The Far Right A Danger to Humanity

Yasir Qadhi


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One of the most dangerous forces against humanity is what we now call the far right. What is the far right? Every time a mass genocide has occurred in human history. It comes from a group of people that have combined three things memorize this. Number one, a notion of purity of identity of skin color of ethnicity, we are one pure race think of Nazi Germany. Think of the Serbian people think of the BJP in India, right? The same notion we are one pure race. Number two, a fanatical interpretation of religion. So you have pure race combined with religion. Again, Nazi Germany, again, BJP again, Serbian realities in this region. And then number three, you need a minority that

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is of a different ethnicity, and a different religion. And you blame all the problems on that minority. If you have these three things, you have the recipe of genocide, if you have these three things, a large group of people who think they are pure, they are the only inhabitants the original inhabitants of this land. So you have racial identity, then you have bigoted religion, perverted religion, because no mainstream religion encourages violence, but you have a far right religion. And then you have a minority that is different ethnicity, different religion, this is the recipe for disaster. And that's why especially what we're seeing happening in India, we need to be very careful

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because they're going down the same path in this land is well, the far right the same realities happen. Look at right now, again, not to be current news here. But the the trials taking place in the Senate, though sixth of January, what happened, right, they literally attack their own government, they tried to overthrow their own government. Look at how mad how crazy people become when you have this toxic combination. So we need to be very careful and learn from history when we see the signs of this type of fascism, of Neo Nazism. If you don't stop it in its tracks, which nobody did back then we're not doing right now in India, along with Stalin, the next stage is

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nothing other than genocide. You cannot stop it until it is too late. So that's why we learned from history one of the main lessons when you see this toxic combination of fascism, of Neo Nazism of the far right, you had better do your best to prevent it from becoming mainstream. Once it becomes mainstream Allah who was Stan

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