Backbiting or not?

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AI: Summary © Speaker 1 discusses the importance of warning people of false accusations and backlash. They stress that while some may be able to do things about it, it is important to inform others and raise the issue. They also mention that while some may not be able to do it, it is important to raise the issue.
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There is a very, very important issue. People are plunged into crisis when others backbite about them, slammed them have deceived them, have wronged them have oppressed them. They are plunged into crisis because at times, you get to hear dribs and drabs of what is being said about you behind your back or there is not much you can do about someone who has stolen from you or deceived you or someone who has oppressed you; harmed you. So you complain to Allah that will bring about a lot of comfort. When you complain to Allah Almighty, remember, He hears you, He will definitely come to your help. That is Allah subhanho wa Ta'ala. And some people say, Well, you know, I'm not going to

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talk bad about someone who's stolen from me, so I'm just going to keep quiet about it. Allah says, when you are wronged, there is no harm in speaking about what happened. You have to talk about it. You have to inform some people who are going to be able to do things about it, and that will not be considered backbiting. backbiting the Prophet sallallahu 'alaihi wa Sallam says --Dzikruka akhaka bima yakhra--, to mention that of your brother, which he or she would not like if he or she had to hear about it, or were told about it. So in their absence, you're saying something they wouldn't have liked. That's called backbiting. Although what you did say it was true may have been true. If it was not true, it

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is slander, which is even worse. But when you have been wronged, there is no harm in warning others or even informing them. You might have to go to authorities, perhaps the police, and you might have to lodge a complaint. You cannot claim to be so pious that you arrive at the police station and say someone did something to me, but I can't tell it to you because it will be considered backbiting. So Allah says, Not at all, you must complain, you must raise the issue and you have every right to do something about it because you were directly involved. Let's listen to the verse. Surah Nisa, verse number 148, Allah says: < 00:02:57,960 wa kaanallaahu Samee'an 'Aleemaa>> [Q,4:148]: Allah does not like that you openly declare some bad or evil in your speech, something bad in your speech, unless you have been wronged. If you are wronged, then you have every right to say something which might be bad about someone else, which is true because you were directly affected as a first party. May Allah subhanho wa Ta'ala, protect all of us. Allah says, Allah is broad in his knowledge. Allah knows absolutely everything. Subhana Allah. So my brothers and sisters, we need to make sure that when we know someone has wronged us to highlight it to others in a very respectful way, because we were involved, actually is considered an act of

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worship. If someone were to come to you and say, you know, I'd like to do business with so and so.

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What do you think you either tell them what you know, or if you don't know You keep quiet. But if you know something, and you know, they will, they are very deceiving, and you've done business with them. And it's firsthand it happened with you. And when you remain silent, you're actually doing something wrong. The same applies to marriage. If someone came to you and told you I want to get married to so and so please give me some good advice. Can you give a reference to give a false reference is actually a sin. So you need to give a true reference. If really, you don't want to say anything. You can say, Look, I'm not going to say much. Please find out from someone else. You

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haven't really lied, but you've excused yourself. Still, it would be a great act of worship. If you told the truth in a very respectful way. Look, I've dealt with this person. Unfortunately, they stole some money of mine, according to me, and they will not very honest they did this and they did that. If you were to say it as a party who was involved in the matter, then it is not considered backbiting, my beloved brothers and sisters, by virtue of this particular verse number 148 of Surah An Nisa. May Allah protect every one of us and grant us goodness, may Allah grant every one of us success.