Mufti Menk – Preparing just before Ramadan

Mufti Menk
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of fasting during the month ofFinancial, specifically during the day when the moon is not visible. They encourage people to make amends when it comes to intentions of change, including praying for everyone and their families. The speaker also mentions the restriction of fasting during Easter, but encourages people to try and participate in prayer.
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Salam aleikum, my brothers and sisters. Ramadan is just about two days away approximately. And it's important for us to realize that it's only if you have a heart filled with faith and conviction and belief in Allah, that you would realize the importance of cleansing your ACT prior to the month of Ramadan, looking forward to this beautiful month of Ramadan making beautiful intentions of change, and taking the acts of worship seriously the fasting, the standing in prayer, the cleansing of the mouth and the tongue, the Iftar and suhoor the remembrance of Allah the recitation of the Quran, the improvement of character and conduct, the increase in charities, the increase in that which is

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voluntary and nephila, and so on. So my brothers and sisters, we do have this blessed month that is just around the corner.

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It's important for us to also try and make amends when it comes to relationships that have gone sour, especially within our families. If you have a family member that you haven't been talking to, or you've had a problem with, you need to have a big heart, both parties need to make sure that they actually

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both parties need to make sure that they take steps to resolve matters or at least to be able to greet each other, even if you don't want to have so much more to do with them. But my brothers and sisters, they will be salata, tearaway as well, the evening prayer, let's try and participate in it. Let's engage in extra acts of worship, so that we can earn the pleasure of Allah. Remember one thing it's prohibited to fast on what's known as yo mas check, yo must check is the day where you haven't seen the moon if you don't see the moon, and then you say well, I'm going to fast the following the just in case it is Ramadan. No, that's not permissible. There is no fasting that's, you know, just

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in case it's Ramadan, it's either Ramadan or it's not Ramadan divided seen the moon or you haven't seen the moon so you're not allowed to fast on the day of doubt, as it is called. And that's clear cut from the instruction of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. So my brothers and sisters, only a person who used to fast on the Mondays and Thursdays can continue fasting, if it is that day or not, according to the Hadith, and otherwise, we should abstain from that particular fast.

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Completely. It's a prohibited fast fast the day before Ramadan when the moon hasn't been cited, and everyone's talking about it. However, it's a sunnah to look for the moon. It's similar to look for the morning sha Allah. So even if you're living in a country where it's not so easily visible, it's Asuna to go out and to try and look for it. And to read the DUA. And mashallah Tabata kala I'm here sitting in masjid and number we are thanking Allah for all the opportunities He's given us in praying for every one of you members of the Omar and all of us may Allah grant us ease and I pray that we can be saved from the pandemic, and in future the future pandemics and future difficulties

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and hardships as well. A way to achieve increase is to thank Allah for whatever we do have. So about a coffee. That was a short message from me, just in the run up to Ramadan.

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All the best with all your preparations notice I didn't speak about preparing by

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making more foodstuffs and packing our fridges because that's not one of the important parts of Ramadan. May Allah Almighty grant us baraka and blessings.

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