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hamdu Lillahi wa wa Salatu was Salam o Allah Milena be about about

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this phrase Alhamdulillah he wider wa Salatu was Salam o Allah Milena be about

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it is the common way that Allah ma preachers do our teachers have begun their lectures for the last 1440 years Alhamdulillah wa wa Salatu was Salam, ala Nabi vida, and may peace and Salatin Salam be upon the one after whom there is no Nebby this is the way you begin any talk across the Muslim world for 14 centuries.

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Today is your Allahu taala. We're going to continue what I left off in part one, the red line. Yes, we preach tolerance. Yes, we preach as much as we can unite the OMA. But there must be red lines. And today I'm going to mention another sensitive red line once again, lots of issues happen, but we have to preach the truth regardless of what happens. And that is going to be the red line of the new boo of our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and the finality, the hatom of that new Buddha. I just recited for you in Salah in Surah tel Azov ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada says, Makana Mohamed don't ever had the military God come. The Prophet says Muhammad is not the father of any man amongst you.

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When I came Rasul Allah, He but he is the Rasul of Allah, He is higher than a father. He's not just a father, he is the Rasul Allah, and he is hard time and Nebby hin hartham. In the Arabic language, when you finish writing a document, you close it up, you put a wax seal on it to seal the document, you know, back in the day, the kings and emperors would have a ring and that ring would be their cotton, and they would dip it in wax and then they would put that wax onto the document that it's not going to be touched, it is complete, it is finished, you cannot make an addition. Once you put the item on there, the document is done. Nobody can touch it after that once the hum has been put

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on, and now we're Nabi SallAllahu, ala he was selling them is called the hartham the seal, there's gonna be nothing after him. And this concept of our Prophet sallallahu either he was setting them being caught and when they're being being then it'd be after him there is no Nabhi it is a concept that is explicitly proven in the Quran, in numerous traditions, by the unanimous consensus of the sahaba. And by the unanimous consensus of the entirety of the OMA, there are so many traditions about this. And so Hey, Bahati, the Prophet sallallahu i They he was setting them said in the whole land there be a body there will be no Nebby after me and also SIBO hottie our Prophet sallallahu

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alayhi wa sallam said that before the Day of Judgment Fela thrown at that Jah Runa cuz they're gonna they're gonna come 30 That Giles all of them liars are coming. Why did he call them that, John? That John, by the way, is the worst liar that John Dejagah is to deceive that John the deceiver. You cannot get a worse verb in the Arabic language to talk about lying, slandering. Baudin This is Dejan that John, the one who is the worst. And why did our profit system say he's at the job Kulu miserable, unknown Nebby will no longer be about it. The reason why he called them the John is because they are going to claim they are Nebby and I am telling you there is no Nebby after me this

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hadith in Bukhari and Muslim and I can go on and on really the evidences don't need to be mentioned will lie because this is grade one stuff this is there is no controversy about this before the coming of our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in the Arabian Peninsula. Nobody declared he's an OB the concept of new Boo was not known to the Arabs. So when the prophets have said I am a newbie, actually some of the new people said what is an OB woman maybe they didn't know the concept the process of explained to them Nebby Ambani Allah Allah has given me information to worship Allah alone to destroy the idols. Now, after the prophecies of when he was so successful, we believe by

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the way, this is a sign of truth that there was no fad of Zambia before the process and there's no you know, political career. There's no wave of people saying they're Ambia he's coming the first of the out of Gambia, there is no out of Gambia before him. There was nobody who spoke Arabic and who was an OB before the Prophet sallallahu Sallam now, what's going on?

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happen when he is successful, what's going to happen when an empire is built, that Giroud, Kedah Boone are going to want to try to get that power, that wealth even though the process of didn't do it for power or wealth, but there will be false claimants. And so, in the lifetime of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam this began, it became a fad, or a watch in Arabic. Even Raja noticed the same thing. It became a fad. It became something that every evil leader wanted to tap on to this new idea called New boo. Let me see maybe I can be a king maybe I can have political power. And in the lifetime of the Prophet SAW Selim, one of the faults people will say lemme began to say I am a

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newbie and he had some bizarre Quran. You know, Alfie lwml. Pharaoh McGraw. Kamal Philo. He just copied the Quran. He has changed some words, you know, and he wrote to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Allah has made you a newbie in the Quran. He has made me a bit newbie in my tribe. So you have half the Earth. I'll have the other half. You take half of the old girl half the other half, and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam called him that John and called him will say them Alka dab, you are the kidnap you are a liar. I am horrible, MBIA when there be so the Profit System predicted and it happened in his own lifetime. And then as soon as you know, the Profit System

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passed away immediately, you had Sajha you had

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an S with an Annecy. You had multiple people. It just became a fad. Every major political leader, every major false person who wanted power began to claim this. And throughout the early Obama years and Abbasids, multiple times every few decades, another person would come along saying oh, now I am being inspired. Why is coming to me? In fact, the early OMA years and the early Ibis is this well known, they will take these people to put them in a trial and give them the punishment that is do unto them. interesting anecdote in Abu Hanifa his lifetime, Imam Imam has album in Abu Hanifa his lifetime Rahim Allah to Allah, a man claimed that he was a prophet in Baghdad. And so a person came

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to Abu Hanifa and said, Oh, Abu Hanifa you know, so and so he claims he is a Nebby. And he has, you know, mortgages and whatnot, Abu Hanifa His face changed, he became extremely angry. Listen to this. He said anybody who dares ask Him for His miracles thinking that he might have some, here's a Kaffir

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you don't even have to ask anybody who goes to this man saying okay, let me see what are your marches us? Let me see what have you what is the way What do you have? You dare ask him for the sake of examination, not for the sake of exposing because if you want to expose us something else, right, if you want to show his Allah, but you asking do you want to weigh the evidences, then this is cool for because you are automatically doubting the honeymoon Naboo of our prophecies of just asking, can you imagine how about more than this? And that is why brothers and sisters, every major book of al Qaeda ever written in the history of this ummah, it has within it that we Muslims believe that our

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Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is hot and will MBIA will Morsani the first aqidah book, the book that is read across the Muslim world in JAMA islamiya, where I studied in us her in duben and darood Allume in every single university in the world, the major textbook are key to how we inoculate data, how we explicit phrase explicit point that the Prophet saw some is the final prophet heart and what MBI when we're studying, and anybody who claims otherwise is a cadaver is a Balton is somebody who's claiming bolted and falsehood it shall be rejected of him. This is a mainstream belief. Another great theologian wrote 1100 years ago, Abdullah Al Baghdadi, he wrote a book called

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ossola Deen, and I'm saying this because he wrote this before any modern fitna listen to what he had to say 1100 years ago, he wrote this round 400 Hegira we are now in 1444. He wrote this around actually 390 400 Hegira. He wrote that everybody who believes in the NABI sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has agreed that he is the heart and will be able more serene, and that the Sharia that of his will last forever, and nobody will come to abrogate it. And this concept is more touted in the Quran and the Sunnah, than listen to this. So whoever rejects the evidence of the Quran and Sunnah for who will cafiero not * out the kafir, for who will Kaffir there is no good for worse than discover

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for who World Cafe. He is the essence of cafe. This is what Al Baghdadi is saying before any modern felucca before any modern group. He's right

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I think this 1100 years ago, anybody who claims new boo after the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and by the way, Al Baghdadi his book is a compilation of the diverse beliefs of the OMA that she has said this, this ad said this, the Hadith I said this, and generally he will just narrate. But when he comes to this point, he goes, No, this is the red line, as I said, we want to prove we want to have as many people as possible, especially mainstream Satanism, but we have to have red line, and he rarely pronounced the verdict. But when he comes to this issue, he goes, No, anybody who claims in Naboo, after our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, that person is the essence of

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Cofer. And I find it amazing brothers and sisters, that in the course of our OMA, indeed, we've had dozens of claimants of new Bulwark, dozens of them throughout Islamic history, beginning with musei lemma. You know, up until our modern times, not a single one of them, without exception in pre modernity was successful. They lived, they claim prophethood, they died. And that's it. We don't have a single remnant of any of those that juglone around to this day. Allahumma, except for one or two that have appeared in modern times when the world is different. And you know, colonialism came and the nation state came and different things came in the modern times, the only time we have

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actually had to deal with a viable a tangible group of people who are increasing in number and who have a profit after the Profit System. Otherwise, in the past, these people were literally like fluttering in the wind, they come they go, nobody even remembers them, except in books of heresy books of you know, RP that they mentioned, Oh, this guy used to live that guy used to live. As for unfortunately, in modern times, there are one or two such movements. And I will mention, primarily one, but before I get there, especially for America, we need to be aware of one more, and that is the Nation of Islam, which has a lot to do with American Islamic history. The Nation of Islam is of

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course, a syncretic movement, a movement that has elements of Islam, but elements of other ideologies. It was founded here in America in Detroit in the 1930s. And the Nation of Islam, claimed that Mustapha, I'm just quoting them I know it's cool for to say this, but it's cool for it to believe this was not over to say I'm teaching you what they believe. They believe that Allah Azza wa Jalla Jalla Jalla Allah Who stopped for Allah came to America, in the form of a human being. They believe that Allah is stuck for Allah, they say this claim, they claim he came to Detroit and Chicago in the form of a human being. And that human being his name was followed Mohamed followed

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Mohammed and followed Muhammad taught Islam to the African American last Asiatic community. And this person Elijah Muhammad was chosen to be the Prophet of Allah. And so Elijah Muhammad founded the Nation of Islam in the early 30s. In the 50s and 60s, it became a national movement, maybe a million people followed it. And it became very famous for reasons beyond the scope of our talk today, massive a number of converts and especially famous Converse right Cassius Clay, Muhammad Ali, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Malcolm X, all of these people began converting to this nation of Islam. Then at hamdulillah Hamdulillah. His son his son wanted Deen Mohammed after his father died, his son of

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Hamdulillah. We thank Allah for him, Giselle, Allah who he engineered and maneuver maneuver the movement to come into mainstream Islam Alhamdulillah slowly but surely he did. And so the bulk of them came to mainstream Islam. And so these are the followers of Imam why the Deen Mohammed and they're a part of our mainstream community. Unfortunately, when he moved them back, one of the students of Elijah Muhammad Louis Farrakhan broke away from what Athena said, we're gonna go back to the original Louis Farrakhan, Farrakhan, well known name, he went back to the original. And so there is a very small group, now still of the Nation of Islam who believe in this ideology, when they say

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there is no God, but Allah, by Allah, they mean first Muhammad, and when they say Muhammad is his messenger, they mean Elijah Muhammad. And of course for our standards, this is outside the fold of Islam. In any case, this movement is now barely 10 20,000. And Elijah Muhammad is I think, nine or sorry, Farah Han is I think 90 years old. And I predict that when he leaves this earth, His movement is going to fizzle out completely. So we don't and I'm sure most of you have never met anybody of this movement anyway, it's going to also go where the previous movements went. This leaves us with one movement, and that will be the talk of the next bit, who along with Stein, may Allah protect me

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and all of you, because again, this movement has done dastardly tactics and I mentioned one or two of them. The other movement of course, is one that I feel, especially our youth, they are very unaware of, and in

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The last few years this movement has risen up especially in North America. And they are actively involved in taking over positions of journalism and positions of influence. And they're getting involved in mainstream organizations representing Islam without mentioning their real identity, what is their real identity? They are the followers of somebody called Mirza Ghulam Muhammad Mirza Ghulam Muhammad from the village of cardijn. In Punjab, so this midazolam Ahmed, they call themselves Medina, Medina, and the rest of the world calls them cloudiness. And this movement, it, it has many things, but one of the things you to be aware of, it exaggerates its numbers to astronomical

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amounts, I read on their official website today, they claim there are more than 1% of the global Ouma Wallah, he want to laugh 1% of the OMA. They claim that that's that would literally mean 2030 40 million. And most academics and statistics would probably say they are to 300,000. At max, they are not that much. So understand. In quantity, there are very few, they love to lie about their numbers and inflate their numbers that we are everywhere, all you have to do is look around how many massages that you have very few. But the problem is, in the last few years, they have begun an aggressive campaign against the rest of us an aggressive campaign that we should be accepted or else

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and what is that or else I'm gonna get to in a while. And they are now I don't have a better word for this. There. I'm trying to be polite here. They don't they don't be honest about who they are. Let me just say this, right? They don't claim that they are followers of this man until they infiltrate your group until they become involved. And then they start slowly talking to people on the site. And this tactic is not good, be honest, be open, and we will treat you like on the you know, Cambodia day we will treat you like a person of another faith give you the right but when you're going to deceive. And when you're going to use tactics that are going to be harmful that we

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have to call you out and expose you. And that's why and again, in the last few weeks and months I've been traveling many communities, the communities I go to their leaders come and tell me this happened. This happened this happened. And this is now I have to say this seems to be a concerted tactic. They're trying to do this across and therefore I have to call them out. And we have to give it the good again, give the caveat. We're not a stop for Allah calling for violence. We're not calling for anything physical, but we have to speak the truth. So for our youth here very quickly, who is this person, midazolam, Muhammad, and what did he preach Minnesota Muhammad was born in

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Punjab in India. And he came to age at the time when the British had kicked out the Mughal empire and established themselves as the rulers of India. So he saw this firsthand as a young man. He was probably in the teenagers years when the Mughals were kicked out and the British were installed in India. midazolam himself never went through any formal training. He didn't go to any madrasa. He didn't memorize the Quran. He doesn't have any formal training. As a young man. He began debating the Christian missionaries in his area, and he established a reputation for himself. This was his rise to fame. And brothers and sisters, one of the most corruptive factors for your knee is fame.

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One of the most corruptive factors is the desire to be in the spotlight Well, along with Stan, may Allah protect all of us and give us a class he tasted fame, he became a person who was traveling debating the British missionaries debating the Christian missionaries, and he carved out for himself, you know, a type of reputation that deceived a lot of people in his time. But then slowly but surely, when he saw this, he began modifying his message rather than concentrating on debating Christians and proving Islam he began saying things about himself and it was gradual, He began by saying that he is the Mujaddid or alacer The Magette did have the entire timeframe right he is the

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Mujaddid of the whole OMA and then he upgraded he is the more head does determine that use more head that means Allah gives me ill harm in ham is a type of way that that we will say it is it is allowed because it's not direct Well hey, but no one should claim I'm getting in ham you don't know if you're getting in ham. You know our profit system said that rumor mill. Allah gives him ill ham in ham is like a intuition. Ilham is like Allah gifted your intuition, but we say this intuition it might be a gift from Allah, but you don't know until you act upon it and 100 of that turn turn to be true. You cannot say Allah is giving me intuition. If Allah gives us a gift, it's like a cut almost

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like a mini miracle if Allah gives you a gift, but you cannot demand you can

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not say I am that person. But he began to say, Allah has given me this ill ham. Then he began preaching the doctrine that Jesus Christ, the Jesus reception Imodium had actually been saved from the cross and traveled from Jerusalem to India, Mashallah. And he came to Punjab and he died in Kashmir.

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So he begged began claiming, and by the way, they have a grave there that they think is the holiest grave, and they visited to this day. And they say this is the grave of receptivity of Jesus Christ. So they claimed that ISA is buried in Kashmir. And he began to claim that the Second Coming of Jesus is not this Jesus because he's dead, but rather a figure shall be chosen and raised up by Allah, and he shall be the second Jesus in spirit not to name his name will not be Jesus, but he shall be the second Jesus. And then of course, he claimed that is himself he called himself el Mercia Elmo rude, I am the Promised Messiah. So now he began claiming I am the promised mercy. And then the final

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thing and this is very explicit, he upgraded his constant upgrade, constant upgrade right, I am rejected I am wahat death. I am mercy Helmore Road, what's left noble WA. And he began claiming, but he did this very gradually, by the way. Firstly, he began because he again he didn't say this, in the beginning of his message took him a solid 1020 years developing bit by bit, he began saying that Muslims have misunderstood the concept of new bahwa.

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He said, No, Boo Wah is an open door. And it remains until the Day of Judgment. Okay, midazolam, I just recited Makana Mohamed about them and they're being what do you say? Listen to how the twist happens. Yes, the Prophet SAW Selim has the hartham in his hand, metaphorically, and he can stamp Nobu on anybody he wants.

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He literally flipped the script. This is not what you understand from Arabic. But he said, the Prophet SAW Selim is the one who can stomp somebody with no boo. And so no Bulwark can remain after the prophets of salaam but the Prophet system will choose it and then he gave caveats this new boo will not be like the Prophet systems Naboo won't know is going to be less than his it's not going to be a new Shetty ya know, it's gonna be the same Shetty out, but it will be an actual noble work. And I have quotations that I have looked up because again, I mean, I hope that inshallah you know me by now that I try to be very academic, I don't listen to you know, rumors I don't listen to I want to

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go to the source. I want to see exactly, you know what this is. So I read a number of books and articles I, I even got some books of this group, so that I have it, I have them at the library, and I want to make sure so he says, Pardon my audible here, just Dean may Naboo, what's consistent, and now he had two or more the Dean had just Dean may Naboo was Silsila. Now here to vote more of the dean here. Any nation that doesn't have a live concept of prophecy is a Dead Nation. You see, he's setting the stage, right? You see, he's setting the stage for himself, that prophecy has to be live, you must have a prophet, and then slowly but surely, he then said that he is that prophet, and he

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said that I am never going to be equal to the sun. The bright the bright sun of the process of I am the shadow behind him. I am in his ZIL. I am in the ZIL of Bahamas. Awesome, but I am a newbie, and I quote you from his book. This is his book to effort and Najwa this was a tour of our alumni network. He earned my network refuted him to photo network. I'm going to reply to you to refer to another one. And again pardon my oh to do but listen to this carefully. Year column. Joomla Sanata home country or your kini? Torpey Hodaka Colombia? Yo Ma Dr. Sikka Lambert Cara Hoda the speech I'm giving you country or your clinic Toby Hodaka, Colombia Jessie Quran or Torah Hodaka Colombia, what

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I'm giving you have these revelations because you see, he had revelations he had any, you know, he claimed these revelations, by the way in Farsi in Urdu, and very broken English and in completely broken Arabic. He had all four languages right? First Hello, do I cannot judge but I can judge the English you can see and the as for the Arabic unbelievable mistakes of a grade one level because he never studied Arabic. Okay, so he's

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says that this column that I'm giving you your kini torpid katri Torpey it is definitive that this is the column of Allah. Just like the Quran or Torah Hodaka column here and now listen to this, or manhood aka zili or BRUCEI towards Burnaby who, and I am Hoda, gatos say zili I am the shadow prophet of Allah and the bluesy prophet of Allah means I am the one that Yanni Allah has caused to come out behind the light of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and then he says

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that any Muslim who does not listen to me has committed Cofer.

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You have to follow me or else you are a kafir. So now, he declared himself to be a newbie, but he always was a but not like that newbie. I am a newbie zili Nebby I'm a shadow Nabil meaning I am eclipsed by the prophets of Salaam, but I am a newbie, and in 1900 See, so 123 years ago, he wrote a book on grazie government or jihad. This is the title of the book, right? The British government and jihad. And in this book, he claimed that Allah has told him that jihad is no longer valid, and you should not fight the British. And you must obey the rule of the British. And he says, and this is on page 11, and 18 that hola MA and always marry bazzano Listen to me, I am telling you this is not the

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time for jihad against the British do not disobey Allah's Messenger. This is what he is saying, don't fight the British. At a time when even Hindus now want to fight they want to independence right? Hindus are starting Muslims are starting we're tired of British rule. This guy comes along and goes, Listen to a lock in the beam meaning who, meaning who? himself, listen to Allah give me this the hokum of Allah's Nabhi don't fight the British, you can understand whose interests are being served by this. And this is literally from his book, The awaited Messiah has arrived and orders you to abstain from all war. Very clear. And I read this myself in the book, it is translated

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to English, by the way, the book is translated to English from their website, you can download it. And as I said, he began making proclamations that he has a book. And this book, as I said, is revealed in multiple languages. So I have this book, I had to get it because I want to make sure that I'm speaking the, you know, accurate truth. So it's around 1000 pages of commentary and book together and I got it from their, from their own publication so that I don't get to, you know, a filtered one. So, honestly, and I don't know how else to say this. I can't read the order that well the translation is there, but in terms of Arabic is a complete failure, complete failure. So he has

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for example, and every Arabic phrase of his it is basically a hodgepodge of Quranic verses, or a few phrases that you would learn by asking somebody, one of the revelations he has this is his Quran. This is, by the way, it's called a 10th. Cara, he called his Quran a 10th. Cara, and you can find it. This is the name of his book to the Kira, Kira, he said, In the America Amara Holika Amara coolamon hubback Allah is speaking to him in New America, I am with you. When Mara Holika and I'm with your family, his wife and his children, while Mr. coolamon have Beckenham with everybody who loves you. And he says that Allah said to him, I'm just literally quoting you. tikka nuestra T Yeah,

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t come in Khalifa jamea. This is what he said is Allah's revelation. tikka masala tea. Yeah, DECA shouldn't be the two different verses. But anyway, tiga nuestra tierra tikka, Mikkola, Virgin and milk, my help will come to you. My help will come to you from every single deep valley. Allah says the pajamas are going to come in Khalifa genomic and so he said, Allah's help is going to come when Khalifa gin and milk and this is one of his sorrows dated September 29 1905. Okay, I'm reciting straight from I literally copied and pasted from the book so that you know that I'm not making this up. It's stuck for the last seven verses six verses. Stop for the last stop for Allah. May Allah

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forgive me but I have to Allah I have to teach you please understand, you understand? We are just saying this for you understand the latter half in the La Jolla half hula de El Morro saloon, if you know your Quran, the second half is the Quran right? We'll call you man the late Mandela the Ashfur endo who had to hear Dyneema to adorn this the second verse. Literally he took two verses the Quran made another verse Now listen to this cool in hola Aziz on the equity dar i don't know what that is. A fella took me noon.

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And then he says call it

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In the shahada two min Allah for hell unto me known. This is verse number four, cool. Ma Z doula Coleman Emery, what hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen in nanzan, affiliated in a condom was it in and of the surah

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wala here, if you feed this

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I, I'm trying to be academic here, but you go ahead and read it yourself. It is clear that he doesn't know Arabic. And he's cutting and pasting verses from the Quran and adding a word here and there. And then because he's in 1905, whatever in India, people don't know any better, you know. And so this is now but the sad thing is, the crazy thing is this is preserved and his followers still read this, his followers think this is his revelation, this is his end what Allah has revealed to him. In any case, to go on, and Shala we just have 510 minutes left. His movement really was a massive failure within really a choice. They like to exaggerate, Come on, show me how many massages

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are there in India, in Pakistan be real. These people exaggerate the numbers, it was a dismal failure. And so early on in the 1900s, they got the idea that we need to spread our movement amongst non Muslims. And they began to send active missionaries in Africa, in Europe and in America.

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And so this is a different facet of history. Because of this. Many people converted to their understanding, because they didn't know any better. They didn't know what is Islam, and their preachers come along and they preach at 90% mainstream and then they add the 10% that is whole numbers and this and that. Okay, many actually Christians in England converted they didn't know any better. They're hearing Tawheed they're hearing you know, they get the real Quran in their hands, they read it, they appreciate it. But then they say oh, but you must believe in the Messiah, the you know who numbers or whatnot and so many people did convert and here in America in 1922, one of the

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students in Mirza Allah Muhammad by the name of Mufti Mohammed Sada, he entered America illegally, got a wrong visa, and he preached in Chicago and Detroit and other areas. And then he was kicked out he was expelled because he didn't have the right visa. Now, here is where the plot really thickens. This is really interesting. Let's go back to the Nation of Islam. Who was there God, what was his name?

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For the Mohammed? For the longest time, nobody knew who fought Muhammad was his mystery mended his identity remained a mystery because he was actually caught embezzling and stealing, thrown into jail and then deported. This was their god, okay. That's why we have mug shots. I'm not making this up. We have mug shots of their God, because he was in San Quentin Prison. I'm not making this up, because he was caught faking a check and embezzling and fraud. And because he was an immigrant, so then they kicked him out, because they kicked him out. Now we don't know much about him where he went where he ended up. It's all a mystery. One of our sisters sister, Fatima fantasy, she did a PhD

00:33:10--> 00:33:35

from Howard University, about fourth Mohammed, the most this is, I think, five, six years ago recently, like not that long ago, the most comprehensive doctoral dissertation about foreign Mohammed. And what she uncovered was literally mind boggling. Even though everything fits. Thought Mohammed was a missionary from the mid movement

00:33:36--> 00:34:20

for Mohammed was a missionary that was sent by the AMA the movement after the failure of Saudi Han, but he decided he's gonna go impromptu is gonna go rogue, he's gonna make something different. And he gave this cocktail hodgepodge which actually caught on and Elijah Muhammad then took it to a whole different level even and then the Nation of Islam began, therefore, we can factually state, the nation of Islam actually has its origins from the muddy or the Qadiani movement. And what also shows this from the beginning of its inception, their official translation was the translation of Muhammad Ali who is the somebody who translated the Quran. He was the only ama do translate the

00:34:20--> 00:34:59

Quran that was adopted by the movement now Dr. Mirza hola and that will finish. Of course, many scholars refuted him many scholars pointed out his deviancy, the most famous incident that our children need to know. One of the great Moorhead dithiol and scholars of India share Santa Allah al amritsari and amritsari Sheikh Sana Allah and amritsari he was a Morehead this scholar, Professor of Hadith and teacher and add him he had multiple debates and and writings back and forth public until finally in 1907 and 1907, he issued a challenge and this challenge was put in the newspaper

00:35:00--> 00:35:52

He said, May Allah's liner, be upon the one of the two of us who is lying, whoever I am saying the Prophet system is the last prophet, you are saying you are the Prophet, may Allah is Lana, come on whoever is lying, and may he die a death in the lifetime of the other. This is my line a MOBA is called. This is my MOBA. Hala, I am invoking Allah's curse on the liar and I'm saying that let the liar die in the lifetime of the other person. And he published this that Hollis let it be. That is what you call Iman. But Subhanallah That's truth as well. And barely a few months after publishing this letter. In 1908 Mirza olam got struck with cholera and he died an ignoble death and share Sana

00:35:52--> 00:36:37

Allah al amritsari lived another 40 years migrated to Pakistan lived in Pakistan than died in Buxton. 40 years, Allah wanted to show who is the two of these two is the liar. In any case, some points here's what you should be aware of. One thing you should be aware of Muhammad Akbar, the great dilemma, the philosopher when he was younger, he didn't see the truth of this movement. So he wrote some praise about them. And the Qadiani is love to quote this. However, in his later years, when he became aware, he wrote an entire book called The Chinese and Orthodox Muslims. That's one of the books numbers of alumni as well. And in that book, he said, These people are a fifth column,

00:36:37--> 00:37:18

beware of them. These people are traitors, beware of them. So anybody who calls to Allah Akbar, you tell him this when he was younger, he didn't see through. When he got older, and he saw the reality he distanced himself Allama Rashid Rudolph al mannaar, the great alum of of Egypt, Allama, Rashid, the Rebbe multiple times wrote fatwas against this while the guys alive and then when his son and his movement is rising up in the 2019 10s and 20s. He wrote them the share have an Azhar was asked about this my budget or something he was asked about this film. And he goes, this is a film that has outside the fold of Islam and multiple myeloma continue to say this is a felucca, we don't consider

00:37:18--> 00:37:51

it a felucca within the OMA. It is another deen is not one of the 73 feet. Of course, it is outside of the dean, I want to say this because these guys claim that this is something modern. You guys are saying we're outside the OMA No, I love my husband said this rushydro said this, the majority of us have said this, this is in the 1910s 20s and 30s. This sentiment remained then in the 50s and 60s, many Pakistanis are aware, the first foreign minister that was appointed was from this group, the first foreign minister of the country. Zafarullah Zafarullah. Khan.

00:37:52--> 00:37:53

So for Allah

00:37:54--> 00:37:55

No, no.

00:37:56--> 00:38:36

Yeah. As a follow up. Yeah, it is a photo Lacan, right. Muhammad Zephyros akana think something like this. Yeah. The first foreign minister that was appointed was from this group, because he was from this group, so many Allah ma of Pakistan, the deobandis, the W series, Jumada Maududi wrote a book about this right? That we cannot have this person representing us going to the UN. This is not our culture, our dean, and he's writing he was very, very active preacher about this movement. He he's the one who translated Kira, by the way that Quran of his transmitted by Yodas of Rolla Konya Mohamed Salah Konya, he translated the third Kira, so this was an active preacher. So the Pakistani

00:38:36--> 00:39:14

community, the Pakistani nation began rallying up, we have to declare these people, they're not Muslim. And so a constitutional you know, meeting was called in convened, and the constitutional amendment was made by the Government of Pakistan, that we will not consider this movement to be a Muslim movement. So it is now in the constitution of the country. These guys say, What right does the constitution of a country have What rights do politicians have to declare us? kofod we say, we don't care about politicians, the Kalama declares you outside the fold. We don't care I'm being honest here. I don't care if the constitution did it or not, I don't need the constitution of a

00:39:14--> 00:39:59

country to say this. The hola Ma said this, the all the elements of this and then after this, they try to still get themselves accepted. Subhanallah the Robitaille element Islami, the largest and the most global body of Muslims convened a conference in the late 70s 7778 in Makkah, and they made an official decree by unanimous consensus of all 300 Plus Roma around the world. These are the senior owner of every country, every filmmaker every month hub that is mainstream, they came together not a single dissenting voice that any group including this one they mentioned by name, who believes in Nobu after the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is not a part of this ummah.

00:40:00--> 00:40:42

They are outside this Oma. Now to conclude brothers and sisters, one of the tactics of this group and I have been the victim of this as well, is that they viciously attack you smear you publicly try to make a big deal about the fact that you are considering them non Muslims, and they will link you to violence around the world. They will mention something, oh, this mob happened and killed one of our people, you know, this person shot one of our people and the sheriff and Dallas or that Sheriff, he is the one calling for this as well by saying that this group is outside the fold of Islam. And one of their guys their journalists, when Islamophobia was at its peak, remember 10 years ago? How

00:40:42--> 00:41:21

about it was he remember when the government was going berserk and people were passing in that timeframe. One of these people mentioned me and Chuck Romano and others by name. And he goes these people at the time we were rising up, we were getting very feminine. These people they are literally he called us soft ISIS terrorists. Can you imagine he published this in a newspaper as a journalist because he's a journalist? He goes, Don't be deceived. These are Allama of mainstream Sunni Islam. Do you think they're anti jihad? No, these are the worst jihadists? Can you imagine in that timeframe article comes out and mentions your a secret jihadist Why, what what violence zero call

00:41:21--> 00:42:12

for? Because he says the Qadiani are not Muslim. So look, they take a statement, that we have our definition, and they accused you of being a terrorist. And this is now unfortunately, becoming mainstream in this regard. And by the way, how ironic, their founder is the biggest to QVT in the entire OMA because he said any Muslim who doesn't believe in me is what is a Kaffir. He made to clear of the entire OMA, so who are you to then tell us anything, even if you're 1% We're making the fit of your 1% your founder made stockfeed of 99.999% of the OMA the irony. In any case, I want to finish off over here that especially to our youth, listen, we are not preaching a stop for Allah any

00:42:12--> 00:42:55

violence and being very clear here. And will Allah He I be honest with you, if these types of attacks take place vigilante quote, unquote, justice, we have to speak out against it. They are human beings, they deserve the right to be educated, the right to go to hospital, the right to have jobs, but I have one simple request upon them. Very simple. Stop disguising yourselves and Stop deceiving the rest of us say to the rest of the world. We are followers of midazolam say that and Wallahi. If you say it luck, I'm Dino Comala. De and I will say yes, go get education. Yes, go get a job. Yes, go and live your lives. But when you say that you are a Muslim, and when you accuse me of

00:42:55--> 00:43:41

being a terrorist or a Kaffir because I don't acknowledge you know, I'm sorry, you are being duplicitous, you're being deceptive. And this group, I mean, I have a message for them. I'm being inshallah I'm not trying to be harsh here. But you have been trying for 140 years to be accepted by the Ummah, you have been trying for 140 years to become mainstream. Not a single alum in the history of this OMA has ever welcomed you. Why do you want to enter a building that is sealed shut against you Subhanallah brothers and sisters, it is truly amazing that when it comes to this issue, Sunni and Shia, you know, but LV and Deobandi Salafi and Sufi ze the antibody, we all come together, we

00:43:41--> 00:44:23

all unite, and we say in spite of all our differences, you guys are not welcome here. There is no Nebby after our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, I say to those people give up on your false battle to try to be accepted for what law he will law he will law he as long as there is blood in our veins as long as our tongue say that Kalama we shall never ever respected the job. And as long as we live, you want to be treated as humans will treat you as humans. But let come Dino Cambodia Dean, you have your dean, I have my dean. Don't pretend that you're a part of our dean, when no one within our Dean wants you to be a part of our dean. If you're not deceptive, if you're honest, if

00:44:23--> 00:45:00

you're public, then you shall get my support to be a human being. It's my support to live a life that is free. That is as your lacantina Konya Dean, but when you are deceptive and you try to fool and you try to propagate an infiltrate, I must point out the double standard I must call you out for your hypocrisy, and I must say 1000 times I must say, we shall never compromise on this position. We shall never give up the huntsman Naboo we have lines to draw and this is a red line that shall never be crossed. Learn b by d there shall never be a Nibi after our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam May Allah

00:45:00--> 00:45:08

subhanho wa Taala Allah was to be brave and firm on this and protect us from the tactics of our enemies. Giacomo Allahu Ferran Santa Monica Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh

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in Mussolini now almost Nima de one meaning Mina on et now I looked on it that he was loading been I was floating point he was on the arena was Slavia rod Do you want to for sharing you know

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what unfortunately no one was watching I didn't want him down one BP now one downside the party was all me I was all in

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one heavy Lina photo gentlemen one half year warranty. Was that good enough?

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