to put in mind. And when we talk about the atrocity that is happening in Aleppo, or in Syria,

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we need to think of two types of solutions, brothers and sisters, short term solutions and long term solutions. And please, please, yeah, we need to change this mentality, which is thinking of short term solutions. Unfortunately, most of the Muslims and we have to say this, and this is part of the solution. They always focus on not on short term solutions, not on strategic solutions. They would like they would like to see the speakers shouting and screaming help our brothers and sisters look at these hours. Look at the sisters being great the enemies of Islam, they are going to rape your sisters and many people are exchanging these these. Well, this message from that sister from Aleppo

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that yeah, I will commit suicide don't ask this scholars about the ruining of committing suicide, because I would like to protect my honor. I would like to protect myself forget about what whether I will go to Jana and not don't judge me okay. Or that sister who said that yes, they are going to rape our soon okay rather than we kill ourselves or the other person who said maybe Okay, that is the end of our life and message is very emotional messages like this or that message that been sent, oh, the scholars are receiving now questions whether Muslims are allowed to kill their mothers, their children, their their sisters in order to avoid the day. Yes. And we would like to sing on

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these songs. Yes, you know, caught our brothers and sisters, emotion emotion hype and then no long term solutions. My dear brothers and sisters, what happened and what is happening in Aleppo, we want to be able to finish it within this night, it is not going to be solved this night, nor it is going to be so within this week or this month. I know this is a reality. Okay, I know that maybe this is something shocking, but this is a reality that we have to accept. And this means that we need to look at long term solutions, although we need to take some some steps towards what is happening. First of all,

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first of all Subhanallah It is a lie. It is from one perspective, good news that you see that the Ummah is waking up. And they are concerned of what is happening to our brothers and sisters where whether an LFO or in other parts of the world, in fact, brothers what is happening in Aleppo? Why did it happen now? Yes, maybe 20 plus years ago halfling as the father of this dictator, he was a worst dictator. Both of them were dictators. Yeah, he killed over 20,000 people in Havana in the city of hella hammer in 1982. And they raped the women there and there were atrocities there and there were quote, they were letters

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sent by the ladies that are we allowed to commit suicide, same same scenario, are we allowed to abort those children because they are illegitimate children they are coming out to pray, etc, etc. Okay, that happened at that time. But the action of Muslims at that time was not like the reaction of Muslims at this time. At that time, I was young and I was only following the news. And the reactions of Muslims at that time was not like the reaction of Muslims at this time. And this is part of the good news. The reaction of Muslims at this time is totally different. Yeah. It is sad to say that Alhamdulillah the masses of Muslims are concerned and they want to do something. But

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unfortunately, the political leadership of many Muslims, or most of the Muslims, most of the Muslim countries are doing nothing they are just watching and everyone is worried about about his seat, let alone my dear brothers and sisters, we need to understand the bigger picture of this conflict. This conflict is not just by the Syrians, and the regime, as you know that Russia and Iran Yes, they are coordinating with this

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Syrian regime to destroy help and destroy all Sunni cities in Syria. But America and the other superpowers are watching this monitoring this and they are happy with this. And they want this to happen to happen. Why? Because they don't want they want to teach Muslims one hard lesson that listen if this is the global political setup, yes, there are some tyrants, those tyrants are supported by us, if you masses, you want to say no to the political to the global political system, we will do to you as we have done to help. So better you live as cheap as slaves and whatever we impose on you. You have to accept it, and you have to, you have to be happy with it. Unfortunately,

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many Muslim countries participated in this because the leaders of those Muslim countries, they also want to, they are part of this political setup, global political setup, and they want to teach their people a very hard lesson that if you go against us this what will happen to you will have what will happen to you as what happened to Muslims in Aleppo, so better to live as sheep? As slaves, eat and drink, we will let you to eat and drink but don't try or don't even think of saying no.

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So the Syrian people are not fighting for their freedom. The Syrian people are fighting for the freedom of the ummah. And we have to learn this, the price my dear brothers and sisters, the price they are paying, they are paying it on our behalf.

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And we have to be proud of them. We have to make dua for them. And we have to think of the bigger picture because their victory is the victory for the ummah.

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Believe me the victory for the Syrian people is not just the victory for them. It is the victory for our ummah. It means that the Ummah struggled, and they want their freedom at the end of the day. What does their freedom mean? The OMA is a Muslim Ummah, their freedom means they want Islam. They want to practice Islam, they want to live in dignity. Yes, they might have different sects. They might have different groups, but at the end of the day, they want to live as dignified people. Yes, as dignified Muslims. This is their freedom. They don't want to be subjugated either by the West or the east by Russia or by America. They want to live by their own dignity, okay, and they want to win

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their freedom. So their victory My dear brothers and sisters is our victory. May Allah Allah Allah help them? What do we need to do for them?

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Yes, first of all, on a political level, there is as I said, short term and long term. Before that, my dear brothers and sisters, we need to remember one important principle. Allah Allah Allah Allah says in the Quran, okay daddy can only about money and about bambina can we actually boon, we send some value mean against other value mean?

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Yes, we punish somebody mean by other value means

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in order to work in order to purify them in the other eye, Allah, Allah Allah says fanola edesia sunnah. Well I can pass approval. So might Allah Allah sends punishment to some Muslims in order for them to go back to Allah.

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And this is a very important rule my dear brothers and sisters, by Allah, Allah, Allah also confirmed in the Quran, that whatever happens to us for the matters of ID Kumbaya, Franchitti is because of what our hands earned. Look at the morality within the Muslim ummah. Yes, my dear brothers and sisters look outside the so called practicing people, you will see the mouse in prevailing. The scenes are prevailing everywhere people don't care about, about the major sins. Many of us are involved in riba many of us are involved in, in watching haram things many of us many of practicing people that are involved in Zina, whether in this country or even in Syria before or even

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in other Muslim countries, their own man as a whole needs to wake up and they need first of all to go back to Allah de la. Look, there are many Muslims yes, they would like to pray. They don't have a problem in praying, but they have a problem to live under the to to live completely by Islam. They want to

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liberal Islam and this is a big problem. This is one of the big MAUSI that we are committing and we need to abandon that in order to receive the victory of Allah. Allah, Allah and Allah, Allah, Allah. Allah says in terms of Allah I also recall when it's a bit of them, if you aid Allah, Allah, Allah Allah, Allah will aid you, if you ADA modular Allah by following his guidance, Allah, Allah, Allah will support you. This is a fact this is a universal divine law. So we need to remember that that's why we need to go back as individuals, brothers, as Muslims in Britain. When we go back to Allah, Allah, Allah when we repent to Allah, Allah, Allah that will help the situation of the Ummah here in

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Britain and elsewhere. Don't think that it will not help them. When I pray more when I give sadaqa more when I give when I perform Salah when I perform cm more when I repent to Allah, Allah, Allah, when I believe that Islam is the best way of life when I believe when I leave all forms of secularism, from my mind, and I believe that sovereignity belongs to Allah, Allah. When I believe in these things, Allah Allah, Allah, Allah will help me and will help others. This is the first important point that we need to remember and when Allah Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah Allah caused that the Muslims to be defeated twice in the battles that were led by the

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prophets of Allah Azza wa sallam. Look at this, all know the leader of these battles who are was who was Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam in the Battle of in the Battle of a hood. And in the Battle of Hunan innovator of Penang Allah, Allah, Allah says, Well, my name is David comcastro, to confirm toniann Camino Mahisha Yes, because we were, they were proud of their number, etc. Means they were not relying on our de la Allah, they were defeated because Allah Allah, Allah wants to teach them a lesson. So there is another side of all these calamities that befall us, which is Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah warned us, Allah, Allah, Allah wants us to go back to his religion. So this is the

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first lesson that we need to remember my dear brothers and sisters, the other thing, okay, in terms of short solutions, what we need to do, from a political perspective, we need to be involved. And we need to know how to be involved politically, yes, with a lobbying with the administration where they're sending letters, we don't want to attend the demonstration now. And then after that, we don't want to do anything. Now we need to send letters within the 10 Downing Street to the to the foreign ministry with to all authorities, and then we need to launch a campaign to send letters to the Russian embassy, to the Syrian Embassy to the sorry, to the Russian embassy, to the Iranian

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embassy, and to others and maybe to United Nations, what is happening, what is happening, why are you leaving this to happen? This is one thing. We need also lawyers among yourselves, brothers and sisters, to try now to proceed cases against the Syrian regime. Okay. And anyone, the Syrian regime is almost anyone who is supporting the Syrian regime. We need to create that noise. Yes, why do we leave the Russians and the Iranians and others who support these terrorists in

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in Syria to kill as they want? Also, my dear brothers and sisters, from a media perspective, we need to be balanced in terms of showing the atrocities that is that are happening to our brothers and sisters. So we cry and we weep. Yes, now we need to be balanced. We need to show positive messages as well as the what is happening, the reality of what is happening. And we also from a media perspective, we need to hijack that some titles like terrorism, terrorism have been linked to Muslims only my dear brothers and sisters, and why do we leave it like this? These are some of the short term solutions all also, as you all know, that we need to raise funds to help the brothers and

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sisters as much as we can. Now these are some social solutions, but we need to think of long term solutions,

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long term solutions, and this is for me, is the real challenge long term.

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solutions. My dear brothers and sisters, first of all, as we said, we need to go back to Allah Allah, Allah Allah as a long term solution. Secondly, we have a problem with unity. This unity is killing us, my dear brothers and sisters. And this unity is the main reason for the Rebels so called the rebels or the Mujahideen in Aleppo and Syria in general, to be defeated like this. And we asked our Delilah to give them victory at the end of the day. Because of this unity, I was in

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a truck traveled to one of the countries recently one of the European countries, and I saw some Syrian refugees there. And they were they left Syria three years ago, so on and they were talking about the disunity between, between the Mujahideen, everything, 30 people, they have their own emir, they have their own strategy. They want to do things by themselves, and they are not concerned to coordinate with others. If we grow up in this unity, then this unity will continue with us. We really need to do something about that. And then launching a few projects in order to yawn unite the OMA, but it needs to be the ego of ourselves that is killing us destroying us. We need to get rid of

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that this is part of the long term solution. My dear brothers and sisters and all of us know Yeah, and we all caught what Allah Allah Allah said about unity, what doesn't move you're having denied me.

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When I turn us over to have shed water who come here de la haemangioma, I a doula, haemangioma, and so on. We can't call to these things. But the application of this is missing.

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This is one thing, my dear brothers and sisters, they say now that there is a big deal taking place between between the countries there, Turkey,

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Iran, Russia,

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and America, there is a big deal.

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And whether Allahu Allah, is that true or not, but I didn't want to get into the the the analysis of the political situation, because

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no one can confirm. Yes. And as you know, that they say that psychist pico

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agreement or agreement

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is over now, or or is absolute. So they need to redistribute the countries of Villa de SHA, yeah. And they need to maybe have a new new countries and new

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new borders, as you know, to divide to divide Iraq into three countries. So nearly a quarter D? Yes. And they will leave some pockets for the Sunni Muslims, where they don't have any access to the main main main sea port. They want to do the same thing

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for Syria, and something similar to Libya, Allahu Allah. Is that true or not? Okay, but we have to be ready for that. And one way to be ready for that, brothers, as a long term solution, we need to be involved on a political level.

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Yes, these politicians decide. And then we follow up.

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The politicians meet Putin meets with the other leaders they decide. And then later he will meet with Trump, they will decide and we'll just follow and then we are just reactionary on a political level. See brothers class, we need to bring this discussion, political participation, is it part of Islam is not part of Islam voting, and I'm sick and tired of this discussion. This is a reality that we need to reach to, to certain influential positions. And the political process is part of that. So on a long term, we need to see among your cells, young people playing a part in politics. Yes. On a long term, on a long term as well, my dear brothers and sisters, we need to see among you, yes, big

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lawyers, because now one of our biggest weaknesses as Muslims, is we don't have lawyers to defend us. We also need the strategic thinkers. We don't have many strategic thinkers. Most of the Muslims are still studying, either medicine, dentistry, engineering, they don't study humanities taught the humanities. They don't

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study sociology don't don't just study Strategic Studies. That's why we don't know how to plan to draw a strategy for the coming 50 years for Muslims in the UK or for Muslims in Europe or for Muslims in general. We don't know how to resolve things. We are just looking and waiting. What can we do? And the maximum we can do is what raising funds and send it to the brothers and sisters in Syria? And if the atrocity, yes, when when this

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this message was exchanged out? Yes. And hamdulillah there is an agreement now between the rebels and the regime that they will allow the civilians to go out and people started to be happy that there is an agreement Subhanallah Is this what we are worried about? And is this what makes us happy and relaxed? Yes. Are we that short term people?

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See, my dear brothers and sisters, all of you are young. I advise every single one of you to think of making himself someone big, someone influential, someone who brings victory to our Ummah, yes. Think of a plan for yourself, have a vision for yourself, and then the OMA as a whole will have a vision. Yes, my dear brothers and sisters, we don't know how to twist the arms of our country or even United Nations. How to twist their arms? We don't know. Yes, the Israeli lobby? No, they know how to twist their arms. Yes or no. Recently, they I don't know whether that is confirmed or not even criticizing Israel became what? Part of anti semitism?

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Yeah, it will become illegal, or it became illegal. Are you aware of this?

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Are you aware of this? Just a few days ago?

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Yeah. How did they twist the arm of the our country here or other European countries? How what is the game that they played? We don't know that. Okay. And we keep crying. That is that that should stop and we should work long term. My dear brothers and sisters. Again, our involvement on on any one on on another political level with the embassies? Do we have

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we do we have

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pressure groups to exercise pressure on other countries? Do we know what really exercised pressure on other countries? Yes, we want to call for maybe the economic boycott, boycott the products of of Russia boycott the products of Iran if there is any boycott. But does that make a change?

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Does that make a change? Maybe? At least we should do it in order to see that we are doing something. Now. I was talking to the brothers is marching in front of the Syrian Embassy. Is it the best thing?

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Maybe marching in front of the Russian embassy better? is better. Maybe marching in front of the Iranian embassy is better. Okay. What now? This is among the Muslim community. What others do say about what is happening? Yeah, most of what is being written. And following a little bit is written by non Muslims about what is happening in Aleppo. They send another picture. We don't have enough journalists. Yeah. To convey the message that we want to convey. Do we have good links with maybe, maybe ethical or journalists who are principle? Yes. Who is speak the truth, whether it is for them or against them? Do we have this kind of relationship? A lot to be done? My dear brothers and

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sisters, I'm just worried about time. I look to be done on a short term. And in a long term. Yeah. But we have to remember at the end of the day, my dear brothers and sisters, that it is a longest struggle.

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It is the longest struggle. I was reading just to prepare for this part of the history of Aleppo. And while I did in the 17th century, yeah.

00:29:49--> 00:29:59

The the the virar. Phyllis attacked Aleppo. And some historians said look at this, said some of them were

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raping women in front of their parents in the masjid

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that happened in Aleppo.

00:30:11--> 00:30:12

Yeah, long time ago.

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Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah will test us and it is a longest struggle.

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What is the end of it? The end of the end of it is the Day of Resurrection. So we should not give up at any cost.

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At any cost. If we give up. Yes, they will be raped, and we will be rigged. And Elijah Allah Allah made it clear. Well I will add of Allah he now has a backbone development, the hood the Mazzone Obiang wa salatu wa masajid to Utica Rafi has Mala he Kathira when I answer Ron Allahu Mignon surah in Allah O Yun Aziz, this is Subhanallah this ayah summarizes what Allah Allah Allah wants from us, he made this life in a way that shall Evil will never prevail.

00:31:14--> 00:31:36

Yes, it might prevail for a short period of time, but it will not continue prevailing all of the time, everywhere and higher as well will never prevail. Okay, forever. No, it is true. Therefore, one will push and then other will pull. Okay. And that will continue until the Day of Resurrection.

00:31:38--> 00:32:35

Okay, had into that happened. Allah, Allah, Allah, as he said, had them to that happened. There will be masajid destroyed, synagogues destroyed, churches destroyed, etc, etc, means there will be facade and destruction all over the world. Why? Because the sham will prevail, okay, and then the shell will oppress others, if higher prevails forever, this is the end of this life, okay? And then we'll be no testing. And this life, as we know that Allah, Allah, Allah created this, created it for a test to test us. So this struggle will continue. And that's why we need to be strategic in our thinking, we should not be under any cost, give up, giving up the minute you give up, the minute you

00:32:35--> 00:32:50

will be defeated, humiliated, rape, kill, etc, etc. There are many to defend yourself as much as you can. Allah Allah, Allah, Allah will send his victory upon you. Yes. And

00:32:51--> 00:33:37

and we have a duty towards ourselves. And our brothers and sisters, all over the world are Muslim or Muslim. The Muslim is the brother of the Muslim, Allah, Allah Allah has called us as at one in the MENA as well. And we ask Allah, Allah, Allah to help our brothers and sisters in Aleppo, we ask Allah Allah Allah to help our brothers and sisters in Syria. We ask Allah, Allah Allah to help our brothers and sisters in Iraq. We ask Allah, Allah Allah to help our brothers and sisters in Burma. We ask Allah, Allah Allah to help our brothers and sisters in Libya, in Yemen all over the world. We ask Allah, Allah Allah to forgive us for not helping them enough. We ask Allah Allah to help us for

00:33:37--> 00:34:21

to forgive us for our shortcomings. Alone, not feeling more meaning and more mineka Yeah, Muhammad, Allah Who may I hear you out that you remember the SMR if you will, in and as a Luca, nostril an Agilent the f1 in FE Hello Allahumma yatta yatta yatta Allahumma Mozilla kita Allahumma Mozilla Kitab has a long in as elegant as well as arable. Lavina de Gama. Lee has made f1 And now he has he made the f1 in FE Hello, along in an SLR cameras in Salem, Oregon in 13. Along May I have the young camera out there Ben, Xavi, yeah, well, mental conduct alone might be him, ya know, but I mean, yeah, are you after you, Allah homolytic Advani me never lie to me. Well, I studied f1 And I mean

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being himself. I mean, by the mean, yeah, I'm glad I mean, Inshallah, we'll go to the demonstration. Now, I don't know whether you are going on to the demonstration. But we will be going

00:34:35--> 00:34:45

in sha Allah. And now just Kiani brothers. Be vigilant, be careful, because it normally happens that if there is

00:34:47--> 00:34:59

yeah, if there are demonstrations, or there might be some idiot people to cause any kind of disruption or a disruption in order to spoil the mood and then the

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Purpose of the administration will will not be achieved. More of our brothers. Yes, we will go go for the administration but it doesn't mean that job is done. It is just the start. As I said, we should not be that emotional and reactionary people with sheep, we should think of long term solutions. Yeah, there's a lot of Ira Baraka, la vie, come, may Allah accept it from you, my dear brothers, five just also remember to rectify your intention and the intention for going there is to show support to your brothers because the prophets of Allah Allah, you are your savior, Salah, said and Muslim on a Muslim California, ye should do the approval of Allah We ask Allah Allah Allah to

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accept it from us. Saramonic one to one