The Fruits of True Religious Commitment

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What are some of the fruits and benefits that one gains from being a true religious Muslim?

Lecture delivered at Al Azhar Mosque in Sydney, Australia.
Date: August 9, 2015

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How can be sold to and soon that you will Gema Fie Australia in Alhamdulillah

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I still feel whenever we do Billahi min surely on fusina when you say at Dr. Marina

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de la who Fela mobile Allah, woman yo boo fella hottie Allah, wash, Allah Allah Allah Allahu

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Allah, wash, Mohammed Abu Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi de la Yomi Deen amudha

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electricity start off by praising Allah subhanho wa Taala who gathered us here today

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who gathered us after a very, very long time.

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And so many of the brothers here who I have seen

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studied with me and Medina many years ago

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and they used to tell me about the data in Australia and of the organization the raw data

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to actually see it with your eyes. And to see the brothers very active

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in the tower after they have returned from their studies. It is from the blessings of Allah subhanahu wa Tada.

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And it reminds me of the verse that our Sheriff recited in the Salah.

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Were a loss of Hannah, who would Tyler mentioned in Surah, two tober

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one that can mean una lianzhou Leon tiru Katha is not for the believers to all go out

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to all go out in the Jihad

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fellow Lana for amin, Cooley Pharaoh kutiman, homeboy,

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Leah taka houfy, Diem, volume zero coma homido Raja la him, la la mia Sharon, if only a group among them stays behind,

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for what purpose,

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to seek knowledge of the deen

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and then take that knowledge, take it to their people, to teach them to warn them.

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And this is exactly what our brothers have done. They left their communities to go study

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and get that beneficial knowledge and then return to their communities with that knowledge and then pass on that knowledge

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to their communities.

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The topic of this conference

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is an IELTS exam.

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Religious commitment.

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However, this term

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I prefer using another term

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that has been mentioned by Allah Subhana who

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and by His Messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and that is the term of police department.

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And the meaning of LS Tacoma is basically to remain

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upon the upwey the obedience of Allah Subhana, who with the HANA

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the obedience of Allah and His Messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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to stay away from the disobedience of Allah and His Messenger, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, in all aspects of life,

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both inwardly and outwardly.

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And nowadays, Muslims have many perceptions

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of what it means to be a religious Muslim.

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And so, there are those who simply believe that being a religious Muslim means

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to simply have faith in your heart,

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to be good to others,

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to do good with others, even if you're not fulfilling some of the very important fundamentals of the

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others among the Muslims, they believe

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true religious commitment and true religiosity means

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to fulfill the basic fundamentals, but because

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of the times that we're living in because of where we're living in the society that we're living in, there's room for flexibility, and so they bend some of the rules, and yet they consider themselves to be they consider themselves to be religious.

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And there are others who think that true religiosity means to show that you're religious

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to grow that beard for the sisters to wear

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Their hijab fully. But yeah, inwardly

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their hearts are full of evil. They don't have

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the best of hearts, they're a flock or the worst of

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it. So you have different perceptions of what it means to be religious.

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But true religiosity is, as we mentioned,

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is, as we mentioned, is the karma. And the meaning of the karma is to remain upon the obedience of a law in all aspects of life, both inwardly and outwardly not choosing what we want to practice of the deen, but to practice it in its entirety.

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Now, the topic that

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was given to me

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is the fruits

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of true religious commitment.

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anyone who

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wants to do anything in life,

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who wants to

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live a certain way of life,

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or he takes a certain course in life, he only does it because of a purpose.

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He does it for an objective he wants to achieve something.

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So why would somebody want to be religious?

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Why would somebody choose this path of least karma?

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When it means to give up

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much of what is dear to you.

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You have to sacrifice

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almost everything that is beloved to your heart of the dunya

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in order to be considered to be religious,

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the reality is that those who think this way,

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those who think this way, they're not aware of the true fruits of religious commitment, the true benefits of a lesser karma, some of which are achieved in this life, but most of which are achieved and which will be seen in the next. So we mentioned just a few very few points in shout Allahu taala.

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Although there are many, many fruits and benefits, that can be mentioned,

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that can be mentioned regarding a list of

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the very first fruits or benefits

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of altruism or ovilus. The karma

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that one is fulfilling.

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One is fulfilling his very purpose of his creation.

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And so a loss of Hannah who would have created us for a purpose will not hold on to general inter alia, who do, I have not created mankind nor the jinn, except for what

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for my worship.

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And Allah Subhana, who Allah commanded us

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to stay upon that path of least two comma, first name comma Muta, woman, Tatiana,

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and remain upon the path of Alister karma. This is a command to who to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam,

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when not only him, woman, Tara Mack, and those who have repented with you, the believers.

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And so, Allah has commanded us

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to live a path of karma. And so, by taking this path, one is fulfilling the very purpose behind why he was created.

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The very objective behind our creation.

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This is among the fruits of allistic.

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Another one of the fruits of Alister karma

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that one achieve

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in this life and the next, safety and security in this life, and the next

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and so Allah subhana wa, Tada. He mentioned

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in one of the verses where he talks about is the comma

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in Allah de Nakamura buena WA, to Mr. Khan

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that indeed those

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who say we have believe?

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And then they follow that up with allistic karma. So Mr. Karma

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fella whoa finale him wanna whom

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they shall not fear nor shall they agree,

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they shall not fear what is to come ahead of them, of death of the athlete or, nor

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shall they grieve over what they are leaving behind them, of the dunya of their families of their children.

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And so, one achieves this safety.

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This feeling

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of being safe and secure in this life, and the next and Allah subhana wa Taala says, alladhina amanu Welcome, you will be soon enough when we will min hula he can

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do that those

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who have believe

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and they do not mix their belief with volume.

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And hear the meaning of a volume

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is the shirk,

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associated partners with a loss of Hannah who What the hell? What is their reward, a loss of Hannah who promises them, that they will have safety and security.

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And so it looks a rahima hula

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he expounds upon this. And so he says

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that obedience to Allah Subhana who would

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have awasum Hannah, who with the Hara

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is Allah is Great forte.

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Whoever enters it,

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they are safe from the punishments of this life and the next. But whoever

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stays outside of it.

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They are surrounded by dangers from all sides. He goes on to say, so whoever obeys Allah subhanho wa Taala

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dangers for him. The dangers of this life, turn into safety. And whoever disobeys him,

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his safety turns into dangers and fear.

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And so the kuffar around you.

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You look at them and you think

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that you're living the best of life.

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The Cofer

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and in general,

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the non Muslim countries,

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you think that they're in safety and security? Well, you look at the Muslims.

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And you look at the Muslim world,

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and you see much strife.

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And you see a lot of war and strife.

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So you think

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that the kuffar they're living in safety and security, and that the Muslims are not,

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but the reality is the opposite.

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As it says here,

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that those who believe and remain upon the obedience of Allah Subhana, who with data,

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their dangers in their lives, journey into safety and security, even if you don't see it.

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And the opposite is true for the co founder, and those who are disobedient to Allah subhanho wa Taala. Although it may seem that they're living in safety and security, the reality is

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that they're full of fear.

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And that's why you find that the suicide rates among the kuffaar are the highest

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higher than those in the Muslim world.

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Among the fruits of altruism, annalistic karma

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is that one is granted

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a happy life in this dunya and the next

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and so many things.

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to be religious,

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means that you have to live a miserable life.

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And that's what most people think, especially those who have not tasted the sweetness of man and the sweetness of the obedience of Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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However, the opposite is true. And so Allah subhanho wa Taala has

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those who remain upon his obedience

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that he will grant him the best of life in this dunya and the next

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man hammy lasallian mean zakarin

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own Tao Hua Hua min fell and he and who

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they are he

00:15:25--> 00:15:27

who does righteous good deeds

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whether he be male or female, as long as he is a believer

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then we shall give him a good life.

00:15:39--> 00:15:41

We shall allow him to live

00:15:42--> 00:15:44

a good and happy like

00:15:45--> 00:15:46

fell in love He and

00:15:47--> 00:15:59

Eva, what energy and whom are Jorah whom the AXA NEMA can Yama loon, and in the US euro, we shall grant them the best of what they used to do.

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And the opposite is true for those who live a life of disobedience, and so it was a foreigner who attacked it says, woman victory

00:16:13--> 00:16:19

for in Allahu marisha Tonka wanna shuru yo malkia Mati

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that those who turn away from my rememberings, from the Quran,

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and from my remembrance from my dicker.

00:16:31--> 00:16:34

This then they shall live a miserable life.

00:16:35--> 00:16:56

And on the Day of Judgment, a loss of Hannah who went to Hana will raise them blind. And they will ask, why, Europe? Why have you raised us blind, while we used to see in the dunya, and Allah Subhana, who without a will respond by saying that you forgot my remembrance. And so today, I shall forget you.

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the fruits and benefits of living

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a life of obedience, and treading the path of least karma

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is that the angels

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upon such people

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and give them the glad tidings.

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And so Allah subhana wa tada in the other verse,

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talking about the karma, he says in the lady Nakamura buena wa.

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So Mr. Khan,

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that those who say we have believed,

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but they don't stop there, rather,

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they live a life of karma.

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That is

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that the angels descend upon them.

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Allah Tohoku was

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saying to them,

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Do not fear nor grieve, as mentioned in the other verse, do not fear

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over what is to come nor grieve over what you are leaving behind, whatever Shirou bilgin.

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And we give you the glad tidings of a Gen.

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Y, Gen. netilat. equal to I don't,

00:18:30--> 00:18:36

we give you the glad tidings of Gen, which you were promised with.

00:18:37--> 00:19:03

And so, the angels descend on such individuals at the time of their death, giving them these glad tidings. And so that is the reward, the final and eventual reward of living the life of karma. And finally, I end with one last fruit and benefit of karma.

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And that is that the one who lives a life of when is the karma, Allah Subhana, who were to Hannah, as a reward for him, gives him the best of endings. And so he is granted.

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He is granted

00:19:21--> 00:19:25

the best of endings in his life.

00:19:26--> 00:19:42

And this is something that Allah subhanho wa Taala has promised those who live that life. You said be too long, let me know. We'll call it Abbe de Ville hayati dunia was will ask you that Allah subhanho wa Taala

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heaps for

00:19:45--> 00:20:00

those who believe with the firm word and that is the Kadima of a tauheed and an E man in this life and in

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He keeps on firm upon that in this life

00:20:05--> 00:20:09

and he keeps him firm upon that in the US.

00:20:10--> 00:20:14

And so at the time of death, they remember Allah subhanahu wa tada

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and they see the kalama over to him and they are raised on the day of judgment in that same state.

00:20:25--> 00:20:27

And so, these are some

00:20:28--> 00:20:34

of the benefits and the fruits of a list of karma there are many other than these as I mentioned,

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we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala

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to grant us at least the karma in this life and the next We ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to keep our hearts firm upon his straight path, until the day we meet him, or something Allahu Allah and Amina Mohammed Ali

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either can be sold to any soon that you will