Gym Talk – Grow Your Masculinity

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah katsu May the peace and blessings of Allah be upon you all. The third method within the GY M gem acronym and the mastermind methodology is to grow your masculinity. As you see this is called Masterman, which is mastering the manhood within you are the masculinity within you that we know what it means to be a man because it is a choice. When you get in the gym, when you grow your mind. By thinking correctly by exercising and increasing your brain health, growing your motivation, you allow things to put you to to act, but you're consistent, which turns into discipline to change your habits for the better you ultimately with this will grow your

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masculinity. And I like to use this because if you were to go in the gym, and you were to just do squats, or you were to even do a farmer's carry, walking back and forth, holding a weight as soon as you can, while walking, and keeping your core tight, you're eventually going to have a strong core, basically a strong midsection area to where you'll be able to withstand and won't fall over easily. If someone pushes you, for example, your masculinity primarily we're talking about that hormone, testosterone, they call it the male sex hormone. When you experience puberty, you will secrete this testosterone, it is present in certain places in your body. That puberty is the onset of the

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increase of this testosterone. What are the results of that facial hair darker voice, your physique will start to come out. Many of you guys are looking in the mirror. If there's a team behind your age, you're already looking in the mirror, I know you're checking yourself out in the mirror. So when you get more involved with changing your mentality, being more disciplined, you will naturally become more masculine. Your body will show the physique the way Allah has created you will show and that is a result. Moms, particularly this will increase their self esteem. You know, when we talked about growing your mind.

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We said that growing eventually will morph into something else not being stagnant momentum is the actual success. We didn't mention that growing your mind SubhanAllah. This helps primarily in alleviating or slowing down those neural diseases that may take place such as dementia, and even to a level of ADHD because of the secretion of the dopamine which is a neurotransmitter within the brain. That increases when you move when you work out. Resistance training moving when this takes place with the young man, and he's secreting testosterone like crazy. And protein synthesis takes place basically, the proteins in his body will strengthen makes his muscles stronger and bigger

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depending how he moves. This will increase his masculinity and it will grow. So brothers, men, young men, teenagers, get in the gym. Let's grow our masculinity by growing our motivation and growing our minds. May Allah bless you all on this beautiful, lifelong endeavor as salaam alaikum raka told me to catch stay strong