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Paul nebrodi

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this media man, he

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for heavily laden,

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V T. V Maria

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tada that mean? Lee

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sooner Henry la salatu salam ala rasulillah Alhamdulillah Hamdan.

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Awesome Allahu ala Sayidina Muhammad Allah Allah Allah.

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Allah Allah Allah in federal now when Tana was carrying

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a city Emily melissani of cocconi obesity, obesity, obesity Allah, Allah Allah Allah Allah. Allah has not either Cheetah Salah Welcome back to your viewers to another episode of embracing put on. Today we're beginning pseudonymity under the seal of surak Miriam, Allah subhana wa tada started off soilless medium

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with Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim as he did with all sources in the Quran, with the exception of surah, Toba and surah. Maryam is of comprising of 9899 iottie. According to some of the accounts of the

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sort of medium is a murky surah like all other suitors, which start off with letters which are known as an orphan of thought letters which are known as letters that are separate letters Allah subhanho wa Taala started off some of the suitors in the Quran, perhaps 29 suitors in the Koran with letters that don't necessarily have a meaning which appears to us but Allah subhanho wa Taala in his wisdom knows the meaning. And the reason why Allah subhana wa tada has placed these letters in the beginning of this letter. So just like all of the other students would start off with these are often the broken letters, the letters that are separated, so that the median is also a murky surah.

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However, among the 29 students, which do start off with these letters, there is sudo to bacara and solid Alia and Ron which happened to be my dinosaurs and salata, right, there's a difference of opinion amongst the scholars, whether it's a monkey suit or a modenese.

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But other than that, other than those three, all of the sword which start off with an orphan Nakata, Arthur considered McKee Soros, ie they were revealed prior to the hedger of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the migration of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam to Medina.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala said, God's higher unsought.

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Now, these are often mahkota, these broken letters, which don't appear to have a meaning the scholars of the field, they sometimes do prescriber ascribe certain meanings to each letter. So some of them will say, well, gosh, in calfire, inside, it is referring to El Karim Allah subhanaw taala, the Honorable and perhaps is referring to and Howdy, and that would be referring to Elohim or so forth, right? But in the reality is whatever meaning we do ascribe to these letters, in reality, we don't have passages from Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam explaining to us what these words mean. But we do know that the Arabs had a practice historically, and that was a practice wherein

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they would speak with just certain letters, they would say, perhaps Bell perhaps,

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and other things of such nature. And they would say these letters,

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these photos, and they would mean by just, you know, the attempt to capture the attention of the listener, right. Sometimes we do that in our languages as well, even till today in Arabic and other languages, all languages. Sometimes people just make a slight noise, to allow the person to turn towards them and when they do, turn to

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towards them, then they end up starting to eat and then they start speaking to them about whatever the subject may be. So, some scholars they said and this is a good opinion that these letters in the beginning of the surah are just to captivate the listener just to capture the attention of the listener gafa inside the listener saying what does that mean Kapha in thought, so, when the attention of the listener has been captured and captivated when he is captivated, that Allah subhana wa tada starts the sutra and says, The Karate Rebecca who Zakaria now some also said that perhaps because certain sutras which start off with these letters, they are the only surahs which started

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off with this letter such as calfire inside the only place in the Koran where it says this, such as such a sort of column noodle colombiana spoon such as off as well and so forth. They said that, this could be a hint towards the fact that this may be a name of the surah Allah subhana wa tada has given this pseudo so some people may call pseudo pseudo tcaf higher inside, but a famous name and a popular name for pseudo medium is in fact tulipmania

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gostaria in

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the karate Rebecca Aveda who Zakaria the mention of the mercy of your Lord upon his leaves Acadia, the mention of the mercy of your Lord upon his slaves Acadia.

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When Allah subhana wa tada says the Quran, the Arabic the mention of the mercy of your Lord, Abba who is a character Acharya, this particular sentence here is basically showing us that the surah the name of the surah if we were to presume that one of the names of the sword is kept inside, that surah is inclusive of of the karate Rebecca Abdo zecharia tatura is inclusive of the mention of the mercy of Allah Subhana Allah Allah upon his slave, Zakaria dimension of the mercy. Now there's a couple of things to note over here, that Allah Subhana Allah Allah starts this surah off by mentioning a mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And hence we can take that one of the themes within

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this what I will be Mercy of Allah subhana wa tada and that is the fact because this surah is full of mention of the names of different MBR different prophets, different messengers, different people of great caliber, such as medium, Elena Sam who said to be a prophet, one of the only female ones, and she is also said to be just a pious slave of Allah subhana wa tada right. So, she is mentioned along with all these other great people such as Acadia, Elisa, Elisa, Elisa, Elisa, ROM and all these other luminaries who will be looking at throughout the entire school. So from the very outset Allah subhanho wa Taala gives us the direction that the sutra is going and under the direction the

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sutra will also be going. It's a common theme within also our makia within also our which happened to be of mechi descent, meaning they descended upon the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam during the time that he spent in Mecca before the age of Dr. Medina, right. One of those themes is that Allah subhana wa tada speaks of his capacity, his capabilities, and his ability, and this sort of from the very beginning, it will start speaking of these, these stories which show the absolute and the Paramount power capacity capability of a lot of algebra from the very beginning. So when you look at the sort of Zakat, when you look at the mention of zecharia ceram, you will see a story

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which has, you know, which shows the sign of the power and the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala, vividly and clearly to a degree that even zeca de la salami started to ask that how would this occur, as we'll find very, very soon. So this is a document with a big document of your Lord. Secondly, this is not a document which is a joke, this is a Russia of the, this is the Russian of Allah, Allah, you see, that the word of rub entails all of these meanings of rubia. All of these meanings are the Lordship of Allah subhana wa Tada. It has within it, the fact that Allah Subhana Allah, Allah is the supreme, Allah subhana wa tada is the creator, Allah Subhana. Allah Allah is the

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one who takes care of all of the affairs. Allah is a harlot.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala is the creator Ally's the Sustainer. Allah is the one who maintains the affairs as well. All of those meanings are there so that I know when it's coming from someone who is not capable. He is a, He is the Lord He is the Supreme. He's above all things. He is the one who everyone turns their needs to, then naturally the software is not going to be just a an average, an average mercy rather it will be a mercy that befits the caliber of the job.

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There are lots of hands on with Allah includes the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in the conversation, also to allude to the fact that if I was merciful to Zachary it

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Salam Do you think I'm not going to be merciful to you or Mohamed Salah Allahu Allah, you send them to Victor last night of your Lord because just as well as I am merciful to zecharia my slave I'm going to be merciful to you or Mohammed as well.

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But you know how you invoke and how you bring at the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala upon yourself. Allah subhana wa tada gives you the key to bringing that mercy upon yourself and he says, the Kuru rahmati Arabica are the the who is slave, the mention of the mercy of your Lord upon his slaves Acadia, upon his slaves Acadia, so one of the ways to invoke the loss of a loss of Hannah data upon oneself then is that we become people who are servants of Allah subhana wa tada we have servitude for a lot of Buddhism, it was john, we recognize that we are in fact nothing more than creatures who have been, who have been delegated by Allah subhanho wa Taala to worship Allah Subhana Allah Allah,

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Allah, Allah insha Allah Dr. Boone, I have not created humankind or Jin kind except that they worship Me and avida who is slave you see Allah subhana wa tada loves this quality of slavery to him so much that in the most in the most, you know, most honorable of circumstances A lot of it is that he was jealous in those most honorable of circumstances that he does. He mentioned his profits the most honorable of a loss creation by the name and that's why he says hello to Saracen Hannah levy as Robbie already laid a million machines in her industry the lady Baraka hola that how perfect is the one who ended up taking during the night journey, his slave Ibiza right there already? His slave so

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the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is being called his slave at a moment in which he is going to be ascending to the heavens to allow publicity. Even in that moment, Allah subhana wa tada calls, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam his slave, the Kuru rahmati Rebecca abita, who so even in this moment, when the mercy is coming down from Allah, Allah is calling Zachary Ali Salam is a slave. And that shows that slavery is the key to the mercy of Allah subhana wa that Zachary, Zachary arisa

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is from the prophets that were sent to the Israelites. He was around the same time, as we'll find out just in the solar in sha Allah as Medina alayhis salam and he is known in the English literature also as Acharya Zakaria, right. So it's the same individual zekeriya is nada, or bahuvida and coffea.

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The mention of the mercy of your Lord upon his slaves Acadia, as he was, as he was invoking a law is not out of the hood either. And as he was invoking Allah subhanho wa Taala, NIDA and Javier a NIDA a call which was hidden and what was this hidden call? And what was this call of the slave of Allah Zakaria to Allah subhana wa Tada. We'll discuss that in sha Allah Allah after the break. JazakAllah Heron for listening please join us after the break was that Imani? Come to La Jolla. barakato.

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Sooner handed off salatu salam ala rasulillah hamdulillah Handan UEFI Nana who

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are some Allahu Allah CD ROM for many more Allah Allah He will be here Jermaine. Welcome back to your viewers. We were looking at verse number three from source medium, Allah Subhana Allah says is no doubt about who neither and haha when Zakaria Allah ceram called out to his Lord NIDA and huffy a call which happened to be very, very, you know, hidden, okay. And they said that the reason why he was making a hidden call was because when you are calling out to a loss of data perhaps in front of people, then there is a chance that you may end up having Ria, you may end up having this feeling of showing off to people. So they carry it around to distance himself from this possibility of you

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know, showing off or appearing as if that may be the case. He ended up you know, doing this call, but he didn't do it very loud. Now, this is a an opinion about this verse.

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But the other thing is that calling out to Allah subhanaw taala, especially for a prophet is a necessary component of the data of the call that he, you know, holds. It's a necessary component of the entire legacy and the message that he's trying to present to humanity. So this opinion

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may not be very good from that angle. Some said the reason why he was calling out NIDA and hofa, in a call, which was hidden, was a couple of reasons. Number one,

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that he tried, in fact, to be louder, he tried, in fact to do that, but because he'd already grown old, and he was of old age, some said 6065, other said 70, perhaps even 75, according to some opinion, so he was getting really old. And because of that, he was unable to speak at a very, very loud volume. So then the DA naturally ended up became becoming, you know, huffy, because it became a nega, a call, which wasn't very loud. And others, they said that, the question that he was asking Allah subhana wa Tada. And that was that he wanted a child from Allah subhana wa Taala. At an old age, that was a question that people would have found to be awkward, because he's an he's an old

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man, at that point in time, and at that point in life, 6065 7075 it's not the time that normally people end up getting children and so forth. Right. So he, he kept his volume low, you know, to maintain bashfulness, and so on and so forth. And that is possibly another reason. But I think the second reason that I gave is perhaps the strongest opinion on this, and that is that he tried being loud, but he was unable to be very loud. And that shows in the next verse, that Allah subhanho wa Taala, quotes the Korean Salaam in Allah Subhana, Allah says, Allah be in the hands of nominee.

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He says that Zachary Ali Salam said, that Rob be in need of more money, oh, my Lord, my bones have started to weaken, my bones have now started to become really weak one. And now, he uses the singular over here. And by the way, one is one of the strongest forms of weaknesses. So it's not just thought regular weakness. This is he's really weak, he's getting older, he's feeling that weakness, he's feeling old age, he's feeling that, you know, the fact that he's, he's no longer able to walk properly, you no longer able to maintain his back straight and all of these things 100 of them, they said said that, if you look at the word, the carrier is around uses the singular, right,

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because he has multiple bones, but all of them from the angle of weakness are like one, each one of them is as weak as the other. And perhaps as you grow older, your your you know the body parts that you have, and the joints that you have, they don't operate as well as also people start to get arthritis, people start to get all sorts of problems. So as you're growing old, you can't really consider each bone a separate bone because it doesn't work as well the joints don't work as well. So from that angle, it became like one bone as well. What kind of woman knee what style of rock sushi even and what happened now

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the head my head has also started to grow gray, you style have lots of shaping now, it styler, it means for something to become ignited, kindled on fire literally, right. And the Arabs, they use the word stita as a metaphor for the head as well when it starts to go grow great. And that's why a poet says you should learn more mobile famous with the E myth Rooster and naughty features little haba that the mobiel it started to ignite and it started to burn in its mud. And what he's trying to say is that, that the white hair they started to grow in the blackness of the head, right, just as the fire ends up taking its root route in just a little hava in a in a log which happens to be a Ba ba

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ba is a type of wood which is very, very, very very, it can be ignited it can be kindled it's Kindle wood, basically right it can be kindled is firewood and it burns really fast. So just like that firewood you know accepts fire really fast. Similarly the here begin started to grow great really fast for this individual. Now, the idea i said i'm just saying just that was that I love to shave and my head has started to become white.

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Now of course his head is not becoming white, that here of the header becoming white. But because so many of the here have become white, that that it almost appears as if the entire head is white. So the carrier is around, he simply says that my head is starting to ignite and become white, right or style of sushi even all of this is going back to the fact that he's growing really old. You know, the person who has a few white hair here there, anywhere right? That person when the few white here or there, the entire head doesn't seem that way. And the roots of the head are the roots of the hair. They do not seem white because most of them are black still. But as they all become white than

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the root It looks as if the roots of the head and the here are also

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Also on fire or ignited as metaphorically used in Arabic which I love lots to say even when I'm eating rubbish up to you and me Oh Allah subhanho wa Taala from your, from your, from my call to you from my supplication to you, from your answer Allah subhana wa tada I never felt, you know, I never felt betrayed I never felt chubby I never felt that I will be lost when it comes to the answer from you, Allah subhana wa Tada. So he's always felt a special type of sadder happiness and an acceptance from Allah subhanho wa Taala of every to add Zachary Ali Salam has made he already sees that he already knows that. And because he already sees that you already knows that he ended up using that

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as a sign or as a good omen to know that when he's making this route to Allah It will also be accepted by you, my dear brother, my dear sister should look at your daughter and I should look at my daughter.

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How many of our calls does Allah Subhana Allah accept? Allah He there are many calls that we made to Allah many times we invoked Allah, Allah subhana wa tada accepted those calls Allah subhana wa tada accepted those to us but we as human beings are forgetful we are inside what matters to me an internal alladhina z Illa Allah who is a man was named a man except because he forgets in the heart not at heart, except because it flips and flops right? So we as human beings, we forget the fact that Allah subhanho wa Taala is constantly answering our calls. But if we were to continue to remember the fact that Ally's answering your calls, and you know what, I'll give you some homework

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here. Next time you make dua to Allah subhana wa tada and you realize that that very dry that you made Allah subhana wa Taala accepted it write it down. Okay, so you have a list of us that Allah subhana wa tada answered, and you can then you know, Judge based on that, whether Ally's really answering your calls or not because Allah subhana wa tada does, in fact, answer the calls of those who call out to Him, especially if they bring up bring about all of the conditions of the law, you see, to have your daughter accepted, there's conditions as well. Right? If you fulfill all of the conditions and all of the add up and all of the different manners and etiquettes that Allah Subhana

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Allah is pleased for your dryer is going to be accepted. And there's different forms of the acceptance of the draft from Allah subhana wa tada as well.

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So keep that in mind as well. Perhaps you are expecting an acceptance from Allah subhana wa tada and you're off from one angle, but Allah accepted it from another and you didn't necessarily notice because sometimes Allah will accept the draw. What he will do then is he will use the Azure and he'll use your worship, to deflect an evil that was coming your direction

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or he will save it as agile as reward for you on the day of judgment or a loss of Hana without me answer just as you wish. Because a loss Hickman is valuable. Allah subhana wa tada his wisdom is the greatest of all wisdoms. And because of that you may think something is good for you. And Allah subhanho wa Taala knows that that good is actually not good. It appears that way. In fact is bad how often does that happen we make to offer something and we realize that that is in fact, an evil and that's why in slotted istikhara into our list hora, we are taught to just give it up to Allah subhana wa tada Allah homogeneous, the hero Kirby or alarm asking you to make the choice based on

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your knowledge when I stepped off the rocker quadratic, and I'm asking your Allah subhanho wa Taala through your capacity to make that make that choice and decision for me. If you know it is good, then give it to me. If you don't, then then take it away from me. That's the gist of the draw, but you're basically giving yourself up to a loss of data because he knows what is best for you. He knows what is not. So this nnedi of a loss area he knew that is the answer accepted by Allah subhana wa Tada. It is fulfilling all the conditions of the law. So he invoked Allah subhanho wa Taala With that in mind, also bear in mind that what he's doing over here, the cariari ceram He is saying to

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Allah Subhana Allah Allah I am weakened.

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Or Allah, my hair has grown white. Oh Allah. I have never ever in my life felt that my daughter wasn't accepted by you. Oh Allah subhana wa Tada. Right. So Zachary Ali Salaam is doing that, saying all these things. Why? Because he wants to show to Allah the need that he has towards Allah he's weak 100 of lumini he is old style of sushi even he has never ever felt that Allah subhanho wa Taala has rejected any of his to us. All of these are ways to invoke the mercy of Allah you know, when you go to a person who is above you, and Allah is above all people, when you when you go to a person who is above you, you know, you need something from them, you tell them how kind they have been to you.

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You tell them also that how needy you are towards them. You tell them all of these things, and then you ask a question.

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And that is exactly what zecharia is surrounded he ended up invoking Allah subhana wa tada firstly by calling him the rub rub my lord because that's the one of the best ways to make the art to Allah and that's why all the messengers they have all these two eyes which start with Rob be right. Oh my lord, and then he said my other my bones are weak, my hair are gray and I've never ever felt that you haven't responded to my call so answer this call as well. What is that called? Be the lighter Allah we'll be exploring that call and more. In the subsequent episode of embracing for angiosarcoma low current, said Mr. Eco Muhammad sallahu wa barakato goofy Tita v Maria

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taba that mean, Lee

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the lobby