Nouman Ali Khan – The Legacy of Ibrahim AS

Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan shares with us the legacy of Ibrahim AS to give us an overview of the importance of this matter and towards the end, he shares something from his experience too.

The legacy of Ibrahim AS has been encompassed with many enormous feats that he has accomplished in his lifetime. And when he accomplished all those incredible things at the end of all of them, Allah gave him a certificate. And there is an Ayah in Surah Al Baqarah which is about the certificate. Allah acknowledges that He tested Ibrahim AS thoroughly and at the end of all those tests he completed all of them and at the end of passing all those tests, Allah says to Ibrahim AS, that He was installing him as the Imam over people. Allah was making him a leader over people and a role model for humanity. This is the ultimate certificate and honor and the medal of honor that is being given to Ibrahim AS after he went through some very difficult tests. What a victory! Can anything be bigger in magnitude and stature than when Allah bestows honor upon someone!

Ibrahim AS is tested with his child Ismail AS, his wife and by the people of his time but he emerges unscathed in the wake of numerous adversities. This could be achieved only due to his unwavering belief in Allah and His Deen. 

We pray that Allah makes all of sincere in our efforts and reward us for whatever little we have done. May Allah protect us and especially our youth and our future generations that they may become the ambassadors of this Deen throughout the world.