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smilla rahmanir rahim al hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah Allah Allah He was happy.

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We thank Allah subhanho wa Taala we praise Him upon all conditions we send blessings and salutations. upon Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam his household is companions. We ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah to bless them and to bless every one of us and to grant us goodness in this world, and in the hereafter. I mean, my beloved brothers and sisters, generally we as Muslims, as people who have submitted to the will of Allah subhana wa tada should be conscious about the disobedience of Allah. When it comes to sinning against the law, something within us should keep us away from it, or should at least make us feel that we should not be doing this. And if we fall into

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it, it should make us regret almost immediately. That's a sign of a movement. So I believe that is the one who stays away.

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Or if he hasn't stayed away, then immediately he regrets and he engages in Toba and he seeks the forgiveness of Allah. But not all sins are of the same level, you will find there is something known as minus and the minus ones are those wherein Allah subhanho wa Taala has not issued a specific severe punishment for that particular sin. So it's considered as a minus and those that are mentioned by Allah subhanho wa Taala. And the specific severe punishment has also been mentioned to be that which will be meted out to those who perpetrating that sin or who perpetrate that crime. And do not seek the forgiveness of Allah, then that's a major sin, it's a major sin. And from among the

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major sins there are those within Allah subhanho wa Taala mete out instant justice or very quickly, in punishes a person. One of those things is when you mess with Allah directly, and that which Allah subhanho wa Taala has considered sacred, when you begin to challenge Allah, then he does not really delay in punishing or in dealing with the matter appropriately. I wish to draw an example today from a beautiful surah in the Quran, which is named after the elephant and fee. Most of us know that sort of by heart and

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can be a

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pony on

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doll mommy.

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Like I said most of us would know this by heart. It is connected to a certain incident.

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And that incident is very, very interesting.

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The Kaaba was in muckety muck. It was built long before the time of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam. It was built the way it is today in the place it is today by Ibrahim alayhis salam and his son is made and a masala prior to that there is mention of it being there at the time of other monies, salam, etc, etc. But in more recent times, the time of Ibrahim alayhi salatu was Salam is when it is confirmed that this was bait was built as bait house. So in Yemen, there was a man known as abraha. He built a place of worship, and he wanted people to come there. And unfortunately, people were not coming there. He was a powerful man. He was a political man. He had a little bit of

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the religion as a sideline, you know, a lot of people use religion for politics and to make money.

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So what happens is, when they don't get the business that they had wanted to get, they start looking at the reasons why.

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And in this case, abraha found that the one of the reasons One of the main reasons is people are still going to mock up to the cabin.

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And you know, they were idols on the cover at the time and so much wrong was happening at the time, but the Kaaba, everyone knew that it belonged to Allah. Everyone knew that, even though they put their idols on it, even though they had whatever they knew that it belonged to a Buddha. Allah made a lot of the words they knew that he there wasn't a little

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There was a lord who owned this house. So what happened is Abraham decided, you know what, I need to destroy this house? Why should I destroy it? Because it's affecting me. It's affecting my business. It's affecting the people from coming to where I am and what I want them to do, they are not doing. So he decided I'm going to take an elephant, a massive elephant. elephants were unknown in that part of the world. He decided to take this huge elephant

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and feel refers to one elephant, massive one. And he went with his army of people. And he decided to march on to Makkah from Yemen. He was in the south. He started marching. And as he is marching, you know, when the army wants to go to destroy, they take with it whatever they wish. So what happened? Anything that came in their part, they either destroyed or took it usurped it, they did what they liked. They were unruly. And as they were entering monka, they saw a large number of camels, they just took them, and they decided these are ours. And they went forth, and they continued, until they were getting closer to Makkah. And then you know what, one of the leaders of Makkah was the

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grandfather of Muhammad Sallallahu sallam. This was the year of the birth of Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, the year of the birth, it was known as the year of the elephant.

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You know, we used to think there were many elephants. But if you look at elephant, it's one elephant,

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the year of the elephant, because that's the year the elephant came to Makkah. SubhanAllah. And so this man here,

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he looked at this elephant, he looked at abre. He looked at whatever he knew his camels were all stolen, because they were Abdulmutallab camels.

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He was the grandfather of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, his camels were stolen, nice camels. So he spoke to this abre and he said, You know what? I want my camels back.

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So abraha began to scoff at him laugh at him. He says, You know what? You're interested in these little camels Don't you realize we're about to destroy everything of yours. We're going to destroy the cabin. Listen carefully. The intention is to destroy whatever you have, that Kava is going to go, you're worried about these little camels, it's peanuts. It's child's play in our language, this is nothing. The main thing is something else. You know, if as a leader of Makkah, one would have expected him to say, Hey, listen, please don't attack the camera, right? Because for them, it was economy, right economy, meaning they were not muslimeen the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was not yet

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born. And so what happened is for them, people used to come when a lot of people come, you know, there is business that happens. They were these festivals that used to take place at the time known as Oh, cough, and magenta, and so many others in Minar, and other places. And this was in Mecca, this man who says, I'm going to destroy the Kaaba, you are worried about your camels. Like I said, if he was a true leader, he wouldn't worry about his own camels. Imagine your car is parked outside, a man is attacking the machine. And some some of his men are taking your car and you're more worried about your car than the machine. Because it makes sense. But I think with us, maybe sometimes we

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might be worried more about that. May Allah forgive us. But my brothers and sisters Listen to this. It's a very interesting story. The man gave him an answer. Wow, that answer that answer itself has in it good news for us and the warning also for us. He says, another Billy Billy, you know, that means these camels and the owner of him.

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I want my camels back because I

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am the owner of the camels. Well, it will be to me as for that house that you want to destroy. It has an owner who will look after it. Subhana Allah, did you hear the statements today you take the statement with you and put it in your heart carry it spread the message to others, Lil Bay to me one law.

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I swear by a man that house It has an omen, he will look after it. You don't worry about my camels here, because these are mine.

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What an amazing story. The lesson Allah is telling you don't mess with what Allah has declared sacred. If Allah says this is sacred, watch out you playing a game not with me, not with him, not with someone but the house of Allah.

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So the punishment when someone desecrates the house of Allah, or someone wants to bless him What is sacred by what Allah has declared absolutely sacred. They are playing a different type of a game with a totally different power. Totally different, you and I might not be able to help much. But you have to have faith that Allah will deal with someone who wants to burn the Koran. It hurts us. It will really pain us, but trust me

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The owner, the one whose word it is, he really knows how to deal with them, he will deal with them. If he wants guidance for them, they will get guidance. When people speak evil about Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, it hurts us. It pains us. At times we don't even know how to deal with it. May Allah grant us the serenity to be able to deal in the correct way with this type of blasphemy and desecration etc, etc. But don't worry, there is a greater power that's more concerned about that than you and I, he will deal with he knows he is in supreme control, you believe it? The answer is you're supposed to Yes.

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the statement has moved me one line shaken

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well by me.

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So now,

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the candles were sorted out, he began to march on, as he marched on, what did he do? What did Allah do? The surah was revealed to tell us what Allah

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Allah says, forget to prove that you can come with the biggest beast that you've ever seen. We will send you the smallest ones we've ever made to destroy them.

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See, look at the man who kept the faith and they are keen. Even though at that time these people they will not muslimeen but they knew there is a power. You want to mess with this? No, no, I don't need to talk about it. You can see what will happen. Just go carry on.

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Talk to you. So don't play with the house of Allah. In our cases. I told you it's good news. It makes us feel good. Someone wants to harm by to love al Qaeda, that part of that Allah has considered sacred you and I might hurt you. No, it might hurt us, it will pain us. But hang on, there is a rules towards the matter out however he wants. If he wants to destroy, he will destroy if he wants to guide He will guide if he wants to give them time he will give them time. You don't worry. You just relax. You become a better person, you must know

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he will deal. But in our own areas and in our own lives. You cannot come into the masjid to steal from the house of Allah, you're playing a bit of a dirty a game. And if you were to steal from someone else's house, see

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you come to create disaster in the house of Allah. You're playing a dirty game. Just wait, just watch. You know why they beat me? again. This house has a lot. He owns it. He's gonna look after it. You go you go. He will be without you. You want to wait and watch what will happen. Time will tell me Allah forgive us. It's a serious warning. It's good news, isn't it? Because when you see a lot of the times we are worried what are we worried about? McCann? Medina, are we not worried about McCann, Medina, the whole oma is worried concerned in a good way, in a very nice way. But remember something Allah

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is in charge. He did it in the past, he revealed a surah to show you his power. Don't worry, it can happen again and again and again. And it has happened in the past, even after the surah was revealed in a different way.

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So this is something you need to understand. Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us, don't you see how your Lord did with the people of the elephant? Do you see how Allah didn't

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Their plan their plot, wasn't it totally. A wall didn't didn't go astray. It didn't go as they planned it. They were planning we're going to go we walk over What's this, that elephant could have been as big if not bigger, or a little bit smaller than the building we want to break. It wasn't just an ordinary building. So Pamela, you may see you playing games don't do that.

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So Allah says,

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Bobby, Allah sent Allah sent this bird.

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little minute items, that which you probably won't even be able to see properly. And what could they hold in their beaks something smaller than a pea.

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But for some reason, altitude, whatever it was, as it came down to it went straight through on what happened.

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What happened, paralyzed later on

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smithereens destroyed caspin McCool, as though they were all eaten, not just them, the whole army gone. What happened? You don't know. You play with the Lord of the house. That's what you play games.

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So this is why I want to say to bring some beautiful feeling inside when he tells this man, hon.

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Will it be to me?

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So my beloved brothers and sisters, for us there is a twofold lesson. To say the least perhaps the lesson is even bigger, but to

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To say the least number one is, you need to understand Allah will take care of what he will take care of. It's there. If he has considered it sacred and he warned people about it, and don't worry, he's going to manage it. He is the owner. He is in control. He knows if he let people loose for a while it is because he chose to let them loose. It's not like he didn't manage to control No, he let them loose for a while. Allah gives you a chance when you and I sin doesn't Allah give us a chance to repent, he gives you a chance, he gives you another chance to repent. He tells you don't worry, you turned to me I will forgive you.

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Now there is a difference between committing a sin because of your own weakness.

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And insulting Allah. If you have a weakness say for something that you are committing, even if it is a major sin, but you have committed a sin, you are shy about it. Your weakness led you to commit to sin you make Toba alone to give you etc. But when you are harming the deen when you are harming Allah Dean, and something sacred to Allah during the time that is sacred to Allah at a time, at a place where it is sacred to Allah, whether it is in the house of Allah, or the month of Hajj, or the time of Ramadan, or in the house of Allah, you got to be much more careful because that is very, very serious. The students are not all the same. A man who commits adultery outside is bad news

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because obviously he's committed a sin. But if the same man or another man were to commit the same sin in the house of Allah, there is no comparison between the two, because one has insulted in another way, something that he cannot really defend himself against.

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So this is why we say point number one is,

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you know, all of us, we should know that it's Allah, he's in charge. Point number two, every one of us needs to ask ourselves, do we really consider what Allah has considered sacred as sacred? If the answer is yes and hamdulillah good news to you. Allah will bless you. And if the answer is no, we have a lot to do. We have a lot to work for. A person comes into the house of Allah and steals, steals anything you have stolen not from me, but from you. House of Allah, what will happen?

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I don't need to worry. Allah knows about. You came in you did something. Just wait, wait for the time. When Allah wants to send his around a Barbie in a different way. He will send it for your own elephant. Imagine and I'll end on this note. When Apollo had came in. He thought he was the superpower man. He thought there's nothing going to stop me who will stop me? I've got the elephant. What happened to that elephant? The armies just used to look at it and they used to be honestly the armies used to look at it finished the just to see this beast where's it from? They never knew what an elephant was. It wasn't in that peninsula. No this to look at this elephant they already lost the

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war on but what Allah bring your elephant and the father of the elephant

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Subhanallah you cannot fight Allah. Don't challenge me. Don't insult Allah. May Allah subhanho wa Taala Countess goodness, what a beautiful lesson.

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There is so much happening

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on all levels. Sometimes it brings about a lot of sadness in the heart. Sometimes it brings about despondency. Don't Don't lose hope. Allah is in control. He is still in control. He will always be in control and he was always in control. But when he gives time, he does it for a reason. When he wants you to go through a challenge. He wants you to go through it for a reason. You if you were oppressed, you will earn a reward for tackling it in the best possible way. And if you are the oppressor is just giving you a chance to solve the problem before the rope is pulled and then it's too late. May Allah Subhana Allah Allah grant us for goodness, may Allah grant us a lesson. May

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Allah grant us the humbleness and the humility to be able to respect that which is sacred the houses of Allah the Quran, the Messenger of Allah, the MBR, the prophets of Allah, whatever else, we need to make sure that these things and these places we consider them absolutely sacred. May Allah purify our hearts. May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us goodness, you know, sometimes we don't think any one of us trademark can come and attack us and tackle us anytime you're in the house of Allah, you're not even supposed to raise your voice so much, especially with negative words you're not supposed to check on comes to us sometimes it makes us do exactly that. And sometimes the good from

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amongst us can also get involved in something you're not supposed to be getting involved in the house of Allah. So let's take the teacher may Allah subhanho wa Taala strengthen us all. And May He grant us the opportunity to make Toba. May He grant us the opportunity to turn to him in a way that we are not punished. Just like

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Abra was punished a coup de la sala mobarak Allah Subhana Allah in some kind of Cologne will be handing the show to Allah Allah Allah