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Don’t waste your deeds, Nurul Islam Lenasia, 10/05/2019

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah hawala Ali was happy here.

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We always should be praising Allah subhanho wa Taala and we do praise Allah subhanho wa Taala and we are praising Allah subhanho wa Taala for and hamdulillah Allah Callaghan. We send blessings and salutations upon the one chosen by Allah subhanho wa Taala. Indeed, for whenever we send blessings and salutations upon Him, we will receive a reward that is tenfold. We ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah to bless him, his companions, his household, all those who struggled and strove through the generations in a way that today we are seated where we are, the effort of others has allowed us to sit where we are today, the question I have to begin with for myself and yourselves, what efforts

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are you making so that generations to come can also be seated in the houses of Allah give importance to the Quran, and the month of Ramadan and those things that Allah has given importance to May Allah subhanho wa Taala continue to use us to serve this Deen in one way or another. I mean, my beloved brothers and sisters, it brings back memories for when I let the taraweeh actually I can word it differently. The Isha Salah, the tarawih, the winter and the deaf scene in the year 2003 for the entire month, I'm sure many of you will witness to it. That time we were much younger. It was many, many years ago, perhaps 1516 years back, you can imagine now, the young ones, when we listen to

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them, we are so proud of them will lie the afar who have made an effort not just to read tonight, but reading anyway, in any Masjid across the globe. Congratulations to you.

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We love you, we care for you. We are proud of you. It is through the effort of those blessed parents of yours or whoever else it might have been, who pushed you and kept pushing you that today you stand in the front and lead us in taraweeh. There was a time many years back when we used to import a file from Cape Town. And we don't ever want to see a time where we are stuck for her father, my brothers and sisters, there is one thing that I'd like to remind you about that I am very passionate about. It is a stern warning.

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In a hadith that has great glad tidings. Many of us quote the hudy only connected to the glad tidings but forget about the stern warning within that Hadith. Allah has created you and I never ever to prove that we have more deeds than another but rather to prove that we have better deeds than the other. And the hola como

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tawnya baignoire boom

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sanwa Mela a few verses in the Quran, not just one where Allah says I have created death and life in order to test you who from amongst you has better deeds. When I say a few verses in the Quran, I'm talking of the issue of better deeds. Allah makes mention of better deeds. Your favorite is your follow up what is an obligation and compulsory you are not going to be able to change that you have to fulfill it you would be sinful if you didn't. But Allah says we look for quality rather than quantity. Remember this if you read the Quran melodiously Allah loves it more than if you were to complete the whole hatom in an insulting way. What is an insulting way? The Hadith says Rob Bukhari

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in Glencore annual

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they are reciting as read is read the Koran while the Quran is cursing them. Many reasons I want to mention only two one is you are reading the Quran, it is telling you to fulfill salah and you don't, there is a curse. It is telling you to give zakah you know it's compulsory on you and you don't it is telling you to actually dress modestly you know that you should but you don't. It is telling you to abstain from adultery, fornication, immorality, abusive language, haram food, etc, etc. But you don't. What's the point? So Han Allah, you are reading these verses, the Quran, Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah La, the Prophet sallallaahu salam says this Koran shall bear witness for you or against

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you on the day of gamma. Don't think it's a mere book, it's a word of Allah.

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They will come up and bear witness. The Quran comes up as an intercessor on the day of piano, it will intercede on behalf of people Subhanallah try to learn it, put it into practice conveyed to others.

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The Hadith that I wanted to mention

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that speaks of glad tidings with a warning in it is a hadith. Hadith Sahih Bukhari Hadith Sahih Al Quran, the Hadith of the one who has the honor what is the meaning of has the Quran we all know how faith is included in there. Someone who has memorized the Quran is included in there, but I've actually read some explanations that say, anyone who takes the Quran importantly and has memorized at least a portion of it and I'm sure every single one of us is included because certain Fatiha, you know it, don't you Subhanallah a few other suitors you know them, don't you? You are included in this, it will be said to you on the Day of Judgment. What is the saying?

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Let's take the more common meaning of a person who's a habit, okay. It will be sent to him on the Day of Judgment ikura I'm sure you all know what the term means, right? It means read.

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Work Turkey. And as you're reading, go up, were up the ranks of gentlemen, you can go up keep on going up, ascend, read and ascend. Subhan Allah. May Allah make us from among those.

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But there's a catch now comes the warning. Big warning, severe warning.

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Till chama Quinta, turati Lupita Nia Oh, people don't translate that. They don't know what it means. They don't understand what he's saying. They just look at it as it's a bonus for the whole file. Allah says read the way you used to read in the world. Let's hear you. You won't be able to read in another way. The only way you are ever going to be able to read on that day is how you try to read in the world. That's it. That is a warning. A warning for the father standing in the front, a warning for every one of us reading the Quran. Take your time male and female, read the Quran melodiously.

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At the melody, you're going to be reading it in front of Allah. You don't want to whip through certain fatty how you will be stuck Subhan Allah. So don't forget, whenever you hear this Hadith, it has glad tidings but one more he will llahi it has a warning in it that people actually don't notice. Till Kama contadora COVID dunya for indemand zilliqa in the UK at 18.

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Your rank shall be exactly at the last verse that you will be able to read.

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According to them at the scene that is not connected to the strength of your life.

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You could make a mistake

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it is normal and human to make a mistake Subhanallah you will be corrected but it is connected to how much you practiced upon the Quran.

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right at the beginning and sort of Bukhara Allah kept a verse. Aki masala Zakah zakka we've heard that right. If you haven't established your prayer, you get stuck at that verse Subhana Allah when I looked at it, I thought to myself, Allah should have kept it somewhere in the 15th Jews, so at least you could have worked through the first 15 man Allah, but he kept it right at the beginning of Salah taurima Dini from Anna comma, comma Dini woman, her dama dama de Sala is the founding pillar of Islam. What holds your Islam five pillars is the Salah hold up whoever has established it will hold up their Islam whoever has demolished it has demolished the Islam.

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Salah my brothers and sisters how beautifully we have gathered for Salah how beautifully we are fulfilling Tara we what is the point if we were to fulfill the voluntary Tara we but we are sleeping over fetcher. We have a doubt about lower we feel lazy when it comes to acid. We barely make it for Maghrib and Isha. We are already lazing and sleeping. And if this football

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May Allah grant our team's Goodwin Mashallah.

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The problem is everyone supports a different team. So I always say well, one day his two is accepted the other day the other ones do is accepted in the following day. The other ones do is accepted. But I want to tell you don't give so much importance to amusement, play and pastime. It's only a game, you might show a little bit of interest in it within limits, but don't show an interest in it more than you show an interest in your obligations and to Allah. Remember that people say Is it okay? There is no answer to it. It depends how you take it. It depends to what level you drive yourself. Some people don't mind flying all the way to Europe to watch the UEFA but they haven't yet been for

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her law. They haven't gone for O'Mara. They cannot go to the mystic down the road, but they visited arsenal. So Hannah law must be down the road.

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This is why I say you got your priorities straight. Allah says that quality of your deed is what we want. What is the quality of your deed I want to talk of that today and about it a little bit.

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So Allah tala Isha we know is compulsory. Did you come a little bit early or you're always in a rush when the mom says a Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa salam. aleikum wa rahmatullah. What happens? Some people and we shouldn't be doing this, but some people do. Look back, right. What are they looking at? Who came late?

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The sad part is the same faces are coming late every day. But the good thing is they're making it to the masjid, right. While we want to encourage your effort, we don't want to keep you without a small reminder to say you can do a bit better than this. Insha Allah, Allah Allah mana Suma finita, he was suffering from anemia due in La Jolla, steady Mala. Mo, if people knew the value of the first stuff, and they knew the value of calling out the event, and they found no other way to get there, besides drawing lots, they would have thrown lots in order to ensure that they had a fair chance to get to the front. Hello.

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So can you make it a little bit better the quality of your deed I made it for Salah, but I don't want to be late. I made it in the fourth sauce. Tomorrow, I'm going to make it in the third. I'm coming five minutes earlier, I'll spend a little bit more time with Allah. Now you're talking business. When you enter the house of Allah, if you're in a rush to leave, you need help. But when you enter the house of Allah, the contentment makes you not want to leave. But you know, you have to leave because of your other duties and responsibilities, you're heading in the right direction.

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When you pick up the Quran, and you want to read it, and you can't wait to close it and to go and do something else, you need help. We talking of x and Ramallah make your deed better when you open the Koran and you can't stop but you know, you have to close it because now you've got one or two other things to do, you're heading in the right direction, you see the deed. And as you grow older, you should be getting closer to Allah.

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May Allah open our doors.

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So the point was, you will only be able to recite the way you used to read in the dunya. Therefore take your time, I would kiss the whole fall on their heads those who most beautifully recite, trying to be as melodious as possible, as correct as possible. Not so slow that people get upset and not fast that they upset a law. But to strike a balance between the two is your duty.

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A few years ago, I recall. People used to be worried about the watch. They used to say, Okay, I won't say the name of the machine, but maybe you know it, you're in lenasia that must keep finishes. sharp, sharp. That was the word they used to use. sharp, sharp

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and will lie in the difference was five to 10 minutes. You are compromising Lee?

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Alan, because of 10 minutes, imagine

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and when you go to listen to the recording, it's like you don't know what's being said. Two days ago someone sent me a clip from some country perhaps in Far East Asia, where the mom was an insult not just to alaba to the Muslim mean, I don't know if you saw the clip, he was picking the ground.

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What was that? What are you trying to prove? Don't leave your turabian instead of insulting Allah do to for properly and to insult Allah.

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May Allah forgive us. So what I want to drive home today, my brothers and sisters if you are slow in reciting and you haven't finished your item in Ramadan, it's okay for as long as you tried your best and you try to read correctly and melodiously even if you finish two or five next year you finish another five or through the year you might want to do more. So the idea is to try and complete because that's what we want. It's a sooner indeed. But if you haven't managed don't compromise the quality because it's not compulsory to complete.

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It's a very fine message I'm delivering while not discouraging the those who are doing Cotton's I am just saying. Please watch your quality. What's the point of buying a BMW and you find inside there is a an engine of a Daihatsu.

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May Allah forgive us

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what's the point?

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hypocritical people

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See us, outwardly Masha Allah Subhan Allah we sitting with the Quran, but we are whipping through, don't take your time, take it easy. Allah tests you with these deeds. And Allah subhanho wa Taala tells you to be careful.

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So that is one issue that we need to worry about the quality of recitation our own male and female, the females, obviously within their own circle or in their own house. We're not talking of public recitals in the presence of all feet of all males who are not Muharram, etc, etc, whatever that may be. SubhanAllah we are talking about the recitation even within your home, add a little voice to what you're reading, and make an intention, Oh Allah, I want to please you. If you think for a moment you should imagine and picture yourself reading in front of Allah.

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And then you make that melodious. You need a little bit of courage for that, go for it. Go for it today and giving you the courage to tell you go for it, you will never go wrong. It will bring about a calmness that you never imagined you could get to calm Why? Because you were honoring the word of Allah. Under the word of Allah See, the honor Allah gives you as a human being. Look at

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those who recite and make an effort, what honor Allah gives them just by mere if and by working hard and by recitals. So Han Allah May Allah grant us all Baraka.

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The second point I want to raise tonight

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we do lots and lots of good deeds, Yes, we do. And Mashallah tabarrok Allah, it is highly encouraged, and we should be our fasting, our charities, etc, etc. My brothers and sisters don't allow the robber to steal those deeds. Who is the robber? Either the shaman within you or the external shaytan in the month of Ramadan, one of the two is tied up. The other one is still on the prowl.

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The shayateen are actually tied up. But those within you you as a shaman are still okay, you're alive. You're fine.

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nikolina v.

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Genie yo Heba boom in Zoho Falcone. Whoa. The point I want to raise is Allah mentions two types of shaytans. One is shafiul ins, the devils from among mankind, you and your cronies. May Allah not do that to us. May we never be a devilish force, neither in our own lives nor in the lives of those around us. May we always be an angelic force, a force that reminds people to do good when people see you, they should remember Allah.

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The smile you have the expression you have, that is the entry point Subhana Allah. As soon as someone sees you, what's the first thing they see your expression. So the Hadith says you can convert it into a charity converted by doing what? Just have a good expression, start smiling a little bit, you converted it, many of us are not conscious of the expressions on our faces. Were not honestly try it out.

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You won't even age in the rush. Because you won't have so many headlines. You will be smiling, Mashallah, all the time. And that smile keeps you going. It keeps you young, Mashallah energetic, because it really, it beams a lot of positive energy. That's what it is.

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So your deeds that you do are great, but it is not easy to protect those deeds. Look, I want to tell you, we're living here in this country, South Africa,

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where the crime rate is not low. I'm reading it respectfully.

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And you know, that even if you were to leave your shoes for a moment, they may disappear. You know, when you leave your shoes out there, it might be the last time I've seen them. You have a widower with those shoes as you leave could happen to your car. The last time we were talking about robberies, someone was speaking about which country is worse, Zimbabwe or South Africa? And I said no, there's no competition.

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The brother says no, no, no, you don't know. You don't know. I said no, I do. I'm telling you I come from a place Alhamdulillah relatively better, but that is only by the fall of Allah. It could change who knows. But at the same time, we should be thankful to Allah so the brother was saying you know what you are right here. The way people steal. They can steal the milk in your tea when you look the other way. And I said no. In fact, as you look the other way, they will steal the color in your tea. You left with the hot water and when you taste it even the sugar is gone. So Hannah law and the third stuff, even the waters out, never mind that the

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offices you know what the cup won't be there?

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May Allah subhanho wa Taala forgive us so what do we do we protect ourselves we protect ourselves people invest millions on CCTV right? They invest millions on the reaction unit they invest millions on neighborhood watches and security zones and secure clusters and so on. But they don't invest a penny when it comes to their deeds being stolen by the bad deeds that they do that have deleted the good or given the good to someone else. What does that mean? Let me explain. We made Salah we did Tara we we did Quran we fasted today. We ask Allah to accept it. As we walking out. We talk about that uncle that Auntie that child, that teenager, this one what did we do? We are backbiting because

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you didn't have that zone, that security zone because you didn't have your own CCTV, your surveillance because there were no people watching when I say people i mean you know the power within you watching yourself because you didn't have that your deed started going without you noticing. You look back, the milk is gone. You look back, that color is gone. You look back, the water is gone. That's what happened. You look back the tearaway is gone. You look back the Isha is gone. You look back the fastest gone. Where did it go? The guy I was backbiting the other sister I was slandering this person who I deceived that one who I abused. This one here who I heard the

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feelings of the Hadith says you come on the Day of Judgment, thinking you're going to go to heaven because you were pious. How many of us believe that we are going to Jenna and the others are not. She don't even know. They might be there before you May Allah grant us Jenna through His mercy. None of us are going to enter gender through our deeds. We only go into gender through the mercy of Allah and that Mercy of Allah is only achieved by trying and constantly trying to achieve that mercy.

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You try Allah says you just keep trying. I'll give it to you. without a trial. May Allah forbid, we don't know what to expect, foolish. You try to apply for a job two jobs, three jobs five times 10 times one of them will come through, right. But if you sat at home, you didn't even apply. Even the one that was dangling won't come because they didn't know that you existed. The same applies to marriage and proposals. You got a daughter, you got a sister, you got someone who's connected to you, if you don't open your eyes and start looking and talking, they won't even know she exists. And people are making a law or law. I need to get married. But no one knows about you. No one even knows

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you ever existed. Your folks your father's too shy. He goes to the masjid. He sees 20 propositions that he could open his mouth, but he's just saying, well, men here men don't know Dota exists, please by now Allah forgive us. It's a reality. You open your mouth, you need to do something about it. The same applies you want the mercy of Allah, you need to do something to try to get the mercy of Allah. Allah says you tried, I give it to you. So hon Allah, may Allah bless us. So the two points I wanted to raise tonight and I'll close my talk. The first one was, the quality of your deed matters, not the quantity. The second one is once you've done your deeds, look after them, protect

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them, don't hurt, don't harm Don't deceive, don't abuse.

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Don't don't ever give your deeds away. That's why the Quran says in a few places.

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de facto I show.

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Whoever comes, comes with a good deed comes with. Allah didn't say whoever does a good deed, whoever comes with a good deed.

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They will have a reward tenfold minimum, it could go more.

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What's the key word here? Come you came on the Day of Judgment with the good deed to do your deed in the world was not difficult today we do Mashallah tarawih. And whatever else we did a lot of very bad, it wasn't so difficult Come on.

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But to protect it is 10 times more difficult because now you have a life. You don't know how many years for all those years, you're going to have to watch out, be careful of your safe put your HIPAA in the safe just like you will put something valuable in the safe, Lucky keep another safe a third safe, one safe in another etc etc. You keep your deeds it is 10 times more difficult to keep your deed so if you come on the day of judgment and you still have your good deeds, in tact with you, you deserve credit, minimum tenfold. That's why Allah says we're going to multiply 10 times May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us goodness, may Allah open our doors Ravana

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has commenced Masha Allah, we have the first Friday of Ramadan. We are now Mashallah heading towards the second week of Ramadan. And before you know it, it's going to end. Remember, don't be someone who comes to the masjid at the beginning of Ramadan and then you see them on the odd nights and right near the end Suhana law sometimes when the Hutton is done in the masjid and the Quran is completed the recitation of it, nobody comes into the masjid anymore. So para la. Keep it going, you know, when you have a long distance runner? What's the difference? They piece it out. They make sure they start at the beginning, you might think Hey, what's going on here? You know, this is supposed

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to be one of the best runners in the world. They know what they're doing. And guess what? It climaxes at the end. When the last few 100 meters are remaining, then what do you notice? Then? you separate the donkey from the horse Subhanallah you see who's running now? May Allah make us horses, not donkeys. I mean, we need to sprint from now we keep going and at the end we will sprint by the will of Allah. Allah keeps it such that the excitement of Ramadan builds as the days passed, so don't lose that virtue. May Allah subhanho wa Taala forgive every single one of us aku Luca was on Allahu wa Sallim wa barik ala nabina Muhammad Subhana Allah He will be happy he Subhana Allah Allah

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vmdk duchateau la ilaha illa Anta