Forgiveness Before You Sleep #05

Majed Mahmoud


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before you go to sleep, say this new app so a lot me forgive all of your sins in sha Allah. The prophets have a long line he was seldom said whoever while they're going to bed says the following La ilaha illa Allah there's no deity worthy abortion but Allah was the hula Sharia law only Allah He has no partners. Love will milk all Kingdom belongs to him. While I will hand All praise is due to him while while

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he is capable of doing anything and everything that how will our quwata illa billahi lighly allow him there's no change or power exerted by Allah, the Exalted the most Great. So pan Allah, Allah is free from every imperfection, while hamdulillah where La ilaha illallah wa Allahu Akbar, whoever says that Allah forgives all of their sins, even if they were as much as the form of the ocean. So before you sleep, make sure you say that Santa Monica