Nouman Ali Khan – The Legacy of Ibrahim AS

Nouman Ali Khan
AI: Summary © The history and legends of Islam are discussed, including the importance of fasting and the holy month ofhair. The holy month of La ilaha is also highlighted, as it is the time when the church sends messages to individuals. The church sends messages to encourage strong faith and guidance on one's personality. The importance of haleem and being a member of a religion is emphasized, along with the need for people to be aware of their religion. The segment ends with a call to action for people to teach others to be more aware of their religion.
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salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam O Allah seydel ambia even mousseline wa aalihi wa sahbihi Minister Nevis una de la Mateen Allahu la lemon home Amina Latina, Amina Muhammad Ali hot water wasabi hottie whatever sub sub minella mean, about how do we let him initiate on the regime? Well nakazato soluna be rahima, Bushra calu salam and Kala Solomon family visa and J a big Lin Hanif

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Sidley Emery loksatta Mila Sania Coco de manera parada mean

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Today's webinar is dedicated to reminding us of something fundamental to our faith.

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Allah azza wa jal made gave us many names for Islam. Islam is the most common name we use for our religions name, the act of submitting ourselves peacefully before the will of Allah. But even that name has a history allows origin describes that Ibrahim Alayhi Salam was told to submit a slim every time Allah told to him to submit peacefully he said Islam to the old but I mean, I give myself in submission before the master of all nations and all people. When he was building the Kaaba he asked Allah azzawajal robina Wanda Muslim a Neela Commandaria Tina Mata and Muslim and luck make our children Muslim before you make us Muslim humanists made and our offspring there should be Muslims

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among them to analyze the wizard describes in social hedge who has some mockable muslimeen I'm in Cabo Murphy haha that i uh has two interpretations. Some say Allah has named us Muslim from a long time ago and even now, but some have also interpreted because the the phrase right before that is metadata unbecoming Rahim who are some narco Muslim in Kapalua Fie hava Ibrahim alayhis. Salam is the one who named you Muslims for much before and even now. So as a matter of fact, our name Muslim goes back to Ibrahim alayhis salam, and in a little place a lot. So we're just describing the religion the Arabic word for religion is actually Mila. He says flutterby romilda. Ibrahima hanifa.

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Follow the religion of Ibrahim another name for Islam is actually the religion of Ibrahim alayhi salam. So his legacy and the way Allah talks about him is very important for us, because that's how we understand Islam itself. And so much of what we do, it's a short reminder for you why Ibrahim Alayhi Salam is so connected to our religion. You know, everybody here knows that there are five pillars of our faith. booney al Islam and Islam is based on five fundamental pillars, though heed the act of declaring La ilaha illa Allah clearly goes back to Abraham or his Salaam who destroyed idols.

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When we perform Hajj that is actually the only and only the legacy of Ibrahim alayhi salam.

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When we give zakah his son is married Allah says about him Cana Yamato Allahu the Salatu was the karate his son meaning is married learning from his father used to tell his family to give the cars the car goes back to Abraham all the sudden the prey the establishment of the prayer, it's his daughter, he says rajani Maki masala to

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make me the one who makes establishes the Salah, and of course we establish the salah facing the Qibla that Allah commanded him to build. So four out of the five pillars you would think the only pillar of Islam that doesn't have to do with Ibrahim Alayhi Salaam is the month of Ramadan fasting, but even this is actually going back to Abraham or the his Salaam. Because if Rahim Allah is Allah made Dora for a messenger to come, who will recite Allah's words, and that messenger is Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and those words came in the month of Ramadan, and the only reason we are fasting is because Chateau de Medina live Yun de la valle Quran. The month of Ramadan

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is the one in which the Quran came down. In other words, the month of Ramadan is the one in which the avec Rahim was answered that the IV Brahim on a cylinder a messenger should come and recite the last book was answered in this month. So even this month goes back to the legacy of Ibrahim are they some all five of our pillars go back to Abraham money for them? This is important to say because then the way we look at Ibrahim alayhis salam is not like any other prophet. As a matter of fact, even our messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was told you know about him for W meloetta Ibrahima Hannifin. You follow the religion of Ibrahim, and even you know even the messenger is being told to

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dedicate himself to the legacy of his father and put him out of his salon. The reason I say this, is because there are some places in the Quran where Allah azza wa jal describes the personality of Ibrahim alayhis salaam. And everything about his personality becomes the personality of Islam itself. Everything Allah describes becomes the way we as Muslims think. For example, Ibrahim Alayhi Salam was concerned not only with one nation or one group of people he was concerned with

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of humanity. He was concerned with everyone. As a matter of fact, when he was building the Kaaba, he asked Allah azzawajal that this should be a place for either tamina NASA who lay him make people's hearts flock towards that, you know, these people that are going to establish this house. So he was already inclined towards thinking about not just one nation, but all of humanity. And you know, our messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is a mercy and a and a blessing and an act of love and care for all of humanity like Metallica. I mean.

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Now, the reason I say all of this is one particular place in the Quran, describing something about Ibrahim alayhis salam. And the reason I want to share this with you is because we are a religion laws origin describes this entire religion, tying back to the notion of love and care. When Allah declared us and oma kuntum Hara omitted Have you are the best of all nations. You may have heard this before. Allah says you are the best of all nations. Hello, Martin. Oh, Bridget in us, the best of all nations that has been taken out meaningless selection has been made from humanity. You each of you and me have been especially chosen from among the people. Now usually when you make a

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selection, you say these are the best of the people, the best of the people. Allah didn't say that. He didn't say reject me Nana's, he said control hydromet and Lynas, you are the best of all people chosen, taken out for the benefit of people, not from the people, not you're not the best of them, you are the best for them. It's a completely different meaning. Now, the only thing that makes us the best is that we are good to other people. We're a benefit to them. And when a learner just uses the word anass in the Quran, as a matter of fact, predominantly when Allah uses the word people in the Quran, he's not even talking about Muslims. He's talking about those who don't believe the ayah

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is then telling us that the oma of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that follows the religion of Ibrahim alayhis salam is actually been given this honor. And why have they been given this honor, because they are the best suited to help the rest of humanity to benefit the rest of humanity in every possible way. We are supposed to be the best for the people. Ibraheem alehissalaam was visited by three angels. These they come in the form of a human being they come to his house, when he opens the door. He doesn't know them. He has no idea who they are. But they said Solomon, they said we come in peace. We don't mean harm. And he says Solomon, he responds with a better Salaam basically,

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this just like we say salaam aleikum when somebody responds, walakum wa salam wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Solomon here refers to the fact that he made a better response to them. So he gives them a better Salaam and he invites them in even though he says como mon Karuna, I don't know you people but it's okay come in. Even this is important I mentioned this for a reason. Allah is teaching us to be welcoming to those we don't even know

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he doesn't know if they're Muslim or not even either. By the way the Salaam today for us Salaam means that somebody is Muslim. But Salaam back in the day I come in peace was a general thing. It didn't necessarily declare that somebody is a believer. So he says, I don't know you people but come in. Since you have good intent. Come on in. Now these people come and sit down. And Ibrahim Alayhi Salaam hurries up to make food for them. Why? Because he assumes they're coming from a long distance they're traveling they must be in need. Ibrahim Ali Salam is sensitive, that these people that are traveling, they didn't just before they even ask, by the way, we were traveling, we got lost. We

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didn't know our way. Could you help us with some food? That would be embarrassing, because he doesn't want to put someone in the position of having to ask, so what does he do? He goes and starts preparing a meal without them even asking well on his own. And he heard her reason does it. And so as he's hurrying and making this food, and he prepares his food, and he gives it to them, he notices that they're not touching the food. They're not eating the food. And this is a little bit scary. Because in ancient times, a lot of people don't know this in ancient times, there used to be even even criminals used to have a code.

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So if somebody has come into your house to kill you, like an assassin has come to kill you. It is part of their honor, that they will not eat your food.

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If they don't eat your food, by the way, if they eat your food, they can't kill you. So when he's about to give them food and they're not eating it, they're not you know, their hands aren't going towards the food. He gets a little worried. He starts getting afraid. And they say no, no, no, no, no, we came here to tell you that you are going to have a boy, you're going to have a child. By the way, this this idea of Ibraheem alehissalaam getting worried. It teaches us something also, we should be beneficial to people, but we should be careful if people do.

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We can't

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Just be blindly just, you know, accept whatever and somebody, somebody can say, Can I come into your house, I need some help. And usually you can see a gun sticking out of the side, you don't just let them into the house. You know, if he sees the intention is a little bit wavering, he gets a little bit more careful. And they have to calm him down. No, no, we came on behalf of Allah. And we came here to tell you that you're going to have a child. And his wife was very old, you know, ability to facilitate. His wife started actually laughing in the kitchen. She just burst out laughing. And says, I use an akima old lady, please. How's he going to have a child and then they explained that

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this is the command of Allah. But Ibrahim alayhis salam, the genius that he is, he knows that Allah does not send three angels to tell me about one boy.

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So he looks at them and he says, Mahatma, can you help us alone?

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What are you really here for? You have been sent on a mission almost alone, you have been sent. You didn't just get sent here to tell me that I'm going to have a baby boy, you were sent here for a particular reason. And they say you're right. We were actually sent to the nation of loot.

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And we're going to kill everyone there. Allah has sent us as the punishment on the nation of loot Allah except for this, you know, the believers with him and some of his family. That's it. Everybody else is going to be destroyed, including his wife. That's what they tell him.

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Ibrahim alayhis salam. In First you have to ask yourself, Allah could have sent angels directly donation of loot. Without stopping at the house off, Ibrahima de la could have sent different angels to the house of Abraham and different angels, the angels of good news to the house of Ibrahim and the angels of bad news to the family of loop to separate things but alas plan was to send these people first to the house of Ibrahim alayhi salam. And then the last plan was to record that conversation between the angels and Ibrahim alayhis salam in the Quran. So we and you and I can read it. This is not an accident. This is on purpose. And Ibrahim Alayhi Salaam when he hears that these

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sinners are going to be killed. You know, before I tell you what happens next I'll tell you some people they feel they're very their Islam is very strong. And the stronger your Islam is, the more you should hate sin. And those who commit sin we pray that Allah azza wa jal destroys them. Y'all love punish those people that are committing sins and disobeying you in your home and cocktail home and Allah Coleman. These kinds of doors I've even been in different parts of the world where you know, in taraweeh, and in, you know, in kuno people are making, they're making throw against countries. You know, I came from America, I went to this one country. Yeah, Aloma. I live in America

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and Oscar Pilati him and you know, Yala destroy the Americans down their planes. And I'm standing in Salah going, wait, I got a flight in five hours, please, I'll make this you know.

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But in some people's mind.

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You know, the idea is that if we just make dua that Allah destroys the enemy and sometimes when people who are you know, they don't they commit sin, and they get there's an earthquake somewhere there's a flood somewhere, there's fire somewhere, you hear some Muslim say, Alhamdulillah Allah is teaching them a lesson. You see Allah give them an earthquake. You see how they got flooded? This is what they get for having casinos. This is what they get for having bars. This is what they get for being shameless. This is what they get. This is how love destroys them. And we're like, Ah, that could be the law hook but you feel good about yourself because somebody else got destroyed. Ibrahim

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alayhis salam just heard the nation of loot is about to be destroyed. And you find the same Ibrahim the same Ibrahim when a lot told him leave your family in the desert he did it. The same Ibrahim when Allah told him slaughter your own child, he's ready to do it. The same Ibrahim when Allah told him jump into a fire, he's done it. That same Ibrahim the angels came and told him we are here to destroy the nation of nuth Allah says jujhar de Luna fie comi loot. He started arguing with us to save the people of loot.

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Don't destroy them, please don't destroy them. And Alliance I was gonna record the word mucho de la. The perfect word of Allah. Allah says Ibrahim Alayhi Salam started arguing with us meaning Allah, for the sake of the people of Lu

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is Ibrahim alayhis salam okay with their sins, no. Zebra, zebra hemolysin still loving and caring to every single human being regardless of their sin, regardless of their religion. Yes. This is the religion of Ibrahim and this is our religion in my religion and your religion. And today when we use so many Muslims when they see a non Muslim aka

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you know, we I want to live in an Islamic environment where everybody around me is Muslim, and I don't have to deal with these kofod Allah so many kofod here, so many kuffar there, and we look at the non Muslim as some kind of a disease that maybe one day

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Get rid of this disease from this earth. Yeah and son, yo man, yo, listen, listen to yourself. Allah made you a believer for the benefit of those people. Not so you can hate those people not so you can want destruction for those people. Allah sent you as a mercy for them you as an act of love and care for them. That's what a lot is that we just did.

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And so he says he started arguing with us about the nation of loot. And when Allah azza wa jal says that Allah stops.

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And Allah says about this discussion, he pauses and he tells us something about Ibrahim Alayhi Salam in solitude. After he says yuja de Luna fukami lute, he tells us three qualities of Ibrahim alayhi salam. He says in that era, Hema, the honeymoon awhonn Mooney,

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no doubt, Ibrahim is three things. He truly is haleem, the first word used is heading, the second word uses a Wah, and the third word uses money.

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And this discussion I want to have with you this conversation I want to have with you is really about these three qualities of Ibrahim alayhis salam, because the qualities of his personality are supposed to be the qualities of the personality of every Muslim who follows the religion of Ibrahim Ali Salam.

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The first quality is heading, it comes from the word the word in the Arabic word hold him or him even him is actually used originally, for you know, some animals get very fat, like a cow that gets very fat. Okay, or any animal that gets fat or a person that gets really fat and their skin is very soft. And the baby animal lies down on it like a like a pillow. And they can lean on it. This animal is soft on the outside because of the fur but also soft on the inside when something is soft on the outside. And on the inside. It's said to be Helene.

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Now, this is important, because there's a difference between soft on the outside and soft on the inside. You could give charity to somebody or do you know sometimes people do, you know, help the homeless help the needy, but they do it to show public you know, public support, oh, the Muslims have helped these people. It's going to be an article in the newspaper, there's going to be a video about it, make sure it's posted on Facebook, okay, we help these people are we went to see the victims of that group or that group. It's all on the outside. But hidden actually means the outside is actually less important. The inside is more important. You have a gentleness and a softness. As

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soon as the cameras turned off, here you are, you know, you're helping some child in these, you know, you know, dilapidated villages, they're helping some child holding a child while the camera is on. As soon as the cameras off, put the baby down. Let's go.

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That's not genuine love and care and softness towards others is haleem. And in the eye art, who is he caring towards his caring towards people that are not believers. He's caring towards who are not believers. And then the second quality, he says a word a word comes from the hour, the hour actually in Arabic means when you are crying out of pain. You know, when someone does this,

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like to take a sigh of sadness, that's actually called the hour in Arabic means he used to feel the pain of others. He used to he used to be sad when somebody else is destroyed. It would hurt him that somebody else is going to be killed. It would hurt him that somebody else is going to be hungry. This would personally hurt him. He had a sensitivity and an empathy towards others. This is a second quality a wa

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and then the third quality. And he said on his money. Mooney meaning he keeps turning back meaning turning back to Allah. When he feels that pain towards others. That pain towards others draws him back to beg Allah, not just Begala for himself, but now in his da and his prayers. He's turning back and asking Allah for those that he feels pain for you know, whenever you feel pain, you make dua to Allah Allah healed me.

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When a mother feels pain for her child, she makes the law for her child. She turns back to Allah, the word muneeb. Here after halimun Allah means first he feels softness and gentleness and care and concern for others, so much so that it makes him sad and makes him roll with tears. And that rolling with tears, makes him turn to a lion ask a love for their betterment, Begala for their for their goodness, this is the quality of Ibrahim Alayhi Salam on the inside. In Ebrahim Allah Allah, Allah halimun awapuni these are the qualities of our father, Ibrahim adisa. Now, think about this. For the Muslim today. We have this idea that the world is divided into believers and disbelievers Muslim

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versus coffee. Muslim versus coffee and the idea that Muslim we are supposed to take care of our own we're supposed to take care of the Muslims. That's priority coffield who who cares? You know, when you study the Quran, you find something else. When you study the Quran, Allah Azza wa

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criticised for example, when the Quran was first revealed early on, Allah azza wa jal told his messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam all right Allah you can do B De La Colonia de la team, whether your hobo Allah Tommy miskeen. Short, so everybody knows it. Have you seen the one who denies the religion? He pushes the orphan. He pushes the orphan, you lower your team, and he doesn't encourage feeding the poor, feeding the helpless? Do you think that your team in that ayah was the Muslim your team? When the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was in Makkah? Who were the orphans, the bush raccoon, the kids of the Missouri Kuhn, who were the miskeen the people who are poor and begging,

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were they Muslims? No, they were miskeen everywhere. When the Quran came and said that people who cheat other people in business, why no limit of 15 Allah deny that Allah Allah na si esto foon whether calluna was an O,

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Allah just curses the people who cheat in business and they give people who buy from them less than what they paid for. I paid for two kilos of rice you gave me 1.75 Allah curses those people when they cheat people, their customers, but those customers Allah was talking about were not Muslim. They were enough people. Quran came to defend people. When Allah azza wa jal says, you know, what is lm o de tu, so let's be even been quoted as when the baby girl was killed, buried alive. That's what the machete goon used to do. They used to kill the baby baby girl and bury her alive. That baby girl was born in a Muslim family romantic family was born in a Muslim family and a lot so just stands up

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for her. In other words, the Quran from the very beginning, taught the believer to be concerned about the pains of everyone else, the pains of everyone else. As a matter of fact, when we stand up as Muslims as an individual, as an individual, we should be concerned about everyone Muslim and none. But as a community, as an oma, when we raise our voice, every other group is different, we are different. This is the last thing I'll share with you. You know, in the United States, we have different they call them lobbies, they call them lobbies. There's an Irish lobby, there's an Asian American lobby, you see, there's an African American lobby and the Irish lobby will fight for whose

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rights the Irish, the African American lobby will stand for the African Americans rights, the gun rights lobby will only stand for their gun rights. But the Muslim lobby isn't supposed to stand for the rights of Muslims. Actually, in the spirit of the Quran, the Muslim is supposed to lobby for everyone else, for all the orphans, for all the poor, for all the needy for all the victims for all those that are suffering, because we are halal

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dinners for the benefit of people. That's our place. That's what we're supposed to do. But if we become like a one man who is right in thought they're the chosen ones. And the only ones we have to benefit ourselves, everybody else, you know, I guess a lot didn't choose them their loss. And until they become Muslim, the only thing we should do for them is big data to them. If they become Muslim, then they can join our team. Otherwise, who cares? What's the point of helping them in this dunya if they're gonna burn in the Salah, this is the sick mentality some people develop. This is not the mentality of that the law is origin teaches them the Quran, Allah says in the monetary mockingly

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Hila nanodomains Jessa. And voila, Quran we feed you, we give you only the make Allah happy for the face of Allah. We don't want any compensation from you. We don't want anything in return. You know, other religions, sometimes they go into villages and they feed the poor people in hoping, hoping to convert them. So they'll give them food, they'll give them clothing, they'll build a school for them, and then turn them into their religion.

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That is something else. Helping people is something else. We don't say I'm going to help you but make sure you read the Quran now. Or you make sure you come to the machine. No, no, we don't put pressure on people like that, like Rafi then you can force people into the religion you can even pressure people into the religion. Helping people is a separate obligation thinking that what Islam is a separate obligation those are two very separate things. They're completely separate things and they should not be confused with each other. I wanted to share this with you because we have to be the words we say about our religion that we that we are the best oma, we don't stop at the best of

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luck. We got to finish the ayah the NASA una una

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una bella. You are the best of people, your best of all nations for people. You're the ones who encouraged and command and instruct to do good good for all and you forbid evil evil for all. And you're the ones who believe in Allah. You're the ones who believe in Allah. So our Eman And Allah should make us more concerned for everyone else. This is a month where shelter, the shelter interchange, every one of you, you're living you're living in a society where the majority of the people in your society are not Muslims. And the non Muslims should know you to be hellene they should know you

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To be over, they should know you to be money. Because that is the legacy your father left you Ibrahim alayhis salam, may Allah azzawajal help us embody the qualities of the Noble Messenger Ibrahim Alayhi Salam and help us fulfill the obligations we owe to allow them to learn our Deen barakallahu li walakum Quran is Hakeem when a fan you article

Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan shares with us the legacy of Ibrahim AS to give us an overview of the importance of this matter and towards the end, he shares something from his experience too.

The legacy of Ibrahim AS has been encompassed with many enormous feats that he has accomplished in his lifetime. And when he accomplished all those incredible things at the end of all of them, Allah gave him a certificate. And there is an Ayah in Surah Al Baqarah which is about the certificate. Allah acknowledges that He tested Ibrahim AS thoroughly and at the end of all those tests he completed all of them and at the end of passing all those tests, Allah says to Ibrahim AS, that He was installing him as the Imam over people. Allah was making him a leader over people and a role model for humanity. This is the ultimate certificate and honor and the medal of honor that is being given to Ibrahim AS after he went through some very difficult tests. What a victory! Can anything be bigger in magnitude and stature than when Allah bestows honor upon someone!

Ibrahim AS is tested with his child Ismail AS, his wife and by the people of his time but he emerges unscathed in the wake of numerous adversities. This could be achieved only due to his unwavering belief in Allah and His Deen. 

We pray that Allah makes all of sincere in our efforts and reward us for whatever little we have done. May Allah protect us and especially our youth and our future generations that they may become the ambassadors of this Deen throughout the world.

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