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The title of manliness is not a complete list of the men who have been declared "verbal men" by the Bible, but rather a list of the men who have been declared "verbal men" by the Bible. The speakers discuss the history of Islam, including the use of female prophets and the creation of cities, as well as the importance of men being aware of their own rights and obligations when it comes to their relationship with their partner. The speakers also touch on the importance of obeying men and women in their responsibilities and the need for women to be more mature in handling problems and maintain healthy relationships. The speakers emphasize the importance of patient behavior and willingness to give and receive input, as it is essential to maintain a positive experience.

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Hamdu lillahi Hamdan, you are feeling the whole you can feel omega or sub Allah Who LSA Ed Nam Coumadin or early he or Sahib BH Marine, Allah alumina mon for now and for now Yuma alum Tana, was it in her element Kareem arbitrarily surgery was silly Emily, opposite the melissani of Tavakoli are visiting near Edmond or visit near Illman or visit Nima. Allah melesa A llama Georgia who say hello and has an ADA she Sarah. Welcome everyone to this talk. Today's talk, we're changing up the topic a little bit from facilities ama to

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a topic I believe is relevant to most people here, whether it be males and females in that,

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for males is directly related. And that's because the topic is manliness in the Quran, how Allah views a man who happens to be a man of integrity, a man of honesty, a man of chivalry, a man of probity, a man of decency, how does Allah azza wa jal deem this this real type of man, right?

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And then for the females, it's important because

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they are the teachers of men. So they have to teach men, these traits that make real men and they create real men.

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And there are a number of verses in the Quran in which Allah talks about men, okay? But in different ways, obviously, sometimes Allah is going to be talking about men in a positive light, other times it's going to be in a negative light, because there's good men and there's also evil men as well. Now,

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for the purposes of this talk, I'm not going to be talking about evil men, because once you know how to be a proper man, then naturally you know the qualities of a man that are not appropriate, right? So, but I just would like to point out that Allah speaks about both categories of men, right? And the greatest of men that Allah speaks about in the Quran, are the prophets of God are the messengers of God. And the law tells us in the Quran in three places in Surah to Youssef, verse number nine, Allah says, women are seldom in public, INLA regional and mohila human that

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you owe Mohamed we never sent before you people with a message except that they happen to be a men, okay? That we would give revelation to men. Al Quran is the only place where Allah makes this clause as well, that there are people from the city there are city dwellers, okay. Now,

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what we can take from here is that the most important task that was ever given to humanity, and that is, the message from God was delegated to men. And that shows you that Allah expects a lot of men, because there are no female messengers of God. There are largely no female prophets of God as well. They're no prophets, but there are there's an opinion of even Ashoka assured and some of the for Serena, others that say that maybe there can be female prophetesses. But there are very few, even if they were to be this is a minority view. The majority of the scholars, they believe that there are no female prophets, and there are no female messengers. But you know, the difference between a

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messenger and a prophet is a pretty serious difference in that both get a message, but one of them has been commanded to deliver that message on and deal with all the pain and all the trauma, all the difficulty that's going to come in the way. So even if we were to imagine they are prophetesses, this is not the task that was granted to them. Why because of the fact that it really is a task that is very daunting. Allah has given it to a creation, which is biologically stronger, that is the mat. So ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada says, one out of seven men public INLA, Regina, no healer, human helper, then we've made them all men. And we give them this this revelation from ourselves and they happen

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to be from the city dwellers. Now, this particular clause, the scholars have deceived, they mentioned that generally speaking, the overwhelming majority of the prophets and the messengers of God, they happen to be city dwellers. And that was because generally people in the city happen to be more cultured. Right? So that's the reason they're not people who are in the body or they're not people who happen to be in the rural areas. This is one place in the Quran in surah. Allah repeats the same statement he says, We haven't sent before you Oh Mohamed, anyone who has been granted revelation except that they happen to be men and in Saudi Arabia, Allah Allah azza wa jal does the

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same thing. So this is the first thing that the greatest task that humanity has ever been placed in charge with, and that is to bring the message of God to the people this was given to men, by Allah azza wa jal, that means that Allah is expecting a lot of you and I, Allah subhanho wa Taala may have made us biologically strong

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But that comes with that comes with great responsibility. Alami had made me it made us physically stronger, but that also comes with great responsibility as well. And that's why Allah talks about a group of men who are honest were people of integrity were people of Chivalry Chivalry were people of decency were people have probity. There are people who are ready to stand for Allah azza wa jal in every single time difficulty ease whatever it may be. Allah says, Mina remove me need any journal. There are people among the believers who happen to be real men. What's their Trait number one Sadako Maha de la hottie, they are honest to Allah. They have honesty with Allah in the in terms of the

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covenant that they have with Allah, Allah azza wa jal, there is a covenant that you and I have with Allah. And then Allah tells us of this covenant in the Quran, in more than one place. Allah tells us that we have a covenant with Allah, that Allah took us from the, from the back of Adam Alayhis Salam and from that Allah subhanho wa Taala created a miniscule version of all of our creations that existence and he took a covenant from us. And he said ls to build up become ma na your Lord, or new Bella, they all said all of us said, Yes, we really really are our lord or Allah. So Allah has an oath with us, that is incorporated within our very psyche. This is something that we feel as human

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beings there's a reason why human beings feel the need to worship our Creator because it's already been incorporated within our minds. And that's why Allah subhana wa Tada. He tells us of the knifes in the Quran.

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And he says, when I've seen one method where for Allah Maha Mudra, taqwa and there's enough that Allah has created a soul and the soul Allah has through intuition, granted at the ability to know right from wrong.

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For Annamma Fujimura Taqwa Allah, through intuition has granted the ability to know the right from wrong.

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And then Allah says, but a flamands and God there are a group of people who take this quality that Allah has already inculcated within the soul and already incorporated within soul already created within the soul, those who take this and they develop it further and they hone it. And they actually use it to their posit to the benefit, they are the ones who will be victorious by Allah azza wa jal, okay. And there are other people who end up taking this feeling this innate nature that Allah has created man upon and they cover that feeling within themselves. And Allah says, But harbor when the same as for the person who covers it up as for the person who hides this feeling, as for the person

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who takes the soul that has been created on the innate nature and corrupts it, that person is a loser as Allah publicity which analysis, I ask Allah to make us victorious and ask Allah to save us from LA loss. Allah Mohammed, when your brothers so Allah is speaking of a group of men, who are honest with Allah in terms of the covenant that they have feminine woman Kaaba and who they are a group of people that have already fulfilled and there are another group of people who haven't yet fulfilled but they're waiting for the fulfillment and the opportunity to sacrifice. They're willing to do that. Allah speaks about men when it comes to Masjid as well. Okay, there are two places in

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the Quran, where Allah azza wa jal talks about men and Masjid together. Okay. He says, in Surah, two doba when he says, when he's speaking about the masjid that was created upon the taqwa which is what is this masjid, the Morpha city and have different views some of them they say, this is Masjid Oba and others they say this is actually the masjid of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam and Allah says about this masjid, he said, Let the confy abandon, don't and in this is the message that the raw, the one that the monashee had created, and made, he said, Don't ever stand within this Masjid. The Masjid of them when African Lemis didn't see Salah taqwa, the Masjid that has been founded upon

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the Taqwa of Allah azza wa jal from the very first day it is more worthy that you stand it overhead admits Allah and he was setting them. Then he says fee Hedy Jan on your head bone at the bottle. Within this Masjid are men that wish to do what they wish to purify themselves physically. So a they are connected to the masjid because when there's a masjid that has a Taqwa that has, has been founded on taqwa, there are men there to stand and to pray for Allah azza wa jal because their hearts are connected to the masjid and Allah subhanaw taala the prophets of salaam he told us of the people who will be under the shade of Allah. One of them, he said, is a man Rajan, Allah Capalbo who

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will masajid a man whose heart has been connected to the masjid as well. So

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sci fi Regina when you hit buena Takahara, they are in these massages are men that wish to purify themselves. Well LA who you hit boom with it, and Allah azza wa jal loves those who purify themselves as well. And then also in order to know, after Allah subhana wa Taala talks about in the I have to note about the fact that Allah Who knows somehow it will. Then Allah talks about his houses, and he says, fee booton le Namaha interfer while you karate has small you said the whole movie I've been doing, when Assad that a these people they happen to be in houses of Allah azza wa jal in which Allah has permitted for the name of Allah Subhana Allah to be mentioned, and for them

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to be erected these massagin in these massages are people who do what, who remember Allah and Allah calls these people, men as well. So among the qualities of Real Men are that they frequent their messages, they go to the masjid, they are regular at domestic, whenever they get the opportunity, they go to the masjid and I understand that, due to a number of factors, it's not really permissive for us to be able to make it for every single salah. Right? Because you're either at work or because the schedule keeps changing of Salah, especially in Edmonton, it goes up and down so much throughout the year, but at least you try and not the more you try, the more you have of that quality in these

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massages are men, Allah connected the misogyny or again to men. And what happens to these men? How does Allah describe these men, he says, led to him to Jonathan, what are the urine and the Karela there are two things that will never get them occupied from the remembrance of Allah, they will never get occupied, because of their trade because of their sales, because of their barter because of their jobs. They're not going to get them occupied from the remembrance of Allah for the massage of Allah. And the seals are not going to get them occupied as well. Well economists a lot from the remembrance of Allah, and from establishing the prayer from giving this a go out. Why because the

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half una Illman that can level feel Paluma will absorb, they are afraid of a day in which eyes will flip back and forth. And hearts will also flip back and forth as well meaning people will be completely at unrest, people will be looking in different directions hearts don't really know what to do. Well, Masumi Insano Illa Rhenus he welcome boo Illa and who yet upper level A man has called a man because he forgets. And the heart is called a heart because it flips and flops. So when you're on the Day of Judgment, feelings keep moving in different directions, is keeping looking in different directions. And this is the reason why these men, they frequent the massages. This is the

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reason why they don't end up getting occupied from the remembrance of Allah and other quality Allah mentions of the people of

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the people, the men, the real men, is that they are real men, even when it comes to their relationship with their women as well.

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And this Allah describes in two different verses in the Quran, okay, in one of the places Allah says, When is the journey I lay in the Raja, and men have a status over women. Okay? This is the clear meaning of the verse that men have a status over women now what exactly is the status? There are a number of different facets, which explain what that particular status is. Some of them are acceptable, some of them are rejectable. One of them actually says that this is referring to the beard. Okay. And and that's why the Scholars have deceived such as ignorant Arabi and others, they said that this is a completely rejected the seed because obviously this is not intended by Allah

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azza wa jal, because what does the beard make? You know, what's the difference between the beard or the lack thereof when it comes to man and woman? Right? So he said, This is a completely rejected the scene and this is not intended, what's intended here is two things. Okay. Two things number one, that and this is the Tafseer of rhombus.

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Number one, that there is rights that are due to men from their wives,

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because of the fact that they are the caretakers, and they are the spenders. They have to do that. So naturally, they end up getting extra rights as well. There are a lot of times sister say, why is it that the woman doesn't have the same sort of rights in a marriage? Okay, but the thing is that the woman doesn't have the same sort of responsibilities as well. Because she doesn't have to spend she doesn't have to, you know, go out and work she can literally sit and live her life and she will be looked after throughout her life. So when you get into a marital bond, you know that you're getting

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into that now, of course, it's sometimes what happens nowadays is that there are two people working in a household and I tell this to couples all the time that look, here, you have two people working, and you have a dual income household, naturally, all of those household chores that otherwise women would be doing, you'll have to share as well, if both of you are paying the bills, right. But since what is ideal within the Muslim relationships, if all of that can be fulfilled, is that the man is going to be looking after all of the financial needs of the woman and the children. And altogether, then naturally, he's the one paying the bills, he needs to be also obeyed as well. Now, the thing

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about this is that when women for example, if she's working for,

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for a company,

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she's getting a paycheck, she's got a job that she has to do, okay?

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No woman or man will have a problem that a, I'm getting a paycheck here, and I have a task that I need to fulfill. And I need to follow and ensure that the CEO was being obeyed. But when it comes to the marital relationships, people immediately start to think, Oh, my God, you know, this man is stepping all over my rights, and oh, my God, this is misogyny. And this is that this net and the other, right. So we say that the fact that the man is obliged, it's not a choice, it's an obligation, it is a very difficult one, look at the weather outside, women don't have to go out in this weather, men have to, there's no choice, you have to work, you have to make sure that the bread

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that you have to win for your family has been looked after you do not have a choice, you have a cold, you've got to go to work, you have a you have back pain, you've got to go to work, you've got arm pain, you've got to go to work, a woman doesn't have to do any of that.

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So then naturally, there's going to be certain obligations that you have. And that is that you have to obey the husband and ignore a boss, he said that there's another angle to this as well. Since Allah has given him this role, then he has to be even more mature in handling any problems that he gets from his wife. This is even a bus. Because if we go back to that CEO example, if you have employees that are working for you, for instance, and they are not doing their job, right, if you start yelling, shouting, screaming, poking, kicking, what's going to happen, you won't have employees anymore, and you will be a failure. So that means that if a boss said, this also shows

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literally these are his words, that the dojo over here is that the man has been encouraged by Allah azza wa jal to be even more polite or even more Kinder, even more benevolent to his wife, to make sure that she doesn't feel ever neglected and that well, monetarily and also when it comes to the hookup as well. So this is one of the qualities of the men, there are two, it's true prime number one, you have a responsibility. And naturally that responsibility comes with some things that you enjoy. One of them is that the woman is going to be obedient. Number two, is that that responsibility also comes with a leg, a level of

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a level of

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dutiful nest, also that you have to give to your spouse as well to make sure that they don't feel like you are superior. That feeling of superiority was never

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was never made by the prophets. I send them to his wives. The prophets have said I've never made women feel like they're inferior. The prophets of salaam rather said that Micromine Nyssa luxury. Wala Ohana Ohana in LA. That honor is never granted to the woman except by an honorable human being. And this honor is never granted to a woman except by a dishonorable human being. One day, some news came to the Prophet send them that a group of men were beating their wives, this is what happened. So the prophets I send him said, these are not good men. So he actually described them as bad men. So the idea over here is that yes, there is a leadership role that the man has granted. But it comes

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with also being able to maintain a healthy relationship as well. That is your role just as a CEO, he has a leadership role. But if he's not able to have a healthy relationship with his employees, or people that work for him, or co workers, etc, it's not going to work out, right. So that's what it is by.

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Now, there's another thing that Allah subhanho wa Taala talks about when it comes to men as well. That other thing is that Allah subhana wa Taala

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speaks about men that work hard for Allah. And in all cases, no matter what the circumstance may be just the example that I was giving you you're sick, you've got back pain doesn't matter cold weather. 20 degrees negative, you've got to go outside work. This is your job.

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You have to make sure that your family is being looked after. There's no choices ifs ands or buts on this one. So we have Allah talking about a man who is working like that, for Dawa, for calling to Allah subhanaw taala. He said about this man, this is the moment of solo to sin. Right? He said, wotja I'm in Oxon Medina, T. Raju Lunia. Sa there, a man came running

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from the deepest areas of town from the furthest area of town. Okay, and this is the Syrian Antioch according to all of them of a city. And some of the scholars they generated a huge amount on this, this is the Syrian Antioch which is in southern Turkey today. Okay. And

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this man, the story goes as such, Allah sent one prophet, the people of the Syrian Antioch rejected that Prophet Allah sent the second one, they rejected the second one, Allah sent for us now besides Allah sent a third one, they rejected the third one. And then they decided they're going to kill all three of these messengers of Allah azza wa jal. So when this man in the deepest area of town, or the furthest area of town, heard that there are three messengers out there, they're going to be killed.

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So he got up. And he said, I've got to do something. And this man, his name was Habib, and he was a man who would work on a daily basis. And he was a very sick person as well, he had leprosy, and he would work and take his wealth, and donate half of it. And the other half he would use for his family as well. Okay. So half of his wealth on a daily basis, whatever he earns, let's say, 10 bucks, 2030 4070, he would take 35 of that 70 and give it to his children 30 and wife and wives and children, etc, then he would take the other half, and he would give it to the poor people every day, he would leave not none of his wealth. And he was a sick person, meaning physically he was very

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weak, as the facility describe him. But despite that, Allah said, John, I'm in a solid Medina. He came from the furthest part in town. And he was yes, ah, he was running. Why? Because you realize there's a job that needs to be done. And this man is a real man. So he's going to stand up, he's not going to wait is going to make sure it's accomplished because there's a job that needs to be done. There are messengers of God who are going to be killed here. Something is about to go down. If someone doesn't move, then the Wrath of Allah will come down on everyone. So this man he goes there, and he goes to these people, and he says, yeah, oh, Debbie. aromaticity all my people follow the

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messengers of God, those who have been sent to you by Allah azza wa jal it Debbie Romola is a locum agilon Oh, no, they don't follow those people who don't ask you have anything in return for their call. And they're also guided by Allah azza wa jal, as well. So this is a real man is willing to move. Doesn't matter how far he is, doesn't matter how weak he is, doesn't matter what the financial circumstances there, think about it, it's all all odds are against him. He's not financially well to do because he only has a little bit of money and he takes all of that money and divides it into two half of it for his family, half of it for the poor people, not b He's from the furthest part in

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towns are really asked to do a travel and to get there in time, he has to, you know, put the pedal to the metal. And number three, the guy is also weak on top of that, okay,

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doesn't have wealth is weak and is far away. But he runs because there's a task that needs to be done. And Allah subhanaw taala he speaks about men that have wished as well. Okay. This is actually on the tongue of Luke Ali Salaam. He talks Luth Ali Salam is talking to the the his people that sodomites and they are trying to engage in the fascia, the obscenity that they were known for. And as they're doing that, he refers to them and he says, la Semin kumara Julio Rashid, is there not a man of mist you who happens to be of guidance, meaning a person who is a man has guidance, He recognizes how to make the right decisions, he's able to decipher the right from wrong he knows what

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is straight and he knows what is not straight. He realizes that My dear brothers and your sisters, Allah is giving us all of these qualities of men. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was the greatest embodiment of men. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he had family and not just 123 he had nine families that he died with, and he would look after every single one of them. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he would visit, visit his wives every single day, all of them after us, and sometimes the prophet would have extra time. He would visit each one of them twice as we find

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The daily schedule of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the prophets I'll send them would make every one of them feel as special as possible. Every one of them would feel like they are the most intimate with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the prophets and sent them would make every other person who was in his life make feel like make them feel like they are the most beloved to the Prophet so much so that some of those habit they would come and ask the prophet or prophet of Allah who's the most beloved to you, only to be shocked that it's not them. Because they always felt that they are the most special to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he had so many roles, but

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he was able to fulfill all of them. Because he was always doing things that are important. He wasn't busy playing Xbox that we are today. You know, Subhan Allah, there are brothers who have responsibilities on their shoulders, but at nighttime they're busy playing Xbox or whatever else. This is one line automatically trade I'll tell you for sure. I'm not telling you it's haram or halal, but really, if you've got responsibilities on your shoulder, and you're not living up to them and and you're winding down with a, an Xbox.

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You haven't really fulfilled your role as a man. And you see, there is a statement of Hammad, even Zaid, and also in Arena Soufiane. Who said that men who wish to be real leaders, okay, naturally by the merit of you being man, there's some degree of leadership that you have in your house. The prophets is seldom said that a Rajpura and fie woman's Odin, Allah at a man happens to be a shepherd who will be questioned about all of his sheep and flock as well that are behind them, ie his family and his children. Okay. So you're naturally given that leadership position by Allah azza wa jal, but even arena, he used to say that this leadership truly doesn't end up being fulfilled, except if a

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man has some of these qualities. So he talks about Ford, three different types of leaders within society, okay. And he says, number one, this is a religious leader. So he says, this is a man who has great knowledge in German, he has great knowledge. And he's also very scrupulous as well, in the things that he does in the choices that he has. He's very perseverant, and forbearing, and forgiving, as well. And he knows how to plan. He's got these qualities, he's got knowledge, he has also scrupulousness, meaning he practices that knowledge. And he's forbearing. Because when you're giving knowledge to people, they're always going to be people who react in different ways. So if a

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person is not forbearing, patient, that's not a quality of a person wishes to be a leader, a person who's a true leader, there always be patient. That's why the prophets I'll settle them was the most patient of our people. And the earlier they said, that Allah raise the status of the prophets or sell them through patients. How so because Allah tested him the most, the Prophet said, I said, do not see Bella and be the most tested people are the ones who happen to be the prophets.

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And they said, the Prophet was the most tested. Hence, he was the most patient, hence he was the greatest. So if you have patience, that is a sign of your greatness, it's not by having the muscles that you can use to take down everybody around you, but rather by being patient, by being able to tame yourself, and that's why the prophets is seldom said, lays a shadow, the Surah, the person who is able to overcome people, that's not the person who was really strong.

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The person was strong, was able to maintain his anger, okay, what her Smith did to be, and he knows how to handle the situation. He also knows how to plan well, as well. This is the first type of leader among the men

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that emerge as the asset to the journey

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that men will never become true leaders except to one of these four. The first category is the religious leadership. Another category is the people's person. There's a person out there who ends up becoming a leader within society, because he's a people's person. Everybody loves that human being. This is a person who's got to be willing to give and give and give and give some more. In different ways. He's always giving. He's giving because he's smiling. He's giving because he's giving positive words to people. He's giving in different ways. So he's a people's person, and people naturally begin to love a person was a people's person because they this is one of the

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qualities that people love. So he says that number one, the person has to be someone who has his mouth either his tablecloth that is always spread or he is always feeding people. He's always out there, every opportunity he gets, he feeds the people. And this is a very noble quality, that you feed the people.

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While you are a Muna Pamela HERBIE, Myskina are your teammate when I say that they are

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I ended up feeding the people despite the fact that they love the food.

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So they take their own and they give it to other people.

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And number two, his hand is always there giving to people on top of that, so the money that he has, he's distributing it among the people granting to them. without limitations. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam as a bass describes him, he was getting into the use of Edward Innes. He was the most generous of people.

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What can Edward Maya Kuhn and the most generous at the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would be would be when Gibreel la salaam would come to him during Ramadan. And he would read the Quran when the prophets of Salaam and then the prophets are seldom is described by a bus in this hadith at that moment, to be more generous than a blistering wind, a wind that is passing because this wind ends up affecting everything within society. The the wind, when it passes and blows by you is going to touch everything. Similarly, the prophet with his generosity will touch everything as well. So this man is a generous man. And another thing is that he grants not just money, but he grants anything that he

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can grant. Okay, and he is very, very kind when he's meeting people as well. And this is number two, the people's person. And number three, this is a person who's there for the times of difficulty, okay, this is that person who's there for the people who are oppressed. This is that person who's there who's a courageous human being, he's there to be able to fight for the causes of justice. He's there to stand for every situation that is difficult. He's there and he has brave, he has bravery. He's not a person who's weak and a cowardly human being. He's willing to stand up for the rights of the people whose right rights have been violated as well. This is a person as Ivins ad says, this is

00:31:55--> 00:32:36

a person who's there with his sword he's there with his spear is there with the courageousness of his heart, he's there also, with the ability to orchestrate and plan and maneuver, he's there for all of that he knows that he needs to stand up for the rights of those people who have been oppressed within this world, my dear brother, my dear sister, if you really want to be a man, well, for the sisters, if you really want to raise men as well, then you have to ensure that you understand these qualities and you embody these qualities and you recognize these qualities, you know, this status that ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala has given you of leadership, by the very merit of

00:32:36--> 00:32:48

being a man, that status is not a status that that you get without anything you do, okay? Because the reality is there are men out there today who are not real men.

00:32:50--> 00:33:34

And that's why a poet, he says, Willow cannon is coming out of Nana, fidelity, nice, Oh, I love the GRE. If the woman happened to be like the woman that we have, nowadays, women would have been preferred over over men, because men ended up leaving their roles. There are people again, who are men, they've got responsibilities, but they're not fulfilling their responsibilities. You see, people are all willing to completely become followers of a real leader. So if you have a real leader, leadership role within your household, nobody, you will never have to prove it to anybody. It will be natural leadership skills. There are skills that become known leaders don't need to be

00:33:34--> 00:34:14

put forward. They just get recognized by people in society. This is how it works. You know, there's same person with the same age and the same type of bodily strength in the same type of educational background, but one of them is going to excel because he's got the leadership skills, he's willing to take the tasks and put them on his shoulders and do he's not neglectful. He's not there, you know, missing appointments. He's not there missing bills. He's not there missing the needs of his family. Nobody needs to ask him. He is there to ask. He's there to make sure. You know, do you need something? Did you need shoes winter time came? Did you make sure you've got your boots now? You got

00:34:14--> 00:34:53

all your clothes in line? Did you need something at school? Go check with a teacher. This is how you become a leader within your family. This is how you become a real man within your family, through honesty, through integrity through chivalry, through making sure that you're living up to the mark that Allah subhanaw taala expects of you that you don't miss anything that Allah has designated for you to do. I ask Allah subhana wa Taala to create within the Ummah of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, men like the men of the Sahaba I asked Allah subhana wa Taala to give us the qualities of these men, that were great leaders to humanity, that they brought the deen of Allah subhanho wa

00:34:53--> 00:34:56

Taala to the east and the west all the way

00:34:57--> 00:34:58

to France.

00:35:00--> 00:35:01

During the time of the Tambourine

00:35:03--> 00:35:09

Man and raffia thing he had reached with his army all the way till there during the time of that Tabby

00:35:10--> 00:35:48

household because these were men, they were willing to move, they were willing to do something, they were willing to get up. And they were willing to, you know, do something like this, men of earliest have sort of seen they're willing to do something there were there were people of stagnancy, and sitting around and the you know, years go by and, and nothing has changed. It's all the same, except for the fact that here are starting to go gray except for the fact that body is starting to get weaker. No, they had goals and they fulfilled our Ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to grant us those abilities to be able to fulfill and to give us the goals that were the noble goals of the Sahaba and

00:35:48--> 00:35:53

the web and those who came after them. Or some Allahu ala Sayidina Muhammad Ali, he was