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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. My brothers and sisters, sometimes we hear that someone did something very bad. And so we develop this idea of them being a bad person, they said something nasty, they did something very, very bad, really unacceptable. And we start hating on them. And we splashed the whole of social media with bad words about a particular person. But we didn't realize in the eyes of Allah, they didn't even do what we thought they did. It was either a rumor, it was either doctored, it was something that would didn't happen, it was misunderstood. It might have been taken out of context, and you know what, we will pay a heavy price for what we've been doing. So be

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very careful. Not everything that you hear about someone that is negative is actually true. Subhana Allah remember that, in fact, I'd like to word it differently. Most of the bad things you hear about others may not even be true. Especially when you don't even know this person, you've never met them, you haven't interacted with them, you don't you haven't lived with them, you don't know much about them. SubhanAllah. And you're hating on them because of the hatred of someone else, or you have picked on them because someone else told you that they're they deserved to be picked on or that they are bad people don't do this. It's happening more and more. And you know what, we are losing our

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good deeds, if we have any.

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My good deeds are so precious, I don't want to dish them out to people. And that's the reason why I don't like to spew hate and hatred. And if I have something for someone, I'd rather tell them privately, then to splash, like I said, over the whole of social media, bad things about them, and then expect the problem to resolve that's your brother, that's your sister in faith, it could be a relative of yours not too far off. And you don't even know what you've done to them, you've discouraged them. Sometimes people have made genuine mistakes, and the way we smash them and bash them, we will never allow them to come back up. How many of us are prepared to reach out with a hand

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of Subhanallah support to the one who wants to come out of the muck that they've fallen into if they have fallen into it? Sometimes people haven't even fallen into mark and we think they have today we have people who really attack and attack and attack everyone whom they think is not toeing their line. So Pamela, they might be brilliant people who are so close to Allah, in their ibadah in their ways and habits in their character and conduct and because of some misunderstanding, we tend to fight them when either leave early and other than to have been harmed. If that person happens to be a friend of Allah. Allah says you harm them, you've declared war with me, Allah will deal with us.

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We don't want that to happen. We'd rather I'd rather earn and praise someone than to earn and attack them. Because if I made a mistake and said Mashallah, good guy, I'm not sinful. But if I made a mistake and said, evil person, I am sinful Subhan Allah, and I owe them. I owe them a lot. I might owe them a lot of my good deeds as well if I have any, like I said, so what would you like to do? Remember, at times, there is a war even among scholars, even among religious people, there is a war, there is a lot of professional jealousy that happens, people tend to pick on others for no reason. Be careful, stay away from it, don't do it. It doesn't help you. It really doesn't pay Not at all.

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If you have something intellectual to discuss, do it in a very respectful way. And leave it don't get derogatory, and don't become cheap in your language against someone. Remember, you love them for the sake of Allah, you want them to see the light if what was said was true. But a lot of the times due to this professional jealousy, they begin to believe lies about someone and they peddle that lies about someone and they paint a picture of someone as a deviant who is far off the deen, who is into bad habits, perhaps sinful, perhaps this and perhaps that. And you know what, that is very, very dangerous because we the general public fall prey to this and we lose our good deeds, and we

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become distant from Allah and we think we're doing good. That's why Allah says do you know the one who is the biggest loser? He is the one who thinks he's doing good, but what he's doing is not actually good. Subhan Allah, that's at the end of Surah 10 calf, my brothers and sisters, let's take heed, remember say good things man can I know Billa he will only last for a year earlier smart. Whoever truly believes in Allah and the day of judgment and reckoning. Whoever truly believes that the accounts are going to be taken off everything they did or said will actually only say good words, or remain silent. May Allah grant us the ability to fulfill that particular Hadith akula

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Kohli has

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salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah blackcat