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knowledge that you taught,

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again, knowledge that you're taught, we visited today, one of the elder people. And he mentioned something very interesting. I spoke about how we reach out to the disabled.

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With wheelchairs,

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we reach out to the disabled with wheelchairs.

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And he told us, it is more important, without belittling the wheelchairs.

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To reach out to the ignorant with school chairs.

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That's a very deep statement.

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Because a disabled person will not harm others, but an ignorant person will harm others. So who is more disabled, the one who's ignorant, fight ignorance more

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than you fight disability without belittling the fact that you definitely need to reach out to the disabled.

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Now when I look at the school chair, I will look at small wheels under the school chair because to me, it's now a wheelchair. They are disabled in a worse way than those who are physically disabled. So to spend your money teaching people

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is part of what we're talking about today.

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And to spend your time your effort, your energy is part of what we are talking about today.