The Power of Adhan

Mufti Menk


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The reason is so powerful that shaitan runs away when he hears that call being called, he runs away.

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You know what that means? If you think for a moment, if you have run away as well, after hearing the call, what does that make you? May Allah subhanho wa Taala not make us from among those who may be affected by the whispers of the devil when it comes to a van. As he rushes we rush with him. No, that shouldn't be the case. We should be the opposite. You call the other Satan moves, but a movement a true believer comes in, it comes in, we should be ashamed. You know, when your loved one here I'm talking of a haram relationship. For example, someone someone you're in love with haram relationship, when they call you? How excited are you, you're excited, when they tell you come here,

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you will be there. Even if they're just playing a prank, you would be there not once, twice, 10 times you would be there. While he my brothers and sisters consider this. If that is the case, where we try to impress those whom we love, even if the relationship might not be permissible. What about the most powerful relationship that can ever exist? You and your maker lockable, and he is calling you, he is calling you and he doesn't need you. And he is saying Come come to prayer. Come to prayer. It's repeated twice in the event. And you know, you might be thinking, well, what's there for me in that prayer? before you can even ask that question, there is an answer. The answer is come

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to success. Success twice. Come to success, both in this world as well as in the next Subhanallah come and in the morning prayer because every one of us loves to sleep. You hear something? You hear something beyond that.

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What do you hear? A Salah to Hiraman and no, indeed, prayer is better than sleeping Subhan Allah, may Allah grant us success. Truly we dream of that success. But stop dreaming. Get up and do something about it.