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Now, I want to ask a question. Imagine if Rama Vaughn was more than a month? How do you think we would fare? Don't you agree as a Muslim, that the month is exactly correct in terms of duration for us too fast. If it was just a week or two, it wouldn't have that impact that effect, it would just be the beginning of something and then it's ended. And if it was more than a month, it would prolong a little bit too much for our excitement to be maintained, and how we have the last 10 nights and the speech of the power of the Night of Decree, you know, the sacredness of those nights and how we should be lining them up with all acts of worship. So this is something unique because the way Allah

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has designed the month of Ramadan, it's it kicks off with a big bang mashallah, everyone's a taraweeh. Everyone's excited about the moon mashallah, and where they Allahu Akbar, as soon as the moon is sited, and that evening already, we're in full mode of Ramadan, we can feel the the spirituality of it. And before we know it, we're up for the whole for the first soul, which is the pre Dawn meal, and we're enjoying it and we're excited and the month begins and you know, full swing from first night. And then Subhanallah people might just calm down a little bit and they might lose a little bit of momentum after perhaps the 10th night and they might and so what happens you then

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get to the middle of Ramadan, and everyone will start saying Ramadan is already halfway down. Ramadan is already almost over. Let's make the most of it and before you know it, you're in the last 10 the last 10 have been given greater value than all of the others although every night is valuable.