Spiritual Cleansing during Ramadan

Mufti Menk


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My brothers and sisters, we need to realize that Allah has designed this in an amazing way, amazing way. While we are fasting there are so many other aspects of our lives that are being purified. Allah says hoodman Awali him solder cotton to to heal him, which was a key him via take from their wealth at a charity referring to the Zakat that will cleanse them that will cleanse them in two ways. You know to the keema Disgaea is the internal cleansing it will cleanse their ways their habits, their nature and their relationship with Allah. It will cleanse them to the game we have any school doing Morley him solder cotton total hero home what was the key him so to to heal, the Hara

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is in every way It cleanses you in every way. And at Ischia also refers to growth Allah will grant you growth, growth, in what way growth number one in your wealth, because every time you give Allah says,

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a woman to continually enforce you communicating to her in the law, who are hiring, what Allah Magilla whatever you have given in the course of Allah, you will find it with Allah in a much bigger way in a huge way. double triple Allah speaks of methylone Medina INFICON Amala homefree Sevilla he Kamali, HEPA unbuttered savasana beef equally Shambala teamie to habba Allah who you like if you live in Asia, you know the example of the one who has spent a little in a charity in the course of Allah is like that of a person who sowed a seed and it grew seven corns and each one of the corns there were so many you know,

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little seedlings as well. Subhanallah you know when you see the wheat and how it grows. So the the ears of corn, may Allah subhanahu wa taala protect us and may He give us from his mess