Hasan Ali – Practial Ways to Attain Jannah

Hasan Ali
AI: Summary © The football team of South Africa and the USA are preparing for a game that is called the Day of Jury. The team's success in South Africa is due to their mentality, social media use, and the importance of being present for the right time. They also discuss the importance of showing one's followers and showing one's own success in life, including their beards, hair, eyes, and emotions. The segment emphasizes the need for people to remember Allah's words and show their own success in life.
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Bismillah R Rahman Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen or salat wa salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi at mine

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in a year and you know who camino Haider feminine Ghana yo yo lipo Viva La melons on your home on a very bad that you will not be had sakalava Nazim My dear respected brothers and sisters in Islam firstly to all of us salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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In this half an hour of God before the actual Juma Salah. I'd like to remind myself a new that our home is not displace. Our home is not displaced because our father's father's father's father's grandpa grandfathers great grandfather's, great, great grandfather's father's father's father, who was Adam alayhi salatu salam, his home was Jenna. He left Jana, and he was sent out of Jannah to an alien world that he was not accustomed to. He was sent out because of a mistake that he did. And his wife our mother's mother's mother's Greg mother gun, mother's mother's mother's mother, however, alayhis salam, a mistake that she made. Because of that mistake, they were to be banished from that

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place and sent to an alien land, one that is uncomfortable for them. One that they would have to struggle in one that they would have to find a lot of challenges in. This was the name of dunya so where you are my friend right now, if you have made it your home, and you are happy with this home, the Quran says we're abou will hire to Dunia wautoma and new beha. If you've made this home and you're really pleased with this place more than the Acura more than the next world, then you have made a massive mistake. A huge mistake. Allah azza wa jal says that these people who make this the goal of the whole life, this world, your luxuries that you just left at home, the icon that you have

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there, the wonderful copies that you have in your houses, the decorations you have created, this soft sofa, leather sofas that you have at home, and the meals that you cook and the fridges that you fill out for the next days and the next week's meal. This is not home.

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Because this place has been created for us to be tested. You will never find this a perfect place. And there are people out there who say why don't I get these? Why doesn't God do this? Why doesn't God do that? Why doesn't he changes? Why have we got difficulties here? Well, my friend, you haven't understood the reason why you're here. You're in an alien land and Alaska has put you me and all our forefathers here for one reason that he is going to test and see Leah blue Akuma eucom asanoyama to see which one of us is going to come up with the best of actions. Sometimes you will test it with the heat and sometimes with the cold, sometimes with poverty and sometimes with richness, sometimes

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he will make us be tested with a good relationship and sometimes with a bad relationship. And the whole idea is to see which one of us comes out with the things Allah has told us to do. And that's the whole test. So as you are now sitting here for Juma, I want you to understand that no man sitting here no woman sitting here will take a single thing from this world. You won't take it with you. No man in the history of this world has ever been able to take a single Rand from this world and take it to the next role and put it in the investment. Allah azza wa jal has said in the Holy Quran, he has said

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yeah levena Amano

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was upon are you who believe spend from the things that we have given to you? You know, probably a Gao

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Fie Walla

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Walla Farah, before a day comes when there's going to be no more commerce and no more trade

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No more business and nothing to return. Before a day comes when you will find that no one will be able to take anything with money. Before a day come that you won't be able to buy yourself out of trouble. Before a day comes Alaya hola tamala. Shaka, you will not have any friendship on that day. You will not have anyone who will bail you out on that day. You will not have anyone who will intercede for you on that day. Lab by your own. There's no commerce and trade. There's no more buying there's no more bartering. There's no more selling there's no more getting and making a profit out of it. While I Hola, there's no friendship, there's no connections, there's no bribes,

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there's nothing that you can give. There's no one to come to your rescue on that day. Well, Asha not even to beg in front of Allah unless Allah gives him the permission. This is the day of judgment. Now before we get to the Day of Judgment, Subhana Allah, Allah has told us prepare for that world. So what I'm going to do here is to tell us how we can make it easy for ourselves to be prepared for the next world. And as you sit here, brothers and sisters, some of you sitting here, I'm thinking, Okay, we'll listen to it. But if it's a bit too long, then we may not be able to do it. La hawla wala quwata illa Villa, you know, when South Africa had its World Cup. You remember when South

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Africa had his world cup, you guys remember you don't remember you will think tober Lula right now, when South Africa had his world cup, and we saw you guys flocking to those stadiums and to the football centers, and so on, and some of you had to remain home and you had to watch their football from home. Okay. So behind the line, we have a very big mentality difference in mentality when that football comes and especially came to your country. All of you were gripped by, by what was happening. And every minute of it was worth sitting there in front of the TV watching it. Every time when the game went to 90 minutes or 90 minutes or 90 minutes only. Then he went to extra time you

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sat for the extra time. And then after that you sat for the extra the penalty shootouts, if they had any, you sat for that too. And then there was a conversation that happens after that about the whole football team. Somehow identification. This is just South Africa. And the World Cup. I've heard that that you guys in South Africa you support our football soccer teams more than we support them.

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You are more crazy for the arsenal and the Tottenham's and the Liverpool's and the and the different team Chelsea's that are playing over there in the UK, but you're here and you will religiously follow them. Yet the same person when the Imam will take two minutes extra in Salah arratia. So I did this once in my local Masjid I led the Salah very sharp, instead of it finishing in let's say 10 minutes of a shot. I took 12 minutes are stuck little luck. He was a big crime I did a brother who was an Arab who's behind us. He stood up and he stood up and said I stood up and said

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he said What is this this is like

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I only went from 10 minutes to 12 minutes he was two minutes extra stuff will I really apologize to you. If I have to apologize to the entire crowd that the Salah went two minutes over. So therefore there has to be complaining. But when the football goes on to 90 minutes to 120 minutes, there is no complaint whatsoever. In fact, when you sit with your phone and you're going through your apps, there is a whole tawaf that is going around.

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There is a tough, you know, tawaf is of seven different rounds that you make. So people make seven different on different rounds on the phone, it will start from the text messages. Moving on to the emails. Moving on to the third round, which is WhatsApp. Moving on to the fourth round, which is Instagram. Moving on to the fifth round, which is Facebook. Moving on to the sixth one, which is Twitter, I'm moving to the seventh one, which is going to be the emails or something else that they're going to do. So that makes seven and then they come back to the first one. My brothers and sisters, let's be honest, some of us open our phones of WhatsApp, like every 20 minutes, 10 minutes,

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we are opening them. And when you're on there, no person ever says there's a time limit for my WhatsApp. After two minutes I have to get up from us. I've never met one person in my life who will do that. Once you get onto Facebook and the videos are coming in, you're watching them one after the other one of the other and they're very clever. They know what your what your liking is. So when you watch one video, they know which video to give you Next, if you're watching the ones with car driving, they'll give you faster cars to look at. If you're looking at the sales, they'll give you sales to look at. So what they'll do is they'll keep you busy when you go to YouTube. Again, the

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recommended YouTube videos are given to you one after the other to keep you busy. I've never had a person say to me that I've just spent two hours on the different videos and I've two hours ago no because it's a time that you enjoy. So tell me when I was to say to you if I was to say to you right now that the Messenger of Allah sallallahu Sallam has said to us that if you do the next

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which will take you 90 seconds, literally in 90 seconds for you to do every morning and 90 seconds in the evening, you have to be constant, about 90 seconds in the morning, one and a half minutes and 90 seconds in the evening, one and a half minutes, three minutes all together, which one of you does not have the time to do that? Put your hands up.

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Man, are you watching this here?

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So which one of you have the time to do put your hands up right now?

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Man, if you got if you're gonna do what I'm trying to say you could put put your hands I tell Okay, put your hands on let me give you the benefit first, then maybe more hands will go up. He said if you do this next thing and you repeat these words then when you come on the Day of Judgment, there will be no one that will have more reward than you except if they did the same action or they did the same action and more action above that they will have more rewarded than you otherwise you are guaranteed to come on the Day of Judgment with the most reward on the Day of Judgment who now is ready to put the three minutes a day to do this Put your hands up

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man beginning some you know I think we need to we need to we need something different here was that thing you said we need to feed them some isn't that consistent?

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Maybe that will get the sugar levels high. At the moment the feeling a little bit dead.

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The progress a lot Allah said whoever will say Suba Han Allah He will be humbly say the words so behind Allah will be 100 100 times in the morning 100 times in the evening nobody will come on the Day of Judgment with more actions than what you have 90 seconds in the morning I asked you and 90 seconds in the evening and you have got that and there are many I had these like this I'll give you another one that will be that will be precious for you. We sit here and we dream of the different cars that we've gotten the different apartments we want to buy I remember driving my driving my child to school in the UK early in the morning the traffic is going and he sees a Bugatti you have

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that you have that car here the Bugatti Yes guys you know what the Bugatti is yes you know that so he said dot dot dot does a Bugatti there's a Bugatti

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said I've got more than that. Isn't no you haven't I said no you haven't he said you drive a VW Skoda

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you don't have no Bugatti you know how much that is worth. I said look I can buy you that he says you can buy me a Bugatti I said yeah I'll go down the shop and I'll get you a baguette

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he said No dad so pulling my leg This is a Bugatti it's a very expensive cars that I've gotten that isn't how I said I'll prove it to you. I said so baja nama he wanted 100 in

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the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has told us whoever will say these words Subhana Allah He will hamdulillah hawala.

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Whoever will say these words and Allah has already given them more than whatever the sun has risen over.

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My son right now by saying super handsome. He wasn't hamdulillah he was

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in a long, long, long walk. I have more than the bigger cities in the world. I have more than all the Ferraris in the world. I have more than all the Lamborghinis put together in the world. I have more than all the Porsches together in the world. I have more than all the jewelry shops in the whole of the world. I have more than the skyscrapers in the whole of the world. I have more than what Manhattan has in New York. I have more than what Dubai the Dubai molds having the whole of UAE I have more than everything they can put together more than what the kings have. I am more than what the princes have. I have more than the goal that the all the goal the women have put together in the

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whole of the world. I have more than the diamonds that are secretly buried in the ground ground yet to be discovered. I have more than the poles of the ocean I have more than the whole diamonds collected together. I have more than the houses that are there are more than the apartments. I have more than the beautiful apartment that people cannot buy and they want to look at as lavish apartments I am more than that by simply saying once Subhana Allah He will hamdu lillahi wa ala in nama who Allahu Akbar and even actuate Walla Walla who Mata in bin Hina li la v. What do you get for La hawla wala quwata illa billahi la li la XIM the province of La hardest who told us once La La La

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quwata illa Billah is one way of getting that one of the treasure boxes in Jannah.

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If I said to you

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And I was serious about it. And if I said, if you do this thing within three seconds of your life, then I'm going to give you a gift box of emeralds, diamonds, rubies, Sapphire, gold, silver, all the different kinds of jewels that they would want to have. If I gave you a whole box or a treasure box of that which one of us who would not take that, but yet we're in this world, and Allah is testing us and he wants to see which one of us will do it until death. Because once death comes, you can add to your account any of this you can save before your death. And the profit or loss was given these these ways for us to earn that in the next world. In fact, I'm going to tell you, Subhana Allah,

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I'm going to tell you one beautiful way of going through then from this world to the next world right into Jana, if you can do the next simple things.

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So one is that you've got to try and say what the province of Lawson has told us if you lost words on this earth, or La ilaha illAllah, then you enter Jannah.

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If your last words are said, La Ilaha enlarge and you're into john Anna Marie will give you a simple way of getting that into your system.

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Every time you see anything that shocks you. Anything that gives you a jitter anything that makes you troublesome. Anything that gives you a kind of difficulty or a stress straightaway see like a halo. Anytime you find that something dropped accidentally just say Laila heilala, because the province of last known sooner was when he was in fear, he used to say la ilaha illa. And if you say that one moment in your life is going to be the moment that you were in shock, and your system was that you trained it to say like in the moment you're shocked, you're in a car and the other cars coming straight in front, you got no time to react the split second you say like, boom, you passed

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But you have gone away with the ticket to gender.

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And the next thing is you're going to now be buried in the grave. And people have got worries to be buried in the grave How am I going to be buried? So hon Allah Allah has given us one thing that if you do this it will only take you two to three minutes a night. Two to three minutes a night. Who has the time to do this Put your hands up.

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Mom You better start getting the different telling you and I only see maybe a quarter of the people putting their hands up you know, they're like, Maybe * maybe maybe

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after I sit with my wife for so long Hmm. After have all the fruits in the melon and of course you guys love your meat and your biryani and your bride and the rest of it maybe after all of that after I'm burping. Maybe after that I might say a quick Alhamdulillah somewhere. But I don't have to three to three minutes or not.

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Two to three minutes a night. You know what you're guaranteed you're guaranteed a time in the grave when no animal no danger, no fire, no snake, no Scorpion, no danger. No Hellfire, no smoke over how far can even reach you.

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All you need to do is read Surah mulk every single night. The Moroccan Navy via the

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Warren Commission body and the Hala pinata wanna hire attorney Abu welcome you come sanwa Mela Oracle DBA de hilman. exalted is the one in whose hands he has the whole Dominion or who are like me shaking the head and he has power over everything. I love He Holla Holla Mota was

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the one who created death and life. Leah Bulu Akuma au Kumar San Juan Allah so that he can test to see which one of you will come with the best of actions. You're reminding yourself of who is in charge. You recite surah MOOC every night when you're dead. You're in the grave, man. You're gonna be in there. Like one of you beaches in Cape Town.

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You understand a beach in Cape Town? Were you lying down in a private beach, not the public beach because the public beach they might come and take all your stuff before you come out the water.

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I know you got to think about this thing before you go to the public. We were a private beach that is secure. Okay, and you're there lying down? Yeah, nothing's gonna come to you because your guards are there. The people are protecting you, your Surah mulk will protect you in the grave with you in the grave. So that's your grave sorted out. Next thing you want to do is you want to make sure that on the day of judgment when you bring your head up, then you want to be with the settler

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Bertie's on the Day of Judgment. Everyone loves celebrities Allahu Akbar. These celebrities that we know whether the film stars, whether the politicians, whether there's someone that is great in business, one of the biggest businessmen here, that is sitting here right now will be someone that will be known to the local people and local people be nice to him. Because when you're close to a businessman or a person with power with money, when you're close to a president, when you're close to someone who is highly well known, and they give you a good thumbs up, then you know that you're going to also be given credit by everybody else. So you want to be with the celebrities. And at that

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moment on the day of judgement, Allah azza wa jal has selected already from now that his celebrities on the Day of Judgement are not the ones that you find on Facebook. Okay, for references sake

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are not the ones that get likes people are crazy for likes if I get this this many likes that many likes, my friend, I want to tell you one thing, if you have all the lights of the world, but you missed out on the light from a lot, then you are nothing. You are zero. And if you got no likes on this ad, but you got that one night from Allah than UI everything. So you've got to remember that these are celebrities that have been on the social media and never been seen on magazines never been seen on black billboard adverts never been seen in the way that we operate in this world. But yet they're the greatest celebrities that will be there on the Day of Judgement who's are they?

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Who are they?

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Men are all sullen who hang in long law men net moves in law, man Rafi.

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Man, gee Mohammed

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who was the one who rescued no alayhis salam, except, except Allah was the one who spoke secretly to moose. except Allah, who was the one who saved Ibrahim from the fire except Allah who was the one who hit Muhammad in the cave except Allah, who was the one who lifted he saw a Salaam to the heavens except Allah who was the one who protected all his prophets except Allah who was the one who loves them from the beginning of time till the end of time It is Allah and Allah on the day of judgment will raise all of these prophets, new holla his Salah, the Maliki Salim Saleh Alayhi Salam who dallisa lamb, Ibrahim Alayhi, Salam Musa alayhis salam Suleiman alayhi salam, Dawood, Allah His

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Salam. Yunus Allah is salam, Muhammad Mustafa sallallahu, alayhi wa sallam, all of them as brothers under one canopy and that canopy will be the outer shell of Allah, it will be the throne of Allah. Yo ma la villa in Love Will the day when there is no other shade except for the one shade Allah has created. That's the shade of his throne under there, all of these celebrities be sitting down, they'll be dining, they'll be having gifts that Allah has given them, and only the people that are being close to them in terms of full lips in terms of following their footsteps, only the past people who had obedience of Allah and obedience of His Messenger Salallahu alaihe salam, only those

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people will be with them on the Day of Judgment. And on the day of judgment when Allah will open the accounts they will be the celebrities who will make intercession for the people of the Ummah and on the day of judgment when they will make their way to Jana. They will be the first people to go to Jana la whoa finale Humala, whom yes or no, they will have no fear they will have nothing to grieve about and all the people love will bless will go with them to Jana, and until they haven't entered Jana, Jana is not going to be happy. And right behind them will be the people who will have worked lives according to these celebrities. So you can go there and look at your screens and find all the

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celebrities you want today. Because these are the celebrities of today, but not the celebrities of tomorrow. The celebrities of tomorrow. Allah said,

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Allah Vina and I'm talim the ones that you are God have favorite upon them, they have left the world left behind them books are an Suna they left the codebook if you follow that you will join them. If you want to make them your hobby, or you want to make them your beloved then the purpose of the laws was said do one of these these things and you will end up you will end up under there. What is that? messenger sallallahu tells us as a person who is a leader and who is in who's a just just a leader with justice. You people of South Africa, Allah will give you leadership in many ways. You have justice with the people under you. You are number one, one of the

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People under the law under the throne of Allah with the celebrities on the Day of Judgment, to be there for your way to Jannah. Number two, my young brothers, my young sisters, you have a difficult time today to show you Islam to stay on Islam. I understand the world wants you. The young boys and girls on everything drugs is calling you. If you're not caught in drugs, then you are caught in girlfriend and boyfriend relationships. If you're not caught in that, then you're a young man, young woman, young blood. You're in college, you're in university, you can do what you like, you are young, you're agile, you move faster than any other person around you. You're smart, you're

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intelligent. Even when a person like me with a white beard has a new smartphone, I have to go to a youngster and say, Hey, do you know how to make this happen and my phone

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makes me look a bit old makes you look young makes me look dumb makes you look smart. But what you don't understand is that as a young person, if you actually put your efforts towards the religion at a young age, you grow that beard you put that hijaab on you come to the dean, you practice your Islam and all the other youngsters were going away from Islam you came to Islam, Allah azza wa jal, His Messenger has said you as a youngster will be picked up on the Day of Judgment. I will be brought under cosa under under the house and Allah azza wa jal His messenger will give you a drink of cultured into your hands

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that drink my friend is going to be better than all your cold Coca Cola

00:26:32 --> 00:26:37

he's young law they only know Pepsi Coca Cola what drinks Do you have your mama

00:26:38 --> 00:26:40

sprite what else you have a local one was a local

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00:26:44 --> 00:26:47

choice. What is that man? Don't get me drunk on that one. Yeah.

00:26:49 --> 00:27:20

You guys have these drinks cold thought the professor said why didn't know sweeter than honey. But yet The best part is what he said after that. He said whosoever will drink from this drink once one sip will go down your throat into your stomach. It has a special power law. I have my own daughter who I bet you could never ever ever ever become thirsty ever again. Now you beat that my friend with your coke and sprite

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never got thirsty ever again without drink. The third one the professor was most told us. He said Roger Luton, he said a man called boohooman Lacombe masajid, a man whose heart is attached to the mustard. Every time he leaves he wants to come back. If you're that lucky man. You're under that for hours and are thrown on the Day of Judgment with the celebrities or you will embrace them you will live with them you will stay with them until you go with them to Jannah the fourth one you have radula two men or two women they love each other for the sake of Allah. Now we have different people who love each other some people you know they say salam Do you have you know these people some

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people they say Salaam to everyone Mashallah. And some people they're very selective her who they give salam to and some people you know, they will only do Solanki if the if they can get something off you. You understand, you know the businessman here you understand what I'm trying to say. But some people Mashallah they will love everyone for the sake of Allah. These are the people Allah will put on the day of judgment because you love them for the sake of Allah. And another one, I want to tell you, my dear friend, Subhana, Allah is not easy to do this, whoever can do this, you have got a place under the throne of Allah, what is that you are a man or you're a woman, you find a woman, if

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you're a man, you find a woman who calls you to the wrong act. She's very beautiful. She come from a good lineage. And she's very good looking, she's stunning. She takes your eyes away, she pulls your heart towards the and she says let's do it. And you say in me a half a law. I fear Allah if you're able to turn away and you're able to move away woman or man

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that allows the gel will guarantee your place under the throne on the day of judgment and you will rejoice with the MDR Allahu salatu salam. And after that he has said the man or the woman basically extends the woman. If you give sadaqa with your right hand and your left hand doesn't even know about the meaning you give it secretly doesn't mean literally you go with your left hand behind and you give it with your right hand. Okay? You don't hide your hand behind your back. No doesn't mean that it means you give it in secrecy. And you saw that guy's secret for the sake of Allah. Then you do it. And the seventh one is the most easiest one Allah has made for us. Some of you might think,

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Well, I'm not in leadership. Number one. Some of you will say well, I'm beyond youngsters. I'm old already. There's two. I can't go back and turn the clock. Number three. You're thinking that my heart attached to the masjid. I can't come here five times a day. I can't do that. Okay, that's gone. Number four. You're saying Well, I don't like everybody. You know, people give me problems so I can love for the sake of Allah. That's gone. Number five. Man. I'm too ugly for any woman to want me.

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So forget a woman wanting me. I'm going for that. Number six. I don't even have money, bro. I'm broke. I don't have money.

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Given sadaqa so therefore that's even gone was number seven, the man or the woman who will who will remember Allah, that God Allah Holly and

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they remember Allah just alone and they are talking just to Allah. And in the law, they are becoming very pitiful for the thing that they did, and tears coming flowing down from their eyes because they remembered Allah, Whosoever has remembered a law like that, and the tears have flowed from their eyes. Remember that you can take the whole of the Atlantic Ocean, you can take the Pacific Ocean, you can take the Indian Ocean, you can take the seven seas of the world and you can all take it together and put it onto jahannam and jahannam will not even have a spark that will be extinguished. But if I mean and I believe it was to take one tear out of the fear of Allah to the next well,

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they're not one tear can extinguish the whole of jahannam for him. He will have nothing for him to worry in the next world that is the easiest way to be non company desoxyn la Hiawatha Davina and in hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen

Jumah Lecture at Masjidul Quds Gatesville Cape Town
Date : 1st February 2019

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