Ramadan Boost 21 – How to Prepare for Death

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AI: Summary © The importance of forgiveness and the need for forgiveness in the aftermath of death are highlighted in various settings. The three things that will continue to benefit a slave, knowledge, wealth, and the tree, are emphasized. The importance of learning and sharing deeds is also emphasized. The segment concludes with a brief recap of the narratives and the importance of learning and sharing deeds to build successful lives.
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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatu Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful, my brothers and sisters. Yes, we speak about preparing for the day we are going to die with this virus around and so many people losing their lives obviously, we now know for certain and we always knew but it's reassured it's reconfirmed that there doesn't need to be something majorly wrong with you for you to suddenly die, you know, before it would be an accident and so on. Now, the sudden death that was prophesized by the prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, wherein he said closer to the hour and the end of times, people will die suddenly, you know,

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you hear of a person who's there, and then he's not there. So, yes, with this virus around, it's become much more important for us to be ready at any time to pass away or to meet with Allah subhanho wa Taala. And this is something very, very important. The prophets of Salaam has told us to prepare for death. Now, how do I prepare? I want to prepare for the day that I'm going to meet with Allah. Yes, the best thing you could do is your deeds, your good deeds, seeking forgiveness of Allah is probably the best thing. So you constantly ask Allah's forgiveness, Oh ALLAH forgive my shortcomings. Or Allah grant me paradise. That's another way all helped me to become a better person

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that's there. But together with the prayer and together with seeking forgiveness, you must change something in your life, you must make sure that you have adopted goodness and you have quit bad. So as the days passed, you have improved as a person, but now I want to know more about certain things that I will do now, the reward of which will continue even beyond my death. Are there things like that? The answer is yes. The famous narration is a matter of Nevada Monica amanu in Dominica, Latin, el Manu interfor ob

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also the call to injuria. A well known solid Konya doula, if a person passes away, then all his deeds and are cut off from him, except three types of deeds. And the three are mentioned in brief, in brief in that narration, that we all know which is a common narration, the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam says, knowledge that the person has left, or a charity that the person has given where the benefit of that charity outlives the person himself. And thirdly, a child whom you've given a good upbringing to such that they pray for you and your forgiveness later on. Now, this charity is speaking about you having given the charity in your life when you were alive, we have a

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habit of saying, oh, let me give a charity on behalf of the dead.

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I'm not saying that's wrong. But what I am saying is surely, as much as you want to do that for someone who's passed away. What are you doing for yourself as well? Have you given charities in your life? Now, this hadith that I spoke about the three things that the prophet SAW, Selim says those are the three things that are going to benefit you after you've died. Okay. There are other narrations that elaborate on the details of these three things. And that's what I want to share with you today because it's very important. There's a hadith of Anna's been Malika viola, one that is classified as good. And the prophets of Salaam has explained these three things by saying there are

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seven things now, between the three and the seven. There's no contradiction because the three are in brief and the seven is greater detail. And there is another narration that also makes seven may mention of seven and there's there is a slight difference not because there is a contradiction, but you will see it's an explanation of it. Okay. So, the process, Selim says there are seven things the reward of which will continue for a slave after he's passed away in his grave. Number one knowledge that he taught someone you taught someone, some goodness for it, and then they taught someone else and they taught someone else for as long as that chain continues, you continue to get a full reward

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for anyone who's benefited from that knowledge. The scary part is if you've taught someone nonsense, and you've taught someone something evil and bad, then you would actually incur the sin as well. So let's make sure we teach people good things. And especially when it comes to religious knowledge, imagine teaching them the Quran, what more do you want for every letter? You're going to get a reward okay. So in a lemma, okay.

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And then he says, All a person who has

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you know, dug a river, made it flow, you made a river flow, you know, you commissioned to establish the river.

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So to actually do that, to give people water and to make sure that you have contributed in this way is very rewarding for as long as that river is flowing, you will continue to get a reward for everybody who benefited from it. And inshallah it's going to continue way beyond your date of death. The third thing have a half hour run a person who sinks a well, so a borehole or a tube well, or a well, for as long as that is going to last you will get a reward. So when we say Southern Nigeria, this is all part of sadaqa jariya. One is knowledge. It's mentioned in the Hadith of the three like I told you, these are just details. And then he speaks about the river. And now he is saying the the

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wealth. So if you have sunk a wealth for the people, and they benefit from it, it may stop after a year or two. Normally nowadays, in many countries, a well is not something they're looking forward to, they're looking forward to a borehole, which costs much more, but it lasts far longer. A borehole may last for 20 years, 10 years, perhaps more, but a well is seasonal. And sometimes these wells dry up, I know I come from Zimbabwe. And back where I come from sometimes a well dries up in in a short time and a well can only benefit a small community very small, a few houses, whereas a borehole can benefit a broader, you know, number of people a large number of people abroad a cross

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section of the community. So it's important for you to decide which 1am I going to do it don't always go for the cheapest thing. You know, we look at the charities and we say okay, here's Abdullah aid. I'm going to go for a well ask them Do you do boreholes if you do, boy, what's the cost? It's very expensive. Can you afford it? If you can? Well, the more you're obviously going to have a longer reward a bit for a longer time because it's going to last longer. If you're doing a well handler Are you going to follow up with that well, and you're going to make sure that it's carrying on because sometimes a year later, two years later, most wells dry up and a lot of wells

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are seasonal. When the water table comes up, there's water when it doesn't there's no water. So that is one of the things mentioned ohana when the fourth thing mentioned here is someone who plants a tree. Obviously, you'll get a reward for as long as someone's benefiting from the tree or the birds or anything else that's benefiting if it's a fruit tree than the fruit as well or the shade or both.

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obon I'm a student, a person who builds a Masjid for the sake of Allah. So that's like a big deal. Mashallah, that is going to benefit you after you die in your grave. Okay, uh, what are thermos halfen someone who believed a must have must have means that upon which the Quran is written at the time of the processor, it used to be on skins and little parchments and perhaps, planks of wood and so on. So that's that was called most half nowadays, when we say most half the mind goes straight to the, you know, the pooran so if you're going to print Korans and distribute them, it will help you you know, and you can do the translation Quran so you have the Arabic on one side and the English on

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the other side, and actually it continues to any books which explain the Quran as well. And they have the Quran written in there. And the last one mentioned in this narration of Anna Sivan Malika Viola and I will taraka Weller than yesterday, if you're a level by demo T, or a person who leaves a child who's going to make dua for them and seek forgiveness for them after they've died. So when your child seeks forgiveness for you after you have died, it's going to help you for a long, long time for as long as they continue. Now, that is the narration of Anna Sivan. Malik, I want to before I end, I want to mention another narration that I love, which is very similar in meaning May Allah

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strengthen us to choose what we want to do. And we try and do all of these things. So Abu hurayrah are the one who narrates in a hadith that is also very, very interested, very interesting, reported in soon and even the manager also said to be correct meaning said to be a good study, because it's explaining the other one of the three

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in the mean mile hacker movement anomaly he was a naughty bad mot indeed, from among the things that would actually benefit the deceased person from amongst his deeds and you know, his actions after his death. So what would benefit him after his death in min alemayehu and ashara, who knowledge that he taught and he spread? So to beam the knowledge Be it on the internet, be it anywhere nowshera who means to spread the knowledge? You know something you taught it? You taught it to people how I taught it via with books, I taught it by printing books and distributing them I taught it with lectures I taught it with online I taught it by reminding people by reposting what someone's posted

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for as long as it's permissible to do that and they don't mind and and so much

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So any knowledge that you have taught others or you have spread, all of it is going to benefit you after your death rather than solely. Hanta, aka who a pious child that you leave behind the idea is that child is going to do good and you get a reward for every good that the child does. And on top of that, the child will seek your forgiveness. When your child seeks your forgiveness, Allah will benefit you from that do and your status will be elevated, most often waratah who the third one is again, the most half we spoke about it. The Quran that you would actually bequeath to someone at the time of the processor, it was parchments and it had there were skins where they wrote it wrote it on

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and so on nowadays, it's just printed Mashallah Tabata color. So any thing that's beneficial, you will benefit from it if it's the most half it's even greater. It's mentioned separately almost you then by now, the building of a Masjid we spoke about that, I will be eaten leibny severely banner or to build a home or a house for a stranded person for the person who is underprivileged. So you have underprivileged people and you have a housing project or you built a house for someone gave it to them, a lower Buju house Subhan Allah Subhan Allah It's amazing. And why I love this is because the details help us in the various scenarios that we we are trying to help other people in. And it's so

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reassuring to know that this is going to last for a long, long time. So the Hadees is obeyed and Livni Sabina or the house for a one who is stranded. You know Livni Seville is a person who stranded maybe a street kid, someone who's underprivileged, someone who's lost a traveler, etc. If you build a house for someone who doesn't have it, and you give it to them, it's there is now no longer mine. Allah will build you definitely something good. In fact, you'll get a full reward for everyone who benefited from that house. That's, that's more accurate.

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Oh, no hidden agenda, who a person who's commissioned a river, maybe they dug it, they were involved in in making it come about, you know, they established the river, they dug it, they and so on, so that you will benefit from it in a very, very big way. For as long as the water is flowing. We spoke about it in the previous Hadith. And the last thing here mentioned is souderton Hahahaha. in Mali, he if he's happy with it, he will help a woman by the mot the charity that he gave in his life while he was healthy, will actually help him after his death. So now you want to know I do charities on behalf of dead people. Now I'm not saying it's not allowed, but the true charity was what the person

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gave when they were alive and well and healthy, and they gave the charity let will definitely benefit you. It's called sadaqa jariya you know that which is going to benefit you for a long, long time to come. Because you gave money in a way for anything. You gave money in a way say you gave money for somebody education you gave somebody you gave them. That's a charity you gave money for somebody, anything you know, for as long as that particular item is continuing, you will have a reward. The day it stops, the reward stops but Allah had already given you such a big reward. So we ask Allah to help us to achieve paradise. And this is these are just a few tips of how to prepare

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for the day that you're going to pass away and the day you're going to meet with Allah beyond what we've always heard. This is important because it will continue well after you've passed on May Allah grant us paradise Apollo cola or sallallahu wasallam ma Baraka ala nabina Muhammad