Importance of Teachers in Islam

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Episode Notes

This is my first lecture about the importance of teachers in Islam and backbiting.Some parts of it are translated from Dr.Amr Khaled’s lectures. I pray it benefits you isa. Youssra


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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh mcheza You could add to fare to motorists to have a healthier of an economic hit the trigger Maya and when the commercials with Alia handdrawn Gita and the AMI Anna with nearly I fell into naman which other African a whole image when a fish in one robbery aggravated Halima it's a conical but earlier the higher Giuliani who give details about Anna Yom we also have to get them elected to carry manual ml clever and when staccato Al Hamdulillah we've not had any Kalama and Monash we had the Illumina handle good and eager Mel natal al Sanbona consolidated LA and Italy yo Mataji to cool University Muhammad Muhammad Ali Muhammad modern or MA

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amulet Minh, so the word doula and never in our body now other than died, where you have little Kamala Nexa of law who are often related and an NTLM allah how you will EMF Z Amanda Sahar Gouda the sigma member the Ananda lives of Hatco who there was a unconverted men and stuffy men could wish they were more fragmented Amelie see?

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Over the good economists were hand zero openness panel talebi Huzar No. Yanni in a wonder bonus panel with anima here she's already got your knee opener you wouldn't have Hagen De ha, Yanni Nagarjuna Oh, Adam, it's yeah niganda Oh not my flesh is on my fish. I can tell it hands over on the road for human Ian. You're gonna you know some of the Bonfield has hobbled in the hangar you're gonna you know mustache tail it within with no hand ever hit on the layup will load off and you're about yourself who are you? I'm a result from a good why Robin has hundreds and hundreds m&s subhanaw taala the subpoena for all belie the head was robbed of the word demonic and with a rock

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for Bill hacia Annie Subhan Allah He liberative a Rama he was such a lot of haven't been added like that a lot of wolf built event for the Subhanallah sheet. ML was sheet mineral and the variable Fill Area the at the in hackler were had died Mahalo and then sahab for their Yanni subhanaw rabbinical Lakhiani Allah of peak model of ICD 10 in the UK with words like it or not, and if so it will Europe alone any Africa at all, like the animals associated with them, Andromeda Allah subhanho wa Taala the zeta had to do with this man who went to into houses in India Daiichi the Agripreneurs panel Italian ropenet subhanaw taala but you can get a copy like Bill hullavington fee I will amend it

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also Hollington cuenta con Mr. Murphy how would the medieval era of a number of Venice hundreds Allah pure like neuro overlay that Yamamoto posited that Tanga Tanga la Soheil Allah subhanho wa Taala long the Iniesta Fuqua to Willick within a class of hetero V that can never fish a JOHANNS calamity or llama to have ups and downs but Michelle good when they they will already had any Adobe Ms. Ms. Shani, which mulgara Investigator Hi Bella Henderson, Mohammed haiga Shah buchmesse and for Sakina almost died together Bill Bill Bill as Tikka open will hire you and you will learn how to video. Millennials Sophie also been element of sauce, veganism or would they condemn Robin or

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Subhanallah to Halaby to Bala had a sub habido when I get in mikan Philo Qin Mao Walla Walla hot the resourceful movich were like a nag Anika to hug applica led the Osama Rahmatullah subhanaw taala related Salman Rafi livina Allah ro formula that would have been 100 to holidayme and bulimia and Hatillo gonna go nimish Hopper INSA Robbins finance Alec and give her all her money and your Hadith. We had the enormous tarnishing YouTube audience subhanaw taala but Hello on holiday Android Simha NIFA in Europe along in enough as the governor to worry, we have a llama to Ballina Nina to Allah both beloved within such Sam like brands or whatever it gets