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won't be here,

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also known Sally Marla, MBA, mostly in the Vietnam War, he was on big money, a long lesson that he learned in terms of assembler.

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assembler. Obviously whenever I said when terminable later we can study, we can come on the table for having gathered us here once again. And we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to surround us

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and to cause his mercy and His Sakina to descend upon us, and to raise us with the MBR AlLahi wa Salatu was salam, and those whom he has mentioned with them, I mean,

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indeed, all of us are going through problems, difficulties and hardships.

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Some of us do not have children, and we cannot have children. Others are going through financial difficulties, finding it difficult not only to survive, but also to go to the place of work, and the transport we have to pay the place that we have to live in. It's difficult for us to survive altogether.

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And others are having problems with the children that they have.

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Find the child not being obedient, you find the child being difficult and rebellious with you. Others are having marital problems, when they don't meet a lot of these styles. Some people the level in and of itself is a problem for them. It's causing them difficulty and hardship instead of bringing them the ease that they so require from that wealth. The question the brothers and sisters in Islam is as a Muslim, when I have a problem, what should I do? Unfortunately, some of us find ourselves with the sangoma, the magician, the fortune teller, the woman who is supposed to tell us according to the liners, what our fortune our future holds for us, what for our future holds for us.

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So you find the man going to a person saying hey, I met you can tell the future Can you tell me what my future looks like? Yet you believe it No one

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knows, the company

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has said

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to one of

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these is no body in the heavens and the earth that knows that which is unseen except for love some kind of water so that sangoma that magician that our love No need Arabic language as our glove a fortune teller does not know your future whatsoever have so little muscle and love while he was sitting that says men are often okay Nina, the one who comes to a fortune teller or a fortune teller meeting different types the same thing. He comes to a magician fortune teller someone who claims to know the future facade cryptography my opinion. So, he believes in that which he has set up a couple of interviews Elijah Muhammad, so he has this belief in that which Muhammad sallallahu alayhi

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wasallam came with that which was revealed upon Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is telling you that nobody knows the unseen except for love so you can have more talent if you decide to go to this man to find out the future is what are you doing? Your this video

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a lot more in your salon has come with. So never ever approach these people. You know, you open up the newspaper and you find the advert. Has medical problems have sexual problems have well the problems in we have the solution for you. And there's a number we need better. So all of a sudden you find yourself calling you find yourself what's happening that person or pseudo masala Why didn't you say something about this man? On one hand, okay, men, men to balance Allah to

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the one who comes just comes to a person

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Hotels the future and he listens to what he has to say. When you Sala will not be accepted for 14 days, 14 days, you didn't believe in him, but you just get to hear what he was saying, then your Salah is not accepted for 14 days, the minute you believe him,

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you will not have the whole of yourself. You've left Islam in totality, you are no longer classified as a believer in Allah subhanho wa Taala. Because you are going directly against the belief in abundance that you are general. You know, the reality of these people who tells me stories, sometimes you'll find a person who says that I went to the sangoma, and they told me the reality that was going to happen, and it really happened. So you were telling us that they don't know the future? They have no knowledge of the unseen How do you get some momentum? How do you know the future. Also, the last one, while you sell them again, has something to say about. Also masala Allah

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tells us that these genes go up into the heavens, and they listen to the conversation that is going on between the angels. And when you hear something of the truth, there are lots of kind of what Allah has decreed, perhaps these rain that is going to fall in a certain area, a leader is going to emerge from another area. So we hear of this a certain person is going to have a child, they never have this and they come down, they pass it down, they have a change from the top to the next to the next gene that is standing and also loss Allah Allah you offend them, if I'm not mistaken, literally took his fingers and put them like this, or it was the narrator of the Hadith. And he said they pass

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one gene to the next they pass a message, hey, this person is going to become a leader, the next person, the next team receives that news. The next one receives that news the following one receives that until they reach the earth. And then the last one was into the year of their fortune teller or that sangoma and saying hey, you know, these a leader about to come from such and such an area. And then that fortune teller takes that one truth, he mixes it with 100 lies near to kill 100 lies, and then he portrays as if he knows the unseen, as if he knows that which is in the future. But if you were to ask him, if you had to ask him more and more questions of the unseen, then you will not know

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why. Because he took one truth from Allah subhana wa tada ultimately stolen by the devil individually to the 100 lies in order to lie to you. So they will tell you, you know, you're going to have a lot of wealth in the next year. They tell you that what you want to hear why because they know that is your problem. So they told you that one group told you 100 lies with it. And then what do they say Hey, now it's time for payment, to take out $1,000 $2,000 and you take it out there give it to them.

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Tell them is telling you what

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to feel

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that Allah is helping a servant so long as he is helping his brother you want help of Allah subhanho wa Taala you want help in your life? You direly need a solution in your way. It Why is with the one who is in the heavens, the one who asked

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you to go to in sangoma take out that well, instead of giving it to your brother trying to help you brother in some way, in order to attain the help of a muscle kind of mortality. You take out that wealth and give it to the woman who live

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and this is a problem. This is a serious problem. I have no children. What am I going to do? And all of a sudden you see an advert Hey,

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you have no children come to me, I can help you out. What about believe that that came that decree came from Roku.

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He gives whomsoever He wishes. Maybe he gives him so evaluation female and some of them he gives them both male and female and move so ever he wishes. He makes him

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parrot, he mentioned that it was nothing, you will have no children it is decreed for you that believe it Allah subhana wa tada says, I read this if I believe in Allah subhanho wa Taala I just believe in this sangoma, I just believe in the magician and just believe in the fortune teller and I believe in the one who created everything and decreed everything he has decreed, as he has decreed and I am happy that there is absolutely nothing was wrong trying to have a child in the correct means going to a medical doctor, through whom you can receive treatment and ultimate cure is Hamamatsu kind of mortality. You can receive treatment from these people, there's nothing wrong

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because this was

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acceptable at the time of hospital was a long way to go to a man who is we are in need of the same name that you are in need of and ask him for something that you cannot even give you. You have done something wrong.

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The next

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wrong approach when you are in dire need in difficulty in problems is to go to go to a wedding. what they call a wedding a sentence. Go to me. Oh,

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omo Dada,

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please help me with this problem

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really isn't needed.

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Some people go to the extent of going to the grave of a dead man. He couldn't help you when he was alive. How is he going to help you when he's dead, he cannot help himself he wants to live.

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He can't live.

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If you want to ask him for that which Allah subhanaw taala has in his control. So you we should know that these people cannot help us in any way but it is only as good as that you will Jelena It is only Allah subhana wa tada that are exempted the time of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam. Before this coming, what they would do is they when they were traveling and they would go into a certain value, they knew that they are good in this dynamic. So they will say

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it I seek refuge in the master of this value. So it was

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revealed versus one.

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Ma and they was human beings men from amongst the human beings, they would go through those from amongst the gene seeking refuge. So those genes increased in, in the,

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in the

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When they went into the valley, all alone, very few people in a group perhaps at times, and now it is quiet, it's dark, you're in a place that is far away from any civilization. And you begin to think, hey, I need some refuge, I need some protection. You came in at that point to kick in and you should say,

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Man shall I seek refuge in the complete words of Allah subhana wa Taala from the ego that he has created. Ultimately, ego was created by Allah subhanho wa Taala. So you want refuge from the ego or go to the being who created it, and he will tell you how to seek refuge from

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seeking refuge in Allah subhanho wa Taala no more. You recite this and voila, you will be protected. Recently there was a man who contacted me saying, you know, at night I go to sleep and or a person he had actually traveling. And the man who was staying at his home says when we go to sleep at night, all of a sudden we'll hear the tap come open. We hear some doors opening in the house, something's going on. unnatural. So at that juncture, when something unnatural is happening, you imagine and no believe in Allah subhanho wa Taala that is when you go and you say I'm loving

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what you're doing and look into the verses of it. You will understand what a powerful being of God is that your journey is, is nobody more powerful than Allah subhanho wa Taala if you have protected yourself with the words of our Buddha, he was a no magician. No fortune teller. No we

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human being, nobody will be able to harm you in any way whatsoever. Because the one who created everything, including that evil is the one who is protecting you. And, you know, move us towards, you know who taught us.

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It is not other than shavon shavon once came in the form of a man and a bootleg along with the loved one who was guarding somewhere. So cheap, it came in the form of an old man and he tried to steal somehow

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got ahold of him and said, Hey, today, I'm going to take you to a Zulu masala bilingual center. So he says, you know, please, I hold let me go, come on. So I had mercy on him, let him go. So you will have lost a lot while he was silent. And he, or in fact, the next day, the man returned, old man, he returned, and you're stealing once again. So he said today, I'm definitely going to take you to a lawsuit of loss all of our labor sentences. Look, I'm an old man, please just let me go. So he let him go once again. The third day when the old man returned, this is today definitely, I'm going to take you to Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So he knew how shaytan is so clever, that he

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knew Amara has a thirst for knowledge. So what did he tell you? He said, Let me teach you such that certain words. That if you recite these words, when you go to speak, there will be an angel protecting you until you wake up. And if you resize these words, when you wake up, then there will be an angel protecting you until you go to sleep. And what did he teach him? He taught him peloton.

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He taught him I have to go see. So the next day, above or below the alarm rang when he goes to school was all of a sudden, you know, last night, there was a man and he came you see from the from the welfare from sleep, I stopped him and I said, I'm going to take you to the loss of Memorial center. He told me this. So Sue lasala why they told him something interesting. He said,

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Well, what can I do? He told you the truth. He's a liar. He's a compulsive liar. But he told you the truth in this instance, because his freedom meant more to him. So he

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taught us how to protect us ourselves from him. So this is the most powerful way to protect protect yourself from any evil any harm. And if you want a solution, I tend to glaze over. Because when I think about it for a

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while, we

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were intending to Allah Subhana Allah, we are going to return to him anyways, with that we want to do a walk. So why not seek refuge in the beam whom you will ultimately return to. We also love some kind of water Allah to grant a refuge and to grant us the ability to seek it in him. I mean or sallallahu wasallam obala, Canada, Vienna, Mohammed Wilder