Code language of LOVE Muhammad PBUH & Aishah RA

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There was a code language between Aisha Allah Allah and Muhammad Salah you know on a cinematic one of the companions of the process and he mentioned he said, the first love story that we know of in Islam was between Asia and Mohamed Salah Allah Allah is a true genuine love. So there was a code language one day she was asking the process and to describe her his love for her. How many of us would do that? Like do you love me? Yes. How much like like, can you describe your love from increase those communication if you're married if you're not married, haram

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Be careful.

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But Allah Allah she told the process and describe that love. He said it's like a binding not the more you target, it gets more stronger and stronger and stronger and years later every now and then, shall we look at the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and told him how is the not you see as strong as you asked the first time