Bringing Fish Is so Important in Dawah

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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of giving people an extra consideration when asking for rewards, as it can greatly affect their behavior. They also mention the three prophets in their city, including one from Katie's "theological illness" and another from Charlotte's "come and listen" message. They suggest that developing a culture like this could be transformative for Charlotte's city.
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On this notion of, you know, not seeking fame and all that type of stuff, there are ways to give that well without even saying a word without you yourself actually saying a word not everybody has to be whether it's online or whether it's on on site. Imams, hydro harch have a little light tells the story about how he was in the Nation of Islam. And when he was in the Nation of Islam, he said, one of the things that they used to say to each other, when they would have their weekly class, whatever it is that they called it, he said, they would always be asked, Did you bring any fish?

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Did you bring any fish brought fish? What is fish, fish is another person.

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Fish is another person. And if you can, without any fish, like that's bad on you, you just showed up by yourself. And I think that if we were to simply just have that extra consideration, just that one extra consideration that if I'm going to gym out, I don't go to gym out by myself. There's somebody that I know whether it's my family, whether it's a 15 year old family friend or something like that, who I can pick up along the way. And guess what, even if they're not along the way, even if they're out of the way for some people, they'll do it. Right. And so, you know, I think that just that extra consideration can make a lot of difference for a lot of people Friday Night Lights,

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who came alone who brought an extra person with them. I'm going to any sort of program anywhere in the city, you brought fish,

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good Giada fish.

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But but that culture, I think is very, very important. That's what ALLAH SubhanA data tells us in surah. Yaseen city has three prophets already okay, I'm not going to speak in the presence of the Prophet What do I have to add to the conversation? There are three prophets their three messengers, which I mean upset in Medina theological illness. Yes, sir. City man came from the all the way from Katie, this guy came, he came from like the end of the whoever, sometimes you have Muhammad, he comes from Katie and brings people with them, right? But he came from the end of the city. And he came to say, What, oh, people, follow the messengers. Follow those who are asking you for any

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reward, like, come and listen to them. Right? I'm bringing people with me. Or I'm coming to simply be a microphone to everybody and say, hey, you know what, let me let me distribute some photos. And people don't distribute fliers anymore. But let me just, you know, spread the word about something so that people can come and benefit from what's prepared or or, yeah, put them on the path. Right. And so I think if we're able to develop that type of a culture, whether it's in Clearlake, whether it's in Houston at large, it will be transformative for our city and Charlotte